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Editor ► twitter.com/ntjrdn
Narrator ► twitter.com/DamienLeeVoice

  • SqueakySarah82

    I am loving the editor’s sass.

    • Nico Says...
      Nico Says...


    • ThatCanadianGorl :3
      ThatCanadianGorl :3

      I thought u said ass



    • FoxGod72


    • Blossom :D
      Blossom :D


  • j44son.v2 on ig
    j44son.v2 on ig

    all these mf tryna roast damien all prolly the type of people to turn in the test after 5 people already went

  • magic maniac
    magic maniac

    The te eth girl hates african americans

  • demon in black
    demon in black

    The te-eeth person was on doctor Phil because SHE HATES BLACK PEOPLE AND SHE THINKS SHES WHITE

  • Jevix1029

    Damian's laugh is like a old man that's a goat that swallowd a tea kettle an other words *WHEEZE*

  • Ally Reele
    Ally Reele


  • Mudkip GOD
    Mudkip GOD

    Hold up did you just say Bille eye lash

  • Emma Wittie
    Emma Wittie

    If Damien knew who some of the people who were roasted are, he definitely wouldn't have defended them 🤣

  • Billy Cipher
    Billy Cipher

    The guy at 11:13 be looking like an overgreased chicken tender that got left out in the Arizona summer sun for 3 days

  • Brandon Cavazos
    Brandon Cavazos

    ReviewBruh is off limits

  • TooManyBurgerz

    8:27 and I quote "W H E E Z E"

  • Vash the Flash Stampede
    Vash the Flash Stampede

    That's little Z in the thumbnail he lost a bet and had to get a villager haircut

  • Fcking Markiplier
    Fcking Markiplier

    Your voice reminds me of if Chris Escalante and Jason Lord had a child but your laugh sounds like an airhorn with asthma

  • Nugget Animation
    Nugget Animation

    Damien's laugh kinda sounds like a car trying to start.

  • Gaming Mammoth
    Gaming Mammoth

    Just because I can fit a whole message in a bottle

  • Aeon Mason
    Aeon Mason

    Watching this while making comics at 4:30AM I love your videos 💜🤍🖤

  • Bineapple Bizza
    Bineapple Bizza

    Billie eilish: *cough* 14 year olds: *crying*

  • Aaron Berry
    Aaron Berry

    1:45 Daron Malakian is the guitarist from System Of A Down. And yes, you did pronounce his name right the second time, also, he is Armenian.

  • Nathan Boeke
    Nathan Boeke


  • Nathan Boeke
    Nathan Boeke

    One time this one kid dyed his hair neon green for Holloween and the rest of the school year I referred to him as a tennis ball

  • x5_uraverageYTer

    9:08 He just called Billie Eilish Billie eye lash lmao

  • shortestOfCorporals

    Damiens laugh is the purest sound ever I love it so much

  • Mkwii4life

    My boy little z in the thumbnail

  • SirWalri

    7:14 we need attention on the west burrow Baptist’s church it’s truly a cult that only hurts and they legally can

  • crab warrior
    crab warrior

    Why was little z chillin in the thumbnail

  • Basically-Monkey

    Join the cult

  • Nevaeh Valené
    Nevaeh Valené

    When he said leave her alone at 0:32 but she actually deserves the insult after being in dr. Phil for not only claiming that she is a white person but putting other black people down

  • Teryaki Chicken
    Teryaki Chicken

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like a character in an RPG that tried to be realistic and failed

  • I Pixilated I
    I Pixilated I

    I always thought the IMAX title was actually THX.

  • TabbyCat Gamez88
    TabbyCat Gamez88

    When Damien laughs, he sounds like my grandpa on his deathbed. No offence

  • MÜTE

    All im saying is...zack is like damien but hes been up for 72 consecutive hours and doesnt feel like actually lauging

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler

    3:50 Asian Dr. Dre.

  • Manic Chaotic
    Manic Chaotic

    11 year old??? I can't even wright trans too close to that because it makes me want to find his parents lock 'em in a room and stab them in the stomach for the worlds most painful death. Fucking Floridians Can't we just use that shit tip as nuke practise till it falls into the ocean PLEASE?

  • Sian Dixon
    Sian Dixon

    Why you say Billie "eye-lash" not Billie "eye-lish"

  • TL Doctor
    TL Doctor

    My namiem is damiem

  • Lego Yoda
    Lego Yoda

    In the thumbnail they really did my boy little z like that

  • Kind of a commenter I guess
    Kind of a commenter I guess

    8:28 You sound like if the chipmunks had smoked crack for twenty years then came here to look at her ears

  • TheLegendsOfInu

    5:44 She looks like the queen of hearts if you pause fast enough.

  • Ashton Woodhouse
    Ashton Woodhouse

    3:21 looks like Rob Riggle had a sex change

  • demoneye

    Billie eyelash

  • Karibu Country
    Karibu Country

    0:18 I don’t think he realized she deserved it, by she was saying all that stuff about black people-

  • MipCraze

    I have a cold and now i sound like Damien

  • Venus Blade
    Venus Blade

    2:03 he stole the role of Timmy Turner... from Timmy Turner.

  • NiclasWA

    12:07 I didn’t know Jack Skelington had a daughter

  • james christian
    james christian

    The te eth girl was racist toward black people because she said she was actually a white chick go figure lol

  • tsukroffhan

    Jo Swinson? She looked like if Princess Leia got plastic surgery through lightsabering her cheekbones.



  • papyrus with a gun
    papyrus with a gun

    1:45 that is the guitarist for System of a Down and you pronounced it correctly (:

  • Kid Define
    Kid Define

    You sound like a Italian gangster

  • o k a n a
    o k a n a

    that girl who's teeth said "T E E TH" hates black people-

  • My Free Space, Low Key
    My Free Space, Low Key

    10:28 this legit just look like the cover of Yaoi.

    • My Free Space, Low Key
      My Free Space, Low Key

      Like send me the title I need to read.

  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato

    Yes you gotta love the westboro Baptist church

  • Inuyxsha

    At 4:11 his hair reminded me of the default male mii hair

  • Amanda Danielson
    Amanda Danielson

    Sero what happened


    Little z on the thumbnail

  • number woah
    number woah

    4:03 the girl on the bottom right looks like she’s wearing pencil shavings

  • Bec k
    Bec k

    Why do I relate so much to this?

  • Bernard chezmond dinglechalk
    Bernard chezmond dinglechalk

    i love how you manage to fit two subreddits into one video but the end ones always r/delusionalartist and its only one post

  • Ruben Lopez TV
    Ruben Lopez TV


  • Gaming squid
    Gaming squid

    1:19 he looks like the kind of guy who would tell you this crazy story about him and his buddy Keith while fighting off a horde of zombies

  • J. Lucas
    J. Lucas

    4:12 That's Little Z, my australian boy

  • Crunchy Dumpling
    Crunchy Dumpling

    1:47 System of a Down

  • Bil.Mel.Aurora

    12:07 soon everyone will know their name

  • Bil.Mel.Aurora


  • alpha draws
    alpha draws

    0:35 the girl says she is white and is literally racist to her own race

    • SisckoGames

      She's a black Hill Billy

  • Lachlan Moir-Scott
    Lachlan Moir-Scott

    0:30 yeah she was on dr Phil because she thinks she is white and is racist against her colour

  • Mason Ewing
    Mason Ewing


  • GG okey
    GG okey

    4:11 this boi looks like villager from Animal Crossing

  • Poseidon the god
    Poseidon the god

    5:32 she looks that one strange English teacher that hates your guts for no reason.

  • the weird thing
    the weird thing

    Dude in the thumbnail be looking like a default mii character

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