Riding into Chicago’s Riots
Over the past weekend a series of protests in Chicago have turned into full on riots. Take a ride with me on the supermoto to explore some of Chicago's history with riots and the currents riots happening downtown. Much love, be safe, Brian 636.
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  • Gabe . EXE
    Gabe . EXE

    Is that bike street legal

  • Jack color
    Jack color

    Come on Brian speak you're opinion!? 🧐. I want to here what you have to say about people burning down and looting you're City.

  • Go Easterly
    Go Easterly

    At a lost for words.

  • She Is Tristine
    She Is Tristine

    Can you tell me what the atmosphere is like now downtown?

  • christian holbert
    christian holbert

    its like far cry 5

  • Project ElectricEye
    Project ElectricEye

    What bike are you riding ??

  • grimey 5.56
    grimey 5.56

    The same stores that were looted are supporting the same groups doing the looting. The ignorance is palpable. Burn Chicago burn.

  • myown lilbubble
    myown lilbubble

    3:33....that pov....always hated it when my husband rode handsfree...even for a second...scare the shit out of me.....but still miss riding.... Edit: if more and more police cars are burnt and rendered unusable......if things go back to normal......won't the police response time be lengthen? That man riding the horse.....that was badass.....

  • Driftingninja24

    I got an ad for ebay mid way through

  • ¡i¡Got Crabz
    ¡i¡Got Crabz

    The man on the horse is a legend

  • KarlPotat0

    This is just madness, I used to live in Chicago from 2010-2015, it was like my home city (Vietnam was) and it was so civilized, everyone was just supper nice and chill. But when Covid-19 comes in, everything destroyed. Plus my two brother's live in Chicago. They're adults

  • **

    This just proves the US has a really messed up system and society

  • Freckles

    What Bike are you riding

  • Garrett Johnson
    Garrett Johnson

    Lol I subbed after he said “least favorite”

  • Toots RR1
    Toots RR1

    Great Video very true part is Being locked up Lost of Jobs etc BLOODY KUNG FLU & Needless Murder of George Floyd Has set a Keg of Gun Powder on FIRE Wham O !!!

  • Heaven IsHere7
    Heaven IsHere7

    Unleash the Super Souls and rid this city of evil spirits.

  • Conroy Hayle
    Conroy Hayle


  • Evo Harley304
    Evo Harley304

    What a bunch of scumbags..hope they all go to jail

  • Fantastic Mr Nox
    Fantastic Mr Nox

    These idiots have not learned a damn thing. Previous rioting and looting did nothing to help the community and only turning them into cesspits of poverty stricken looneys. Stay safe everyone

  • John Tucker
    John Tucker

    They’re rioting against systematic racism, But wait, Where George Floyd was Murdered, There is a black Mayor, There is a black Police of Chief, There is a predominantly black police force...... So they believe they’re victims so they victimize business owned by black people???

  • Paul Ricardo
    Paul Ricardo

    Black lives matter

  • Michael Stallworth
    Michael Stallworth

    Look at all these racists in the comments smh

  • tlages

    3:48 you should have though that would be sweet

  • Ant Nugget
    Ant Nugget

    Not just black lives matter all lives matter at the city many people got hurt what about kids? That will be sad then.

  • Ellie Ravensong
    Ellie Ravensong

    Acab the only good cops are the one resigning

  • Anomalox

    I've been getting recommended alot of biking through riots and protests videos. This was another great one lol

  • G Reaper
    G Reaper

    The end of the world is near!!😱😱😱😱😱

  • luksor13

    lol 911 thumbs down

  • Crucible P. Kunklestein
    Crucible P. Kunklestein

    Fun fun fun

  • 7orture

    jeez people really arent helping riots are only happing cause of the corona

  • Abcern Α
    Abcern Α

    Acab means all communists are bastards

  • Urbex Explorer 246
    Urbex Explorer 246

    It feels like George floyd died like a week ago but it has actually been a month 🤯🤯

  • killsniperog 01
    killsniperog 01

    Racism has been in the world since 1863 and Iys 2020 cout the year in between and u will understand

  • Jose Rafael Aboytes Rico
    Jose Rafael Aboytes Rico

    Somthing tells me this will be the apocalypse

  • King Sumo
    King Sumo

    Wait dont our tax dollars pay for those cop cars?

  • Craigx71

    Looks like trumps s-hole countries are right there in the usa....

  • Vin Bond
    Vin Bond

    Supporting Cops! MAGA.

  • SuperDestroyer

    Out of all the places getting looted, it’s a 7-11

  • Pandamonium

    The worst part about all of this is media. They are only showing the bad things police does, not saying they arent doing it or that it shouldnt come to light. But the media should also show the possitive impact the police has

  • Kevin Pelerin
    Kevin Pelerin

    It all dumb

  • Mr. Bruh
    Mr. Bruh

    Playing the scp music I see

  • Moist Pudding
    Moist Pudding

    Turning into Gotham

  • Karamellkungen D24
    Karamellkungen D24

    What upsets me the most is that people are looting stores and other properties. But what the actual fuck have the stores done ? Some one tell me why people are angry at companies and why they loot and vandalize cities that have nothing to do with this situation.

  • Ruthless-_Hxndz

    On gang we reckless out hea

  • Claudio Bornes
    Claudio Bornes

    The amount of money the US gov is going to have to waste because of this is insane!!!!! For all the US lads & lasses goodluck =D

  • 4pmq

    I couldn’t even get chips I live somewhere by Roseville I’m not saying ennything tho

  • Benton Truff
    Benton Truff

    Damn, dude with the "horse" is straight ready for the apocalyptic aftermath of a congested ghost city. With no room for vehicle mobility or operating cars / gas availability..lol

  • Benton Truff
    Benton Truff

    Again respect for catching footage and everything, so people can see what's up. But "there is" allot more going on, an *footage from "several cities" already. Showing pallets of BRICKS, set out for protestors and rioters. In the middle of cities where there is NO construction going on.* Instigating destruction of properties and "looting" ? The police aren't doing shit as to "not" agitate more rioting, an where / when they are. They're basically "provoking" MORE negative response from demonstrators. By literally attacking the the law abiding protestors and bystanders. _My big question right now is, around the __7:00__ minute mark.. Dude even mentions while recording, is..._ *WHAT'S UP with all those "empty white transit vans," with government plates ? "* *Are they bringing demonstrators an/or rioters IN from other areas...?* WHO are these for or WHO came in these ? Respond with comments, any ideas.. Thoughts ??

  • Benton Truff
    Benton Truff

    That's eerie about the old businesses and buildings from the 60's riots, that are still sitting destroyed and abandoned. Just imagine the SAME thing occurring with ALL the businesses that are being looted an destroyed in the riots NOW.. Just more destroyed and shut down, ghost town buildings. Less jobs, an more poverty. Not good and definitely not any better for already poor neighborhoods. What's REALLY crazy to see, is how it's STILL going on. Just people looting in the middle of the day. Like a complete dead zone of apocalyptic Law.. An dude can just ride through the area on side walks etc, run in a store and grab some free shit if he wanted to. An cops doing NOTHING. Respect for catching footage in action and everything though.

  • None Yobiz
    None Yobiz

    The people shouldn't be afraid of the government. The government should be afraid of the people.-T

  • Flying Rider
    Flying Rider

    Its such ashame this isnt the way to be heard. stay safe bud.

    • Flying Rider
      Flying Rider

      @brian_636 been subbed before the hood eats started I prefer them much more cant beat some good old information about the town and a good eat. Not forgetting them crazy stunts.

    • brian_636

      Will do brother! Please sub!

  • Javier Guerra
    Javier Guerra

    Those white vans may be the agitators that come from other states. Just sayin

    • brian_636

      They had goverment plates....

  • Jared

    This is better than the news.

    • brian_636

      Thank you man!!! Please sub brother

  • random guy
    random guy

    Its kind off like GTA because of vandalism not threatening kind of stuff

    • brian_636

      True that man....

  • Jay John
    Jay John

    And in the end nothing comes of this. Except some who got a free pair of sneakers.Taxes go up because of this and cost cities so much money instead of it going towards education. Moronic behavior. You hurt your city by doing this. Civilazation is moving backwards and not forward. What will happen now is that the police will profile and discriminate even further.

    • brian_636

      So true man... Please subscribe!

  • -W L M-
    -W L M-

    FK BLM


    Why the scary music

  • CJR

    the thing with the riots i dont understand is the cop was being tried for murder before the riots even started its not doing anything but destroying a city for no reason im fine with the protests even as someone who supports blue lives because cops do need more training for what they go through but rioting isnt the way

  • Joseph Kroll
    Joseph Kroll

    Ayyy ma least favorite moto vlogger lmao

  • lobotomy

    how to social distance: burn down the buildings so no one is tempted.

  • Paul Meehan
    Paul Meehan

    Great, Honest and Insightful video. Thank You. Greetings from Cork City, Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Yaman

    wow someone actually talking facts


    I mean the police deserved it but the shps dont cuz no one shut die of police

  • botman 11
    botman 11

    As my dad says "it's just the beginning of the end"

    • Dom de Nazareth
      Dom de Nazareth

      Yes, one should look at the prophecies of Elena Aïello and Our Lady of Fatima to know what's coming next.

  • Yeti 2000
    Yeti 2000

    not a nun lol just crazy old woman

  • NM E
    NM E

    Fuck the police.

  • Tor Martin Bjerknes
    Tor Martin Bjerknes

    Giving me some serious I'm Legend vibes towards the end of the video, just waiting for someone to be running away from a zombie.

  • Keegan Urbina
    Keegan Urbina

    Why is the dude riding is a English saddle on the roads it’s not like he jumping over people and shot he should be using a western saddle

    • c3h8O

      Keegan Urbina probably another moron who shouldn’t own an animal, let alone a horse.

  • Gazooo29

    Did the man steal a horse😅😅

  • Dennis Coughlin
    Dennis Coughlin

    This is the way the new should be!

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