Rich The Kid - Dead Friends
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Music video by Rich The Kid performing Dead Friends. © 2018 Interscope Records

  • Billy Connolly
    Billy Connolly

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 worse move of your career

  • SSJTR3

    "Look at his album it's floppin again"

  • ABC123 D4
    ABC123 D4

    EA 3 week uzi sold 650k

  • xanietys


  • jump man
    jump man

    My opinion, rich won.

    • Crook 44
      Crook 44

      jump man wtf are you talking about it don’t matter if it’s you’re opinion facts speak for them selfs Uzi:sold 315k off the album and made “rich” the kid look a track runner smh also rich the kid only sold 15k off his album which released the same day

  • Phantom

    Rich The Kid - Dead Friends (feat. Bootleg Lil Uzi)

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy

    Uzi a lil man but still ran up on rich plus beat him in album sales uzi takes the W


    TraPl nie widzialem tej piosenki haha

  • Joseph Tolbert
    Joseph Tolbert

    So you blood sacrificed uzi

  • puga

    This video didn't age well lool

  • Josh LaGuardia
    Josh LaGuardia

    This song still fire no matter what

  • LowK3yTr3

    That nigga look like famous Dex not uzi 😂🤣

  • Hunnit Mill Bands
    Hunnit Mill Bands

    Song weak as fuck lyrics sound like a lil bitch his movements look like a lil girl throw a fit

  • kingongdude10

    I fw Uzi this jawn go hard tho can’t lie😂😂

  • tone1245

    I can’t shake the feeling uzi held his album back as long as he did just to drop EA the same day as rich the kid Bossman...

  • ll-RIPPER-ll

    Fuck uzi

  • Np Yed
    Np Yed

    Rich tool the L but don’t lie he had the better diss song

  • Everything 1k
    Everything 1k

    Who’s here after eternal Atake and rich the kid flopping?

  • Rodrigo Birruete
    Rodrigo Birruete

    Lil uzi all mad in the vedio

  • BigBoss Chapo093
    BigBoss Chapo093

    Didn’t even look intimidating In his own video 😒

  • BigBoss Chapo093
    BigBoss Chapo093

    I feel like if fake Uzi was serious Rich would’ve ran from him too 🥴🤣

  • clinton willson
    clinton willson

    Yo check this out

  • Ovi 113
    Ovi 113

    If uzi dies this guy is the #1 suspect

  • Jura Skeyer
    Jura Skeyer

    Fuck uzi

  • jomo moraes
    jomo moraes


  • Hunting You
    Hunting You

    U look stupid asf now

  • bacelona -gano
    bacelona -gano

    19k 😂😂😂uzi dropped this bitch with numbers

  • Reese Dixon
    Reese Dixon

    The fact that you tried to do Uzi dirty by offering him 20 racks and make a diss track that don't make sense and sounds off beat and you stutter worse than a bitch at 3:31 and then you pull up in Uzi city and you run from him and get on IG live and talk shit, knowing you a pussy ass nigga who broke in real life and Tori Hughs make more money than you and if you put hands on her again, I'll find you and beat yo ass. Yo music is worse than Lil Pump and Nahmir's shit and yo Boss Man worse than AudioMack rapper. You trash and you lame and the next time you throw shade at Uzi, I'ma beat yo ass 1v1 but we all know you gon' hide behind a couple of people. Real people handle their own problems. Just quit rapping and take care of yo kid, bro.

  • QuanSo Playa
    QuanSo Playa

    Hahahah now uzi shittin on yo bitch ass

  • Marco Wald
    Marco Wald

    I love how all y’all coming to hate and say how trash rich is compared to uzi but you still watching the video and listening to song IF UZI NEVER HATED RICH NONE OF YOU WOULD EITHER none of you have minds of your own 🤣🤣

    • UzamakiVert

      i agree tho, i like this song as an uzi fan and people are mindlessly hating rich

    • UzamakiVert

      i think issue was he was trying to get involved with uzis label drama, which was none of his business, and he was the first to drop a song trying to gain clout.

  • Ngoại Truyện TV
    Ngoại Truyện TV

    Wao !

  • Alex Daniel
    Alex Daniel

    2020 whos the middle man now 💀😭 Uzi crashed you career🙅🏾‍♂️🧢

  • Emmett McGlynn
    Emmett McGlynn

    When you sell 19k......REAL CEO SHIT

  • Terrell TheGoat
    Terrell TheGoat

    Every time I Hear "Money is nothing, I need the CLOUT! Lmao gets me everytime


    Crazy how uzi dropped 181 thousand more albums last week tho just addressing facts to let yall know

  • Lil Kodak
    Lil Kodak

    Who’s Here After Uzi Dropped The Delxue?

  • Crazy girl On da bloc
    Crazy girl On da bloc

    I’m here after Rich only sold 20k first week on boss man

  • LP47

    Who here after uzi sold 250k and rich only sold 19k ☠️😹

    • LP47

      Mvxx Derxnxx 😹☠️☠️no 🧢

    • Mvxx Derxnxx
      Mvxx Derxnxx

      LP47 rich the kid is just a cry baby ths nigga made a whole shitty ass diss song just because that uzi didn’t want to be into his weak ass label lol

    • LP47

      ツMario fr☠️

    • ツMario

      This song didnt age well😂😂

    • Mvxx Derxnxx
      Mvxx Derxnxx

      LP47 😂😭

  • iDaVisionEnt

    Awful beat and flow

  • ZayKhali ZKA
    ZayKhali ZKA

    Rich The Kid running from little man Uzi Yessirskiii, He hid behind the counter he was feeling hurty....

  • HoneyBadger SZN
    HoneyBadger SZN

    Yo album flopped hard 💀

  • Micah Go Crvzy
    Micah Go Crvzy

    Whose here after eternal atake

  • Charlie Ogrizovic
    Charlie Ogrizovic

    this man took a huge L after uzi just did 550k in 2 weeks

  • Eric Howard
    Eric Howard

    He Famous people all trying to get at him

  • That Ashykid
    That Ashykid

    This niggas ass

  • Brad Dandar
    Brad Dandar


  • Cloutless Mari
    Cloutless Mari



    Two works for u rich ETERNAL ATAKE

  • Kaybie Mmualebe
    Kaybie Mmualebe

    Who's here after EA and EA deluxe 🤗

  • R2TheArTisT

    I wonder would he apologize to lil uzi? Cause eternal atake better then his album

    • R2TheArTisT

      @Tony_is _ok rich fell off a little bit the only artist that can possible save his career is Jay Critch

    • Tony_is _ok
      Tony_is _ok

      @R2TheArTisT Rich tweeted out that he doesn't need to drop 30 songs like Uzi and uzi responded asking rich were all his hits are. Cause E.A. completely destroyed BossMan.

    • R2TheArTisT

      @Tony_is _ok really what song?

    • Tony_is _ok
      Tony_is _ok

      He just started the beef again

  • Pistol Parkway
    Pistol Parkway

    Could of been a fake Uzi or Dex

  • martinovici_

    even uzi from this diss looks better than rich smh

  • Justin Moreno
    Justin Moreno

    After this uzi planted a curse on rich the kids career

  • Grant Drake
    Grant Drake

    Rich the Kid: Disses Uzi Uzi 2 years later: *Drops LUV vs. World 2 the same day Rich the Kid drops his new album* “Remember me mothafucka?”

  • Steven Jeffries Jeffries
    Steven Jeffries Jeffries

    Imagine rich thinking uzi wasn’t on before him what

    • 2 stroke Smoke
      2 stroke Smoke

      Ya naw bruh but uzi way more up he stack the money turn him to 9 10

    • Lulabell

      Steven Jeffries Jeffries uzi wasn’t goofy

  • Magic Plants
    Magic Plants


  • Nasir Weathers
    Nasir Weathers

    He lil but yet u got pressed by a 5’4 man crazy 😂😂

    • Ty Claiborne
      Ty Claiborne

      Naw rich got money to bra

    • Lil Uzi Central
      Lil Uzi Central

      Uzi's money gettin longer and poor the kids money gettin shorter. Never seen sum1 flop so hard

  • Seal YT
    Seal YT

    Let’s see who’s album is “CrAzY” now

    • LilFlovk

      Uzis album is crazy

    • IG: zayonthatgas
      IG: zayonthatgas

      Numbers where crazy, Album wasn’t crazy 💯

    • Boqorka Rapka
      Boqorka Rapka

      Uzi of course

  • Cash Nasty
    Cash Nasty

    Who here cause uzi dropped his album

  • hola b
    hola b

    Who here after Lil uzi dropped Eternal Atake

    • LIL SEMEN 1800
      LIL SEMEN 1800

      Ya uzi mans dick ride so hard but atleast ya not as bad as X fans lmao whether uzi better or not this song go hard

    • Mattox Hinkle
      Mattox Hinkle


    • Carl-Anthony

      @krisly cesard rich sold 19k*

    • its Nexx
      its Nexx


    • Chy-Mar

      Lmao me

  • TruckZone

    This video didnt age well at all

  • kidfeint

    R.i.p rich the kid

  • Gretso Tha savage
    Gretso Tha savage

    I need the KLOUT 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Joel Weise
    Joel Weise

    Every uzi song is better den dis shit

    • Jeremiah Pierre Louis
      Jeremiah Pierre Louis

      Why 🤷🏿‍♂️ U hate riCCh the Kid

  • NotoriousFigure4


  • kyngrahni

    So basically rich the kid , u saying he wanted to sign with u but u ain’t wanna sign him cause he wasn’t working hard but now u mad cause he signed with jay-z , going out sad bad

  • Rafael Carvalho
    Rafael Carvalho

    Nem patek to destroy

  • Ruphus Papi Mashamba
    Ruphus Papi Mashamba

    CEO status !!

  • Chiyedza Bope
    Chiyedza Bope

    This guy was plug walk but Uzi made him plug run 😂

  • Chris brown Son
    Chris brown Son

    Rich the kid is better then uzi at least rich the kid dropped a album At least rich does not get claimed by fake people

    • Chris brown Son
      Chris brown Son

      SilentxGaming ya I like the art of it

    • SilentxGaming

      Bro your profile picture is EA

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