Racial Reconciliation // (Michael Todd)
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  • workinabroad

    Black people aren't racist. They don't have any means to inflict a social/welfare hierarchy on others. They can, however, be prejudice to the max. (Disliking a people in the most general sense.)

  • Chelsey Fudd
    Chelsey Fudd


  • Alvin

    Soo sooo powerful

  • Shamir Youknow
    Shamir Youknow

    I am just watching this and God has truly spoken to my heart. 😢 God bless you Pastor Todd and TC.

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee

    We have to follow Gods commandments. One of which everyone Ignores. Remember the SABBATH DAY TO KEEP IT HOLY. ITS OK TO SERVE HIM EVERYDAY BUT WHERES THE SATURDAY SERVICE. DONT ALLOW PPL TO LED YOU TO DO WRONG

  • Victoria Yates
    Victoria Yates

    This is sooo good ! " Live your life comfortably uncomfortable" We must identify as Christian first !

  • Britney White
    Britney White

    As I watch these tragic videos I realise that nobody is praying... I hope if I ever get put into a similar situation that I won't get caught up in what is happening that I forget there is power in the blood of Jesus and I won't have any fear to speak it loudly and believe the results will not end in tragedy.

  • Beatrice Younga
    Beatrice Younga

    Pastor Mike always on point!

  • B. M
    B. M

    The fact that it is WAY deeper than police brutality. Loved this but its important to touch on that police brutality isn’t just limited to happening to Black men only. There are quite a bit of people who see the BLM movement as fighting injustice for Black men only. It is for ALL black people, whether you’re a woman or the LGBTQ+ community in general. More of these conversations need to be spoke about in churches because waaay too many Christians “don’t see color” and a lot of them hold prejudices that they may not even realize, which is concerning. Also, Pastor Todd Black people can’t be racist, they can be prejudice. We have no power upholding racism towards others. You have a lot of nonblack people that follow your platform and its kind of questionable to say something that is a bit inaccurate. “Racism” that Blacks hold isn’t the same, state it for what it is PREJUDICE. Look around and open your eyes, this is more than just a USA problem. Every culture has racist beliefs and HATE towards Black people. So, to say that you know some of the most racist black people is a bit absurd lol. When you have a group of people that has ALWAYS been on the lowest of levels throughout society, you can’t boldly say that Black people can be racist. It would make sense to say that it isn’t just White people that can be racist towards black people BUT other MINORITIES. So, definitely love a lot of what you say but people who watch this who hold prejudice and racism in their hearts but don’t think they are because their Pastor is Black, are going to take what you said in their own time and use it against people. But where will the facts be? I get that there are Black groups like the Black Israelites(correct me if I’m wrong but in NYC, I believe that’s what they call themselves and they dress in purple attire) I think is what their called who are hateful towards White people which is disturbing to see them spur hate towards them. But at the end of the day it holds NO power. For God sakes, to say there’s racial trauma towards white people because of “racism” from Black people can’t even be said because it isn’t true.... Touch more on racism, colorism and more relatability to what is actually happening in the world. Racial trauma is real and we as Black people need to not sink ourselves into these stories and take breaks. Seeking Black joy during this time is SO important. This isn’t just a week thing of advocacy or allyship, that’s a lifelong dedication.

  • Dr. Derrick L. Wade
    Dr. Derrick L. Wade

    The is so awesome and needed! I would love to get your thoughts on: it-my.com/watchvideo/video--L4mLLkbmMw.html it-my.com/watchvideo/video-zhqCjGk2W_g.html

  • William Ricketts
    William Ricketts

    What were the movies and books he recommmend to watch.

  • Tamica Nelson
    Tamica Nelson

    As a mother of 2 black sons who sre 12 and 10 it's sad to see how this world is now.... God is love... and if you're not exemplifying him then God is not in your heart!!! PERIOD!!!

  • Amateur Ambassador
    Amateur Ambassador

    How to see if someone is FILLED w arrogance and conceit- when they talk in 3rd person

  • Evie Burk
    Evie Burk

    Amen! As God’s children we have a responsibility to love- protect- We each have to make a change and be the voice of change- Yes we pray but God is telling us to put action behind our words- You can’t be a Child of God and hate / hurt/ murder others - Please Lord, put your hand of healing upon us- give us racial reconciliation- speak within each of us - change us- God you made and love all of us 🙏🏼

  • kenneth patterson
    kenneth patterson

    If you guys believe this dude is a man of God you are deceived.

  • Still Praising God
    Still Praising God

    Awesome Word Glory be to God 🙌🏾👼🏽🙏🏾

  • Hebrew

    There is a book every white pastor in particaular needs to read to assist with the issue of racism www.hiddensecrettruth.com LET GOD BE GLORIFIED

  • Taylor Ray
    Taylor Ray

    Just amazing!

  • Corine Herring
    Corine Herring


  • Kirah G
    Kirah G

    That 51st minute, Christianity as the adjective!

  • Mary Hough
    Mary Hough

    Mike said, “I’m a Christian but I’m pissed.” How about, “I’m a Christian AND I’m pissed.” Jesus is pissed too!!! He’s grieving with us. And, I am grieving as a white woman that for too long, I didn’t understand or see it as a responsibility to step up. I HEAR YOU. I SEE YOU. I LOVE YOU. My eyes are open now, my ears are listening. Bless you, my black brothers and sisters that are here. ❤️

  • Susana Stella
    Susana Stella

    we all want the crazy faith but once real conversations are presented, we don't see as many people viewing in to see what they can do to help change the mindsets and heart issues of systemic racism or any other real problems happening in our world. Jesus didn't tolerate injustice, and we shouldn't either. If we say we're His followers, let's show real people with broken situations the Father's Love, that is able to mend and heal all wounds, hurts, scars and pains. That was Jesus did. Let's stop pretending this isn't real and actually do something about it.

  • brandon wilson
    brandon wilson

    Thats good!! "People dont care about how much you know until you show them how much you care."

  • Nakima Charles
    Nakima Charles

    Black, White, Asian... It doesn't matter to God. We are all his children and he loves us. Prick us and we all have the same color blood.. Red🙏🙏

  • Ariana Ford
    Ariana Ford


  • Sara Nohelí González Quiroz
    Sara Nohelí González Quiroz

    Living comfortable uncomfortable (Latino/Spanish/Half black edition) Me loving kpop, Asian culture, fashion, architecture, food and everything, learning why and what for they do what they do, trying not to be racist (cause I know how it is) My family calling every people that look "Asian" Chinese and mocking about them, and about me for liking them. That piss me off so much, like cmon you love English music that you don't even understand but if I'm singing in Korean/Chinese/Japanese... I'm the weird child. Does it only happens to me???

  • Papa Gibson
    Papa Gibson

    Real radical change will only happen when people on the DNC Plantation open their eyes and close down the Democratic Party.

  • Josh Amasula
    Josh Amasula

    such a great message. looks like i found my new church

  • QM

    Hey guys! xOXo I really hate the need to feel to do this - but COVID has me in a bit of a bind. Please follow my GoFundMe link & donate if you feel moved & are able. I had to move away from home abruptly prior to the pandemic so I don’t have any family who can help me. Peace & blessings to you all & thank you so much in advance.

  • Elijah Dellas
    Elijah Dellas


  • C Connelly
    C Connelly



    can praise and worship be added to the videos? The worship team is amazing!!

  • Cynthia Nyanda
    Cynthia Nyanda

    Thank you Pastor Mike for speaking up! This brought me to tears! You are loved & are being prayed for♥️♥️♥️ Thank you ❣️

  • sylvia Pepulani
    sylvia Pepulani

    My tears cannot stop, as human race we have fallen short of the glory of God, it is time for the church to arise from their slumber!!

  • Casey Wills
    Casey Wills


  • Дарья Верхотурцева
    Дарья Верхотурцева

    Я посмотрела всего лишь две проповеди на русском и осталась в восторге)) у меня большая просьба о переводе на русский , потому что всего лишь 2 видео на русском )🙏🙏🙏 спасибо вам))

  • Dan'Yelle S
    Dan'Yelle S

    🤮🤮 at the miracle whip

  • itschristina.m

    It would be good if you referenced and credited where u get your sermon ideas, such as Voddie Baucham and Dr Myles Munroe...

  • Crafty Southerner
    Crafty Southerner

    I’m a Christian and a white woman. I cried so hard watching Pastor Mike talk about his feelings and experience as a black man. I pray every day for our nation. I pray that people stop living their lives with blinders on. Take off the blinders and see what the lives of our black brothers and sisters are really like. And then be the change that this world needs!

  • Good Cakery
    Good Cakery

    Well said! Fantastic message. It compels us all to love more.

  • Benny Kimani
    Benny Kimani

    R - Relationship I - Intentional S - Start At Home // Speak Up K - Knowledge Take that RISK!

  • Kenyetta Perkins
    Kenyetta Perkins


  • SBery

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 The moment when you brought the team up 🙌🏾

  • hannah marie
    hannah marie

    The only one that’s looking down on all of us is God who Create us in his image . It’s not about us its about getting ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ . The devil is real and so is our Lord Jesus Christ remember who were fighting against in this world that he created amen.

  • expoundamus

    A “man if God” who refers to himself in the third person and thinks he is representing by wearing a sweatshirt that says “your plaster is Black”. Take care pastor Mike.....

  • Shakir Nsenga
    Shakir Nsenga

    Amen pastor Mike Amen everyone bless you all🙏🙏🙏 i want to see pastor Mike in real life and to pray whit you but my mother is afraid of the police in the U.S.A because we are black and my mother is not scared for many things so think about it how worse the racism is in the U.S.A so God please help us🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭 and i thit see when they see us but don't already watcht 13

  • Rose Ogenio
    Rose Ogenio

    Bless you pastor Michael Todd 🙏🏾


    😢 God has answered my question . God has open my eyes to all that is happening . Thank you God for all that you do . I will never understand but I am here to support and listen !

  • James Tidwell Jr. MD
    James Tidwell Jr. MD

    AFRICAN AMERICAN, THE GOD OF (ISRAEL) YISERAL IS WHO MAINTAINS YOU EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW HIM OR EXCEPT HIM .. NOT JESUS. YOU ARE ABRAHAM'S DESCENDANTS. Yah is the personal name of God (meaning "I AM"), and shua is from a Hebrew root word that means "to save." God identified Himself to Moses as YAH ("I AM") in Exodus 3:14, as in Psalm 68:4 ("whose name is Yah"), and as most familiar in the word Halleluyah ("Praise Yah"). And in John 5:43 and 17:11, Yahshua says that He came in His Father's name, "the name which You have given Me" (NASB), so it is not surprising that the Father's name would be incorporated into the Son's name, Yahshua.2.Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press, 1971), pp. 1496,15073.Philippians 2:9; Acts 4:12 THE LETTER J But the fact is, the name of God's Son was not even written or pronounced as Jesus in English until the 1600s, simply because there was no "J" sound or letter in English before then.2 The modern letter "J" evolved from the letter "I" which began to be written with a "tail" when it appeared as the first letter in a word. So in Old English the name now written as Jesus was actually written and pronounced much like the original Greek and Roman *Iesous*. Eventually the hard "J" sound crept into the English language to accompany the different way of writing the initial "I" in the name JESUS. THE WHITE MAN'S JESUS WAS CREATED ESPECIALLY FOR SLAVERY JUST 400 YEARS AGO. The First SLAVE SHIP To Reach America Was Named, *JESUS* IT LANDED IN JAMESTOWN VIRGINIA 1619, WITH 20 Negro slaves. 300 Captives PERISHED DURING THE PASSAGE.. Start OF PROPHECY. Four Hundred Years, Affliction, Persecution and Bondage God (YAH) said to Abram, "Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years" Genesis 15:13. BLACK PEOPLE 2019 was 400 years OF displacement BUT ITS THE FULFILMENT OF PROPHECY.. DESCENDENT OF ABRAHAM' WAKE-UP.

  • Arnold Adero
    Arnold Adero

    A better WE starts with a better ME 💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️

  • Betty Adeleke
    Betty Adeleke

    Todd,this is epic.I was so hurt I could not pray.I listen to this message and instantly healed.Thank God for your boldness.

  • Angel Flower
    Angel Flower

    ❤️🖤👏👏👏✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✊😊😊😊love and prayers from Australia

  • Katherine Henry
    Katherine Henry

    Thank you Pastor Mike and Staff! So powerful. Let's take a R.I.S.K.!!

  • Josue and Judith Correa
    Josue and Judith Correa

    As Christians, we have the RIGHT and POWER to speak truth, love, and life. It is our duty to spread the gospel, raise children in the way of God, and be the church we've been called to be. Wake up church. We cannot allow the devil to no longer abuse, speak lies, or destroy families, neighborhoods, and governments. Church, as we protest, remember to be the face and voice of Christ. Be led by the holy spirit and use the sword. We need to fight with Truth and love. The government has been silencing people for many generations and abusing the people. Church we are in the end times. Wake up. We are in the end. Rise up church and let's be the body of Christ.

  • C00 L
    C00 L

    Brothers and sisters, Keep it simple A-we are 100% certain that the authenticity of Jesus resurrection story is doubtful. B-We are 100% certain that Jesus early teaching was that anyone who claims himself 100% man and 100% God has blasphemed. Koran invites you to make rational conclusion out of this. Pure monotheism is the true faith until otherwise proven with sufficient appropriate evidence..

  • C00 L
    C00 L

    Go To the oldest complete NT (350AD) codex Sinaiticus in the British Library. www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/ In the upper right hand corner. Find Go To Book. Select Mark. You will be directed to the Gospel of Mark. Select chapter 16. It ends in verse 8. Mark chapter 16 ends in verse 8 the man was standing at the Tomb. He said Jesus has risen. What does he mean by risen? A-holy spirit & flesh risen alive. B-Holy spirit separated the body and the risen body is dead. C-risen could mean he was not crucified but the Father raised him. Is it A or B or C? In 451 The Council of Chalcedon meeting concluded with no consensus on the nature of Jesus.

  • Pearl Thomas
    Pearl Thomas

    Amen. Willow

  • MizSmiley03

    Thank you sooo much for talking about this... I can never find sermons that talk race and the Power of God thank you

  • Hannah Jacobs
    Hannah Jacobs

    Your amazing black white Asian it dosent matter its gods word

  • Izmane Jean-Louis
    Izmane Jean-Louis

    Black people are not in a position of power therefore aren't racist. They might be prejudice but nt racist. I am sure that you may not see my comment but I thought you might was to know the difference. The oppressed are never in a position of power to become racist.

    • Cody Barnett
      Cody Barnett

      You don't have to be in a position of power to be racist. Racism is a matter of the heart, for the heart is deceitful. All fall short of the glory of God, all have sinned. Therefore, regardless of skin color or ethnic/cultural/national background, anyone from any race can be racist. Just the same as anyone can struggle with greed or lust, etc... Racism is wrong, and I agree that people have unfair racial biases towards others. My nephews are black and I know some people will judge them at times for their skin color. Hopefully people will make judgements based on character and not color. But racism happens among all cultures, tongues and nations, no matter the skin color. To say otherwise isn't biblical. Anyways, not trying to start an argument, just wanted to state my opinion. Have a blessed day.

  • Haitian To Nice
    Haitian To Nice

    I am from Haiti black pastor. We all God children’s in Yeshua eyes. Jesus is coming soon pastor mike, you’re right.

  • Jesus Light
    Jesus Light


  • Christine Pitinyane
    Christine Pitinyane

    We’ll continue to pray for our world and America. 🙏🏿 From your sisters and brothers here in Botswana 🇧🇼 God is good all the time ✊🏿

  • Nya Bobien
    Nya Bobien

    Thank u pastor Todd. Ur message remind me of a conversation I had with a girl from class Lexi( white and conservative) be4 sewing class. We didn't agree on the topic but we heard each other out. I plan to continue to stay in contact with her when we r allowed back on campus.

  • K Hall
    K Hall

    Preach pastor!

  • Robin Arends
    Robin Arends

    Thank you! Amazing!

  • Aketch Joy Winnie
    Aketch Joy Winnie

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 This is is so adorable We need more these beautiful posts on our channels...I want to spread more positive Vibes as well on My IT-my Channel too.. we gotta move Church in our careers By the way dear Someone , I am wishing you a really blessed Sunday and A week with no anxiety, fear , doubts or insecurities. We are all beautifully and wonderfully created . #EveryLife Matters

  • M C Jennings
    M C Jennings

    Connect us all with the Holy Spirit Jesus

  • Realnamedivine

    I’ve been struggling to pray, I can’t find the words..why is God allowing this? is all I’ve been asking myself. A reminder from the Bible app told me that my streak is broken, I missed 6 days..I’m currently outside for a walk it’s 7AM in California. Listening to the first 10 minutes brought me to tears..I’m a Christian but I’m pissed. God help me.

  • Kenitria Symone
    Kenitria Symone

    The Blood of Jesus is Red & That's The Only Color That Matters ❤ Glory to God!!

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