Riskiest Jokes - VOL. 1 | Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr
As the biggest face in British Comedy I've been known for telling a risky joke or two.
Here's the first part in a collection of the riskiest jokes...you be the judge.
The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the moon.)

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  • Green Gwardar
    Green Gwardar

    awful jokes



  • T D
    T D

    5.47, 8 41 best bits of the video

  • nothereforlong

    Jimmy's a smart cookie. He's a helluva gameshow host, too.❤️🤗🇨🇦

  • Saul Freeman
    Saul Freeman

    8:39 thank me later

  • flower_ girl
    flower_ girl

    Say what u want about the make a wish foundation is that: *they know how to work to a deadline*

  • Nadeer Mohammed
    Nadeer Mohammed

    Jimmy carr you are racist

  • Eemi Mikkilä
    Eemi Mikkilä

    What a radical.

  • Aftab Shah
    Aftab Shah


  • That.One.Fizzy

    Fuckin love this guy

  • AbuKanaaan

    in Palestinian passport occupation: Israel still in 2020

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes


  • Mr G
    Mr G

    He fed me marshmallows on stage at Scarborough. True story 🍸

  • Redst100

    These are very tame and samey

  • Bumbly1 uk
    Bumbly1 uk

    Really Good Bad Jokes : it-my.com/watchvideo/video-VtykE2xG_Og.html

  • Cameron


  • Cingpin


  • bob roger
    bob roger

    ''Snuggle struggle'' fuckin dead

  • Muhammad Alfakah
    Muhammad Alfakah

    I love the Islamic jokes

  • J B
    J B

    The woman who said I like football is a genius.

  • Ayara 81
    Ayara 81

    I hate that things have become so bad that its reached the point where a comedian telling certain jokes is a "risk". They're just jokes!

  • Scott

    Man, I wish he would come to Ohio

  • Wahey

    I bought some shoes from a drug dealer. I don't know what he laced them with, but I was tripping all day!


    Jimmy is the best comic ever! I wish he was coming to Pittsburgh, I would love to see him live.

  • Anthony Coz
    Anthony Coz

    He hits on the reason there is an accident, traffic jam on the OPPOSITE side of the Highway. We all can not look away. We all gasp but are also attracted.

  • CheckItOut x
    CheckItOut x

    Idk about the kitten joke tho, that's pretty tasteless

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee

    If you ever wonder if you're dating an oversensitive person, take em to a Jimmy Carr show.

  • Sketchie

    It's not risky if you're in the UK

  • Stephen Duquette
    Stephen Duquette

    I think he's great ! Just hope that his audiences don't think of it as a lecture on social morality . I mean , anyone not laughing should be watched closely.

  • Sol Howell-Gilbert
    Sol Howell-Gilbert

    Wasn't funny. Didn't laugh.

    • Roxana H
      Roxana H

      Sol Howell-Gilbert ..? I just said it was surprising lmao, and I’m curious what dark humor jokes you find funny. I’m not offended, your comment just rubbed off a bit obnoxious

    • Sol Howell-Gilbert
      Sol Howell-Gilbert

      @Roxana H and that means I have to like it? Like, I didn't mean to offend you or anything lol. Would you like me to not comment on content I don't find funny? Like I'm not sure what your point is lol.

    • Roxana H
      Roxana H

      Sol Howell-Gilbert surprising because Jimmy Carr is an amazing dark humored comedian

    • Sol Howell-Gilbert
      Sol Howell-Gilbert

      @Roxana H nah I love it. Why?

    • Roxana H
      Roxana H

      Sol Howell-Gilbert Are you not a fan of dark humor?

  • Bernard

    Struggle snuggler.....😂😂😂😂 Instantly killed me!

  • Pewds Throwaway
    Pewds Throwaway

    The difference between this and the feminist/PC comedy shows is that this is actually funny

  • Asevi Rutsa
    Asevi Rutsa

    Can somebody explain the Gary glitter joke?

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    Plot twist he's telling the truth just like saville was all along

  • MV_ 23
    MV_ 23

    Jokes are NOT Funny, they are NO laughing matter... it-my.com/watchvideo/video-OQgLqkUDOQM.html

  • Echs Dee
    Echs Dee

    Aka jokes some people won’t take as jokes.

  • Brian

    This is kinda creepy in this day n age..

  • wallaceneal

    He just highlights how absolutely deranged humanity is😀

  • Matt Rayner
    Matt Rayner

    I can say penis! I can say anything I want! I'm so funny!

  • Matt Rayner
    Matt Rayner

    People of the future. We also thought he's a prick.

  • Gordon Welford
    Gordon Welford

    Jimmy Carr, the diction loving Bernard Mannings.

  • Michael Deakin
    Michael Deakin

    Bet that World Trade Center idea is gunna blow up ...

  • Photography by Liam Anderson
    Photography by Liam Anderson

    that make a wish joke mannnn

  • Photography by Liam Anderson
    Photography by Liam Anderson

    the dentist joke!......

  • NiHaoMal MalHaoNi
    NiHaoMal MalHaoNi

    Tig O’l Bitties at 8:42 you’re welcome

  • Anna

    South Africa could really use you to make them smile once in a while

  • maddogoz08

    I wonder if there's any chance he will be coming to Australia? I wonder if there's any chance that he would be allowed to be in Australia.

  • Captpicard

    We’ve all got to start a new campaign going to get “Struggle Snuggle” as the new catchphrase out there😂😂😂😂

    • Zack Penhaligon
      Zack Penhaligon

      Struggle snuggle - when kiss chase goes too far!

  • mark

    Not funny

  • Herman Schmidt
    Herman Schmidt

    Great jokes and great cleavage...

  • Matt Harding
    Matt Harding

    Lost it at Struggle Snuggle

  • Lulls Baby
    Lulls Baby

    8:41 is a woman who definitely doesn't like football.

  • Lulls Baby
    Lulls Baby

    I'd LOVE it if there were a world trade center. Jimmy is a genius for thinking of that.

  • JaLo L
    JaLo L

    Struggle snuggle in a pandemic.With a 2m distance, not easy but I like a challenge 🙃😂😂

  • Brains McGee
    Brains McGee

    As the Islamic Republic of England adopts more, more and more Islamic values, laws and traditions, eventually this will be outlawed.

  • John J.
    John J.

    cameraman needs a raise

  • Mikey McMikeFace
    Mikey McMikeFace

    I am offended.

  • Stuart Lumsden
    Stuart Lumsden

    Fecking IT-my running an add partway through the punch line is NOT funny!

  • Bo Deadly
    Bo Deadly

    He is right up there with Ricky .

  • Matty-uk- Grime time
    Matty-uk- Grime time

    5:48 6:54 8:41 nice () ()

  • Savage Snayle
    Savage Snayle

    This man has a Jimmy Saville vibe

  • Savage Snayle
    Savage Snayle

    Millennial versions of Bernard Manning.

  • C C
    C C

    How many fillings

  • Saber Cyan
    Saber Cyan

    Yass the world needs more of this

  • Patrick Schutte
    Patrick Schutte

    Dude is hilarious

  • Kyle Shuler
    Kyle Shuler

    Wow. Anthony Jeselnik kinda stole this guys style and ran with it.

  • Jani Mitchell
    Jani Mitchell

    Classic love 💓 em

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    You make this quarantine so much easier

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    I was snorting like a pig. Especially on the fillings joke 😂

  • Tabswoozy

    These aren't very funny.

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