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  • SqueakySarah82

    I am loving the editor’s sass.

    • Nathan Rist
      Nathan Rist

      I am loving the editor’s ass.

    • Karma Plays
      Karma Plays


    • Lilster tries to
      Lilster tries to

      I read that as arse o.O

    • Yeeterson Monroe
      Yeeterson Monroe

      Atla but you didn’t specify which S I am loving the editor’s sas

    • Atlas

      If the S wasn't there tho

  • The Spanish Inquisition
    The Spanish Inquisition

    For anyone wondering who the guy in the thumbnail is, it-my.com/uservideos-LittleZubat

  • Articalex

    11:04 that guy looks like he would wear a fluffy bullet vest without protection in a war because he thinks it’s comfortable

  • Abigail Blake
    Abigail Blake

    ok so basically my state has a Karen and she's like everywhere so I call her the states official Karen she doesn't have a job, is living off of the state and has taken pictures of many people (mostly kids around my age) and sent them in to our police department, lucky for literally everyone, she's a horrible liar and the cops know she's crazy (at least the police in my town do) I've run into her once with my friend when we were hanging out at my friends grandparents old school bus which is on a property that they own. She pulled in the driveway in her disgusting looking minivan (with all the Karen accessories) and pulls her phone out immediately. I'm gonna pause really quick just to say this is leading up to a rare insult not just a Karen story. Anyway immediately after she took her phone out I said "Are you recording us?" she didn't reply but put her phone down but my friend and I definitely know she was recording what we said. She then said "This is my cousins property! What are you doing here?" and my friend just straight up told her "This is my grandfather property." and then proceeded to lecture us because we walked on the tracks behind the bus. She said "You aren't allowed to go back there. This is a warning. The Boss won't be happy if you go back there." after that point I sort of spaced out, looking at my friend, wondering who the heck "The Boss" is. She left and then I immediately said to my friend "Did you see her hair? Like seriously what was that thing on her head, it looks like a reverse mullet, Business in the back Party in the front." so now we refer to her 3 different ways "Official Karen of the State", "Reverse Mullet Lady" and "Party in the Front". Thank you for reading this Karen story.

  • Artist Dream
    Artist Dream

    6:21 am I the only one who thinks the man ob the left looks like clayton from coronation street?? 😂😂😂😂

  • ThatOneGamingLatias

    Damien sounds like that one uncle that thinks he's funny

  • Erol Ramadhan Waton
    Erol Ramadhan Waton

    Damiens Laugh is contagious

  • Fusca Vermelho Hebaxadu
    Fusca Vermelho Hebaxadu

    6:21 it's uncanny how much he looks like Jimmy Hopkins (Bully)

  • Cameryn Durso
    Cameryn Durso


  • Inquell the mediocre
    Inquell the mediocre

    I'd like to know the name of the background music

  • Mr.DarkHumor [BDTR]
    Mr.DarkHumor [BDTR]

    *if beauty was a crime, I'd be a law abiding citizen*

  • Calvin Spisak
    Calvin Spisak

    Dude on the thumbnail is little z and he's trying to be villager from animal crossing. This is real I know cuz 1. I watch little z. 2. I've watch this video

  • Drawing with One Eye
    Drawing with One Eye

    Does this guy sound like digital next to anyone else?

  • Gabby Davis
    Gabby Davis

    ngl when you do an accent you sound just like Dawko👌

  • A_BrightDawn

    12:17 Abe and Gandhi from Clone High

  • Random Idiot
    Random Idiot

    Me just trying to enjoy emkay videos at 2 am: Where’s the video?

  • • ᴅ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ɪ ᴄ ᴡ ɪ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ •
    • ᴅ ᴇ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ɪ ᴄ ᴡ ɪ ɴ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ •

    Dude in the thumb bail tried to get the goku look

  • Flynn Day’s live streams
    Flynn Day’s live streams

    5:39 That’s my Dad lol (not a joke)

  • Muffins

    Little Z in thumbnail

  • Anaya Nand
    Anaya Nand

    7:02 out of everyone you decide to rost scott the woz that means that you are a fucking piece of shit

  • Esteban Ramirez
    Esteban Ramirez

    I recognize the thumbnail. Little Z is an Australian IT-myr who mainly plays Smash. For one of his torture himself games, he had to “cosplay” as a character he lost as. In this case, he had to get a Villager haircut. So yes, he did it on purpose for content.

  • Kaleigh Chandler
    Kaleigh Chandler


  • The Real Radio rebel
    The Real Radio rebel

    So we are going to ignore that papa john looks like a dollar store version of Simon cowell

    • Gabby Davis
      Gabby Davis

      oh god now that you said i now remember the similarity

  • SabreGoof23

    4:24 dude sound like tigger from Winnie the pooh

  • derpo studios
    derpo studios

    By middle school gym teacher was Logan and Jake Paul's gym teacher and wrestling coach

  • Lil Quiet Tree
    Lil Quiet Tree

    Damien’s laugh is my favorite laugh in the entire world 😆

  • Elisa Novelo
    Elisa Novelo

    young hillary clinton photoshoped onto gretta thumberg 5:36

  • Shulk The Fluffy Husky
    Shulk The Fluffy Husky

    i mean..... they are right

  • Riddle Me Fish
    Riddle Me Fish

    Your editor needs credit in the description homie

  • fatima UwU
    fatima UwU

    0:29 she is a racist, check out the vid

  • Hoodie !
    Hoodie !

    Emkay: How funny should I make the jokes? Editor: *Yes*

  • GD 16-Bit
    GD 16-Bit

    0:30 is a racist person who was on the doctor phill show

  • stupid witch
    stupid witch

    Okay but why does he look so ill☠️

  • Emily Turner
    Emily Turner

    Damien is the best

  • silent once ᄋᄉᄋ
    silent once ᄋᄉᄋ

    His laugh in the beginning sounds like a hyena on drugs

  • Michael Fulton
    Michael Fulton

    The guy on the thumbnail also looks like a mii

  • Blackey489

    8:23 for those who came here to see Damien have a mental breakdown... Here ya go.

  • hitoshi isabella
    hitoshi isabella

    Ay yo the first roast was a black girl thinking she was a white girl so what she deserves it

  • Cloud

    Anyone think Emkay's voice sounds like Revtrosity's? No? Just me? arright

  • Kai Shizuka
    Kai Shizuka

    4:11 He looks like the default villager from animal crossing got puberty 3 times in a row And yes, I know, he actually tried to cut his hair like the villager

  • Vlatko Trajkovski
    Vlatko Trajkovski

    I cant understand this power The power to FU**ING LAUGH AND WHEEZ AT THE SAME FU**ING TIME

  • H3xad3cimal Dev
    H3xad3cimal Dev

    Why at the beginning it sounds like one person is laughing while the other is wheezing

  • Derek Wooden
    Derek Wooden

    Little Z in the thumbnail


    Rip Little Z

  • whatthefrickfracksnicksnack

    The guy on the left at 12:12 looks like a baby bottle with that hat

  • Jacob Streeter
    Jacob Streeter

    bruh you look like a mii character i made when i was 8 years old

  • silje lindahl
    silje lindahl

    12:30 this should not be that funny

  • The Chonky Duckling
    The Chonky Duckling

    The dude in the cover is someone called Little Z with Villagers Haircut

  • Crewmateᄕ

    0:48 that pewdiepie chair tho

  • Moo Cow
    Moo Cow

    They look like great value Cardi B and Offset? Cardi B is great value so this would be amazing value Cardi B

  • Luke the Kurznak
    Luke the Kurznak

    The guy in the thumbnail is a chinese painting

  • Denzel AJWahyudi
    Denzel AJWahyudi

    I love how little z is in tge thumbnail


    he starrts talking about amy shumer me :who is amy shumer 10 secs later:amy shumer's tampon ad comes on me OH HELL TO THE DOGGY DICKFUCK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fatcat fn
    fatcat fn

    0:18 damm I thought it was one of those arcade coin inserting machines

  • jodi irving
    jodi irving

    1:40 fun fact: my grandpa was babysat by Ed Geen. His parents were good friends with Ed Geen. Then one day his dad went missing. No one has found him or heard from him. So that's a thing.

  • Rancid Potat0s
    Rancid Potat0s

    Thank you, I was having a bad day with one bad thing after the next and this really cheered me up, thanks

  • Fire Gator
    Fire Gator

    How'd she get an air pod in here ear without it falling into the void

  • D Rundell
    D Rundell

    TBH commercials should be called con-mercials because they scam you out of your money.

    • D Rundell
      D Rundell


    • D Rundell
      D Rundell

      Alright, let's cut to the chase. I am just a local interneter just trying to make someone laugh.

    • D Rundell
      D Rundell


    • D Rundell
      D Rundell


    • D Rundell
      D Rundell


  • JulianGames

    Leave little z alone.

  • Luke Clayton
    Luke Clayton

    5:38 she be looking like the cross breed between Amy Schumer and Carrie Fisher

  • Glizzy Meister
    Glizzy Meister

    Justin beiber looks like he steals children in California and makes songs to cover his crimes up.

  • Ninja Girl
    Ninja Girl

    0:26 actually, it’s not mean, compared to what she said to black people ( she claims to be white) She said the worst things EVER

  • Jonny Donny
    Jonny Donny

    In the beginning I liked these videos, but now they solely rely on that artificial laugh from that guy as if the audience had to share the same opinion because of it. It's repetitive and staged, but was for some time entertaining.

  • Mega Myles
    Mega Myles


  • Silvan

    That theeth girl i saw her in docter phill she says shes white and hates African Americans

  • Leonardo Benjamin Preston
    Leonardo Benjamin Preston

    6:38 r/suspiciouslyspecific

  • That’s Me
    That’s Me

    Okay hear me out- The thumbnail. Sero from My Hero Academia in a universe with no quirks, he’s 32 years old, he still lives with his parents and got up at 2 am to stream The Sims.

  • Aslı Hira Tekdemir
    Aslı Hira Tekdemir

    09:08 *b i l l i e e y e l a s h*

  • Foxy wars
    Foxy wars

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-JRtmNREqqaM.html watch this now

    • Foxy wars
      Foxy wars

      it-my.com/watchvideo/video-YOX9tQr-sNM.html or watch this

  • Lofhaa

    Robin, Zack, Damien, Lexi I love these narrators

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