Rydel Gives Birth To Our First Son!
The Funks
Rydel gives birth to our first son!
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  • Jade Heijnis
    Jade Heijnis

    Happy birtday!

  • Malaysia Johnson
    Malaysia Johnson


  • Hissa

    why am I crying I don't even know these people :')

  • Lj ray
    Lj ray

    i saw the ones after this but had to come back and omg im glad i did because this is beautiful. You will both be amazing parents congrats

  • tira Delorme
    tira Delorme

    I am so and I mean so proud of rydel ik how hard it can be bc when my baby brother was born she told me how hard it is🥺 and it’s so scary for the dad because he can either lose his wife or baby and your so luck and super is gunna be one of the best and the most luckiest kid in the world because he is gunna have rydel funk and capron funk as parents and Corey funk as his uncle 🥺🥰 that’s my dream family and again I am so happy for u and wish the best for y’all

  • Eileen Bartleson
    Eileen Bartleson

    I think your name is super

  • Brianna Burke5
    Brianna Burke5

    Congrats!! I’m so happy for you 😊

  • Maddy Daniels
    Maddy Daniels

    Seeing him cry made me cry holy man lol

  • big dee
    big dee

    Get your ass in the car 😂😂😭

  • TheEnderSloth YT
    TheEnderSloth YT

    so cute

  • Banana bear
    Banana bear

    Whoever dislike this video is mean Because she works so hard and she is an amazing momAnd it’s not gross because you were born in the same way

  • Jsmartguy Ferguson
    Jsmartguy Ferguson

    Dear rydel my name is Jon Ferguson I'm from Illinois 💗🙂🌹 i just wanted to wish you and your husband being new parents I'm one your followers I enjoy watching your channel may God blessed you and your family loveya your follower Jon Ferguson from Illinois 💗❌🌹💐😘💗😊💐💗🌹🌹🙂♥️❤️

  • Shannon McCarthy
    Shannon McCarthy

    He’s so buetiful

  • Martina Perez Machado
    Martina Perez Machado

    So proud, a beautiful baby!!!

  • Jameson Omara
    Jameson Omara


  • brook and gracies youtube channel
    brook and gracies youtube channel

    the name is super

  • taylor wycke
    taylor wycke

    Rydel is the strongest woman ever!

  • Reilly Andrew
    Reilly Andrew

    Great Job guys

  • Cloud 9 Mattress Center
    Cloud 9 Mattress Center

    Happy 😢 happy 😢 happy 😢

  • Cloud 9 Mattress Center
    Cloud 9 Mattress Center

    It is true what capren told you you are so SSO so so sóooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooóo strong

  • Cloud 9 Mattress Center
    Cloud 9 Mattress Center

    I love you so much that I was in stress in I crid because you hrting and cap is stressed it makes me so happy when the baby is out and when you do not hurting love you so so so much

  • Oliver

    16:21 is it just me or are ur eyes sweating cos mine are

  • Zoey Robbins
    Zoey Robbins

    He's so cute 🎉🎉

  • Truman K Ely
    Truman K Ely

    I just watched this. Couple weeks late. But I am now sobbing.

  • Speedyalf999


  • Nagu S
    Nagu S

    Mom 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Astha Gokhale
    Astha Gokhale

    i tried not to cry but its so hard🤧💗 sooo happy for yaal congratulationssss. watching the baby lying on rydel seemed as if he is listening to her heartbeat. it teared me up 😭😭😭💗😭💗😭💗

  • Isabelle Davis
    Isabelle Davis

    I want to say thank you to town of olive police and Ashokan DEP police and olive fire department and all of the other local police departments and fire departments who help us though hurricane Irene and hurricane Issa and other every storm we had though the years 2011-2021

  • Landon Taitano-williams
    Landon Taitano-williams

    You guys made me tere up 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Landon Taitano-williams
    Landon Taitano-williams

    I hope she's okay 😥😥

  • Назарбекова


  • Cherie' Frank
    Cherie' Frank


  • MrGrandbell MGB
    MrGrandbell MGB

    Congratulations omg he’s so cute I hope you two have a lot of laughs


    I cried🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺



  • Angad Monga
    Angad Monga


  • Boden Wadley
    Boden Wadley

    The baby is so cute oh my gosh I hope you guys will be a beast

  • Vulexx

    he's gonna be a tuff boy i am so happy for u

  • Leslieee Bankssz
    Leslieee Bankssz

    Was i the only one who cried when they pulled the baby out and put him on top of rydel ???

  • christina Paul
    christina Paul

    Ok but when Capron started crying it had started to set in. I have watched this video so many times and still cant believe you guys made a human!!!

  • DurMax_KinG

    Wait what since when I left to a job for a few months come back and this

  • Drew Russell-Alchin
    Drew Russell-Alchin

    Congratulations !!!! You did amazing Rydel ❤❤❤ I've been a fan of yours for almost 10 years (half my life!) and this was the most emotional I've ever been about you and your family. Super is beautiful and looks so happy and healthy already. Wish you the best x

  • Annabel Schamel
    Annabel Schamel

    I’m watching this in class and when caption cried I started crying omg

  • Mew Mew
    Mew Mew

    11:11 why did that sound like a “hey mom”

  • One me
    One me

    Anyone else think he said “Hey Ma”? 11:08 to 11:13

  • Ayumi Villegas
    Ayumi Villegas

    You guys are going to be a good parents and god will take care of you guys

  • Emily F Ronk
    Emily F Ronk

    this literally brought time to tears I am so happy for you guys! he’s so beautiful

  • Jayden Breitling
    Jayden Breitling

    Did you Mann good job good job progress on a child go to the funk Brose funk Brose for life man he has a really cool funk Brose

  • Pep The shep
    Pep The shep

    Caprin is going to be the best father ever he is sooo supportive and wholesome

  • Brian Hunley
    Brian Hunley

    I’m so happy for you congratulations

  • Tambino Ballin
    Tambino Ballin

    CONGRATS to you and prayers for a long healthy happy life!!!

  • Vivienne Schaffer
    Vivienne Schaffer

    this is so raw and beautiful

  • Jacqueline Williams
    Jacqueline Williams

    Capron: *cries* Me: *begins crying* Also me: “it’s such a cute baby” 🥺

  • Elmer Flores
    Elmer Flores

    Why am I crying

  • Adriana Hunt
    Adriana Hunt

    Currently 28 weeks pregnant and crying along with your hubby. God bless your family and congrats! He’s beautiful 💙

    • Supsus

      sending blessings! <3

  • Maria Larsen
    Maria Larsen

    Good job

  • Guy Klingele
    Guy Klingele

    Capron made me cry

  • Bread

    "first" hmm...🤔

  • Dana Crupi
    Dana Crupi

    any one else push as well ps enjoy ❤

  • Taniya Cruz
    Taniya Cruz

    Oh my gosh I am so happy for you the baby is so cute!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Lily's world
    Lily's world

    you are the best in the wourd

  • Katelynn Butler
    Katelynn Butler

    omg I love the video I swear I literately 4 time omg he's so cute 😍😍😘😭😭

  • Lisa Bailey
    Lisa Bailey

    I fell so sorry for Rydel she must be in some much pain

  • Rathambal Chanthirabala
    Rathambal Chanthirabala


  • Penelope Penelopé
    Penelope Penelopé

    Cute baby!🥰

  • Prudence Copestick
    Prudence Copestick

    My b day is in April

  • Bekah Moten
    Bekah Moten

    Wow, what a beautiful, beautiful baby boy!!!! Congratulations. Rydel, you did amazing, you're a boss, lady!!! And Capron, great job supporting her. Congratulations to your precious family!!

  • The 3 Cousins
    The 3 Cousins

    when capron started crying my heart sank

  • Emma Sims
    Emma Sims

    Congrats I'm crying with happiness and I'm 14 lol💜😢

  • km

    you were part of my childhood and now im crying watching this video, congratulations rydel :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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