R-Truth pins Rob Gronkowski to win 24/7 Title: Raw, June 1, 2020
R-Truth finds Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski and reclaims the 24/7 Championship. #WWERAW
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  • Stacey Luki
    Stacey Luki

    Of all time

  • Stacey Luki
    Stacey Luki

    Gronk is the the best tight end

  • Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic
    Wildberry Jam Ultra Cosmic

    I'm all for making this title "mean something" as far as titles go. R-Truth comedy has gone on long enough when it comes to taking a title seriously. I can't believe he beat Akira Tozawa in a regular match to win it ! ! ! But that's what we need more of- "regular" matches with the title on the line; like six pack challenge on Raw that gets about 6 minutes of match time, a battle royal at Extreme Rules or on Smackdown, something that gets 8-9 minutes of TV time. Even if R-Truth could retain the title, it would still look cool to see it actually be defended in a six pack challenge. Maybe the Lucha Underground could win the 24/7 title and have it be defended in six man tag matches with tornado rules. Akira Tozawa could reveal some of his ninjas and do six man tag matches with the title on the line. The 24/7 Championship rules means that it should really be defended in a never ending gauntlet match where pinfalls count anywhere. An entire episode of Smackdown could be based around three triple threat matches, and the 24/7 Champion could earn the right to challenge the US Champion at anytime, or enter the Royal Rumble at #30 - some kind of value added to the 24/7 title.

  • DrKSofT


  • Steven Clark
    Steven Clark

    Bro that was set up gronk new bout it happening he had to get rid of the title cause he’s bout to play for the bucks

  • Isaac Games
    Isaac Games

    His shoulders were clearly up

  • Zak 666
    Zak 666

    *24/7 48/7 7 11 I 95 south Europeon hardcore championship

  • Jomo Crawford
    Jomo Crawford


  • WrestlingFan98

    Tough break for Grover! But.... see you never Grover!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Asma Joe
    Asma Joe

    R truth is a 24 champion legend

  • JP Viper
    JP Viper


  • Aiyana Harris
    Aiyana Harris

    Yes he my favorite

  • Ismael Patrick Liewa
    Ismael Patrick Liewa

    Go ruth

  • Life Path Journey
    Life Path Journey

    Gotta love R Truth 💯 he needs to be 24/7 Champ permanently.

  • Sam Chu
    Sam Chu

    Gronk didn't want that belt anyway. He has other things on his mind. Like winning the Super bowl with Brady for the Bucs.

  • Long Ly
    Long Ly

    "You got a new career started now. You're with the bucs now." XD The last time we will see Gronkowski

  • Matz646 _
    Matz646 _

    He Is “The Best” 24/7 Champion

  • Xcoming.2


  • Kuldeep Thakur
    Kuldeep Thakur

    Wtf Vince

  • Venom Effects
    Venom Effects

    Gronkowski is basically Wade Barett + Zack Ryder

  • pontiacGXPfan

    This Championship is more ridiculous than the one Ted DiBiase made for himself

  • Michael O'Sullivan
    Michael O'Sullivan

    R-truth is funny guy and remembered one time he came out for wrong match and thought there were money in the bank or championship belt hanging up in the air and Nek minute he was like oh my bad then walked away lol funny bloke and we don't know what to do without R-truth at WWE and now WWE is getting worse since few others that are leaving WWE to make some movies and health issues that's only reason like the rock,john Cena,and big show, Batista all has been made in movies and tv shows and its good to see WWE turn into their movies in 2020 to 2021 that be so Kool to see all others who are joining in to make movies with other actor/actress be nice in near future

  • P 1
    P 1

    This title is means nothing anymore it was cool at first it’s getting ridiculous now

  • Sports Newz
    Sports Newz

    The biggest heel turn is the referee. I never thought he'd betray Rob Gronowski

  • Austin Barrow
    Austin Barrow

    Why is rob wasting his time with wwe

  • R Khan
    R Khan

    R truth should be BRAND AMBASSADOR for black lifes matter.

  • Carl McDonald
    Carl McDonald

    Good segment, but the most painful part was listening to the Velcro after R-Truth won the title from Gronk. WWE is this cheap, using Velcro for all their belts? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Brian Lanes
    Brian Lanes

    getting zack ryder vibes from him during his ecw times.

  • Boom Boom Billy
    Boom Boom Billy

    The ref held his right arm down. A travesty of justice.

  • Balde Howlett
    Balde Howlett

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Your NEW and now 18 time 24/7, 48/7, 7/11, I-95 South, European Television Champion of the world..... R-TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Denilson Pinto
    Denilson Pinto

    Wwe is Fake

  • Austin Canter
    Austin Canter

    I remember this dude debuting and dancing with no crowd. Handsdown hardest thing i ever had to watch.

  • Varren Jones
    Varren Jones

    I missed my dawg... Welcome back Champ

  • Syed Hussain
    Syed Hussain

    This man deserves hall of famer!!

  • Landon Donovan
    Landon Donovan


  • Wrestling figure Collector
    Wrestling figure Collector

    This belt is so boring

  • Rick Zepeda
    Rick Zepeda

    Where not going to talk about that gronk just said videoing me lol

  • Jin N Juice
    Jin N Juice

    The fact, that Rob is a grown as man doing tik-tok is pretty sad. And Rob looks like he was on a binge of that nose candy.

  • Zach

    The only thing that would've been better is if the ref at the end yelled, "GO PATS!!!"

  • Dkw Vvbgg
    Dkw Vvbgg


  • Brandon Ahmed
    Brandon Ahmed

    That damn R-Truth did it again

  • Syed Ghouse
    Syed Ghouse

    *24/7 Championship is incomplete without R-Truth and Drake Maverick* 👍

  • joshua green
    joshua green

    i love R-Truth hes just funny AF

  • Salah Ben
    Salah Ben


  • Psycho J
    Psycho J

    Every single disguise R - Truth has ever wore on order to recapture the 24/7 championship constantly. I'm keep telling people, the Marvel MCU Universe needs to acknowledge R -Truth as the new Spiderman villain known as The Chameleon.

  • Haru Gacha
    Haru Gacha

    gronkowski, I’m gonna have to ask you educate yourself about TikTok. Listen to “SUGA” by Megan thee stallion, 5 times straight, and then watch Addison Rae till u pass out

  • Alex Ky Nguyen
    Alex Ky Nguyen

    Ohhh YEAHHH! R truth is back just pinned NFL player. Tough lucke next time Gronk

  • KPG Blazers
    KPG Blazers

    I wish Rob Was A WWE Superstar


    This is the only title truth will ever win.

  • Lance Cowan
    Lance Cowan

    It was just luck there was a camera there so we didnt miss it!

  • Rajeev Bajaj
    Rajeev Bajaj

    R truth is the best

  • Kuya Wil
    Kuya Wil

    R truth deserves true title world championship belt, at least united states and intercontinental title.

  • DrossPedantic

    0:57 Gronk is All Elite

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C

    I got two questions 1)I thought Gronk already moved to Tampa 2) Would have loved to see R Truth Pin Gronk during a game lol.

  • Jeep Jeep
    Jeep Jeep


  • Ринат Тагиев
    Ринат Тагиев

    Who his the ring man this is stupid title

  • XtraUnormal


  • Andrew Fung
    Andrew Fung

    Finally R-Truth is the 24/7 champion again after Wrestlemania till now its been awhile. 😂😂

  • Giannis Papailiou
    Giannis Papailiou

    Same thing again. Roll up pinfall. What a shame.

  • Md Anas
    Md Anas

    Iska to jawab nahi h bahut Masti masala wala hai ye r truth

  • Hollywood Hardcore Jorge
    Hollywood Hardcore Jorge

    R-Truth needs to quit that with 24/7 title, he never gives chance to other Superstars to be 24/7 champion, now he needs to give womens a chance to be 24/7 champion, this is not fair, give womens chance to be 24/7 champion

  • Alan Bravo
    Alan Bravo

    This is so gayyyyyyy

  • VintageWrestling

    How many times are they going to give the 24/7 title to R-Truth? Don't they have anyone else in mind?

  • Forrest Coutch
    Forrest Coutch


  • Andy Flores Romero
    Andy Flores Romero

    Thank you r thurt for de 24/7 Is raw


    This title is the only thing that may be romed the whole world

  • rodney middleton
    rodney middleton

    lmfao R-Truth Rules 24/7

  • Custodio Machaieie
    Custodio Machaieie

    What a combination.

  • Dominic Gibbs
    Dominic Gibbs

    What that make 2,000 ragins

  • The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
    The Awoken Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

    You can't score a touchdown if you don't flip your mulch?

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