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Halloween JonTron Intro by Studio Yotta
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  • JonTronShow

    Thanks to Rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring this video! Download the game now by using my link and don’t forget to check out my alliance by searching “JonTron”!

    • Adam Hooper
      Adam Hooper

      "It's completely free!"... No Jon, No..

    • ChangedWinds

      Can't join, weird

    • Blake Crochet
      Blake Crochet

      I’m just happy it’s not another raid ad

    • WarDoctor42


  • J-DEMS- 4548
    J-DEMS- 4548

    7:35 why does andrew look so dead? is he a ghooooost!??!

  • Obama Bin Laden
    Obama Bin Laden

    I want some fake ghost stories.

  • Kei Nishimaru
    Kei Nishimaru

    Yep, confirmation at this point that we’re back in business boys.

  • José Iglesias
    José Iglesias

    Next episode: Killer Women

  • nancho man
    nancho man

    Why does everybody keep talking about this yonni person. Do they mean Yani?

  • Gengai

    808 people are humorless figs >.>

  • Kendra Guzman
    Kendra Guzman

    Johnny tronson

  • Eli Jansen
    Eli Jansen

    Hahahaha he chopped his head off What I’m thinking:demonetized

  • EPiC Memes
    EPiC Memes

    It must be the ghost of yankee Jim!

  • Mike W
    Mike W

    So when r u going to be producing more then 1 video a month?

  • Seb Sek
    Seb Sek

    jontron's shit is way to high quality for no reason. but i love it too much haha

  • PTT Entertainment
    PTT Entertainment

    Remember the turducken anyone?

  • Chewbacca Box
    Chewbacca Box

    yonny yonny yes papa?

  • Thomas The Awesome
    Thomas The Awesome

    For real, why didn't the Friday the 13th people just grab Excalibur from the river😅

  • Dorion Douglas
    Dorion Douglas

    8:40 😂😂😂😂

  • MericanJoe

    I wonder if the stories are real...

  • Chlamydia Cockburn
    Chlamydia Cockburn

    Arab traitor, go back where you came from!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!++!×11+

  • Spuds Larsson
    Spuds Larsson

    Jon you need to stop breaking things in your videos Rip random tea cup

  • yamiookami

    Doing a circle game joke in 2019, you absolute mad lad!

  • Admiral Anger
    Admiral Anger

    is it me or does Jon have a really, really big eyes to head ratio?

  • Connor Sent by Cyberlife
    Connor Sent by Cyberlife

    Now it's time to start on the Christmas one so it can come out in January

  • PTT Entertainment
    PTT Entertainment

    Definitely first

  • DireWolve

    13:32 Perfection

  • Jessica Schweser
    Jessica Schweser

    Me: I’m totally gonna play Rise of Kingdoms it’s gonna be so much fun! Also me: Lol I’m totally gonna end up deleting this later

  • Tool0GT92

    That poor wood

  • SSniperFly

    you guys should switch back to 2017's intro this just feels a bit too produced to connect to even though i know its the same great JonTron content.Most likely no one influential is gonna see this anyway so enjoy the rest of the video random guy reading through the comment section. yea thats right you.

  • Herobrine jr Hero
    Herobrine jr Hero

    Damm. He got me!!!!

  • Vera Von-Zahl
    Vera Von-Zahl

    *literally illiterate*

  • James T Ascroft
    James T Ascroft

    jonny tronson

  • Xerxes Montes
    Xerxes Montes

    I used to love this show as a kid. But then again, I just *accidentally axe'd myself in the shin* so what do I know?

  • the one and only danny
    the one and only danny

    Everywhere I go I see his face

  • Gavin Allison
    Gavin Allison

    So? How’s Jared

  • Brian Knowles
    Brian Knowles

    Fun fact: I'm currently writing a manga about hauntings

  • Cohen Cohen
    Cohen Cohen

    Is it just me or is Jon looking down at the promo code memeable?

  • Pikazeus 1
    Pikazeus 1

    A game related video would be nice once in a while jon :/.

  • Spideyfan53

    Very Spoopy, very Spoopy indeed

  • Jacob Baker
    Jacob Baker

    Hey Jon I love the new intro

  • Jfacemcsmashems

    that moment where he chopped off the dude's head with a sword BRO HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO CLEAN THAT UP??

  • Amy Purrington
    Amy Purrington

    I can never take any of these mobile game ads seriously. "Never before seen infinite zoom function". *Ahem* dazzling 3d graphics! *Ahem*

  • papilio kaze
    papilio kaze

    commercial is done at 1:13

  • Christian Ortiz
    Christian Ortiz

    Jon:wait if we are all cheering for yonny whos directing?*everyone screams*

  • Hiro Pisku
    Hiro Pisku

    Everyone: G-Ghost?! Jon: Toast.

  • ヅElSanti

    *Barely Literate Emotionally Disturbed FARMHAND*

  • KingReynoso

    This is exactly what I needed after surgery today. Thank you Jon and Team

  • deadskeleton

    11:32 "No human being would stack toys like this." It's literally Ghostbusters.

  • Bearacat

    I just wanted to say I’ve been watching this channel since it’s beginning, and I’m really happy that you’ve continued to put in so much effort for your audience.

  • Jack Fox
    Jack Fox

    I want to give a big thank you to rise of Kingdoms for sponsoring jontron's video, I mean I'm not ever going to use you and I think those type of games are not fun to play and they are stupid... But I must thank you because you sponsored my good friend JonTron.

  • Major Malfunction
    Major Malfunction

    the only ghost i see is toys r us

  • Chivan

    #3 BABY

  • jlfigster 3991
    jlfigster 3991

    I look forward to Halloween JonTron specials every October

  • gear dragon
    gear dragon

    sorry this was just too scary I couldn't watch till the end

  • james pond
    james pond

    Poor Discount Bob Odenkirk.... F, bro.

  • Dallas's Gaming Channel
    Dallas's Gaming Channel

    Not even into the episode yet, and I absolutely love his intro

  • Valdis Stocking
    Valdis Stocking

    11:52 DAMMIT

  • dmb msfit
    dmb msfit

    8:55 i cant😂

  • kig jag
    kig jag

    I'm watching ds9 look down and see a federation runabout and get very confused

  • Sippycup Samurai
    Sippycup Samurai

    I like that 13th floor elevator reference, subtle!

  • Some Doofus
    Some Doofus

    Congrats on trending!

  • Lapis Productions
    Lapis Productions

    Tobe Hooper directed this??? What??

  • J_Squatch

    'Grats on trending.

  • mr_cat24

    why does Jason have a chainsaw

  • Gtrain Wreckhouse
    Gtrain Wreckhouse

    Jontron uploaded, today is a great day!!!!!

  • ThatGomuGuy

    So Yonny straight up never left, the medium went there to get him to go away and he didn't and no one at the time was like "This lady's full of shit." I'm sure the real Yonny is offended.

  • Weedle chu
    Weedle chu

    The production value of this thoooo it probably took soo long to make this. Good job, Jon

  • Jizanthapus

    Does anyone actually download these garbage mobile games that are being advertised?

  • Taylor Renton
    Taylor Renton

    Jontron looks like how Josh Peck should of looked when he got older

  • Nathaniel Graham
    Nathaniel Graham

    That flying door caused my pants to become shatted.

  • Corpus Colossus
    Corpus Colossus

    "Yonny can you hear me? Yonny can you heeeeeear me?"

  • Dominic Bonitto
    Dominic Bonitto

    Konami should sponsor JonTron so we can have a 500 gems and an exclusive UR JonTron card

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