Randy Johnson comes out of the pen in game 5 of the ALDS, a breakdown
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  • L

    Livermore Represent! Glad to see you are a former Livermore resident Jomboy! Did you go to LHS?

  • Jason Wigand
    Jason Wigand

    Randy Johnson vs Nolan Ryan... who was more scary on the mound?

  • Alex Lavezzari
    Alex Lavezzari

    That hair 🤣

  • Don Hill
    Don Hill

    As a lifelong Redsox fan, seeing Boggs in that goddam Yankee uniform looking this intimidated brings me sexual pleasure.

  • Lonesome Troll
    Lonesome Troll

    Randy Johnson’s walk up music is Dark Souls boss themes.

  • Chris O'Neill
    Chris O'Neill

    This dude is more Wyatt Earp than the original was.

  • Cacey Epps
    Cacey Epps

    0:33 coming in mean like yo daddy

  • The Jokers Grin
    The Jokers Grin

    "Fucking quarantine were all board." I'm dead 🤣

  • bisquitnspanky

    "My name is Inigo Montoya, er, I mean, Randy Johnson. Prepare to die!!!"

  • MC MLee
    MC MLee

    As a kid between the ages of 8-14 or so I just loved the mariners teams back then. Ken Griffey jr. jay buhner, Edgar martinez, randy Johnson.. they were a great team to root for. Buhner had his own promo game every year where if you got your head shaved like him they would give you free tickets to that nights game. Awesome.

  • Sphere723

    I am still convinced that Josh Hader is Randy Johnson's illegitimate child.

  • Zachary P
    Zachary P

    That second pitch really wasn’t even close lol

  • A A Ron 13
    A A Ron 13


  • daniel alvarez
    daniel alvarez

    I. Love. This. Channel. !!!! Lol. Short break down clips. Relaxed cool commentary like your talking to your buddies and not trying to sound smart or show off expertise. Loved the last line at the end. Yup. Bored.

  • Ken H
    Ken H

    Mariners 51 = ichiro

  • dan3469

    tbf that wasnt a strike

  • Steve 4321
    Steve 4321

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Lucas1978

    Randy Johnson is what happens when Dale Earnhardt and Larry Bird have a threesome with, and somehow impregnate, a cannon.

  • 1981menso

    Randy used to shop at the Issaquah Costco and he had a very mean look about him. NO ONE asked for his autograph.

  • Edvard Ferand
    Edvard Ferand

    My dad's coworker once faced Randy Johnson in a spring training game. This guy never played above double A ball but was in major league camp one year. He, he was a left handed hitter, said he swung a missed at two fastballs and the third pitch looked like it was coming at his head so he hit the dirt and from the ground heard the ump say "strike three". It was a nasty slider that broke back over the plate. This guy said he knew after that spring training he'd never play in the majors.

  • Ollie South
    Ollie South

    Wtf you lived in Livermore??

  • Jacob Casel
    Jacob Casel

    Everyone check out the jois bois series on the mariners

  • Frewal

    He is like a end villain from a Steven Seagal movie

  • Evan Granville
    Evan Granville

    Your comments at the end made me laugh my ass off.

  • Literally Shaking
    Literally Shaking

    NY Yankees philosophy: If you can’t beat em, sign em.

  • Scott Ray
    Scott Ray

    He was the best heater. Braves fan. Greg was the best

  • Jackson Bachman
    Jackson Bachman

    “It’s fucking quarantine, we’re all bored.”

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin Nardine

    The slider was not friendly either

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams

    Does anyone else think Wade Boggs looks like McRenyolds?

  • Randall Hoeft
    Randall Hoeft

    All business

  • Nate

    perfect moment of silence there

  • Zech Rojas
    Zech Rojas

    Randy Johnson looks like the type of pitcher in Major league that threw at his son in a father son game.

  • Jason Cripe
    Jason Cripe

    You should do the breakdown of the Detroit Pistons vs Indiana pacers Big fight.

  • Jordan Casey
    Jordan Casey

    Randy Johnson looks like a bartender at some backroads dive bar that tells everyone that he “coulda gone pro” if he didn’t have a shoulder injury at a young age. Except he’s actually Randy freaking Johnson.

    • Theroux

      And he didn't go to some cushy Ivy League school.

  • Davi Emerim
    Davi Emerim

    I think Randy should have participated in The Walking Dead. He looks like Jared and the Governor at the same time.

  • Joe Young
    Joe Young

    I love the Mariners my team till i die

  • Gregorio Corsale
    Gregorio Corsale

    Randy Johnson: If Lee Van Cleef played professional baseball.

  • Cracker Jack
    Cracker Jack

    I only watched baseball because of Randy Johnson...haven't watched since

  • Chad Cronk
    Chad Cronk

    @Jomboy thanks for posting these great videos. I really lost interest in baseball over the last few years. It took COVID-19 to make me realize how much I took it for granted. Can’t wait to watch baseball again, whenever the hell that’s going to be.

  • MrScovanx

    Randy's so tall, he can see over his own ugly.

  • Bushmills21

    Randy Johnson is mostly just hideous.

  • Mudfish

    Randy looked tall as the stadium lights when he stepped into the box

  • Number Eight or Nine?
    Number Eight or Nine?

    wicked slider

  • Hector Villatoro
    Hector Villatoro

    Randy Johnson is that one pitcher you don’t want to face MLB the show 20 Showdown on HOF

  • Punks Not Dead
    Punks Not Dead

    “I don’t know... it’s FUCKING quarantine...we’re all bored.” Fucking awesome dude! 😂😂



  • M

    Two years in a row this Jomboy character has me fired up for baseball....yeah baseball. Let's go play some ball

  • Beating Boxes
    Beating Boxes

    First time I’ve ever heard Wade Boggs’s name outside of Its Always a Sunny

  • Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla

    I was at that game. In the last row of the upper deck. Awful seats but at least I was there. Randy Johnson wasn't sitting in the bullpen until late in the game. Lou sent him out there maybe an inning before this AB. The Dome went nuts just watching him walk to the bullpen. It was kind of like the Wild Thing scene in Major League. And it went even crazier after this strikeout.

  • Anthony D’Angelo
    Anthony D’Angelo

    Damn hella random I’m from Livermore too.

  • Jenny Citarelli
    Jenny Citarelli

    God, I forgot how bullshit mid-90s strike zones were. 3-4 in. off the plate was called a strike routinely. Glad that's a thing of the past...

  • Dean Havok
    Dean Havok

    Randy Johnson's a fucking beast

  • Marc

    Randy Johnson willed a bird once!

  • Patrick Vidrine
    Patrick Vidrine

    Nice ending man, I dig it! Good showing....

  • MikeUnthertz

    Wade Boggs' career OPS vs. Randy Johnson: .269

  • Roger Cox
    Roger Cox

    I know we're all bored but hopefully they will get some baseball games going on they are talking about it

  • jacksrandomadventures

    my first baseball glove had a wade boggs autograph in it and was a third basemans glove but was for a left handed player..

  • Isaac Slevin
    Isaac Slevin

    this is Pretty Good

  • J Greenseed
    J Greenseed

    Best porn name ever

  • 3434sru

    The last comment of the video won the like button. Cheers

  • Ross Bodeker
    Ross Bodeker

    You should review the final inning from his perfect game from this video. it-my.com/watchvideo/video-KHMlNr4jnHo.html

  • Kirk Prospector
    Kirk Prospector

    Randy Johnson looks like he once killed the town sheriff after a disagreement over poker.

  • Travis Nelson
    Travis Nelson

    Great memories from Seattle native. Your commentary was spot on and just right. Thank you and be safe!

  • TheTerminator1919

    Wade Boggs looked like he saw a 3 headed monster

  • Terry Spatig
    Terry Spatig

    I was a huge Randy Johnson fan. My favorite moment was when he was playing for Arizona and exploded that bird during a game.

  • John Bronson
    John Bronson

    I haven't watched baseball in forever but can't get enough of your videos. If covid passes I'll be taking the kids to a Mariners game. Thanks for this one. Good memories just woke up. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  • esotericmeme89

    Growing up in Seattle during this time, Griffey was the cool guy we all wanted to emulate, ARod was popular, and of course Edgar, but we talked about Buhner the most and EVERYBODY pretended to be Randy when throwing a ball. He was SCARY, and he looked like the monster version of your neighbor's Budweiser drinking uncle who drove an IROC-Z and watched NASCAR and was mean as hell.

  • Juan Castillo
    Juan Castillo

    Oh man, classic jomboy. Loved it. Loved every minute of it. If I was Boggs I would have just laid down. It's over. That guy on the mound is a menace.

  • Ab Ba
    Ab Ba

    Lol I hate baseball. Reminds me of Nascar. Yes, the quarentine brings out everyone's curiosity. Randys cool. Nice vid.

  • Dick Keith
    Dick Keith

    I don't know which sea gull was blown up worse, the one Randy Johnson hit with a fastball or the one Dale Earnhardt hit running down the backstretch at Daytona. Both caused a quick puff of white feathers and the birds disintegrated into another dimension like a goddamn magic show.

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