Red's Overpriced "Mini Mag" Cards - The Real Story
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Red Digital Cinema has come under fire recently over allegations that their Mini-Mag storage cards are just cheap commodity SSDs in a fancy enclosure. As it turns out, there's some truth to these assertions, but the situation is not quite as simple as it's made out to be. Let's unwrap it.
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  • sprrocket

    Linus: RED splits the video footage into 4GB files me: wait are they STILL using fat32 Linus: it's because they're using fat32 skdjflaksjdflkasjdf

  • roblax87

    Great job documenting the bots!

  • nitrxgen

    1:30 what kind of psychopath uses a screwdriver like THAT WTF

  • Titan Gaming
    Titan Gaming

    could have said, 'Made on Earth'

  • Ionixt E. Bix
    Ionixt E. Bix

    im surprised that linus actually tried to protect the company that pretty much scam him

  • Solomon Ucko
    Solomon Ucko

    The size inconsistency could also be due to unit confusion: 476.8 GiB ≈ 512 GB, 480 GiB ≈ 515.4 GB, 931.3 GiB ≈ 1 TB, 960 GiB ≈ 1.031 TB

  • DragonNexus

    "Red claims this is to protect the user from accidental deletions" *Off camers scoffing laugh*

  • Darian Kimberly
    Darian Kimberly

    Welp, never getting a red.

  • mirk bir
    mirk bir


  • Sonny12681

    I bet it costs less than $5 to manufacture this camera and it's parts and they jack up the price to a ridiculous about. That company is committing a scam.


    Msata is still a thing?

  • carphotography101

    I hope this was filmed on a RED Cinema camera...

  • Peter Chiung
    Peter Chiung

    basically RED Ceo wants to profit as much as possible at the expense of customers tricking them that they are getting a far better product.

  • Informed Choice
    Informed Choice

    Oh, a shitty greedy company overcharging without justification. Red Dead Non-Redemption

  • John Grimes
    John Grimes

    WTF? Spare area? You mean over provisioning? Come on linus you know better then that. Use proper terms please. Its never good to teach people improper terminology.

  • John Grimes
    John Grimes

    Maybe dont rip people off and people wont rip off your ideas. Fuck Red. Camera price is understandable but all the peripherals? Insane...

  • Dakota Martin
    Dakota Martin

    0:59 First time I've ever heard a Canadian say "ya'll"

  • Gordon The Train
    Gordon The Train

    I can't believe it. Linus! Linus! is protecting red. this is weird because he wasn't to happy when he bought it

  • Sun Pak
    Sun Pak

    lmao red also sells a basic SSD reader for $250 A 9 foot LITERAL CAT 5 to proprietary fake cat 5 port for $120 a "tactical" handle for $150

  • Kerim Kerim
    Kerim Kerim

    Nobody: I'm about to end this guy's entire career. Not even a single soul: Everybody Me: Wait that's illegal. IT-my's Recommendations: It's free real estate. Am I a joke to you: Also Me:


    Linus will go down in history as a legend

  • The Adventure Biker
    The Adventure Biker

    I am late to the partay. Just.....Wow.

  • kasa

    I think jinn1mag should be called out for their false statements. But I'm glad they are out there and vent viral. Red is still charging obscene amount of money for an adapter. And on top of that they have clearly taken steps to stop user from using third party drives. Even though they are using standard hardware that could be very easily changed if not for manufactured obstructions. Also, it's true that it's ultimately on customer to decide. But it's kind of messed up if customer had to do in depth research on every product they buy to be assured they get real value. I think Jinn1Mag did service to people by bringing awareness to this. Ultimately as far as Red mini mag is concerned, everything about it is designed to take as much money from people as possible. I mean recovery service is just another way justify the price and low quality. You could just as well take it to any other recovery service as the hardware is standard. I wouldn't be surprised at all actually if they used third party service for recovery anyway. Reading worker reviews about red kind of gives me image that Red's management is just bunch of greedy assholes.

  • TheRealCritique

    F RED. Other companies are catching up to their proprietary BS and offering equivalent quality at 20% of the price. They blew it. Hope they collapse.

  • Ionixt E. Bix
    Ionixt E. Bix

    why tf is linus defending a money-eating company lol

  • Masterpj555

    Red camera is a scam company who makes lots of claims about inventing things but actually is just a company who repurposes tech > puts it in a different enclosure and then adds lockout chips. Don't support this company

  • Ariana Hadley
    Ariana Hadley

    15 mins of my life I will never get back

  • TheImmoralCookie

    To be fair, you could probably find a few hundred computer engineers that could design their own SSDs like Red's and it be either free or really fucking cheap.

  • Ayoub

    samsung: sells good SSD's for a low price RED: wait, thats illigal!!

  • Gonçalo Alegria
    Gonçalo Alegria

    What a shill

  • Rakesh Battula
    Rakesh Battula

    hope they had a better explanation to save their faces

  • MinecraftMike

    I was on RED's side until I saw the price for that SSD. What a joke kek

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright

    Excellent video!

  • William Creegan
    William Creegan

    Nice job Linus .

  • Kyle Robertson
    Kyle Robertson

    My question here becomes this, if u don't like what a company is doing, and evidently have complaints about their product, why do u still use it. Annnddd, if the answer is "it's the best product for us" or something, then stop whining

    • Shanee Bahera
      Shanee Bahera

      he isnt whining about them, its because this blew up a few months ago and people were asking him to adress it

  • T B
    T B


  • ZoeBios121

    Red has engineered a raid 1 solution. You're using it wrong. You're supposed to buy 2 complete rigs and 2 people to operate the two rigs.

  • AJComputerServicesUK

    12:03 hahahahaha 😂

  • vegoutwithvegge

    Now that someone else's video has gone viral its time to copy it.

  • The Glow Cloud
    The Glow Cloud

    Here's a novel solution: STOP GIVING YOUR MONEY TO RED. Why do IT-myrs who get big enough think they all have to buy overpriced Red bullshit? Fuck them.

    • The Glow Cloud
      The Glow Cloud

      I'd suggest Sony F35/F65, Panavision Genesis, Arri D-21 or the newer Alexa, or a Thompson Viper.

    • Loreaver

      What other camera would you recommend?


    Wait y’all did some editing after the fact. I didn’t know you can add more images and voice over after the fact. IT-my editing getting more advanced

  • RectalDiscourse

    The only mags I have experience with are pornographic

  • MrManiac3

    Hey Linus, IT-my really doesn't want me to subscribe so just for the record I'm subscribed

  • hclchgm

    Again you should have purchased a Hasselblad. For the price of one of those failure prone cards you could have purchased a better camera. Red ripped you off. Suckers born every minute.

    • hclchgm

      @MYCRAZYPRODUCTIONS Hey, just a thought, but when a company repackages OTS components and then marks it up 1000% it kind of falls into the realm of deception on the part of the Red team. At least with a Hassellblaad you get what you pay for without any of those repackaged cards using FAT32 being sold to you for 10 times the real retail cost per card. Just my 2c. Thanks to LTT for ripping one apart and giving a fair and honest review as it will save many others from getting duped.


      What are you talking about? Hasselblad’s are brilliant Photo cameras, but are capped at 4K video (most still doing only 1080P). Also the most expensive red card is still about half the price of hasselblad camera. Not including the special medium format lenses you need for them. I don’t believe everyone needs a RED and at first I was even critical given how little Linus seemed to know in his why are red camera so expensive video a while back. However, Brandon is their DP for Linus Media Group, and in his video he made it clear they need a RAW camera with the highest pixel resolution possible for reframing. Their only option is RED. Watching this channel Brandon has proved he isn’t some fly by night DP who just wanted the most expensive thing because Linus could afford it. Their was thought put into what’s necessary for the growth of Linus Media Group.

  • TheGamersTag 1
    TheGamersTag 1

    Red is a rip-off all together

  • psycronizer

    ting....go with ting, or we'll send the P'ting to deal with you....gobble gobble gobble....

  • psycronizer

    as soon as Linus says..speaking of, or brought to you by..I immediately fast forward a couple of minutes, it's a reflex response muscle memory..I don't even have to think about it....

  • Jxshua Yuzn
    Jxshua Yuzn

    Imagine using the price of an Intel Optane to buy a normal ssd

  • Sleepy Pierrot
    Sleepy Pierrot

    Did you blow it to clean it, Linus? I think its too dirty...

  • Alexander Crocker
    Alexander Crocker

    That's why I have a Blackmagic instead

  • Alexandru Marzenco
    Alexandru Marzenco

    Actually, when designing industrial or professional gear that isn't expected or planned to sell in large quantities (typically less then 50.000 but numbers vary depending on the manufacturer) engineers choose to use pre-made modules instead of going into the trouble of custom designing their own; try taking apart some badass expensive network gear, i'm talking 100.000+ USD per unit network gear; for example a Cisco ASR 9910, not really sure how expensive it is, but it's a perfect example Each and every single expansion card you can buy has a crap ton of off the shelf modules, i saw the PCB for the RP card, with it's just it's brains so to speak; it had off the shelf DC-DC converters everywhere, even the VRMs for the CPU were like that, off the shelf NON REDUNDANT WD Blue SSD, 512GB i remember, expandable RAM since it wasn't soldered, instead of ASIC's for communicating with the rest of the system it had FPGA chips (yes, FPGA are used when custom silicon isn't an option) Same goes for another Infinera rack i've seen, even for blade servers it's still true. Now, remember that 512GB non redundant SSD in the ASR 9910? Instead of making the board itself redundant, they made you buy 2 and yes, it makes sense to have 2 for redundancy anyway, but why not making the boards themselves redundant? RED cameras... are also pro gear that don't sell in large quantities, they might as well just manufacture them on demand in small batches, of course they will try to shove their fist up your ass to keep getting money from you since they don't sell many, it's exactly what apple does with the iphone and it's ecosystem, but there's no SATA SSD inside it And the marketing lies? Well you gotta give the reasons to customers to buy your product don't you? Maybe some customers look for reliability even on the storage format since it's expensive and proprietary, when you sell in small quantities you gotta make sure you take all the chances to sell it to any potential customer. Fair? Of course not but it's just how capitalism works.


    Damn. Blew them both apart here Linus. Can't believe this is even a thing, Red why?

  • therealandylee

    Let's buy 1000 of dollars for mini pcie STORAGE than usually costs 50-100 for just one 256gb. The fuck

  • STS

    Lol “thanks to red for sponsoring this video” 😂😂😂

  • Shrilesh Korgaonkar
    Shrilesh Korgaonkar

    Awesome info guys Can u guys create a custom made option

  • Overly Critical Gamer
    Overly Critical Gamer

    That's why we need competition in the market.

  • zengance

    No step 1 Step 2 Step 4 Step 4 or 5

  • david gutierrez
    david gutierrez

    10 times markup isn't all that upsetting? I should rebrand laptops with my own brand and charge 10 times as much.

  • Shawn Lunsford
    Shawn Lunsford

    So... Is red the only manufacturer of high quality film equipment?!?

  • Shoopman

    I feel like I just watched my dad yell at me

  • Tiago Miranda
    Tiago Miranda

    It's like the ink cartridge of video cameras.

    • 200 subscribers with no video
      200 subscribers with no video


  • whiskers

    cant trust anyone anymore

  • Anon Mason
    Anon Mason

    Does it matter if it's just a consumer card? On all proprietary devices use the same tech at it's core. The question is how far in the factory line do you start changing things.

  • ralsei

    I'm going to make these for cheaper and get like a million dollars lmao 😂

  • cricriprod 1969
    cricriprod 1969

    But have you tried a Jinnimag ??

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar

    For me, RED has lost its credibility... RED charges ridiculously high prices for such an ordinary tech... its simply deception.... We much check whats in a RED camera... It might well be a Canon or Sony.

  • Rome Drori
    Rome Drori

    Video shot in 8k watches in 144p

  • TheOtioseFanatic

    Now I agree on a lot of what you say here but I am gonna come back to the firmware part and say that yeah, with your GPU example companies will alter the firmware a bit for branding purposes, that doesn't suddenly make the GPU slower or less compatible. an Asus branded Nvidia GPU will still work as intended with drivers from the Nvidia website instead of what comes with it from Asus. What RED has done is just add a flag in the firmware that the camera looks for and if it doesn't see it (because you are using a cheap knockoff or replaced the SSD inside due to hardware failure) the camera just chooses not to write at full speed, self-sabotaging its own performance so RED can make a buck. That's Apple levels of needless anti-consumer bullshit and should not be defended in the way that you have, especially as an apple hater.

  • TechNotesStuff

    Someone should make a RED Port to M.2 adapter and put in a 42mm name ssd


    Red using firmware to throttle data transfer speed to normal SSDs is abuse of monopoly

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