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Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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We’re pumped it’s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while you’re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!
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    The perfect antidote to 2020.


    Any1 else watching when 200m views?

  • Mateo Banegas
    Mateo Banegas

    Alguien más que hable español

  • dhinesh balaji
    dhinesh balaji

    Your trick shot are awesome dude

  • dhinesh balaji
    dhinesh balaji

    Dude how did you do these all ?

  • Pratyush Neupane
    Pratyush Neupane


  • Queenie Le
    Queenie Le

    Wow, you guys so rich

  • Joshua Nguyen
    Joshua Nguyen

    It probably take them so hard not have a face expression after making the shot

  • divya kd
    divya kd


  • L.Lawliet

    When you very lazy.

  • Toto Gaming
    Toto Gaming

    Who is panda

  • Meg C
    Meg C

    You guys should make a compilation of all of your trick shot fails

  • Impartalgeneral Gaming
    Impartalgeneral Gaming

    2:25 ty doesn’t use a coaster

  • rustyb0lt

    The last one

  • Falling Meme
    Falling Meme

    2:58 we not gonna talk about that 1 spoon 😆

  • Doug McKleroy
    Doug McKleroy


  • Etsy what
    Etsy what

    Life would be so much easier 😅

  • Shwiggity Shwoos
    Shwiggity Shwoos

    We love you so much!

  • Vihaan Madan
    Vihaan Madan


  • Jehdedyiah Meafua
    Jehdedyiah Meafua

    hey ty when your the rage monster you brake stuff in evrey stereosteps

  • bob slatter
    bob slatter

    I like 1:27 when the bible verse that says joshua 24:15

  • Anush Vaid
    Anush Vaid


  • trijal sharma o5
    trijal sharma o5

    Someone: I am very lazy Dude perfect: so what

  • Adika Dharmendra
    Adika Dharmendra

    Get on up do ur best

  • Jannat Rizwan
    Jannat Rizwan


  • Abida Roff
    Abida Roff

    Last shot

  • Ezra Ferguson
    Ezra Ferguson

    do real-life trick shots 4 like if agree

  • nick gamer
    nick gamer


  • Markkumberk Channel
    Markkumberk Channel

    😱 How did you do that 😱

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man

    Plot Twist: they are using aimbot

  • Haroon Hassan
    Haroon Hassan

    Plzzzzzz sho all the bloopers

  • Chahit Bhardwaj
    Chahit Bhardwaj

    Moral:- use coasters!

  • Judy Price
    Judy Price

    Unmask panda

  • Unnamedgaming

    Me: *Tries **2:02* Also Me: Welp there goes dinner

    • DarkendDreamssYT

      My dog: thank you-a-so much!!

  • David V
    David V

    I can do all of this but just give me 100

  • Jxn 10
    Jxn 10

    Does dp literally only wash one fork in their dish washer every day lol

  • Team Rodrigo
    Team Rodrigo


  • Kristi Whitaker
    Kristi Whitaker

    There just lazy that can’t just do it nurmul

  • Prayasi Gopi
    Prayasi Gopi


  • Prayasi Gopi
    Prayasi Gopi

    Who is the panda in real life

  • Fatma

    اكو عرب

  • Dheemant 9
    Dheemant 9

    Who is panda

  • Mofijul Molla
    Mofijul Molla

    Very nice talent boys

  • Aris Zeneli
    Aris Zeneli

    0:48 fire fire fire fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒

  • Kasoju Paddu
    Kasoju Paddu

    Tyler the bathroom trick shot 😁😁

  • Shawn Paul
    Shawn Paul

    My favourite trick shot is 1:38

  • The Assassin795
    The Assassin795

    3:46 is he hacking?

  • robin proctor
    robin proctor

    That was.......awesome!!!

  • Steve Bacon
    Steve Bacon

    I wonder how much time they have been trying to nail all of the trick shots LOL

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman

    How do you have more views than you have subscribers

  • Jordan Vang
    Jordan Vang

    The *C O A S T E R*

  • samavia shehzadi
    samavia shehzadi

    The 3 one I like that someone is behind watering the plants or else it's dangerous

  • Aasmi Tilekar
    Aasmi Tilekar

    What is your age all of the DP gues

    • Aasmi Tilekar
      Aasmi Tilekar

      @Sabertooth 82 ok

    • Sabertooth 82
      Sabertooth 82

      30-33 it looks.

  • izzy 50
    izzy 50

    Imagine being able to clean your room that easy

  • izzy 50
    izzy 50

    If only life was that easy

  • Risonete Pessoa
    Risonete Pessoa


  • hAmZa pLaYz
    hAmZa pLaYz

    3:47 he’s hacking

  • Safwanisafatboy -_-
    Safwanisafatboy -_-

    1:00 how do u do that :D

  • Tùng Khắc
    Tùng Khắc

    Like a boss

  • Simone Godde
    Simone Godde

    2:06 to do list: “pen shot” *gets it in* cody: don’t need that any more me: still on my to do list!!

  • D N
    D N


  • Simone Godde
    Simone Godde

    next: 2020 this is the new toilet paper throw

  • Svante Lundkvist
    Svante Lundkvist


  • Hue Do
    Hue Do

    What Wow uoals to no. Saked Acm

  • VįñëËtH RaO
    VįñëËtH RaO

    We came as a trickshot

  • Natalie Bantsolas
    Natalie Bantsolas

    They make it look so easy

  • Coleman Studios
    Coleman Studios

    Alternate title: Life as a lazy person or day in the life for dude perfect.

  • Cesar Carcamo-Castro
    Cesar Carcamo-Castro

    Do part 4

  • ZiBo Yuan
    ZiBo Yuan

    Your life must be easy if you know these trick shots

  • Girafael

    3:46 he probably wrote that « jsnsksjdjfhkqlsliekals zhjhshsjzj »

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