Rules Melania Will Have To Follow After Leaving The White House
Nicki Swift
It's no surprise that the first family needs to follow a certain code of conduct while living in the White House. They can pick their own bedding and repaint certain rooms when they move in, for example, but they cannot touch the historic Lincoln Room or the Yellow Oval Room. They also have to pay for every meal they eat in the White House or Camp David, as noted in former first lady Laura Bush's post-White House memoir.
Former first lady Michelle Obama has also been open about the rules she and her family had to follow when they moved into the White House back in 2008. While chatting with Oprah Winfrey at the United State of Women Summit in 2016, she recalled when she and her youngest daughter Sasha learned the hard way about the closed-window policy.
Likewise, when a president leaves office, they are also bound by a set of rules - mainly for security reasons. However, the rules don't only apply to a former president, but a former first lady, as well. Over the years, former first ladies have shared some insight into what it's like living as the president's wife, but what happens to them after?
Watch this video for more on the rules Melania will have to follow after leaving the white house!
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  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear


  • ThëGøōdWįtćh

    The tour never happened.

  • Jeannette Gagnon
    Jeannette Gagnon

    She is just as bad as her husband . She has said nothing in 4 years and we did not expect anything. I cant wait till she gives him his walking papers. and if not shes a bigger idiot than he is.

  • kim michaud
    kim michaud

    They have to pay for their meals ridiculous

  • Izziebiz

    nobody will care about her in a few hours.

  • dave blantz
    dave blantz

    Maybe she should own up and get a legal green card. She's grifted off America by getting in here illegally. We won't forget.


    " I will not encourage dogs to bark, or cats to meow"

  • Eric Mason
    Eric Mason

    LOL the First Ladies meet. That ain't gonna happen. Donnie is picking up as many toys as he can and leaving. No Niceties. I think if Donnie is impeached by the Senate he loses the Secret Service. He can then drive a car except he has probably not driven himself in many decades. If not impeached i think he will keep the Secret Service. He gets to bill the taxpayers lots of $$ for their accommodations.

  • Clin

    The white or orange house doesn't sound so great!

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You

    1. Can't be naked in public with gigolos serving her. 2. Can't meet and screw a younger man.

  • Audrey Dunham
    Audrey Dunham


  • Michael Baldwin
    Michael Baldwin

    Not the tRumps ,no class.

  • Carl Edwards
    Carl Edwards

    the trumps, good luck i do not see melania welcoming jill biden.

  • Justtubingby

    Tax payers should vehemently oppose funding the secret service for trump.

    • Teddy Bear77
      Teddy Bear77

      Justubingby: You're an asshole totally.

  • Diane Baugher
    Diane Baugher

    They get nothing now that he's been impeached

    • Stephe G
      Stephe G

      Only if found guilty. Impeachment just means he is charged.

  • emily Manley
    emily Manley

    I will miss her. Classy lady

    • Bobbydazzlla

      If she had any class she wouldn't have been a stripper and she would have showed Jill Biden around the White House as every first lady has done before her. That alone shows how cold and shallow she really is.

  • Gary Barrett
    Gary Barrett

    The Trumps have never followed any legal rules. That is why they are moving out.

  • Alexandra Kruse
    Alexandra Kruse

    The Bidens need to fumigate the residence. No tour is necessary, the have been there before. The Trumps should lose the secret service protection. The are traitors to America, no ongoing protection, vehicles, etc. let them call on the swine that stormed the Capitol building for protection, etc. they would be like minded friends with a lot to talk about.

  • Diane Stewart
    Diane Stewart

    Melania is not leaving the White House until 2025. There's that.

  • Joe Stokesbary
    Joe Stokesbary

    First wadey

  • sharon gonzalez
    sharon gonzalez

    Did anyone notice how stiff she was when The Donald tried to pull her close to dance? But when she was dancing with that hunky marine at the inauguration she was giggling and glowing. Very different. I often wonder if she is a Red Sparrow, also.She speaks fluent Russian.

  • Ananstracated

    Anybody knows this. why even make a video?

    • what's up
      what's up


  • Paul Lucas
    Paul Lucas

    I gess that will take place in the year 2024 lol.

  • dfcvda

    numbe 1 take back all the stuff you have looted

  • wesley chavous
    wesley chavous

    Melania is so beautiful an she has done a great job for us

  • R M
    R M

    Yeah, no. Now that he’s been impeached for a second time, they won’t get any of those perks.

    • Trashman 2129
      Trashman 2129

      He might have been impeached, but has not been convicted by the Senate. So as of right now he doesn't loose anything.

  • jobS137

    Is this still relevant considering recent events?

  • Lynda Kling
    Lynda Kling

    Can’t imagine how that building has been destroyed and what’s been stolen....

    • Lolas Lounge
      Lolas Lounge

      They already showed the bust of Abraham lincoln being carried out. They have it on video. A stuffed pheasant and artwork. Tons of stuff.

  • Dianne Davis
    Dianne Davis

    I wonder how long it will take them to decontaminate the White House from the Trump filthy nastiness. I hope they can get it done before the poor Bidens have to move in. How long after the inauguration will the Trump crime family be put in prison?

  • Helmut Ofbuffalo
    Helmut Ofbuffalo

    What a sucko job it would be to have to be around t**** all the time and protect him. I'll bet they will have an awful turnover rate :)

  • Amy Wallis
    Amy Wallis

    Melania has to go back to sharing a bedroom with "her husband".

    • Amy Wallis
      Amy Wallis

      @Ejole Costea She didn't share a bedroom with her husband in the white house. She didn't want to.

    • Ejole Costea
      Ejole Costea

      Of course that is her husband, why did you share your bedroom with somebody else husband?

  • Nancy Maldondo
    Nancy Maldondo

    The only rule Melania has to follow after leaving White House: Don't let Donald roll over in bed. CRUSHED!

  • Byron Anderson
    Byron Anderson

    Most useless First Lady ever, even her husband thought that!

  • Good Riddance, Donald
    Good Riddance, Donald

    I don't think that Melania and Jill Biden will ever be meeting for anything. 🤐

  • Eileen Jungel
    Eileen Jungel

    Personally I don’t think they will be moving in anyway! I think they will be moving elsewhere where they belong!

  • Cleveland Desmond
    Cleveland Desmond

    I wouldn't except it !!

  • Cleveland Desmond
    Cleveland Desmond

    Yah no more stripper poles !!

  • Seeking Enlightenment
    Seeking Enlightenment

    As the Trumps will have to give up a number of staff, Melania will have to take on the following responsibilities:- 07.00 hrs change Donald's nappy ... 12.00 hrs change Donald's nappy ... 20.00 hrs change Donald's nappy Throughout the day, ignore Donald's rants and pacify him with his favourite rattle.


    "I don't care do you"? I don't give a 💩 about anything name tRump.

  • Dixie Fleming
    Dixie Fleming

    She has no respect for anything. Rude Russian.

  • Osbye Cad
    Osbye Cad

    she was a call girl in Milan

  • Boost Mobile
    Boost Mobile

    Melania a beautiful lady and elegant. She was fine before the White House and will do better after.

  • karen davidson
    karen davidson

    Malania, is not a first Lady, she's done nothing compared to Michelle Obama, nor Michelle is and always be my first Lady, Malania can't even support her husband!it's

  • Kathleen Ann
    Kathleen Ann

    Obamas are back they just can't help themselves and we have Clintons what a mess

  • centrevez gaming
    centrevez gaming

    not if an president is succesfully impeached and convicted

  • William null
    William null


  • Ted Scott
    Ted Scott

    Maybe they won't have the secret service protection after the loser is impeached...

  • spaculan

    Melania wont skip a beat if they leave The Bidens have been there so why does Jill need a tour

  • Dianna Day
    Dianna Day

    If Donald Trump impeachment is successful he & Melania will not get an income, secret service, airfares, office or any other perks any time in the future

  • Pamela Mays
    Pamela Mays

    Dr. Jill: been there, done that.

    • Norma Cotter
      Norma Cotter

      Why are people delusional she is not a doctor no matter what she wants to be called

  • Rita Love
    Rita Love

    Update your info-President Clinton is the last President to have life time Secret Service. After President Clinton, President's only have Secret Service for 10 years after leaving office.

  • Mark Frederick
    Mark Frederick

    now kim will think about nukeing a new week pres.

  • Simone Godfrey
    Simone Godfrey


  • starfire ooo
    starfire ooo

    They are going to have to disinfect the whole place.. its a covid Hotspot plus the trump's have lived there for 4 years.

  • landing zone
    landing zone

    It's a very good chance for President Trump. He's always believed in God. He's better to retire and enjoys his luxury life. He had all of any luxury life. Boeing 747, Chinook CH54, Helicopter HU-1D, luxury Yatch , All investment in the world, beautiful wife, nice and educated kids, large mansion...All are better than life in the White House. In the White House? He's never received any salary ( Just $48 Dollars for 4 years). He's the top of the 5 Wealthiest Presidents of The US. before becoming a president. In opposite, Obama becomes a Millionaire after 8 years of his presidency. We should know that, for 8 years, Obama salary is $400,000X8..Just $3,200,000. But Obama bought a &9,000,000 house and few hundred thousand million in his account...Comparing with President Trump: $48.00 for 8 years, 4 hour sleep every night, eating Fast food every day. Leaving his wife , good kid alone...So, the BEST CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP is : Retire, enjoy the rest of his life with his beautiful wife, kids and luxury life. Leave the White House for any person who don't have the Luxury life ( like Trump's life) to take it, because they want to be Billionaires. Trump is already a BIllionaire... WE PRAY GOD BLESS FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP FOREVER.... ...... Biden ? He's now 80 year old ??? Let leave it For that lady to become a Billionaire... Remember ! The US politic is : NOT TAKING THE US NATION TO DO THE PRIVATE BUSINESS FOR A PRESIDENT...That's it.

  • Emily W
    Emily W

    It's odd to think any of the Trumps will follow rules except Mary Trump I feel is naturally fair and ethical enough to follow standard rules especially those that protect democracy and are traditions depending on integrity. I just don't think they will but maybe the next generations will. I hope. I blame their dad of course.

  • lykao jalao
    lykao jalao

    My question is this: If impeach and loss all his lawsuits (in this case jail times), will Trump still have to build his Library?

  • sophie goode
    sophie goode

    Who gives a fu#&/ what she had to do. "I don't care about it do you" Just like she didn't care about those children in cages

    • Stick up Crew
      Stick up Crew

      Yeah everybody s**** on everybody.

  • Mabel Regimal
    Mabel Regimal

    They keep their benefits if the president is not impeached again.

  • ph1688

    *What an arrogantly, defiant, parent /cultivatedless, selfishness, self-deception and uneducated families on earth - " Thief Shouting To Thief ". Wasn't it enough ?!? ** *Donaldrum _ the most sinful and your family members finale realized that better to have human heart and what is disgusting and shameful ?!? * *This country is called the U.S.A (by no means is your family's legacy whatsoever).* *You must be over-dreaming...( be a king ), among many, you're required selflessly, do all best to working hard for the nation, to serve and hold responsibilities for seeking a better life for every citizen. Together with God, we continuous eyeing on every your movement.* *Prior to qualify a truly citizen, you must pay off all criminal debts owed to this country and the ordinary people! **Never try to play Top-Notch, when you're Not-Top !*

  • Maryanne Ausland
    Maryanne Ausland

    If his impeached he loses everything ha

    • juan vega
      juan vega

      And he was impeached.

    • Gary Barrett
      Gary Barrett

      @Mary Sivak Conviction is not far off.

    • Mary Sivak
      Mary Sivak

      I think he has to be convicted in order to lose benefits...I’m not sure though

  • Roi Baptiste
    Roi Baptiste

    Melania will divorce Trump within a year after their out of the White House.

  • Alexander H
    Alexander H

    She's going to kick his ass.

  • Tom McCarthy
    Tom McCarthy

    Yeah I can see it now Trumps following rules, never gonna happen

  • Stacy Whaley
    Stacy Whaley

    I’ve been telling everyone... I wonder how quick she’ll divorce him!!

  • Thomasette Stickney
    Thomasette Stickney

    Yuk yuk yuk, goodbye , who cares

  • carolyn bell
    carolyn bell


  • Paul Ritchey
    Paul Ritchey

    Do you all remember that the biggest Democrap Presidential loser was Hilary in 2016. That evening she allegedly went postal before meeting her supporters and beat the carp out of Bill to the point he needed special makeup before the cameras were on them. And when she had to leave the White house, she took the silverware with her to NY home and would not take it back. Officials had to come to NY to get it. So much for a class act.

  • Sofia Makarski
    Sofia Makarski

    The delirious cotton endosonographically need because report postauricularly pick sans a determined green. sudden, new women

  • Nennine1

    Something tells me she won't be hanging around much longer lol

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