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thanks for watching girlies :,) if you're not a harry fan and you STILL WATCHED you're great. also thank you to harry styles for being iconic.

  • gigi auguste
    gigi auguste

    after this video ive chosen to never ever eat fish ever again in my life.

  • Trine Mortensen
    Trine Mortensen

    "Go mitch" Litterally me

  • ellise


  • Eknoor Bains
    Eknoor Bains

    “trying to have fun” by sexualises him?? how can some people be so disgusting ew

  • dani que
    dani que

    Honestly, i wish i had someone to vibe to Harry like Sarah and Christel, i can release some of my Harry feelings through these video’s 😂😂

  • Bharat Deka
    Bharat Deka

    You call this a reaction But i call it OVER reaction

  • Olivia Summers
    Olivia Summers


  • harrystylesgayvodka

    So you gonna delete the lights up reaction or not?

  • Marcia Lovee
    Marcia Lovee

    She was getting it, air guitar and all I LOVE THIS😂😂😂🙏🏼💕

  • sophia july
    sophia july

    in the mv harry was putting the rocks in his pocket and the fish was gonna k!ll himself too but they both found each other in their worst moments and they saved each other🥺 and since the album cover is from a fisheyes view and it’s like we are the fish and he saved us and we saved him too (i hope that makes sense)🥺brb gonna go plan my ✨funeral✨

  • Skylar Gudvangen
    Skylar Gudvangen

    id give anything to sit down with sarah and just talk about harry styles for hours wow

  • riley burns
    riley burns

    no one: literally no one: alexa: i added avocados to your grocery list

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    i apologize but i started being a fan after watching you on reality house and dude i fucking love you. you’re hilarious as fuck and so authentic

  • j twinny
    j twinny

    11:29 LMAO

  • Roger Ezequiel Ek
    Roger Ezequiel Ek

    Estás chicas me representan 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J

    "Harry is *claps* literally *claps* the best man I have ever seen" same

  • Amy Avocado
    Amy Avocado

    10:42 ..... Ahhhh its about louis tomlinson (larry stylinson)

  • ADDY

    i watch ur videos to know what feeling emotions is like. My ass sedated on antidepressants can barely shed a tear, and yall are over here crying over this music video. I wish this was me.

  • Jah

    Just let me adore you aaaa

  • Dark Lord666
    Dark Lord666

    Nice 4 minute intro

  • Bobby Fleur
    Bobby Fleur

    nice video bro

  • Gabriell Mesidor
    Gabriell Mesidor

    OMG this had me deaaadddd

  • brooke

    “the symbolism 😠” I love how aggressive she is

  • Sofia Martellini Rosa
    Sofia Martellini Rosa

    I have a theory that the fish is us fans, and that we saved him and he saved us in so many ways 😢❤️

  • Jude

    Harry smiles Sarah: ahhahahahahaa

  • Isamar Ríos
    Isamar Ríos

    I need a reaction video for the Watermelon Sugar music video like nowww!!!!


    Sarah you are the funniest and most interesting person to watch please don't ever stop doing IT-my, your personality is unique and one of a kind

  • Liv Pierce
    Liv Pierce

    I want a collab w Brittany Broski LMFAO

  • bella nero
    bella nero

    this was me.

  • Madeline Wise
    Madeline Wise

    You guys are so smart. I think you totally understood it. There's a theory that the person he was setting free was Zayn.

  • Juliet Courgis
    Juliet Courgis

    This video made my year

  • Helena Mariano
    Helena Mariano


  • Ida Lyse
    Ida Lyse

    I have the same reaction every time I watch his videos:’)

  • laila lasasso
    laila lasasso

    i wanna be friends with you so bad

  • carla -
    carla -

    "are we..... KIDDING?!?!"

  • Lana Charlotte
    Lana Charlotte

    i have never in my life wanted to be friends with two girls more than i do rn

  • ritesh ghimire
    ritesh ghimire

    5:42 please, close your eyes and listen and let your mind interpret it,,,

  • Alexis Jane
    Alexis Jane

    Waiting for that watermelon sugar reaction so this will have to do for now...

  • Hie Ra
    Hie Ra

    Sarah watermelon sugar officials video is out now,react to it!

  • Sydney

    No one mentions “what in the darn tootin heck??”

  • Yazmin Burrell
    Yazmin Burrell

    i love how no one ever notices that at the end when hes on the boat he lets his scream out

  • maya s
    maya s

    does anyone know what size christel's sweatshirt is?

  • Elisabeth Oliver
    Elisabeth Oliver

    why did I get so emotionally attached to the fish

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd

    Female pewds and markiplier

  • Natalie Leite
    Natalie Leite

    I also cried watching the video "Adore you" AND CRIED LAUGHING at your reaction cause HONESTLY MEEEE

  • Harrison Jenny
    Harrison Jenny

    Watching Harry do all this for a's just comforting. Makes me cry 😭😭😭😭

  • Sophie Sanders
    Sophie Sanders

    I need this energy

  • Laura Manky
    Laura Manky

    This is quite possibly the best reaction I’ve seen to a music video ever!! 😭😭😭

  • cygna6

    Ok she is a serious devotee to pick up on the coffee pot temp check....Jesus its so quick ...I missed it so many times .

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J

    "Literally harry is the best man I've ever seen" Me

  • Celeste Greene
    Celeste Greene

    I love these because this is how I act when I hear an amazing song for the first time that just ~ h i t s ~ and I’m so glad others can relate

  • Tayler Ramsey
    Tayler Ramsey

    You should do a video on Mac millers new album!!! And the music video for Falling ❤️❤️ love you

  • emma murphy
    emma murphy

    harry remade the waterhorse and im here for it ok

  • Izzy Pocius
    Izzy Pocius

    im sorry but "you're supposed to be getting married soon"?????? am i missing something or

  • Morgan Staats
    Morgan Staats

    why did I start crying @ her lil speech 😭😭😭😭

  • alsn clre
    alsn clre

    When is christel making a channel tho?...

  • chanroop kaur
    chanroop kaur

    "shes gotta go to work and i'm gonna go and twerk" felt

  • emmettvictor

    He just yeeted that fish into the sea

  • Merel van der Heijden
    Merel van der Heijden

    lmao, im not rly a harry fan but im a fan of ur reaction dancing lmao, ur reactions r the best

  • Whatever Goes
    Whatever Goes

    Mr Harry Styles is such a damn gift. Like so precious. So kind. So bright. So talented. He deserves the whole dang world I DESERVE NOTHING

  • Whatever Goes
    Whatever Goes

    It's been months but seeing Harry hide his smile and struggle to pick up his friend made me cry with you guys lol

  • Chloe Bowman
    Chloe Bowman

    I love how I was crying along

  • Sierra Farnum
    Sierra Farnum

    pleaaseee upload the drunk video, that shit looked golden

  • Kuduta Ringa
    Kuduta Ringa

    Over acting lol

    • stream two of us
      stream two of us

      mama mo over acting

  • Julia Saulpaugh
    Julia Saulpaugh

    Harry Styles is a fucking god

  • Toohigh5this

    Is anyone gonna talk about how she can lowkey sing? Flipping 10:30 like are you kidding?!

  • Kaitlin 05
    Kaitlin 05

    I’ve never related to a video more!💚

  • John Louie dela Vega
    John Louie dela Vega

    Waiting for your Falling MV reaction!!!!!!!!!

  • Animesh Singh
    Animesh Singh

    Hey girls where you people are ???? Falling is out...😂😂😂

  • Rachel Dawe
    Rachel Dawe


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