Roman Reigns reveals Jimmy Uso as Daniel Bryan’s ‘replacement' | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN
Roman Reigns addressed the WWE Universe after defeating Daniel Bryan and banning him from SmackDown forever. The Tribal Chief announced Jimmy Uso as Bryan’s official replacement, ensuring that Jimmy would acknowledge him without causing problems for the Head of the Table.
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Roman Reigns reveals Jimmy Uso as Daniel Bryan’s ‘replacement' | FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN


    What did you think about The Usos' reunion?

    • kazekage kope
      kazekage kope

      wwe wont turn jimmy. I think jimmy will turn jey by beating reigns due to a main event uso superkicking reigns, due to confusion by being torn by two sides, he is a main event worthy tag team wrestler but he's also faced and beaten solid stars while feuding with reigns. Hes torn but he will eventually choose his true uso and not his manupilative uso

    • ICE PAPI
      ICE PAPI


    • kysun melendez
      kysun melendez


    • Nolan the Ice cream man
      Nolan the Ice cream man

      I think it’s great

    • Neveah Wwe
      Neveah Wwe

      @Eric Perry NO

  • kazekage kope
    kazekage kope

    I like how everyone uses uce whenever they talk about or too the usos

  • kazekage kope
    kazekage kope

    People in the back are smiling as they boo heyman. Im smiling too dudes

  • Jose Almodovar
    Jose Almodovar

    Ultimate final boss heel and everytime he says "ACKNOWLEDGE ME" I be dyin😂😂😂 but he's also so cruel.. But wins fair and square

  • Jose Almodovar
    Jose Almodovar

    All he had to do was ACKNOWLEDGE ME !!!😂😂😂

  • Bonnie Weeden
    Bonnie Weeden

    Roman want lhao on the dings even jay

  • Danielle Baker
    Danielle Baker

    Has rollins acknowledge roman as tribal chief

  • Carlos Carranza
    Carlos Carranza

    “ Acknowledge Me”. Roman Reigns

  • Quincy R Pierre
    Quincy R Pierre

    Roman reigns Get user

  • Alexandria McChristen
    Alexandria McChristen

    Love this part 💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞 the family back ❤

  • Zombie Playz_YT
    Zombie Playz_YT

    No hate for roman but I feel like he shouldn't be champion

  • Jerry Thomas
    Jerry Thomas


  • jesus perales
    jesus perales

    His promos are so boring

  • Kaidyn Winters Jr
    Kaidyn Winters Jr

    On dumb on Paul 💯💯💯💯🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shirley cruz
    Shirley cruz

    They both broke character but I want to hug Jimmy

  • Jason Lawyer
    Jason Lawyer

    Soooo, Sooo tired of this BS story line. Even more poor writing from WWE....

  • Emmanuel James
    Emmanuel James

    @ 4:11 Mr. 18 inch!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lindsey Dotson
    Lindsey Dotson

    I wish Roman Reigns and seth rollins were gone for good nobody can replace daniel bryan

  • Massiah Walker
    Massiah Walker

    When rollings came I jumped so hard I was so scared

  • Hayden 123
    Hayden 123

    its so hard to hate roman

  • Jaybreezy Vlogs n reacts
    Jaybreezy Vlogs n reacts

    Jimmy back now usos reunion is lit

  • Christina Pollock
    Christina Pollock

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha omg lord amazing fright

  • DBW William
    DBW William

    Nicca said "DING"

  • Gaming wit Bandz Robertson
    Gaming wit Bandz Robertson


  • Bakstab Boy
    Bakstab Boy

    Thank you. Because if it wasn’t for Daniel Bryan being overrated. We would of have a better wrestlemania match between Roman Reigns vs Edge.

  • James R19
    James R19

    The fact Rollins went in the ring, and reigns was in it. I hope it happens without dean.

  • ProsciuttoWithDaSauce

    I do iknowledge you

  • ned owens
    ned owens

    I will have over $1,000,000.00

  • 1dayMyers

    Man bring Brock back, Roman ain’t selling it for me

  • Eliannah Nguyen
    Eliannah Nguyen

    I was like why are people saying they are laughing at the bell them I heard it and straight up LOST IT 🤣

  • TooSweat

    Rollins and reigns might reunite because Roman and Seth are getting close or the will face each other in the future to come

  • TooSweat

    I can't wait for the usos to capture the tag team gold

  • Jackie Martinez
    Jackie Martinez

    Paul heyman is a goat

  • Zarey Dastaryan
    Zarey Dastaryan

    When they bury all their superstars for one trash. They got no more top superstars to main event.

  • Masterdruid343

    aye seth and rollins workin together

  • Antiwan Bell
    Antiwan Bell

    Teddy Long is the best

  • HoodieCloutt

    2:03 pause ⏸️🗣️

  • Dallas The GOAT
    Dallas The GOAT

    Roman used to be my favorite wrestler bht he is to cocky now

  • Andros Ariceaga
    Andros Ariceaga

    Roman laughing after Cesaro said he didn't have time for him tonight was my favorite part. 😂

  • Dman4901

    Wow Roman is killing It as a heel 👀

  • Cory Ellis
    Cory Ellis

    Just to be honest no one is ever going to acknowledge roman reigns a**. Just to be honest someone has to show to show him HIS place.

  • Aplul

    This storyline is bout to be fireeeeee

  • Jasmine Myers
    Jasmine Myers

    Jimmy is so hyped up when he smiled

  • Raul Medina
    Raul Medina

    1:00 what are these foos praying about?

  • Jamar Mitchell
    Jamar Mitchell

    Someone is going to best roman soon he is not going to hold the title for long

  • Rajendra Singh
    Rajendra Singh

    Roman Reigns is literally at his peak right now, his catchphrases are amazing, and I believe his heel persona

  • BOKC DemiGod
    BOKC DemiGod

    I’ll pick the TRIBAL CHIEF over The Big Dog any day

  • Melissa Vaughn
    Melissa Vaughn

    Roman you are the best

  • kevin kasmarski
    kevin kasmarski

    This Is the Roman We deserved For almost 5 years

  • Richard Ottley
    Richard Ottley

    2:18 ACKNOWLEDGE ME!!!

  • Victoria Rodriguez
    Victoria Rodriguez

    ROman become a Real JERK!

  • Dman_cRoW-[Kun]

    Seeing Jey this happy warms my heart

  • King ShazamSpidey
    King ShazamSpidey

    Roman acknowledge me as your king

  • william seward
    william seward

    Yeah he can't replace Daniel Bryan

  • andrew hendrix
    andrew hendrix

    Yeah paul heyman is to much please vince fire paul heyman

  • HelloSauxce

    Roman reigns brings the IT-my viewers in, he better be kept happy

  • Shirley cruz
    Shirley cruz

    I wanted to hug Jimmy

  • Shirley cruz
    Shirley cruz

    No one will acknowledge you after that show of disrespect for another athlete in the sport entertainment

  • Creamy Butters
    Creamy Butters

    Roman greatest WWE champ of all time!

  • Elian Soler
    Elian Soler

    My Roman

  • Palosorus

    DiNggggg dINNNNggg DiNggggggg 😫😫😫

  • Shirley cruz
    Shirley cruz

    He wants acknowledgement for being an A$$

  • Dijohn Taylor
    Dijohn Taylor

    Corny af

  • Nunayo Bisnez
    Nunayo Bisnez

    And this edit was annoying

  • Nunayo Bisnez
    Nunayo Bisnez

    Please let the trend of men wearing skinny jeans and skinny jogging pants go away. 🙏🙏


    I bet Rollins will be the next person to join roman

  • Mrclean 304
    Mrclean 304

    Roman tried say hard not to laugh when paul was dinging

  • Michael Trujillo
    Michael Trujillo

    roman was cool now he his mean and changed and turned boring after dean and Seth stopped the sheild

  • Jacob Edwards
    Jacob Edwards

    Who else was waiting for Taker’s bell???

  • Shirley cruz
    Shirley cruz

    Wtf is up with acknowledging him who cares

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