Revenge of the Bro Move - Monopoly: PART 3
The bro moves just keep coming in this tale of bro. Coming bro to a bro near bros.
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Game Grumps are:
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#gaming #Monopoly #AuctionsOnly

  • Issac Moreno
    Issac Moreno


  • Erik Schultz
    Erik Schultz

    New Drinking game: 1 shot for every time Dan or Arin says “bro”

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose

    Why does dan keep saying I want a 1 when that's physically impossible in monopoly

  • да папочка Translate it
    да папочка Translate it

    When Dan didn’t put houses on his pink/brown he cost himself the game because if he did then Amandine would have been forced to pay up and get rid of a house possibly putting her into a spiral. But when Arin greedily went for the money and gave Amandine the best monopoly and lots of money to use for houses truly fucked himself and Dan over.

  • Horseback Ryder
    Horseback Ryder

    Dan: idk what it’s like to work at subway Theodd1sout: okay so-

  • Naku Chan
    Naku Chan

    Bro-pain and Bro-pain accessories lol.

  • Jarrel Williams
    Jarrel Williams

    The only way for Amandine to lose now is a bad series of dice rolls. A bad Chance/Community Chest card can change the outcome wildly. Unlikely, though.

  • Geo CrusherGaming
    Geo CrusherGaming

    I cant remember what song were they singing in which episode

  • sexyvampiregirl93

    Did bro start to sound like blow to anyone else by the end of this?

  • Red88Rex

    yeah, this is pretty much perfect entertainment for a global pandemic.


    No one: Me at 1:00 - hold on, i gotta google this shit Also me 40 seconds later: i've lost all faith in humanity

  • Van-Allen

    That moment when Dan choked out Arin and rose it to QUINTUPLE the price... and then tried to call it a “bro move” 🙃

  • TheVIRUS612

    In my head I was mixing Jared Leto with Jay Leno, until I googled « Jared Leto cult » odd

  • Danny Gomez
    Danny Gomez

    I sell bropane and bropane accessories.

  • Sebastian Bufanio
    Sebastian Bufanio

    Rip monopoly

  • chiclesdeadospesos

    Arin: This mode is all about liquidity, properties don't matther Also arin: I bought the property I wanted and I have 9$ left

  • StingingCashew

    I can confirm that working at Subway sucks

  • Sav Smith
    Sav Smith

    At the subway I worked at you didn't get breaks

  • JiberishMC

    Funny how this game was made by hasBRO

    • Pixel Demon
      Pixel Demon

      More like nohasBro

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    See? This isn't entirely traumatic, cause they laughed in there.

  • Kitty Pryde
    Kitty Pryde

    Working at Soobway? I think I know someone who made a few videos about it...

  • Colorful Shadows
    Colorful Shadows

    The amount of times I’ve mentally yelled STOP BEING NICE at my screen

  • Mitch Martinez
    Mitch Martinez


  • Crux Riajuu Dub
    Crux Riajuu Dub

    17:57 - Is delightful

  • Jordan F
    Jordan F

    They are so bad at this game

  • Suckmydictionary

    Sure was a shame that Arin didn't actually give Dan the 2nd Bro coupon(which he got for selling Arin the last blue one) when he wanted to buy that red one. That wasn't really a bro move.

  • Cameron Monaghan
    Cameron Monaghan

    I’m SO GLAD someone is talking about the “Jared Leto has a cult” thing. I’ve been trying to talk about it for two years and no one would believe me. If you posts about it online, hundreds of his crazy followers come out to attack you. O.O

  • Ultramasterjedi

    I work at subway and can confirm it sucks major ass, so you got that bit completely right

  • Kyle Gregory
    Kyle Gregory

    I don’t think I ever want to hear the word bro again 😂

  • Sly 25
    Sly 25


  • Edward Reynolds
    Edward Reynolds

    FaceCams for monopoly would be awesome xD

  • Eric Gammon
    Eric Gammon

    Everyone's a cult leader now. Leto's a cult leader, Chris D'elia's a cult leader, I'm almost certain Sufjan Stevens is a cult leader, and other people.

  • KiernanMalia


  • Alex Biersner
    Alex Biersner

    I finally bought Monoply on PS4

  • Adam Pyre
    Adam Pyre

    Pretty sure you can't roll a 13 on 2d6, Dan, unless you're playing monopoly ttrpg or something.

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar

    Amandine got salty when she landed on the blue she said “I CAN DO THAT SHIT TOO”

  • Luminous

    40:45 I love how he doesn't keep close track of where the dice rolls are gonna land him, so he's the last to know that he's gonna land on ice cream AGAIN LOL.

  • Yellowbyte Studios
    Yellowbyte Studios

    Why are you privating the old Jontron era videos!? Please don't remove this content!

  • moosen

    let me let you in on a little trade secret: the more you pay to purchase properties, the less money is in circulation and the game gets exponentially harder for you. let the ai drop out and then whoever has it in that moment gets it. after that just trade with one another based on will.

  • that one kid in school who eats glue
    that one kid in school who eats glue

    I don't understand why Danny is actively trying to give Arin free property, does he not know how to win

  • Nightshade

    Not gonna lie watching game grumps while high as fuck is great

  • Michael Cantone
    Michael Cantone

    Im pretty sure dan just wanted his money back really bad but played it off as a “bro move” lol

  • Twoswordsdrizzt

    Everytime Dan says hubris, I hear "THE ARINGANCE!!!" and I die laughing.

  • Vok250

    That face when Arin trades the best monopoly in the game for $467 and the AI loads it up to $800 rent.

  • ObsessivelyObsessed

    can we talk about how Dan just got out of paying the murder card? the game crashed and forgot to charge him the minimum

  • Robert Mastenbrook
    Robert Mastenbrook

    I thoroughly enjoy watching and hearing the agony brought by playing Monopoly. The sweet, sweet tears of infinite sadness. Mmmmm

  • DrakonIL

    34:42 That's the bro pain... And bro pain accessories

  • MewShifter

    we have bro-wn each oth4r for a long time, bro-wing pains

  • Dylan Arcaro
    Dylan Arcaro

    Looked it up and I want to join his cult

  • Matthew Stanley
    Matthew Stanley

    Arin is broing Danny like it's his job... a bro job.

  • William Young
    William Young

    Arin: Felipe has no value. Also Arin: Value is what you get. ( Felipe has 1252 )

  • Dolores Starkes
    Dolores Starkes

    40:30 24:08 30:24

  • Jag Master
    Jag Master

    27:15 I screamed $500 so loud

  • Mimiria Ruu
    Mimiria Ruu

    As someone who works at Subway, I can confirm that that is the CONSTANT thought going through all of our heads, regardless of if we're on break or not xD

  • Rose S
    Rose S

    This ep should have been called Arin makes a mistake

  • Sean Lenihan
    Sean Lenihan

    Arin has never heard the phrase "beggers can't be choosers" and it shows in this episode

  • Random videos
    Random videos

    U guys should do Mother 3

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    35:23 neither of them gonna acknowledge the dice LANDED on the hat?! XD

  • Evan TheBOSS920
    Evan TheBOSS920

    IT-myrs reacting to anything that happens in their videos: 29:36

  • DemiMakesVids

    You know the Monopoly board is brutal when Arin and Dan form an alliance and are tr- sorry making “bro moves.”

  • Sophie Sleep
    Sophie Sleep

    Question - how does someone unlock all the cool stuff in Monopoly game? Spooky board / new tokens etc?

  • TheBigjuicy091288

    Watching this knowing Arin goes bankrupt because of amandine both cracks me up and causes me some anger

  • Erika Valdespino
    Erika Valdespino

    this is the exact content i needed, thank you guys

  • Clayton Wallace
    Clayton Wallace

    That crash was scarwee

  • Arceus 808
    Arceus 808

    “Who has the time to start their own cult?” Past Arin: “C O N S U M E P R I L O S E C !”

  • Alexa Echeverria
    Alexa Echeverria

    Omg the monopoly episodes are my faves 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • PlushiePoogle

    When you start episode 4 and Arin and Dan are completely broke and you realize IT-my never gave you a notification for episode 3...

  • Pepper

    So basically Arin says after a certain point ‘Ice Cream’ should be eliminated from the board, which according to the game means he thinks the rich shouldn’t have to pay taxes 😂

  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage Gamer

    "Who's got time to make a cult!" Dan have you checked in with Mark in a while?

  • Sanne Paxillus Molin
    Sanne Paxillus Molin

    Omg the crash happened on a stream I watched and apparently it booted everyone out except the admin so he could just watch the game play out with bots for the rest of the game xD it sucked

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