Reacting to Storm Area 51 Live Stream 🔴 Raid Reaction September 20
Hair Jordan
Today is the day to storm Area 51! Laugh and smile at the hilarious live stream of the Kyle's that raided area 51 on September 20, 2019. This is a reaction to all the people who showed up to see dem aliens and made it all the way to the gate!
Now you can stay at home with your family and friends and watch the action without having to actually raid area 51! Enjoy the hilarious memes from your surface pro laptop or iphone!
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  • Hair Jordan
    Hair Jordan

    Have you seen the video where I react to Ghostemane? 😃 Click here to watch: What video should I make next?

    • scienz

      make a video where you get punched in the face really hard

    • unknown user UNKNOWN
      unknown user UNKNOWN

      We should throw alien plushes iver the gate

    • Watermelon gum
      Watermelon gum

      Emo go away

    • Marcel Emmery
      Marcel Emmery

      Why do you have so much tats

    • Captain Yuu
      Captain Yuu


  • Tati Taningsih
    Tati Taningsih


  • Alexei Will never be forgotten
    Alexei Will never be forgotten

    Area 51 raid is on my birthday

  • Tiffany McLendon
    Tiffany McLendon

    Me oh no they might die that’s why I’m not going I’m not a IT-my but still if I was nope if they die u will see me at home

  • Da fat Chungus management
    Da fat Chungus management

    Are you on drugs dumb bell yea you are

  • Shayanne Patterson
    Shayanne Patterson

    i like your eyes their pretty

  • Renatz Penaso
    Renatz Penaso

    F.U coward hooman

  • Mīst Çloūd
    Mīst Çloūd

    No offense but only stupid people would actually go to things like that 😂 Clearly its illegal to enter so why not just respect the government and its rules duhh 😂

  • Fangs BOI
    Fangs BOI

    What is wrong with the guy has tattoos all over him self and has weird eyes and hair

  • Mary _ 11
    Mary _ 11

    At 20th September is my bday

  • Mafuu

    3:46 Kill you if you die-

  • Lori Matchett
    Lori Matchett

    Is that mold I the background

  • Jamil Mclean
    Jamil Mclean

    naruto run is not dead it's just not funny to you

  • Mr beast Fan
    Mr beast Fan

    Who came From robby

  • Maureen Green
    Maureen Green

    Why have a eye filter on

  • koolhaasity

    Everyone should read area 51 2019 march 2

  • Dark iRon Bricks
    Dark iRon Bricks

    Oh My I really hate tatoos

  • Gacha Sisters
    Gacha Sisters

    -_- They expected this to work when they ANNOUNCED it 3 months before. They gave the government 3 months to get maximum security.


    I honestly can't believe the people who went to the raid ACTUALLY thought that it was even POSSIBLE for them to succeed, like really?

  • Restroz

    Just to save your time this video is click bait

  • Shane Insane
    Shane Insane

    I have the same onsie as the dude at 8:00

  • YouTube FG_
    YouTube FG_

    He put the word livestream in his title but when he pauses the video at 7:07 it says it’s 10 minutes (EXPOSED) 😂 LMAO!!!!!

  • DJ flannel
    DJ flannel

    Next year this is a holday

  • 원재키

    I ALSO raided Area 51 that’s why I went to USA with all those ppl but you can’t really see me.

  • DJ GOD
    DJ GOD

    I was there with 10 of my I had Naruto ran and it had worked I have a alien it is violenc I have been up all night the FBI and government are tracking me down send help PLZ.

  • Not_pug

    The funny thing is I saw the guy in the unicorn costume in like 6 vids

  • Suicine

    You look like ur roommates with Robby and his other roommates

  • Magalis Sanchez
    Magalis Sanchez

    I’m just asking, I like ur vids but.. are u an E-boy

  • Crunchy Games
    Crunchy Games

    Ewww Is That A Hentai Character

  • Rxes. ski YT
    Rxes. ski YT

    CNN said there was 200 also idk why those crack heads thought it was real it was a joke

  • Lil MATIC
    Lil MATIC

    Who else was genuinely creeped put at 8:30... I jumped and screamed in my room like the girl in my uncles basement...

  • Brooke Pearson
    Brooke Pearson

    Wat if we ar in Area 51

  • Guernsey Member
    Guernsey Member

    MAN:We're going to catch aliens tonight US:Were going to catch donald trump tonight


    september 20 is my bday

  • hoff toffe
    hoff toffe

    You like robby

  • Xiomara Ortiz
    Xiomara Ortiz

    You are so cute!!!

  • ETS 2 Player
    ETS 2 Player

    This is the part of the strategy 1 million people hiding behind the rock!


    Your like area 51 creature

  • Darrell Mytopher
    Darrell Mytopher

    U halhairious dude

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont

    Instead of having everybody threatened to converge on Area 51 why don't we converging on the 15 million dollar mansion Obama bought right at sea level on Martha's Vineyard. It would seem we would want to warn him that when the ice caps melt his house will be underwater and we wouldn't want that to happen would we?

  • Engeline Kilapong
    Engeline Kilapong

    I think you are a alien UwU

  • EzPz Five
    EzPz Five

    Im Confused Whos The Alien 7:51

  • SwizzyYT

    3:49 Talking about Military.... with guns Why did he hesitate like he was deciding if a highly guarded military had guns or not I’m done.

  • Peter Bedard
    Peter Bedard

    Have you ever seen a dick you didn't like

  • ybn_juju 22
    ybn_juju 22

    They should have brought trump in, to tell the guards to let us in

  • Sy the Guy
    Sy the Guy


  • •ejdabomb16•

    Your hair and tattoos are so cool...

  • Matt O
    Matt O

    Is this a dude?

  • Olivia Terrazas
    Olivia Terrazas


  • Kimberley H
    Kimberley H

    What is wrong with you eyeS

  • Something Majestic ASMR
    Something Majestic ASMR

    You look like Robby #HesRobbySecretly

  • Hector Aguilar
    Hector Aguilar

    I went it was lit

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams

    My name is Isaiah

  • Connall Kirtland
    Connall Kirtland

    It would have become a very important event in history, such a waste

  • red or blue pill
    red or blue pill

    Guarentee this wiedo is from out west...prolly California ...dude looks like a braindead tatted elv from lord of the rings

  • Didi Melamed
    Didi Melamed

    15000000000000000 police mabeeeee lol

  • Cole Brewer
    Cole Brewer

    Um i actually was there for the road the guards said the wouldn't know what to do if there was an actual raid.

  • smol potato -3-
    smol potato -3-


  • Garidkhuu Tsengelbayar
    Garidkhuu Tsengelbayar

    You are too ugly

  • Tyropita2 _
    Tyropita2 _

    Say hi to Robby for me 👍

  • Sabel & shekinah Vlog
    Sabel & shekinah Vlog

    Shout out

  • Farahh Sekal
    Farahh Sekal


  • Jay OMFG
    Jay OMFG

    No offense Jordan We have the same name... Dats besides the point No offense but u look edgy

  • Diertry Basher 68
    Diertry Basher 68

    Your emo

  • Gail Johnson
    Gail Johnson

    Your eyes 💙w💙

  • Stellar *
    Stellar *

    Omg I watched a reaction bc my mom gone kill meh

  • Limuel Banual
    Limuel Banual

    Area 51 is dumb to raid why not the whitehouse

  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams

    Clickbait dickhead

  • TrenzyCheezy Youtube
    TrenzyCheezy Youtube

    You look like robby

  • Maxwell Nolan
    Maxwell Nolan

    You’re very ugly you should get some help

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