Heath Hussar
We tried making each others favorite drink from Starbucks!!
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Erin Gilfoy - IG; @eringilfoy

  • OreoBoxBoi


  • Angelina C
    Angelina C


  • TheMuffinz4

    Okay for one you all are amazing and two Carly’s chai pun had me💀

  • chxrrycola


  • Hannah Brady
    Hannah Brady

    go to south street in philly!

  • Gaeli Keffer-Scharpf
    Gaeli Keffer-Scharpf

    peep heaths huge ass bugger

  • jenna icenhower
    jenna icenhower

    this video was the most chaotic thing I have ever seen

  • McKenna Spositi
    McKenna Spositi

    I love the pink drink and a cookie dough cake pop

  • Coulet Waro
    Coulet Waro

    The tea I was drinking almost came out of my nostrils when I heard that sound effect at 4:49

  • Ben Parker
    Ben Parker

    Chef tay tay

  • Leighton Lundstrom
    Leighton Lundstrom

    Erin is ugly

  • Brooklyn Rayner
    Brooklyn Rayner

    I just realized that Carly, Erin and Mariah are like the power puff girls.

  • Britanny Deshommes
    Britanny Deshommes

    Me too Mariah, I love Chai vanilla tea.

  • Ysabela Boo
    Ysabela Boo

    Go to King of Prussia mall

  • gamer_girl_xtrasfrick x_x
    gamer_girl_xtrasfrick x_x

    Whoever is watching this today, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

  • emilyfan505

    “How long do you think it takes to milk and almond?” 😂😂😂😂

  • Dale Jr
    Dale Jr

    Yall look like the powerpuff girls 🤣🤣 2:15

  • Jazmin Romero
    Jazmin Romero

    As a Batista all I was questioning is.where the shots at

  • Becca Walker
    Becca Walker

    As a barista watching this I can agree that Matcha tastes like plants. The powder itself smells like grass. This is a late comment sorry! But if ya had a good shaker for the matcha it would have worked. Same with the rest too! Love you guys!

  • Ethan 13
    Ethan 13


  • Valerie Balog
    Valerie Balog

    So sad I saw this late because I’m from pa and know a bunch of fun places you could go ahhh

  • jayda Salomon
    jayda Salomon

    Carly Erin and Mariah remind me of the Powerpuff girls

  • Syn

    i fkn love new heath

  • Rudy Torres
    Rudy Torres

    Can we just say that Heath’s merch looks better than David’s

  • Ella Dodson
    Ella Dodson

    Mariah is so fucking cuuuute!

  • Daniela Bajai
    Daniela Bajai

    Why are all the girls wearing David’s merch

  • Jill

    The girls LITERALLY look like the power puff girls

  • Bella Hagaman
    Bella Hagaman

    Some tension between Erin and Mariah

  • kyah

    dude i’m just re watching these vids with mariah and when she picked up the lil lizard (?) from the pool she got so excited and it made me so happy

  • Jamie Miller
    Jamie Miller

    Definitely the ghost tours!!!

  • Kyley L
    Kyley L

    Erin is gross. The end

  • Emily Leone
    Emily Leone


  • Joan Thompson
    Joan Thompson

    Come to Pennsylvania again

  • Dalton Minnick
    Dalton Minnick

    Go to Orwigsburg, to Pine Brook, I have a big house above Pine Brook and it has a port

  • Jordan Bennett
    Jordan Bennett

    come to scranton pa!!!

  • Emily Kline
    Emily Kline

    anyone wanna spill what part of PA they comin to

  • Mya Halderson
    Mya Halderson


  • Hey X Hope
    Hey X Hope

    1:03 omg almost spit out my water. I got in a car wreck earlier this year and the officer called me that

  • MissApocalyptic

    I think that was a baby bearded dragon they saved...I think.

  • Chelsea 101
    Chelsea 101

    The girls look like the power puff girls and I love it

  • Alex Gillin
    Alex Gillin

    Come to Philly!!!

  • Shreddex Return
    Shreddex Return

    You poor americans and your silly starbucks. Do yourselves a favor and come to tim hortons

  • Ang DelRosso
    Ang DelRosso

    I can’t believe I missed u I’m so sad u don’t understand I live in Pittsburgh since I was born I’m so sad I couldn’t see u that would have made my day 😪

  • damon damon
    damon damon

    ummmmm heath theirs a orb at 4:22

  • Jessi 3005
    Jessi 3005

    Mariah is annoying though guys

  • Sudo - San
    Sudo - San

    You all used the same straw 😖

  • Chloe D
    Chloe D

    Mariah has skills at 0:47

  • Arianna Mahan
    Arianna Mahan

    I kept saying “oh my gawddd” like you Heath, and I couldn’t remember who I got it from and everybody doesn’t know either...but now I know 😂

  • Shae Land
    Shae Land

    I live in PA! Things to do -longwood gardens - dorney - eastern state penitentiary (haunted) - Hershey park And much more!

  • AFK.blazing

    Heath u sold out man

  • Uh oh stinky ._
    Uh oh stinky ._

    I wonder how long it takes to milk an almond

  • Kaitlin Garnhart
    Kaitlin Garnhart

    They are literally the power puff girls.

  • Trippy hippy
    Trippy hippy

    I work at starbucks trust me when i say the drinks arent that impressive

  • BoBo

    Erin: "how long do you think it takes to milk an almond". GIIIIIIRL 🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️

  • Invisible Jes
    Invisible Jes

    I'm dying to see this since I work at starbucks lol

  • Jay Porcelain
    Jay Porcelain

    I will continue to say this OVER AND OVER!!!! Heath has the best content out of the entire Vlog Squad!!! Like they’re not just random clips. He produces actual content 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Mariah is officially goals! Like, why can’t everyone have her personality and style! I’m ready for another Vlog Squad tour with Mariah and Liza doing full on choreography sets.

  • hgotdajuicee reed
    hgotdajuicee reed

    Erin was not being rude in this video that’s her personality do not ruin the video for everyone

  • Jade Rezende
    Jade Rezende

    heath: “i love girls night” 😂😂😂

  • manna

    i watched *2* coffee ads *until the end* for him.

  • Strange X Effect
    Strange X Effect

    I used to drink Carly’s drink

  • Emma Dougherty
    Emma Dougherty

    lowkey feel like erin doesn’t like mariah

  • Kylie Kircher
    Kylie Kircher

    The comments between Erin and Mariah😬

  • SoulEvanz

    Ponocos Race way in PA...

  • TheTallGirlWTattoos

    Why was Erin being such a douche to Mariah?🥺🥺 The toxicity🙅🏻‍♀️

  • Adatin and callie hv
    Adatin and callie hv

    Lovely tip ladies if your cramping very bad get a SOY green tea latte. They help with the pain.It is the phytoestrogen in soy that helps.

  • yxoung_ jay
    yxoung_ jay

    Mariah saved our baby bonifa from smoking, thank you honey and love you😭💙💛♥️🖤💗

  • Taylor Bliss
    Taylor Bliss

    Why is erin being so rude with Mariah?? 🤨😤

    • Olivia Murray
      Olivia Murray

      she’s not u dumb ass

  • Lauren Taylor
    Lauren Taylor

    is erin trying to steep tea in iced milk?? hahahaha ahah

  • Anna Oop
    Anna Oop

    I wished it was real when they joked going to japan when Matt came, I want them to come to japannnnn I live in japan ;(

  • Maddie B
    Maddie B

    This is chaotic

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