Reacting to Storm Area 51 Live Stream πŸ”΄ Raid Reaction September 20
Hair Jordan
Today is the day to storm Area 51! Laugh and smile at the hilarious live stream of the Kyle's that raided area 51 on September 20, 2019. This is a reaction to all the people who showed up to see dem aliens and made it all the way to the gate!
Now you can stay at home with your family and friends and watch the action without having to actually raid area 51! Enjoy the hilarious memes from your surface pro laptop or iphone!
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  • Hair Jordan
    Hair Jordan

    Have you seen the video where I react to Ghostemane? πŸ˜ƒ Click here to watch: What video should I make next?

    • Wolf Pack
      Wolf Pack

      carla collins I’m Taylor what’s up

    • Wolf Pack
      Wolf Pack

      Wittywizard 133 no he’s not

    • Wolf Pack
      Wolf Pack

      carla collins ok u want my Skype

    • carla collins
      carla collins

      @Wolf Pack yes your real i want to see u

    • carla collins
      carla collins

      Hi my name carla

  • Master spy
    Master spy

    This guy looks gross

  • Wyatt Krogstad
    Wyatt Krogstad

    Nice blue eyes :>>>>

  • Jaime martinez
    Jaime martinez

    U said lots of disslikes u hot 12k disslikes

  • B w
    B w


  • Kelly Brackin
    Kelly Brackin

    Dude is that your real eye color?? If so you have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

  • Moses Thawng
    Moses Thawng

    Why does he look different

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado


  • Tuvia Sleigh
    Tuvia Sleigh

    No wonder people laugh at us Americans. hahaha

  • gezel colibao
    gezel colibao

    I hate dumb people they don’t even know the aliens are bad or worse a giant alien monster and i want the ones that want to raid Area 51 in hell

  • Lizard GamingYT
    Lizard GamingYT

    U are sitting in the house and telling others that they didnt go huh?

  • Skyler Getty
    Skyler Getty

    military has snipers, shotguns. And robotic guns

  • Krysta Dawson
    Krysta Dawson

    It's πŸ‡±πŸ‡· we have access to guns

  • Isabella Hand
    Isabella Hand


  • Claudia Mejia Penate
    Claudia Mejia Penate

    What area 51

  • Ashley Grimes
    Ashley Grimes

    I like ur vids

  • Tyler Gaming industries
    Tyler Gaming industries

    You look like ur from an anime

  • Kelly Martin
    Kelly Martin


  • Vincent Arias
    Vincent Arias

    u look horrable

  • H37 !05
    H37 !05


  • carla collins
    carla collins

    Que de ja ha ga nah estoy la i speak vanpire

  • carla collins
    carla collins

    Hi jordan ag

  • Scott McDonald
    Scott McDonald

    Is it just me or does everybody else hate all his tattoos?

  • Uriel Uribe
    Uriel Uribe

    Dude u look dumb Af bro imagine how ur gonna look when ur 60

  • Purple Wolfy
    Purple Wolfy

    this is a guy?! he looks like one of those anime character girls!

  • Larzo Micozo
    Larzo Micozo

    Those people went at the devils time

  • Sleeptight Led lights
    Sleeptight Led lights

    2920 bois

  • Adoptmegirl7 Renea
    Adoptmegirl7 Renea

    Cworan is gonna kill me if I die how ?

  • dragongamer ph Roblox
    dragongamer ph Roblox

    We should Just ambush the area 51 base Dont just naruto run

  • joseph galdamez
    joseph galdamez

    I saw elixir

  • Awesome kid likes fries
    Awesome kid likes fries

    Dude shut up talking...

  • T Kingstar Studio
    T Kingstar Studio

    what happened with your eye?

  • Ryder Barnett
    Ryder Barnett

    Mr beast

  • Aftab Hammy
    Aftab Hammy

    simple thing you donkeys area 51 is a place whre your shit america is making new generation weapons and wepones which are only used for killing mankind

  • Ema Skye
    Ema Skye

    Ah yes the good old days

  • fakhroni

    Orang mana abang nii

  • Raja Muddin
    Raja Muddin


  • Gamer Zamalo
    Gamer Zamalo

    U are stupid man

  • ramen isme
    ramen isme

    Your cringe af e-boy

  • DarkGamerExist

    The guy in the unicorn suite is an alien Lolz

  • Dominic Hoover
    Dominic Hoover

    I don't know why, but the raid seems like the end of ready player one, with all the video game characters coming together.

  • Marcell Prasetya
    Marcell Prasetya

    I like ypur hair style

  • Cole Snider
    Cole Snider

    are u a furry

  • Madison Correll
    Madison Correll

    Are used to live in area 51

  • ARC4FT3RZ Gaming
    ARC4FT3RZ Gaming

    It was my b day when it was storming area 51.

  • Adelard Blackman
    Adelard Blackman

    If you can play fortnite on the next video and get a win three times I'll pay you $1,000 and v-bucks

  • Rich

    Just think if 1,000,000 actually did turn up and force their way in πŸ‘€

  • steve hughes
    steve hughes

    You're lame scaredy-cat I would have done it if I knew it snow 2020.

  • Caro :3
    Caro :3

    I somehow feel happy that this happened on my birthdayπŸ˜‚

  • Basoka Gaming
    Basoka Gaming

    Woy asw ngeteh

  • Miles Cahill
    Miles Cahill

    The hair flop is very 8th grade

  • Orlando Crews
    Orlando Crews

    Y'all really thought a lot of people coming they don't want to die

  • John Patrick Zamora
    John Patrick Zamora

    how does he kill you if your already dead? wha?

  • celyz150 and jeremiah_Monzon gang
    celyz150 and jeremiah_Monzon gang

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • Braden Mackey
    Braden Mackey

    Me realizing people are idiots

  • rick raiman
    rick raiman

    robby deserved it

  • Rhiley Petellat
    Rhiley Petellat

    do you have contacts or are those really your eyes? they are beautiful

  • Sal 1864
    Sal 1864

    2019: *area 51* 2020: *you got a pandemic coming boys*

    • Sal 1864
      Sal 1864

      Hair Jordan omg you replied tysm you made my day😭❀️

    • Hair Jordan
      Hair Jordan


  • zeynu Mohamed
    zeynu Mohamed

    HE IS GONNA KILL ME IF I DIE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Tash.0 T
    Tash.0 T

    So hot πŸ”₯, 😍

  • Hollow Gamzing37
    Hollow Gamzing37

    Dude if aliens are real your the alien you are soooo stupid your a fucking idoit

  • a ch2018
    a ch2018

    nartor ranig

  • Tayden Charbonneau
    Tayden Charbonneau

    Love how he's making content off other people.

  • Tayden Charbonneau
    Tayden Charbonneau

    The tattoos look like black pen

  • Deividas Kvietkauskas
    Deividas Kvietkauskas


  • Marguerite Harkin
    Marguerite Harkin

    I hate the tatoos

  • WasaBae!

    When i be a Prime Minister of any country I'll bomb the area 51 with the nuclear bomb.

  • Snack Tim
    Snack Tim

    No wonder 51people went its earner 51 I

  • Snack Tim
    Snack Tim

    No wonder 51people went its earner 51


    Fuck you

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