Sam Hunt - Hard To Forget (Official Music Video)
The official music video for Sam Hunt’s Hard To Forget.

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Music video by Sam Hunt performing Hard To Forget. © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Beckett Hoeft
    Beckett Hoeft

    i don’t like country music but the first part hits different👌🏻

  • R Flanagan
    R Flanagan

    When I hear this song, so do my neighbors

  • James Rouse
    James Rouse

    is Stevie nicks signing in this too?

  • Douglas Romeiser
    Douglas Romeiser

    I swear this song I just sing it ALL DAY

  • Douglas Romeiser
    Douglas Romeiser

    I don’t get the clown part

  • Douglas Romeiser
    Douglas Romeiser

    My cousins there five and six there put this on Alexa and never heard it before and somehow I just start singing it and it’s the right words I mean this is the good of the song you don’t even have to know it

  • alter ego
    alter ego


  • Barbara Baird
    Barbara Baird

    Uhh did I get some poison in my mcbiscuit?

  • Naycir Lavn
    Naycir Lavn

    Concepto of the video, for every single people there's a person Who its hard to forget and they dont forget that person in diferent ways...

  • Kelly Carpenter
    Kelly Carpenter

    Good song

  • Nick Downard
    Nick Downard

    This song is horrible and is nothing near country but is always played on the country radio station and its annoying.

  • Gale Hess
    Gale Hess

    LOL What is this trrraaaaash?!! It's not even good pop. It's like someone threw up multiple times in a recording studio and forgot to erase the demo and then a train wrecked and a video was found in the debris. :) God help this country ("country"). Sorry Sam. Ride that one hit wonder pony like you stole it. And then please, retire and spend the rest of your life making up for this song. #WhyTheHeckIsThisATasteOfCountryBestAlbumOf2020 ??? I guess that says it all though. Good luck to the rest of 2020.


    This man was destined to be a star like for real he almost went pro in the nfl like damn dude was gonna make cash even without playing football

  • 정지우

    best song ever.. I can't get this song out of my head.

  • Hayden Knoy
    Hayden Knoy


  • Alexus Jackson
    Alexus Jackson

    I am I love with This song it is sooo good

  • Brent Donrehrig
    Brent Donrehrig

    Director: how confusing do you want the video? Sam hunt: yes.

  • Familia Toro
    Familia Toro

    Good song creepy video

  • Brandon Spring
    Brandon Spring

    This is not country, I'd be embarrassed to call this country

    • Sappy1738

      stfu brandon this go hard

    • Odell_salty_

      Sam hunt isn’t country he is a pop singer with an accent but he makes decent songs so I listen anyways

    • Jef

      this music goes hard

  • Senthia Fleischer
    Senthia Fleischer

    Love love love

  • Seth Deth
    Seth Deth

    This song sucks it ruins a good song by Webb Peirce than make a remix. And that remix is enjoying.

  • Tommy the Cat official
    Tommy the Cat official

    So much symbolic imagery It ridiculous

  • Brad Houston
    Brad Houston

    Love it

  • Stacy

    Does anyone know the background song? The one he’s singing to in the beginning??

    • Mystical Potato
      Mystical Potato

      There stands the glass Webb pierce

  • Todd T
    Todd T

    Is this country??? I think not.

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  • Darryl Brock
    Darryl Brock

    Cody jinks was right!!!

  • Julie Parrington
    Julie Parrington

    Don't watch the video girlfriends., Just listen to the song. Love Julie 💚

  • Julie Parrington
    Julie Parrington

    Sam Hunt!!! Keep it coming handsome. Love Julie 💚

  • Big Country Chugs
    Big Country Chugs

    This isnt COUNTRY!!

  • Ella Mikula
    Ella Mikula

    Is the oldie song in the beginning an actual song?

  • Avagrace Crisp
    Avagrace Crisp

    I love this song

  • Craters Away
    Craters Away

    Is he singing about the kid?!??

  • John Dowling, jr.
    John Dowling, jr.

    I don't really like this song, and I don't have any useable vision to enjoy the video. So... No. Then again, I never really liked any of Sam's stuff. No offence to people that do.

  • Marcus Russell
    Marcus Russell

    Drake and Sam hunt need to dis song to together

  • William Ledbetter
    William Ledbetter


  • Dana Troy
    Dana Troy


  • Steven Zeffield
    Steven Zeffield

    This is hard to understand the video is confusing like HOLY

    • Ambere yt?u it even yummy t I'll k just eeyil C
      Ambere yt?u it even yummy t I'll k just eeyil C

      Bad I love you right now aasg hug as a vs AC🐰

    • Ambere yt?u it even yummy t I'll k just eeyil C
      Ambere yt?u it even yummy t I'll k just eeyil C

      Àad vs GB h🙄

    • Ambere yt?u it even yummy t I'll k just eeyil C
      Ambere yt?u it even yummy t I'll k just eeyil C

      each case😳😭asg has g vs x van


    I’d say Sam Hunt was referring to life and how it’s so cold hearted at times, that the struggles you go through in life are the cold-hard truths. Just my understanding of the music video. May be way off but, I gave it a shot.

  • Motlalepula Lehasa
    Motlalepula Lehasa

    This is very nice to listen to thank you.

  • Dylan Tapley
    Dylan Tapley

    This is horrible. Don’t ever use Webb Pierce again you piece of crap.

  • Balling Gamers
    Balling Gamers

    This song is ok but it does not belong for country this generstionnof country has aids

  • Asshole Asshole
    Asshole Asshole


  • Dennis Casto
    Dennis Casto

    God damn travesty and shame he had to use Webb Pierce in this epic trash song...Smh.

  • mcclainlacey

    Love it my son does

  • jackie s
    jackie s

    Great song. Interesting video - very conceptual.... and feels like it was written and directed by Elmore Leonard 😊

  • Gabriel S
    Gabriel S

    Intro of this song sounds like a Disney channel song for some reason lol

  • Brittany Hoffacker
    Brittany Hoffacker

    I love this song and i still do

    • Brandon

      What about this song is any good-at all? The horrible sample, the creepy lyrics, this has got to be one of the worst songs I've heard and I truly don't get how people click like this

  • Lauren Capp
    Lauren Capp

    My summer fishing and beating every guy on the water out with my bass prowess. Rocking this in my headphones while their sitting there with their bobbers still sucking while I reel in a hog of a bass. I dont fish like a whimp...real chicks use lures! Chicks fish get over it and we can out do you just ask my man

  • Beth Hankins
    Beth Hankins

    I love this song but I don't get the music video

  • Jessica Martinez-Azamar
    Jessica Martinez-Azamar

    i like this

  • Kyle Ford
    Kyle Ford

    Sam has a twin brother

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent

    die antwoord

  • Charlotte Kuehne
    Charlotte Kuehne

    pretty dam good💔

  • Alex Main
    Alex Main

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  • meguo rio
    meguo rio

    I will never forget this song's title. It's hard to forget.

  • Jackie Kennedy
    Jackie Kennedy

    Love this song to death

  • Emma Aldrich
    Emma Aldrich


  • Richard Small
    Richard Small

    Damn, heard this song I can't get it out of my head. End up playing it here at least 3 times a me, I'm hooked!

  • TheRobjc123

    Not memorable, interesting or compelling.

  • Mm Cc
    Mm Cc

    So....was there a storyline here?

  • Reese The Beast
    Reese The Beast

    Like if Sam Hunt is the most handsome country’s boy you’ve ever seen

  • jeffrey manley
    jeffrey manley

    denzel curry

  • frankie15oct

    Damn I wanted to hate this song! You got me though Sam! Love it! My wife and teenage sons may laugh at me, but I love it!

  • Edward Fox
    Edward Fox

    peppa pig

  • Janine Ferrer
    Janine Ferrer




  • Cole Harwood
    Cole Harwood

    Sam when are you going to stop ruining country

  • christina

    This video is a fever dream

  • misspuppy123456

    “There stands the glass” I knew as soon as I herd it couldn’t remember who originally sang it but I’m so glad I found it, my grandpa used to plays old country songs and when I herd the beginning it was like I was driving around with his again ♥️

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