Raiders vs. Texans Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2019
The Oakland Raiders take on the Houston Texans during Week 8 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • jacob bavlnka
    jacob bavlnka

    everything is bigger in texas

  • Luckiest

    Black Lives Matter

  • Blackboyyoshi Entertainment
    Blackboyyoshi Entertainment

    The Texans might have a chance of making it to the afc championship even tho they ain’t got hopkins

  • Blackboyyoshi Entertainment
    Blackboyyoshi Entertainment

    Sorry I meant hengry ruggs vs jalen ramsey

  • Blackboyyoshi Entertainment
    Blackboyyoshi Entertainment

    Jalen Ramsey vs hungry Ruggs

  • Kwabena Boateng
    Kwabena Boateng


  • Brayden Hairston
    Brayden Hairston


  • Forest Howler 8364
    Forest Howler 8364

    Watson is a true magician

  • Cody Weaver
    Cody Weaver

    Seeing games like this where DW4 spreads the love then uses deandre Hopkins as a safety net makes excited for next year because it just shows he can do it without Hopkins

  • Some Guy on the Internet
    Some Guy on the Internet

    Texans desperately need Tytus Howard back

  • KenDeezy TV
    KenDeezy TV

    Tyrell Williams Drop and Our Defense cost is that L. Smh #Raiders

  • Bella Lucio
    Bella Lucio

    Raiders should have won

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith

    Let's go raiders

  • Tanner Griffith
    Tanner Griffith

    Let's go raiders

  • True Story
    True Story

    Listen to 7:10-7:20 in .5 playback speed you're welcome

  • tejash patel
    tejash patel

    Just shows you how racist Ryan Pace is

  • Matthew Beltran
    Matthew Beltran

    Raiders got robbed for the W

  • Daniel Madden
    Daniel Madden

    Raiders clearly beat the Texans the reffs gave the game to the Texans. The reffs ignored many Texan penalties and called false penalties on Raiders. Refferee corruption.

  • culam nguyen
    culam nguyen

    Man it must be frustrating watching Watson break out of sure sacks

  • Narcossiss

    6:46 My god!!!! how did watson make that throw?! that was...Fking me...fells Clutch won that game for the texans

  • Mark Metivier
    Mark Metivier

    The camera work was awful on this one

  • Jesse Bowen
    Jesse Bowen

    Jj watt? More like jj swatt 😂

  • Predestined Elect
    Predestined Elect

    6:51 Oh My

  • Tony Franklin
    Tony Franklin

    being able to run the clock down like that with 2 minutes to go is one of the shittest things about gridiron.

  • Elias Hernandez
    Elias Hernandez

    7:10 Texans got away with a no call holding on #99 Arden Key thanks refs smfh

    • dopsound

      i was wondering if anyone else had noticed that too. That was a hold, if it had been the Raiders ol they would have called it

  • Sooth Sayer
    Sooth Sayer

    Watson is such a baller

  • not even excluded
    not even excluded

    Deshaun watson is succeeding with a more worse oline and coach than the bears let that sink in.

  • allstreaming site
    allstreaming site


  • John-boy

    It seems like Raiders should have won this game. They were getting good pressure on Watson, just couldn't tackle him before he threw that TD pass in fourth quarter.

  • Charlie Lisbony
    Charlie Lisbony

    Jags win by 1 because Texans miss another PAT.

  • Kaum Muas
    Kaum Muas

    Too bad renfrow and Watson didn’t get to play on the same team in the nfl

  • Eduardo Martinez
    Eduardo Martinez

    Go follow texanstoronews on Instagram for texans news, rumors and highlights! New account please show support!

  • Ronald Krikorian
    Ronald Krikorian

    CARR too inconsistent! RAIDERS 28. LIONS 19

  • Taijay Wauchope
    Taijay Wauchope

    5:05 Deshuan Watson had a TD bro he needs to stay woke 👁

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez

    Arden key is trash

  • Harpoon2theRescue

    Cornerbacks have the shittiest hands in all of football.

    • Greatness Is earned
      Greatness Is earned

      Harpoon2theRescue to be fair a corners job doesn’t actually require them to catch the ball . Their job requires them to just stop the receiver they are guarding to not catch the ball . It’s a plus when they have catching skills because interceptions come from that .


    Man dashon waston is going krazy this season omg 😭🔥

  • Neil Siegfried
    Neil Siegfried

    It looked like the Raiders had hope, but the Texans took over!!!!!!

  • Ross Pena
    Ross Pena

    Conley clearly interfered in the pass to williams. We'll get em next time..

  • Raider AL916
    Raider AL916

    I’m not even mad, Watson took a foot to the eye & still made one of the most amazing throws ever seen...

  • OrlandoToHolly

    Listen I'm a cowboys fan but I also like Oakland so I enjoyed watching this game

  • Phil

    Any time the Raiders lose, I grin from ear to ear😁 Go Lions!!!!

  • Engymic

    No offense to raider fans but I’m a colts fan and I was happy that the Texans won cause The raiders are such a dirty team(imo)and I was just so happy seeing Houston winning.

  • Greatness Is earned
    Greatness Is earned

    When are people going to start talking about how good Darren Fells and Deshaun Watson work together ? The guy just makes big play after big play .

  • PrimeTime


  • Mentor Tairi
    Mentor Tairi

    Thank you Raiders for Amari Cooper, sincerely Dallas Cowboys Fan

  • Mackenzie Skyler
    Mackenzie Skyler

    Houston's secondary was terrible. Lucky Watson still got them the win.



  • Jay Whitmire
    Jay Whitmire

    1:49 what was # 37 doing

  • Dasmoose15

    I feel like the Raiders would be a credible threat if they had Khalil Mack.

  • Jraeko

    If that P.I. gets called we would have won. Jacobs could have easily ran clock and score at the end.

  • VGrin

    What I don't understand about american football, (I'm German and pretty new to it) is why they stop the game with two minutes to go. I mean I get when there's like a 20-point advantage but with a 3-point advantage, like things could still happen, like the Texans could still throw an interception and the Raiders then score a touchdown. I mean things like the Minnesota Miracle happened in the last few seconds of the game and here the call it a day at 2 minutes to go. Why??

  • Terrell Clayton
    Terrell Clayton

    the Raiders aren't a bad team at all they just played one hell of a schedule

  • Simple Human
    Simple Human

    Ya, Watson. You GO, my man.

  • Brandon Taylor
    Brandon Taylor

    Finally a good game the nfl airs!

  • Htx V
    Htx V

    I don’t know when but I know 4 is going to take us to the super bowl!

  • Salvador Soto
    Salvador Soto

    con una pequeña ayuda de mis amigos los árbitros

  • CasperLifts

    Shamelessly plugging my new lifting vids, give me a watch if you’re into fitness!

  • Mabel X
    Mabel X


  • ServantoftheoneTrueGod AlmightyGod
    ServantoftheoneTrueGod AlmightyGod

    Evenly matched


    That was a fumble and you didn't challenge wow😤

  • Thunderduck

    Watson is incredible but he will not live much longer, but incredible. He is so much fun to watch but he will get badly hurt someday. unfortunate.

  • Savage King
    Savage King

    Deshaun really thru that td pass with one eye while he was falling .. that’s crazy.

  • thenewjord50

    Gets kicked in the face, fixed his face mask for a second and still made a touchdown if that's not mvp ish for DW I don't what it is

  • Andre Lucas
    Andre Lucas

    Go Texans

  • SLOHoN tHe WizE SLOHoN tHe WizE
    SLOHoN tHe WizE SLOHoN tHe WizE

    sucks my Raiders lost defense let them down bt they look alot better than the past few years gg overall

  • Jonathan martinez
    Jonathan martinez

    Josh Jacobs is crazy hopefully he stays with raiders

  • Casino Redd
    Casino Redd

    It was amazing goin to watch all these former Clemson players on the field me being a raider but a die hard Clemson I wasn't even madwhen Watson worked his magic I'm so accustom to seeing these type of performance great game from both sides

  • lil homes
    lil homes

    don’t let this distract you from the fact that the bears drafted mitch shitbisky over watson. 🐻 down

  • OVO ///
    OVO ///

    Nice to see duke Johnson doing well he had the meanest stiff arm in college fb history

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