Reacting to KSI Vs Logan Paul Memes
JJ Olatunji
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  • CancerTV

    9:01 Nice Pubic Hair JJ

  • Oliver McCorkindale
    Oliver McCorkindale


  • RNDZ

    6:47, that one slow reader in class -_-

  • Animated Cartoons
    Animated Cartoons

    It was the biggest fight of the decade.

  • Morgan TAYLOR
    Morgan TAYLOR

    0:42 That guy in between the Ref and JJ’s arms ruined this iconic photo.

  • Samurai X
    Samurai X

    When i was a kid I watched a video of logan or jake paul I fucking hated him as a kid

  • wassim hout
    wassim hout

    Yo did anyone see his pupes

  • Adil Abubacker Pary
    Adil Abubacker Pary

    Vidal x KSI : Vidal knocks KSI out of the chair. KSI x Logan : KSI knocks Logan out.(kinda) therefore, Vidal x Logan : Vidal knocks Logan out of the ring......

  • Nauval Ismail
    Nauval Ismail

    "I won't get fat again" 7 months later...

  • Titan 76
    Titan 76

    4:28, where is Ethans eyebrows and why does he have a big ass forehead now

  • Keira Powell
    Keira Powell

    ksi flexing and pubes show 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Alfie13Krazy

    Ksi: I'm not gonna get fat again Me: oh reeeeeaaaaalllyyy.

  • XFluiDz C4RST3N
    XFluiDz C4RST3N

    9:02 uf you didnt notice.... you can see his pube hairs... lol

  • Gracie Janex
    Gracie Janex

    Did anyone else see when he showed his belly 😂😳

  • Marcel Bermudez
    Marcel Bermudez

    Logan should’ve won bruv

  • Lmao The Totally Not A Terrorist Oh Yeh Yaeh
    Lmao The Totally Not A Terrorist Oh Yeh Yaeh

    oh yeah yeah,i just spammed again oh yeah yeah this is a good meme oh yeah yeah,i just made another song oh yeah yeah,KSI is mad as shit now oh yeah yeah,and i'm laughing my ass off

  • Ryan Michaud
    Ryan Michaud

    I'm sorry your head had to be under his arm so much

  • goldxflexYT

    Black snowman

  • gabriel ordonez
    gabriel ordonez


  • Cam gray
    Cam gray

    my man showed his scrodum accidentaly when he was trynna flex his abs lol

  • Bobby Bilal
    Bobby Bilal

    Vidalll is on 1.1

  • Jack Marshall
    Jack Marshall

    Who else sour his ball hairs at 9:03

  • Abdulrahman Altaher
    Abdulrahman Altaher

    Viddal got to a mil!!!

  • Trevor Gomez
    Trevor Gomez

    You only won cuz he hit you in the back of the head

  • Azzazin

    Ohh boy Babatundes snake is big....

  • DonnerK

    9:02 Bro u need a shavee

  • Alex Lazar
    Alex Lazar

    esti forta

  • Aidy Murph
    Aidy Murph

    At 9.00 you can see his pube hairs for you gays

  • catlike idk
    catlike idk

    He said he's not gonna get fat again bruh

  • Daniel Pettigrew
    Daniel Pettigrew

    It pisses me off that his windows isnt on 7 months later

  • Soya Soya
    Soya Soya

    SUBSCRIBE TO DEJI -Jj in November

  • Joseph Sanderson
    Joseph Sanderson

    9:02 jj pubes🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

  • Gaming Rout
    Gaming Rout

    You can tell the 14k dislikes are jake and Logan’s fans


    We get noahsnoah vs ceeday We get banana army vs fish army And now KSI vs Paul fmly

    • H4PPY_BTW

      MarcAMP ur just not a IT-my person gtfo

    • MarcAMP


  • david dobrik edits
    david dobrik edits go watch what happend before the martch

  • Zakai Staff
    Zakai Staff

    I wanna go back in time

    • Zakai Staff
      Zakai Staff

      Guys guess what

  • Isaac Rafiq
    Isaac Rafiq

    Anyone watching this right now ?

  • C Robie
    C Robie

    1.1M Vidal Riley well done boyz 👌🏾

  • wille gardtman
    wille gardtman

    somebody else that saw the d!ck hair lol

  • CoistMS

    9:02 😳

  • A Motorhead's Handbook
    A Motorhead's Handbook

    KSI has a 6pack and he still looks fat😂

  • Owen Ball
    Owen Ball

    Logan’s better ur trash

    • Fathil Hairudin
      Fathil Hairudin

      Keep crying

    • MarcAMP


  • Ciaran Fearne
    Ciaran Fearne

    KSI: I couldn't make a vid on our win because I was partying. Logan Paul: *I couldn't make a vid because I was crying.*

  • Cooper Lee
    Cooper Lee

    When he said I’m not going to get fat again: 1 year later. I’m “bulking”

  • Sparsh Kunal
    Sparsh Kunal

    ksi after the fight:no bulking ksi 6 months after:its bulking time

  • Zak Goodenough
    Zak Goodenough

    9:01 Um, put that away

  • Isaiah Freeman
    Isaiah Freeman

    Welcome to the Enchanted Forest

  • it's a hidinghunter
    it's a hidinghunter

    Im still tryna find out what he sais " Hey guys, it your boy ksi aledjabt", what?

    • Rampak Mayesha 2
      Rampak Mayesha 2


  • Team Shift
    Team Shift

    Jj buzzing about 300k reddit today: nearly 1 mil

  • HarleyDT 14
    HarleyDT 14

    He got 1 mil

  • ThinkAhead

    10:43 this had me dead LMAOOOO

  • Alethea Burns
    Alethea Burns

    ~add with someone singing comes on~ ~me thinking it was JJ singing

  • David Flores
    David Flores

    Logan couldn win but he got 2 points out he had to win ksi got lucky

    • Fathil Hairudin
      Fathil Hairudin

      Nahh ksi had a knockdown that wasn't counted..

  • 卂乃丂ㄖㄥㄩㄒ乇God [Free Fire]
    卂乃丂ㄖㄥㄩㄒ乇God [Free Fire]

    Mans foot is mf huuge!

  • Mauricio Fernandez
    Mauricio Fernandez

    My mans got more dic* hair that beard hair

  • Ryan Mvogo
    Ryan Mvogo


    • Helpful polar bear
      Helpful polar bear

      Who is LODEN ?

  • Pandilla B0T
    Pandilla B0T

    How to trick an idiot read below Read more

    • Pandilla B0T
      Pandilla B0T


    • Wesley

      @Pandilla B0T aye props man 😂😂😂

    • Pandilla B0T
      Pandilla B0T

      You idiot

  • Aston Zdyrko
    Aston Zdyrko

    Viddal is finally at 1 mil

  • Anna Ingram
    Anna Ingram

    Legit I've never been so excited and fucking nervous for anything in my was like midnight in the uk and I was still up screaming in my room

  • Malik Abdullha
    Malik Abdullha

    6:09 my man kept moving it was bare annoying

  • enick enick
    enick enick

    9:12 Well that didn’t age well

  • Rooty_FTW

    Jake’s next

  • babatunde

    “ya boi got dem abs” proceeds to show his beard

  • OptimisticSpace

    Vidal got a mill Yes

  • Yoinked Ya kill
    Yoinked Ya kill

    are we all going to ignore that he showed his pubes at 9.00 mins

  • Andre Romani
    Andre Romani

    “What is 7x8?” Karma is a bitch Logan

  • For real Fran
    For real Fran

    This was an amazing fight

  • YeetusMC Cleetus
    YeetusMC Cleetus

    Me hearing screaming at and worrying Me then realising its just JJ

  • Dylan Matthews
    Dylan Matthews

    Deji has more subs than ksi now

  • KING

    9:02 woahhh exposing too much there KSI, you need to shave.

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