R.S (Roll Safe) #Hooddocumentary Episode 2 'Best Bits'
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R.S (Roll Safe) #HoodDocumentary Episode 2 'Best Bits'
Our edit of our 'Best Bits' from #HoodDocumentary Se.1 Episode 2 - "All About Impulse" Original video is available here it-my.com/watchvideo/video-ss5dVrYfl0U.html Full credit to R.S
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  • Planet Drake
    Planet Drake

    Thats the biggest Bottom Lip Ive ever seen On A Human! Facts Mate

  • Callum Thomas
    Callum Thomas

    ‘Her breath stinks’ 😷

  • 0nlyangxl x
    0nlyangxl x

    All I see is bootcutthh

  • I bet u 20 Bucks U will read this
    I bet u 20 Bucks U will read this

    3:10 I’M USING THAT

  • buzz lightyea
    buzz lightyea

    Only thing in the closet was his jacket lmao

    • Pie Radio
      Pie Radio


  • Joy chikarango
    Joy chikarango

    It's being 4 years since this was made and 1k likes and 2k subs

  • ELL MO
    ELL MO

    All I thee iz bootcuths

  • Pie Radio
    Pie Radio

    ON MY LIFE i just clocked the girl at the end is ZEZE MILLS 😱😜😱🙄😆😜

  • AxillaElla

    Lollllllllllll😂*man said

  • slenjamiah

    "thanks mate" lmao

  • Everything Awesome
    Everything Awesome

    what drugs is this guy on?

  • InstantMax

    Happy new meme

    • jao.

      Rob20 lmao alright mate

    • Rob20

      JAODaGamer bare? shut up

    • jao.

      Dong ding its not even new, you Americans are bare late

  • Escape Babylon
    Escape Babylon

    Doing research on the famous meme...dude looks like Eddie Murphy. Check out my page and subscribe

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores

    I'm here to do research on this newborn meme

  • Tom Cawley
    Tom Cawley

    1:30 funniest shit ever

  • artisticchica


  • Ben Reed
    Ben Reed

    Haaa banta

  • Kakarot

    Guy is hilarious haha.

  • sowra youil
    sowra youil

    Oooooh boy... I got a missed call from jama. Hahahahaha... Banter

  • CitrusMenace

    This guy's twitter videos were funny but this hood documentary just feels like a weak roadman David Brent impression. I get it's meant to be awkward and some of you hyped twitter youts might think this guy's the future of UK comedy but the fact is when you take him out of a 7 second vine and put him in a 25 minute video you realise he's a bad actor. No disrespect to R.S, thought his fire in the booth was one of the funniest thing's I've ever seen but I ain't a fan of this.

    • Adeeb Rahman
      Adeeb Rahman

      DirtyyChimp Roll thafe then

  • ShootAtHer SpareNoArrows
    ShootAtHer SpareNoArrows

    pure banter

  • Alex Panko
    Alex Panko

    I got a phone call from Jamma hahaha banta

  • Kriss K
    Kriss K

    Haha he looks like Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop

    • Rob20

      Kriss K do you mean Eddie Murphy

  • Kirie Richards
    Kirie Richards

    roll safe can you reply you know my cousin axa

  • Kirie Richards
    Kirie Richards

    that my cousin work

  • Sassy Sasquatch
    Sassy Sasquatch

    i got a missed call from jammer..... aAhahHhah..... banter

  • mr YoYo 372
    mr YoYo 372

    hes welbeck and martial combined

  • Cochon DInde
    Cochon DInde

    1st Music please?


      Skepta shut down

  • Zaid

    oi that's the guy who was in Humza's series.

    • Maz Haque
      Maz Haque


  • Kevin Olah
    Kevin Olah

    the drawing on the wall is myne i drew it

  • Freelanc3rX

    haha banter haha

  • Jamie Ball
    Jamie Ball

    02:22 Is that David Vujanic?

    • wazzyy

      Jamie Ball, yeah I just realised omh

  • SB

    all i see is bootcuts

    • a_ adx
      a_ adx

      ith mad still

  • Enz

    Why is episode 2 private, ffs.

  • Andrew Bedingfield
    Andrew Bedingfield

    Where's episode 2? Can't find it on youtube.

  • hazza582

    Where's episode 2?

  • Thomas blabla
    Thomas blabla

    what's the name of the song at the start

    • Pie Radio
      Pie Radio

      +Thomas blabla Shut Down by Skepta

  • _After1am

    All I see are bootcuts lmfao

    • Darawiishta History
      Darawiishta History

      Too Funny

  • Mr Ahmed
    Mr Ahmed

    man speaks Bangladesh ffs lmaooooooooooooo

    • Silver III
      Silver III

      can we.... no

  • Ateeb A
    Ateeb A

    ur breath stinks just shut up

  • Dee MCR
    Dee MCR

    How do I watch episode 2 it's saying its on private

    • KayR29

      I watched it at your girls house , she ain't on private fam

    • Kenza

      +Dee MCR Here www.dailymotion.com/video/x3ipuhl

    • Quantum Systems
      Quantum Systems

      +Dee MCR same , cant watch it. wtf is going on

  • Deven Solanki
    Deven Solanki

    Was that Vujanic?

    • SRB


  • Anon E. Mouse
    Anon E. Mouse

    Roll thafe

  • f f
    f f

    talks bangladeshi

  • james bobbo
    james bobbo

    I speak urban....patois...Bangladesh.. Dying!!!!!

    • SB

      +Deven Solanki lol then why dont u use someone elses wifi on your phone and download a video you like

    • Deven Solanki
      Deven Solanki

      @BrandexProductions my parents blocked them, and this is way better

    • SB

      +Deven Solanki just shut up man why you even here for

    • Deven Solanki
      Deven Solanki

      @BrandexProductions no shit

    • SB

      urban aint even a language 😂

  • Damian Wildman
    Damian Wildman


  • Tushin Cecilia
    Tushin Cecilia

    Loooooool "her breath stinks" 😂😂

    • Andy M
      Andy M

      I believe you mean "Huuhh bweafff thhinkths" :):)

    • J’leol Reid
      J’leol Reid


  • Pie Radio
    Pie Radio

    @praveenwazza #HoodDocumentary Se.1 Episode 2 - "All About Impulse" Original video is available here it-my.com/watchvideo/video-ss5dVrYfl0U.html Full credit to R.S

    • r

      +PieRadio UK ive already watched it but its gone private :(((

    • tahira1

      +PieRadio UK Thanks for the advice I will:)

    • Pie Radio
      Pie Radio

      +tahira1 It's not our video so we can't upload the full thing. Search for 'kayewumi' on twitter and ask him to upload the full thing.

    • tahira1

      +PieRadio UK Reload it because it's set to private and we can't see it.

    • FLEXX

      +PieRadio UK can u link me orginal, its deleted from the link u send

  • Praveen Wazza
    Praveen Wazza

    is the episode 2 out yet?

    • Praveen Wazza
      Praveen Wazza

      +Jluyoungzone have seen it bruv.....heard episode 3 will be out soon...absolutely buzzing

    • Jluyoungzone

      It's been reuploaded in case you didn't know

    • Anon Knee Mus
      Anon Knee Mus

      @Lucas benjamin​ it was sikk

    • Lucas Benjamin
      Lucas Benjamin

      @King Bach Trust bro the was the best episode.

    • Anon Knee Mus
      Anon Knee Mus

      +Lucas benjamin he fukin did

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