Scooter - Hey Fat Boy! (Official Music Video)
Lance Thirtyacre
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Official Music Video For "Hey Fat Boy!" by Scooter!
#Scooter #HeyFatBoy
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  • Super Bowser Logan 2 Jrhudjdjhdjf
    Super Bowser Logan 2 Jrhudjdjhdjf


  • Tyler Davies
    Tyler Davies


  • Master Ellis
    Master Ellis

    I think they’ll do Feebee next. Provided they decide to bring her back to life.

  • The best KDB fan
    The best KDB fan

    Music idea: I hate green beans - jeffy

  • Joshdog55

    Slow it down and woola Drunk scotter

  • Lisy Hernandez
    Lisy Hernandez

    Yoyoyo hey fat boy wanna fight OK

  • Jon


  • Scotty Daniel
    Scotty Daniel


  • Tj 21 Lit
    Tj 21 Lit

    Bro the duet would be sick

  • MarQuelo McComb
    MarQuelo McComb

    Scooter basically is Jeffy ya see they cloned Jeffy to make scooter

  • Big Corian
    Big Corian


  • Joshua Rordiguez
    Joshua Rordiguez

    Hey fat boy you wanna fight

  • Joshua Rordiguez
    Joshua Rordiguez

    Do you do you do you are a fat boy he’s fat boy you wanna fight

  • ςσlιη.

    Scooter the rapper - Hey fat boy Jeffy the rapper - 1 &2 - 1 - Why 2 - Wanna see my pencil Black yoshi the rapper - MARIO PLEEZ! Richard the rapper - EWW POOR! Junior the rapper - ????(idk what the title should be....)????

  • Matty Castellanos
    Matty Castellanos


  • GamingSaurus Rex
    GamingSaurus Rex

    E you have bad

  • X gamers21 Pug
    X gamers21 Pug

    Hey fat boy you wanna fight

  • Dericks Romero
    Dericks Romero

    Music idea Jamal: chicken

  • Dionna Mayes
    Dionna Mayes

    Hey what's up

  • Santeria Johnson
    Santeria Johnson


  • Shino Aburame
    Shino Aburame

    Sml need to make a episode where jeffy and scooter collab against toad and ray cheesy

  • The Awsome MarioYT
    The Awsome MarioYT

    Jeffy and Scooter Crossover

  • Hamburger Boy
    Hamburger Boy

    Fat boyyyy

  • Jewlez Gittens
    Jewlez Gittens

    love it

  • Scooter

    I’m the best rapper fat boy

  • Gerardo Martinez
    Gerardo Martinez

    Scooter and jeffy

  • Rexz Juicy
    Rexz Juicy

    This is my opinion but I think Logan’s videos have gone downhill

  • Roblox Explorer
    Roblox Explorer

    Dad: Leaves to "go to the grocery store" Me 2 years later: mom why has dad been at the store for so long? Mom: I dunno but let me watch the news to see if I won lottery. Me: MOM YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE WINNER OF 350 MILLION DOLLARS. Dad: *Comes back from "grocery store" 0:01

  • -cutie studio-
    -cutie studio-

    Me when my dad Come home with winning lottery ticket : 0:00

  • Harry A
    Harry A

    I loved The bit when he just random just punches the air 0:07

  • Giorgi Skhirtladze
    Giorgi Skhirtladze

    Friend: what music do you listen to? Me: You wouldn’t get it

  • Sam Boi
    Sam Boi

    Ya boi not boy

  • Sam Boi
    Sam Boi

    Not boy boi

  • Lucky Rease
    Lucky Rease


  • KirbStomp Rayen
    KirbStomp Rayen

    Do Jeffy feat Scooter titled pencil

  • J1 trapz
    J1 trapz


  • random person watching anime
    random person watching anime

    yo yo yo here comes scooter😎😎😂😂

  • 77 Xxhezboi Reee
    77 Xxhezboi Reee


  • Angel Madison
    Angel Madison


  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez

    Music idea Cody Being Hunky Music video PS hes not Hunky

  • MightyJKF

    Me when I get a green screen

  • it says it on my shirt Jeffy
    it says it on my shirt Jeffy

    Scooter has somethings from Jeffy like the clothes

  • GamingWith Layla
    GamingWith Layla

    Scooter looks like jeffy because scooter has a pencil on his noes too

  • Marcos Arroyo
    Marcos Arroyo

    Make jeffy and scooter making theme diss each other

  • Reduncer

    Hey fat boy u wanna fight u wanna fight lets go

  • 「Pedrinho-Kai Games」
    「Pedrinho-Kai Games」

    I love the fact that every SML character get famous just for rapping.

  • WRLD Pyscho
    WRLD Pyscho

    Jeffy gone win

  • Maricruz Corona
    Maricruz Corona

    This is DUMB and stupid

  • GAMER 59806
    GAMER 59806


  • NotKingFishy 1650
    NotKingFishy 1650

    Scooter is way better than Jeffy

  • Brian Mitchell
    Brian Mitchell

    They should do a diss

  • Len The Pickle
    Len The Pickle

    video idea mario the rapper (please no house payment)

  • rileyog2008 Ogden
    rileyog2008 Ogden

    Who thinks scooter is funny

  • DylanFN_ 1
    DylanFN_ 1

    Which is better jeffy or scooter

  • MrPlayz

    Hey fat boy!

  • Dinosaur Best
    Dinosaur Best

    Fuck lance

  • Lim Liew Kim
    Lim Liew Kim

    Soccoters your song is good and you know how much is the first place

  • jenna poyner
    jenna poyner

    Hey fat boy

  • A dog Games
    A dog Games

    1:08 me when I’m hot and people are near me

  • Cynical Boi
    Cynical Boi

    Sml vids in my opinion aren’t good I miss the old sml

  • Trey Cocroft
    Trey Cocroft

    Be you but you you are crazy and nobody likes her Channel

  • Supreme Jordan
    Supreme Jordan

    Woah man hes saying his own sound effects Lol xD


    The beat tho 🔥

  • gamer savege
    gamer savege

    2× speed 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jake 1234
    Jake 1234

    0:00 when she says she’s alone

  • NoT Ghouly
    NoT Ghouly

    This song actually sucks dick, and you made to many rapper videos the joke is pretty old like jeffy and scooter

  • Queenbelover

    This is very very very funny so I decided to like this vid and hit the bell button and I subscribed this IT-my Chanel okay ☑️

  • jose magaso
    jose magaso

    Fuck you Scottre

  • Ya Yeeety
    Ya Yeeety

    Jerry and scooter should do an music video together

  • Bryanna Purnell
    Bryanna Purnell

    Why Scooter look just like Jeffy

Prossimi video