Rich Students vs Broke Students
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20 Spooky Situations You Can Relate To:
Students are all different. What is the difference between rich students and poor? Watch in our video.
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  • simone figueroa
    simone figueroa

    You can’t buy happiness money can’t do everything for you

  • alexander santana
    alexander santana


  • Emma Fischer
    Emma Fischer

    If u have a phone then your not really poor but poor people don’t need to be sad

  • Tony Xu
    Tony Xu

  • Happy Swing
    Happy Swing

    This dude just shredded mOnEyyyYy He could at least give it to me....

  • Ruay Maralil
    Ruay Maralil


  • Betty McGowanhfjjc
    Betty McGowanhfjjc


  • Maia Nicole Stoica
    Maia Nicole Stoica


  • Crusty Yesh
    Crusty Yesh

    I love money 💰 📱📱📱📱📱

  • Marlon Tum
    Marlon Tum


  • Ty syrdard ZL
    Ty syrdard ZL

    I like this video!!

  • Ronna Bautista
    Ronna Bautista

    Looking at the noodles make me want it like if you too

  • Gurveer Singh
    Gurveer Singh


  • Kye Poo 07
    Kye Poo 07

    Hey I have 75£

  • Essie Marie Sanders
    Essie Marie Sanders

    aww poor him he just need a new one

  • Zulairam Lopez
    Zulairam Lopez

    Money doesn't buy your happiness. 🙄 2 rich people don't act like that, they are the opposite, of rudeness, happy cause they have money. I did not like this video😕👎. Sorry its not hate

  • 匕ㄚ刀丹刀刀ㄚ

    *12 genders*

  • •βae•

    Broke doesn't mean Poor, Rich doesn't mean Have Many Money. Money doesn't bring happiness. Happiness Comes from Fun, And Family.

  • Tristan Tuder
    Tristan Tuder

    the movie one happened to me that i watched a movie alone only me and my mom when i was 8

  • Amber Drinks
    Amber Drinks


  • Jasmina Hergotic
    Jasmina Hergotic


  • Fernanda xavier da silva paula
    Fernanda xavier da silva paula


  • Waraich Mannat
    Waraich Mannat

    Its bad to step on money you will be poor now

  • Zahrajgfkhgeidh Lumbhgjrha
    Zahrajgfkhgeidh Lumbhgjrha

    Huh fry ICC

  • Zahrajgfkhgeidh Lumbhgjrha
    Zahrajgfkhgeidh Lumbhgjrha

    Mta komento. ,

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown

    Girl Rich Girl Rich Good Good

  • Miranda Hernandez
    Miranda Hernandez


  • Miggy Aizen Guino-o
    Miggy Aizen Guino-o

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha poor



  • Rufaida Ahamed
    Rufaida Ahamed

    I tried the tomato sauce and water it’s disgusting 🤢

  • Kelvin Goh
    Kelvin Goh

    Who on earth will shred money? You could have gave the money to homeless people! If it’s fake, you do realize it’s illegal?

    • endalew delegassa
      endalew delegassa


    • endalew delegassa
      endalew delegassa


  • DuckDuc

    r they lesbian or like?

  • Marvin Delis
    Marvin Delis

    Wait a minute, is that the man from dharr man the has a long hair boy

  • meenal popli
    meenal popli

    At 3:08 you will see there is no number and a IT-my video is open

  • Deepak Masram
    Deepak Masram

    I like rice one

  • Mitu Aktar
    Mitu Aktar

    তুমি কোন দেশে থাকো আমি গান আমি যে দেখেছি তোমরা দুজন তাদের আমি ভালোবাসি

  • SonikaLEAKMY In
    SonikaLEAKMY In

    Make 💰

  • Connie Pickett
    Connie Pickett

    Money Is rich but love is more This is how many people know money 👇

  • Omar hussein
    Omar hussein

    It's no different

  • Thắng Phan
    Thắng Phan

    Ngheo ko phai la mot cai toi

  • Giorgi Chubinize
    Giorgi Chubinize


  • Natalie The Happiest
    Natalie The Happiest

    Troom Troom Wow? More Like Troom Troom No.

  • ssmsc6. vidyaa
    ssmsc6. vidyaa

    Super 😄😄

  • Makeup Dixiee
    Makeup Dixiee

    3:22 I-

  • Jesse Blandford
    Jesse Blandford

    I mean money is good but love is better

  • Terri Campbell
    Terri Campbell

    Of course all of the rich guys are named Robert😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • mary jean andoy
    mary jean andoy

    Its funny

  • Ashley Genardini
    Ashley Genardini

    Your making fun of poor people btw so STOP DOING THIS Nothing here Tricked lol

    • Ashley Genardini
      Ashley Genardini

      Troom Troom WOW IS BAD VERY BAD

  • J for Jovi learning _& fun
    J for Jovi learning _& fun


  • Moomoo Wah
    Moomoo Wah


  • Kayla Kayla Roesler
    Kayla Kayla Roesler

    U bbg7

  • Mona Ramly
    Mona Ramly

    I loved troom when is was before

  • Mona Ramly
    Mona Ramly

    I don't want to be rich I want to be happy

  • Rauf Ali
    Rauf Ali

    Last time I checked Troom troom they did life hacks

  • Ethan botha
    Ethan botha


  • Esra Kobak
    Esra Kobak

    Its Not real money IT-my does not allow real money in videos or music videos.

  • patrick pangilinan
    patrick pangilinan


  • Edu Rocks!
    Edu Rocks!

    When they said " a seed? oops not a seed " who else thought it was rat poop

  • Edu Rocks!
    Edu Rocks!

    I noticed that the poor people actually were more creative.

  • Hilkka Mbangula
    Hilkka Mbangula

    i dont like this


    I'm rich because I am hot

  • Sania Junaid
    Sania Junaid

    The so called “Poor” ppl are actually more creative and fun

  • Sania Junaid
    Sania Junaid

    The so called “Poor” ppl are actually more creative and fun

  • Sania Junaid
    Sania Junaid

    The so called “Poor” ppl are actually more creative and fun

  • Sania Junaid
    Sania Junaid

    Y’know I don’t want to be rich if it means being boring

  • Austin Hall
    Austin Hall

    UB he is 💓 get it

  • Amy ONLY
    Amy ONLY

    5:43 notice he only had water

  • Goten Black
    Goten Black

    I have a mansion

  • albei Avendano
    albei Avendano

    i m rich but im happy i m rich

  • Thabo Maringa
    Thabo Maringa

    The broke student should really get a job

    • Inita Rubene
      Inita Rubene

      You know that you do not have time for that?!

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