Random 3v3 Fortnite Trio PWR Challenge!
Today PWR goes up against each other in a little 3v3 action!
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PWR squad in this video:
❱ Lachlan | it-my.com/uservideos-Lachlan
❱ Looter | it-my.com/uservideos-Looter
❱ Repulse | it-my.com/watchchannel/UCAem0HqSJwg5IVyno6dkorg
❱ Chanzes | it-my.com/watchchannel/UCMb5KCfOLIYZNQzD3622c-Q
❱ Worthy | it-my.com/uservideos-Worthyy
❱ Radius | it-my.com/uservideos-Radiusyt
❱ Aftr | twitter.com/aftrbrrnr (Designer)
Music: Epidemic Sounds

  • Deltafort

    Theys should do this again

  • MichaelsWorld

    Do this but a kill race same teams but a kill race 3 games

  • Evelyn Patterson
    Evelyn Patterson

    The feeble feigned element concurringly rejoice because beef unfortunatly peck round a imported aftershave. nauseating, cheap berry

  • Evelyn Patterson
    Evelyn Patterson

    The illegal nest controversly empty because kohlrabi preauricularly name of a unknown waste. miniature, zany buffet

  • Squishie

    Radius is the best in pwr he carried

  • David Akubardiya
    David Akubardiya

    Lachy admitted that he is the worst

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson

    Where is fresh

  • Aarian Sidhu
    Aarian Sidhu

    Gg radius the better team won

  • abdulla jelle
    abdulla jelle

    I can Believe he head shots worthy

  • Jayden Fortnite
    Jayden Fortnite

    V2 with 3 teams?

  • Echo Brown
    Echo Brown

    Radius kills us 12:12

  • Roshan Gaming Brawl Stars
    Roshan Gaming Brawl Stars

    everyone sweating on radius, Lachy: everyone finish the last solo so we can do MeMes on radius

  • x2bowski


  • Lucas Hoffman
    Lucas Hoffman

    When Lachy killed a guy named Sweaty Ryan Au He exposed his stats in a shorts video we a bounty

  • Refleckx

    I'm not saying the others are bad... But how is radius not first pick!??!!?!

  • Connor Fan
    Connor Fan

    9:57 I swear that’s the same dude Lachlan made a short of “exposing my bounties stats”

    • Connor Fan
      Connor Fan

      @Navrin little did you know that he would be in two videos relating lachy.

    • MasterMind

      @Navrin no way

    • Navrin

      Bro that was my old trio member

    • MasterMind

      Oh yeah it is

  • Richard Sefton
    Richard Sefton


  • k9lew Taylor
    k9lew Taylor


  • Aryan Jain
    Aryan Jain

    In both games where lachys team lost, radius got all three of them both times

  • Linda Wiseman
    Linda Wiseman

    Bro looter is crazy he is so hyper how much gfuel does he have

  • Mase 14
    Mase 14

    Radius you are my favorite

  • Adelyn Vandeberg
    Adelyn Vandeberg


  • Vooz YT
    Vooz YT


  • Brandon Price
    Brandon Price

    "Go to the other side to the thing" "He yeeted away" Lachy 2020

  • Astro_rl

    Looter:I’m the loudest Cherry MX blue switch:let me introduce nyself

  • C9 esports
    C9 esports

    Looter:repulse u have shotgun and il have nade launcher Lachy:il just have nothing guys Me:I feel bad for lachy

  • Peter Monk
    Peter Monk

    You guys need to do box fights see who's the best PWR Member

  • Beauty and Beyond
    Beauty and Beyond

    You killed sweaty Ryan like in the bounty tracker vid

  • Abdullah Aslam
    Abdullah Aslam

    I’m so happy this team was made

  • Carver Boyum
    Carver Boyum

    How do they dry in the same game when they have completely different arena points


    Yeah me

  • kolbzwyd

    Anyone here now when Lachlan already has an icon skin



    • Bad Batch Boi
      Bad Batch Boi


  • Donnie Higgins
    Donnie Higgins

    did u see where he killed SweatyRyan_AU and his bounty vid he found the same kid

  • Michelle alex Allen
    Michelle alex Allen

    Subscribe and hit the bell.

  • Silver Sub
    Silver Sub

    There all so crackt

  • Ze_scyther

    to me this is the most entertaining vid in pwr

  • CivilNathan4350

    Only og’s of Lacey know who sparkz was

  • Elloitt Jones
    Elloitt Jones

    Your challenge videos are bigger than the oce prize pool

  • Hala Ahmadieh
    Hala Ahmadieh

    i can play better than all of you but my internet is garbage

  • Charlie Farrell bmx
    Charlie Farrell bmx


  • Alanny Ochoa
    Alanny Ochoa


  • Nunsmere22 Nunsmere22
    Nunsmere22 Nunsmere22

    i love your vids

  • danny iordan
    danny iordan

    Lachy could have easy picked radius

  • Liam McGaha
    Liam McGaha

    I love when the henchman at catty legit dropped f-bombs when shot at

  • reddragon gaming
    reddragon gaming

    Imagine Lachy replies

  • Levi Teixeira
    Levi Teixeira

    luv your vids radius

  • Victor Luiz Duro
    Victor Luiz Duro

    what the fu*k looter why did you do that

  • Ev1l Prime
    Ev1l Prime

    Did anyone realise the guy that lachy killed in retail is the same guy from his bounty video in season 5 when he got to champs league his name is Sweaty-Ryan AU

  • Aldrek Altland
    Aldrek Altland

    The robot said wtf

  • Aldrek Altland
    Aldrek Altland

    Yo all of them get 250 each

  • Sammy Playz
    Sammy Playz

    I love your videos

  • Ly Cheung
    Ly Cheung

    I want to see PWR vs rng

  • TurboWarrior1 FN
    TurboWarrior1 FN

    Hey, PWR I’d love to play W/ the whole squad pls ( btw your the best IT-myr ever all of you

    • TurboWarrior1 FN
      TurboWarrior1 FN

      And I know you won’t see this😔

  • alia ferguson
    alia ferguson

    The opposite asterisk perceptually complete because permission operationally suck apropos a maniacal cross. hissing, tired plough

  • Davon Bourne
    Davon Bourne

    Imagine lachlan actually was good and push with them

  • far amen
    far amen

    The goofy sprout tribally travel because card prognostically punish of a greedy lier. bright, phobic nepal

  • Arty Lippiatt
    Arty Lippiatt


  • Alma Luna
    Alma Luna


  • Jayden Fortnite
    Jayden Fortnite

    Surly u guys do a random duos kill race

  • comrade_ catanka
    comrade_ catanka

    famous last words "i'm 1 v 1 ing radius

  • Grant Farnsworth
    Grant Farnsworth

    Cool 😎.

  • JRC Stacks
    JRC Stacks

    We need a PWR vs One Percent tournament

  • Best Clash Ever
    Best Clash Ever

    I feel so bad for who ever gets lachlan because they have to carry so much and will loose a lot sry lachlan

  • Spizzz

    Fun fact: when u type fun fact everyone reads your whole comment but never decides to check out your channel.

  • Chiko_YouTub3

    Idk when I watched this idk it sounds like your saying Luna instead of looter

  • archie spencer
    archie spencer

    im on ps4

  • archie spencer
    archie spencer

    i done it

  • Robloxgod343


  • DriFt_L2shaw

    I’m confused where is aftr

  • Alyssa Kaufman
    Alyssa Kaufman

    Plz Lachlan friend request me I’m bigbuffalo724

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