Rich Gamer vs Broke Gamer
Troom Oki Toki
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11 Funny Moments and Fails / Troom's Got Talent Show:
Wealthy gamer Leo always has the best. But poor Ray even the simplest devices do not interfere with being a real gamer. Which one is cooler is a difficult question. Today we will try to figure it out.
#Rich #Gamer #Broke
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  • The Mikes Fun Channel!
    The Mikes Fun Channel!

    Lol he had a big mouse and keyboard right behind him in the shelf. Poor ray

  • Battle Cats
    Battle Cats


  • Meaghan Lally Bruckner
    Meaghan Lally Bruckner

    Omg hi

  • Archie P
    Archie P


  •  :)

    I like the one that is the minecraft cleaning idk what to say tbh xD

  • David King
    David King

    You can be rich too with me. I'll share.

  • David King
    David King

    Broke gamer doesn't exist.

  • Teagen Adams
    Teagen Adams


  • Michelle Gotico
    Michelle Gotico

    Why the bald guy named MrBeast69 If hes not rich tho ;-;

  • ‎

    Why!?! Broke gamers is pro

  • Rick Foranrd
    Rick Foranrd


  • Sofia Chavez
    Sofia Chavez

    I like rich.

  • Sai Yugesharan
    Sai Yugesharan

    Yes Zaki chan

  • Abishaq Seeto
    Abishaq Seeto

    When Leo was playing vr his enemies name was oel which I think is Leo spelt backwards

  • TSRP vids
    TSRP vids

    haven't you know minecraft you cant even break blocks with a sword it wont break bc its minecraft logic XD

  • Celeste Gilcrist
    Celeste Gilcrist

    Ray:smashes head on the keyboard 10 minutes later Ray:AHHHH STOP THE FIRE MY FRIEND DONT LEAVE ME

  • Tania Burns
    Tania Burns

    How dos the poor man win every game. 🤣🤣🤣


    troom troom sucks

  • Steven Salinas
    Steven Salinas

    Which one do u is ur favorite one broke or rich gamer

  • General or king Panda
    General or king Panda

    This mkes no sense did boomers write this script? ;-;

  • Darksorcerer 91
    Darksorcerer 91

    Wtf is this?

  • Hoke Spearman
    Hoke Spearman

    Rich gaymer

  • James Family Adventures
    James Family Adventures

    3:04 wait you can’t break blocks with a sword

    • Amy James
      Amy James

      Ye I know

  • Cabby

    2:33 *DIPPER INTENSIFIES* edit: I edited the comment like 2 seconds after I did the comment and I liked my own comment

  • David Hazeldine
    David Hazeldine

    Poor on tital is beter

  • Zog Turjaka
    Zog Turjaka


  • Aurelien Nys
    Aurelien Nys

    hmmmmmmm DUM

  • 22 22
    22 22

    Hold up wait a minute is grass emeralds? At 2:00

  • yahshua quinonez
    yahshua quinonez


  • yahshua quinonez
    yahshua quinonez


  • Lam-Anh Nguyen
    Lam-Anh Nguyen

    Rich gamer is good


    My name is James

  • Okpuki Egli
    Okpuki Egli


  • Deegii Deegii
    Deegii Deegii


  • Xhian Rey Dayag
    Xhian Rey Dayag

    Is the mommy's boy

  • Ramen beast 🔥
    Ramen beast 🔥

    Any true gamer should know you can't mine with a sword in mine craft

    •  :)


    • Amy James
      Amy James

      Ye I know

  • Jacque Holton
    Jacque Holton

    Project zorgo is watching

  • Zavion Simmons
    Zavion Simmons


  • sehyeon kim
    sehyeon kim

    I love the voice its so funny XD

  • Nathan Garza
    Nathan Garza

    No I do not like this video is horrible just like your mom boy

  • Louie Castillo
    Louie Castillo

    He's name is Mr. Beasts 😆

  • Vinz Samson
    Vinz Samson

    i was eating takis

  • smiley face
    smiley face

    6:00 that’s bad for a computer don’t cover the heating spots there’s tape all over it would’ve overheated in the process of the loading alright you have approved yourself i typed that cause it was before

  • Nida Cabrera
    Nida Cabrera


  • KermyTwin

    Mr best *69*

    • KermyTwin

      Mr beast

  • Phrog

    Tf is this

  • Tom Trinh
    Tom Trinh

    Aren’t the rich suppose to switch the keyboard bc it’s gold

    • Marshall Gaming TTV
      Marshall Gaming TTV

      Yes rich has way better splus

    • Noob error
      Noob error

      It’s made out of cardboard rich have better supplies

  • Nxsty g4l4xy
    Nxsty g4l4xy

    0:40 NANI? how u walk into someone's house i- 🤔

  • N A T I A
    N A T I A

    2:00 brawl stars photos

  • CORBIN Barcom
    CORBIN Barcom

    Was he using a diamond pickax

  • Katie Young
    Katie Young

    rich mommy 20 5 3 100 🤑 22 Katie young 22

  • Jackson Smithee
    Jackson Smithee

    What game is cooking and he’s you’ve been

  • Vampire  fam
    Vampire fam

    Poor guy: OoOOOoOOoOo a emerald Every. One that’s grass

    • Cool_fortnite_kids_

      @Amy James lol

    • Cool_fortnite_kids_


    • Amy James
      Amy James

      I know lol

  • Colin Callada
    Colin Callada

    Mrbeast69? HA WHAT A JOKE

  • The unkillable cat
    The unkillable cat

    What the hell did i just watch

  • drago part 2
    drago part 2

  • ZakuroOfficialContent

    yt kids be like:

  • suresh immanuel
    suresh immanuel

    I'm tamil

  • Za-ki chan
    Za-ki chan

    Do u guys remember rich ray in college? So basically now he is a broke gamer and poor leo became rich gamer

  • fordtruck6 gaming
    fordtruck6 gaming

    Bruh this comment section is more entertaining than the video

  • BehindTheClubhouse 39
    BehindTheClubhouse 39

    “Winning is not about what you have”


      @24kvibez32 😆🤣😂😹lol yeah 😆😂

    • 24kvibez32

      “Dhar Mann Quote”

  • Marylou Rountree
    Marylou Rountree

    Among us is dead

  • Big_fartus

    how can you play a game with a cardboard mouse

    • Lina Agha
      Lina Agha

      I don’t know

    • smiley face
      smiley face

      it’s possible to make one like how dani made a driving wheel for his game jelly driving with a chip

  • gerlinelouis1980 1
    gerlinelouis1980 1

    I feel so bad for the broke gamer it makes me wanna cry༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽

  • 1968yg

    If the broke button kills his computer then why is he pressing it?

    • K C
      K C

      Maybe he didn’t know dude by the way don’t call me a boy….

    • Isaias Aquino
      Isaias Aquino

      No cap

  • yamo 8012
    yamo 8012

    3:02 Logic:mine dirt using sword lol wat

    • fordtruck6 gaming
      fordtruck6 gaming


  • Damian Benitez
    Damian Benitez

    Fhhffhfh Foggy

    • Damian Benitez
      Damian Benitez

      I pick the rich guy



  • Michelle Hitchen
    Michelle Hitchen

    I just apresheeate (or however it’s spelt) the Mario poster in his room

    • Joey Odonnell
      Joey Odonnell


  • Bhupinder Kaur
    Bhupinder Kaur


Prossimi video