Rare Pictures Of Freddie Mercury's Private Life
Jasmin A
Here's rarely seen photos of Freddie Mercury's personal life.
Many of these are with his cats, his first fiancee and 'love of his life' Mary Austin, his godson and his romantic partner Jim Hutton. Subscribe for more!

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I dont own any of these pictures - I just composed them together - including the music.
I therefore have no rights over them.

  • Elisa Marconi
    Elisa Marconi

    Freddie sempre e per sempre

  • Judy Anderson
    Judy Anderson


  • Maríafernanda Martínez
    Maríafernanda Martínez

    Te amaré siempre. Gracias por tanto

  • Carol Miller
    Carol Miller

    What a Sweetheart soooo glad he had Mary

  • Agata Malecka
    Agata Malecka

    I'm obsessed with his voice

  • Agata Malecka
    Agata Malecka

    He never wanted kids His life was a party and more

  • галина ломоносова
    галина ломоносова

    Я,не стану звездой,Я,буду легендой!!!

  • Jazminxiomara Silvagortaire
    Jazminxiomara Silvagortaire

    Lo adoro como el jamas lo habra



  • Пока все Дома
    Пока все Дома

    Ти малого Рената охраняв ? Я пам'ятаю шашличка на углу поруч і дядь тих На фото

  • Isabela Fernanda Sánchez Macias
    Isabela Fernanda Sánchez Macias

    beautiful mercury freddie

  • Maryanto Kurniawan
    Maryanto Kurniawan

    This dude is one for millenium

  • teresa Osorio
    teresa Osorio

    LOVE,💖 tomar muito homens terer amor dele.e coração dele.exemplo não interesa sexualidade dele .gay dão humanos

  • william qhite
    william qhite

    a joke he kiss woman

  • william qhite
    william qhite

    Farrokh Bulsara real name, call me MR MOON RISE !!!!!!!!

  • MrsFish7

    love the large hats photo (at 3.01) of Roger Taylor and Sacha Baron Cohen ; ...

  • Elisabetta Cadei
    Elisabetta Cadei

    Always in my heart! ♥️

  • sophie ford
    sophie ford

    freddie would have been such a good dad

  • Andrew Black
    Andrew Black

    Mary Austin was very pretty, if he had only knocked up Mary...the kid would of been a spitting image of freddy

  • gustavo desaquilan
    gustavo desaquilan

    desde argentina estes donde estes gran artista mundial genial voz...

  • Josefa Ordax
    Josefa Ordax

    Bello y amado ...siempre!!!

  • Kees Manuel
    Kees Manuel

    What a great artist. Greetings it-my.com/watchvideo/video-JJV1YjwOtQM.html

  • Sakshi Yadu
    Sakshi Yadu

    Try hard but you won't find any negative comments here. #freddieislove

  • ofelia gomez
    ofelia gomez

    Irrepetible, unico

  • Elisa Marconi
    Elisa Marconi

    Una meraviglia❤

  • Magga

    We miss you Freddie :(

  • brizavala

    Imagine if he was alive today, what kind of music would he be making?

  • Google Google
    Google Google

    Freddie was a criminal asshole with a very ugly Munich girlfriend assfucker!

  • bgMARTO

    Freddie Have Special Magic. (Фреди притежава специална магия!!!)

  • Chelsea Loza's vlog
    Chelsea Loza's vlog

    freddie likes children but he has no kids 😢

  • aleksandra kettner
    aleksandra kettner


  • Consuelo Montoya
    Consuelo Montoya

    Excelente cantante potente voz you muy valiente ser humano. Q. E. P.D.

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas

    He was so handsome! Very unique! Damn!

  • Highlander

    2:53 - Rainbow Rising artwork in the background.

  • Margarita Chapuis
    Margarita Chapuis

    Умер молодым, а сколько бы ещё мог сделать.... Великий певец!

  • Jackyblue67 Same
    Jackyblue67 Same

    I have always wondered if Freddie had ever wanted to go back to being straight again if he would have tried getting back with Mary & if she would have gone back if he had asked .

  • Terry Lattaruolo
    Terry Lattaruolo


  • Zayra Todd
    Zayra Todd

    Gone too soon

  • isak Valtersen
    isak Valtersen

    Hubiera sido buen papá 😞👌

  • Ali Babayev
    Ali Babayev

    Какой ясный,чистый взгляд ,какие красивые глаза.Великий артист и одновременно, милый и простой человек.Мы любим тебя, Фредди ,ты живешь в наших сердцах❤



  • Paula Alves
    Paula Alves


  • IT Guru
    IT Guru

    it-my.com/watchvideo/video-p1UZqFQQDI4.html - another freddie

  • Ángela Carvajal
    Ángela Carvajal

    Te amo freddy

  • Ángela Carvajal
    Ángela Carvajal

    Único. El único rey del rock.

  • Carolyn Baker
    Carolyn Baker

    Looking at these pictures, seeing all the memories in his short life, did he realize the many, many people who loved him?❤️

  • Andrejs Bacurins
    Andrejs Bacurins


  • Andrejs Bacurins
    Andrejs Bacurins

    When Freddie Mercury died were did his cats go they had no food did the cats die too

  • Diane Cairnes
    Diane Cairnes

    The minute you hear that voice you know who he is.. it’s unmistakable, original, captivating. My heart swells instantly and I smile till my jaw hurts.. this is called touching your soul through sound.. and forever more even when I’m gone his voice will continue to create that phenomenal feeling we all feel when Freddie Mercury sings... gone for us to young but touching hearts n souls forever more.. you are now living forever.

  • Azika Yunusovna
    Azika Yunusovna


  • Monica Rita Rojas
    Monica Rita Rojas


  • jorge damuadt
    jorge damuadt

    Freddie is live queen pasión love rock.

  • Jean Pellet
    Jean Pellet

    Il manque freedy

  • Jairo Cesar
    Jairo Cesar


  • Maxi-dos


  • Judi Moote
    Judi Moote

    Un genio.

  • ali lkarrar_official
    ali lkarrar_official

    He is a good person but some societies such as my society don't accept men like him . But i like him

  • Жизнь во Владимире
    Жизнь во Владимире

    Who dislike? 🤦‍♀️ Freddie, we love you ❤️

  • Léo Camargo
    Léo Camargo

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  • Инна Инна2017
    Инна Инна2017

    Как жаль....♥🔱♥...и тогда💧,и сейчас💧,и потом💧... Спасибо авторам за грустные,но светлые воспоминания о Фрэдди💝 💙💛✌

  • henkenjeannet

    love you friend

  • Nicoletta Aste
    Nicoletta Aste

    Love Queen 💙💙💙

  • daniela cobuz
    daniela cobuz


  • Mary Gomes
    Mary Gomes

    End of the day, a true love story is always between a man and his woman. All the rest is nonsense.

  • Giulia Domenici
    Giulia Domenici

    Freddie indimenticabile

  • Donald Mackenzie
    Donald Mackenzie

    there are a few pics here he'd be so unhappy you are sharing or even have, why post his personal pics of him in his bed unwell which he would have been so angry people have shared

  • Dedeh Kurniasih
    Dedeh Kurniasih

    Im so sad see this😢😢

  • Andréia Nascimento
    Andréia Nascimento

    Já imaginou Freddie pai? Um pai loucão, divertido😍😍😍😍

  • suely Fatima pereira
    suely Fatima pereira

    Tenho ó Frede Mercury como ídolo pois amava é continuo amando só infelizmente não pude ir em nem um dos Rok Rio quê ele veio mas meu coração está com ele cada vez que ouço a música Love may Laif eu me arreipo toda parece que ele está ali perto de mim 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️❤❤❤❤❤🤘🤘🎸🎸🎵🎼🎶🎶🎼

  • Karine Abel
    Karine Abel

    He will always live through his music and remain one of the greatest voices of all time ...

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