Ranking Men By Attractiveness | 5 Guys vs 5 Girls
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  • Jubilee

    If you happen to be Pewdiepie... hey 👋 We asked 5 women to watch 5 men rank themselves from most to least attractive, then rearrange the ranking based on their own interpretation of attractiveness. Watch PART 1 here: it-my.com/watchvideo/video-A-YcBYUfgtc.html

    • TheSnowFoxParty

      @Baela he is too busy being insane on his own channel.

    • Quinzel Sabina
      Quinzel Sabina


    • samAesthetix

      10:04 girlllll have you seen yourself ? Like cmon bruhh

    • Mango Body Butter
      Mango Body Butter

      ​@soundseeker63 Lmao what meaningful insight did this video even convey?? They simply made groups "average out" their members' own ratings for each other, and that was it. Imagine this video but a group rated chicken prepared five different ways. What would that tell you? Even Mr. Little Baby Angel himself said that this wan't something to take anything meaningful out of.

    • Rosi Veizaga
      Rosi Veizaga

      My ranking: 1. Roy 2. Jorge 3.Jeremy 4. Sam 5. Anthony

  • Timmy

    they picked the bottom of the bottom with this bunch of guys 💀

  • Юля

    YOUR JOKING that ugly green shirt guy

  • sarah mckinlay
    sarah mckinlay

    cute they all just have socks on hehe

  • Scorpio93

    *Anthony* *is* *good looking*

  • Charli Stuart
    Charli Stuart

    Jeremy all the way.


    White girl has such a white savior complex and is all about performative social activism. The way she spoke about Roy like a child? Called the white boy a Trump supporter? Put short guy on top bc he’d usually be last. I can’t stand her

  • Susan V
    Susan V

    That white guy should have been at most a 3. Would have put: Jorge:1 Anthony:2 Roy:3 White guy: 4 Black guy: 5

  • Jazlee Jimenez
    Jazlee Jimenez

    Jorge is super attractive!, also he seems super sweet!

  • Shymilk YT
    Shymilk YT

    Quotes from the girls I liked „I need to see their booties“, I don’t really like their Outfits“, „I am very big on height“, „I like a guy who is not so skinny“. What I also liked is moving Someone because of pitty

  • Megan Howard
    Megan Howard

    IMO Jeremy is the best looking. First off got me with his height. Handsome face too.

  • Megan Howard
    Megan Howard

    These girls were rude AF. You think given their last visit being ranked 1 to 5 they wouldn't have been so.... Judgemental.... He looks like he punches drywall? He looks like awww a poor little baby? Wth. Girls ffs. What is this....

  • psycho_weeb

    i fell in love with roy as soon as I saw him.

  • Jinxed

    Why did they sleep so hard on Jeremy? I’m annoyed he was 100% #1

  • Sean Morrow
    Sean Morrow

    They're all handsome wtf

  • krirt13

    First of all, Jeremy deserved to be 1. Second, not sure how Jorge made it into 2nd as he wasn't wearing any damn pants.

  • Ray G
    Ray G

    Roy definitely was a 3 IMO or 2

  • Valbert

    This is so much more wholesome than the women

  • moselc.09

    Face: Green shirt> Blue Sweater>Black guy> Pink Shirt>Roy Personality: Blue Sweater > Green Shirt> Roy> Pink Shirt>Black Guy Body/Posture/Swag: Pink Shirt> Black Guy> Green Shirt> Blue Sweater> Roy Overall: Blue Sweater>Green Shirt>Black Guy>Pink Shirt>Roy

  • moselc.09

    "I think might...." "...Cheat on you?..." "No, be a Trump Supporter. " *Bursts into Laughter!!!!!!

  • Kenzie Kay
    Kenzie Kay

    10:52 it looks like Anthony is wearing a pair of high heels. LOL, don´t know why my mind saw that.

  • sky_ w
    sky_ w

    The boy always gotta hit on eachother lol

  • Michelle Vo
    Michelle Vo

    Roy is actually super cute. Don’t disrespect my guy like that

  • Divinity Worsham
    Divinity Worsham

    Honestly ik they were trying to be nice, but the way they patronized Roy & treated a grown man like he was a child was really disrespectful

  • it's kr0sta
    it's kr0sta

    Roy is hands down the cutest, wth is this ranking


    The gay jokes 😂 they're so cute

  • L41l4sl0v3ly

    Am I the only one that would put Roy like 2nd or 3rd-

  • Bella Juarez
    Bella Juarez

    I would rank roy 2 and the dude with the swag the drip number 1

  • Kelli O'Dwyer
    Kelli O'Dwyer

    "He's for sure one?" Nooooo his face is the blandest...... Ugh.

  • Nana Guerrero
    Nana Guerrero

    1. Roy 2. Jorge 3. Jeremy 4. Sam 5. Anthony

  • Genre D’ambiance
    Genre D’ambiance

    Roy is so cute omg

  • Malena

    Wow even before the thing started Roy caught my eye. He has a really really attractive build with broad shoulders and being tall and slim, and I thought his face was cute

  • David O'Keeffe
    David O'Keeffe

    5:40 now imagine a guy said that about them...

  • Jess M
    Jess M

    Michael Jordan guy was easily the most attractive

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez

    Where is the overweight man? Why is there an overweight woman but NOT an overweight man?

    • Stalinity

      You have to apply for these vids. Maybe no overweight guy applied

  • Jakiyah L. Jennings
    Jakiyah L. Jennings

    They went with European features first. They need to do this video again with different girls

  • Val Wicks
    Val Wicks

    that’s gotta hurt

  • Kamora Babbiee
    Kamora Babbiee

    I watched both of these 😆 and why do both of the black folks end of last

  • Janettt :9
    Janettt :9


  • emelina sousa
    emelina sousa

    stop i liked roy

  • Holly Fraser
    Holly Fraser

    That teacher girl was so disrespectful...

  • Rosa Hernandez Casillas
    Rosa Hernandez Casillas

    Idk why i just don’t like Anthony

  • Senses

    Oof, if the roles were reversed when they were ranking them, those comments won't work..

  • Lisa Bistodeau
    Lisa Bistodeau

    Their first order was the most accurate maybe switch vin deisel with shorts and jacket guy

  • Dane Gonzalez
    Dane Gonzalez

    Men kept it simply and the women made it over complicated. Just pick them on physical attraction, it's not that hard. Pink shirt, black guy, muscle guy, white guy, last guy. Pretty simply.

  • Mannan Ahmed
    Mannan Ahmed

    Kaylynn is the most annoying and the most arrogant out all of the girls

  • 000RachElla000

    Were I to date any of the guys, I'd choose Roy.

  • memo

    I wonder how tall is Anthony? Like is he actually short or is he average but looks shorter compared to those other guys

    • God nerfed me
      God nerfed me

      He's shorter than average but the angle they were filming them in made him look shorter than he is. In some shots you can see he's not THAT short.

  • Alison Twist
    Alison Twist

    Nooooo poor Roy i think he is the cutest there

  • Iman A.
    Iman A.

    For me, Roy was the most attractive. And I hated the way these girls treated him

  • Delfi Vega
    Delfi Vega

    Para mi el petiso era horrible jajajajajaja

  • Roberto Alexander
    Roberto Alexander

    They asked the wrong question

  • Linzie Stranger
    Linzie Stranger

    i hate that they gave a roy a pity rank. as soon as i saw him i was like hell yeah pls shove me against a wall.

  • Caliona Mezoon
    Caliona Mezoon

    Why do y’all always pick less attractive black girls to be in the videos , be fair and buy a pretty one .

  • BlazingTeal

    So the guy in the white shirt was a solid 2 but somehow got ranked to a 5 out of pity for roy? Women are confusing. They weren't fair because they werent going based off of appearances alone

  • kari

    yall sleeping on jorge and it shows

  • Anthony Micah Cooper
    Anthony Micah Cooper

    Of course the black guy is last

  • Anthony Micah Cooper
    Anthony Micah Cooper

    It’s literally about looks not personality

  • Korede Fasina
    Korede Fasina

    Frank Ocean looking dude pissed me off

  • Ganon is King
    Ganon is King

    Mickey Mouse and Kirby shirt?

  • AidenMisart

    1. Anthony 2. Jeremy 3. Jorge 4. Sam 5. Roy

  • AidenMisart

    They did a terrible job

  • Hamisi Salmah
    Hamisi Salmah

    I liked Jorge fantastic man humble and the short guy in green

  • Juan Manuel Mora
    Juan Manuel Mora

    Honestly for me: Sam: 8.2/10 Anthony and Jorge: 8/10 Jeremy and Roy: 7.6/10

  • minz


  • RIO betancourt
    RIO betancourt

    How dare you ..... be adorable!!! LOVE THAT

  • Daniel Eisert
    Daniel Eisert

    . . .

  • Orange Pepe
    Orange Pepe

    The Trump supporter comment was so rude LMAO i feel like she just wanted to show people she wasn’t one herself

  • Brianna Mae
    Brianna Mae

    Ranking for me would go Jorge, Roy, Jeremy, Sam, Anthony 😊

  • Atamotion

    Oh come on, of course, the more outspoken extroverted guys dominate as rated by likewise girls. What about inviting only introverted girls, I'm sure the rating could be much different :)

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