SCP-1128 The Aquatic Horror (SCP Animation)
TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-1128 Animation.
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SCP 1128, also known as The Aquatic Horror, is an entity that manifests as a massive aquatic predator to anyone given a full description of the being's appearance.
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  • Maurice Curry
    Maurice Curry

    The eraser man scared of rainbow rock shark


    Me: no scary jellybean sharky lol Me: HOL UP WAS THAT A WHALE IT SWALLOWED Me: LOL whale go bye bye

  • Leevi V
    Leevi V

    What happened if two D-classes went in the water and only one of them sees the pictures?!?!

  • Sh4rks Tooth
    Sh4rks Tooth

    Sounds like the STAND from Jojo Part 5

  • Toffee RBLX
    Toffee RBLX

    2:07 is that the "meme" finger

  • James Chacon
    James Chacon

    I want to see scp breaking news pleass rubber 😢😢😢😢

  • Soda_Fission

    Water 096. Water 096. Water 096.

  • Andrina Overby
    Andrina Overby

    If they added this in subnautica it would dwarf all the other leviathans

  • Rocky ha
    Rocky ha

    fucking god

  • Dan Eyal
    Dan Eyal

    I'm sorry, but I just can't keep this to myself anymore- I really like your videos, but your mascot reminds me of the tofu aliens from Teen Titans...XD

  • Jahku Gumiran
    Jahku Gumiran


  • Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin
    Shawn Wilfred Cueme Datuin

    Pls dont tell me that this isnt the real description about 1128

  • Lordy 210
    Lordy 210

    Could you plz do 1317

  • Infinitely Strange
    Infinitely Strange

    "Your body is 70% water" Imagine you just implode


    Nice video!

  • Un-ironic Reference.
    Un-ironic Reference.

    You don't drink Vodka outside of Russia. Vodka *drank* you.

  • Hareshlfc rejani
    Hareshlfc rejani

    For a moment I thought I heard YOSHIKAGE Kira theme

  • Jalanie Mamailao
    Jalanie Mamailao

    This was creepy and exciting at the same time

  • Johnny Gat
    Johnny Gat

    I feel more like searching it up now

  • The Doctor Kelly Show
    The Doctor Kelly Show

    Stop doing emojis stupid

  • SCP-682 With internet
    SCP-682 With internet

    Hello, do I still count here?

  • Jeovani Paj
    Jeovani Paj

    Scp 1128 is a megaledon but it’s a zombie

  • Mariah Demps
    Mariah Demps

    scp like cat want mee dog


    Bruh I drink water a lot now I need to drink milk.

  • Giokyo

    4:10 lol thats the dragon radar from dbz

  • Suv Ha
    Suv Ha

    i like your vidios

  • gavin reyna
    gavin reyna

    If this scp excited oh flip I'm dead

  • Maria diana Rosanes
    Maria diana Rosanes


  • Pamela Kerry Torque
    Pamela Kerry Torque

    Have about swim in milk.....;-;

  • Charles Pendragon
    Charles Pendragon

    what is the music you use for all these videos? I'd love to get it for background ambiance.

  • Laiju Sathya
    Laiju Sathya

    will it work for real

  • Eva Chen
    Eva Chen

    Time to avoid water : )

  • Noah Summerhays
    Noah Summerhays

    How did he get this info

  • David Pinion
    David Pinion


  • Shawn Collins
    Shawn Collins

    Looks like a megalodon

  • Juleception

    Can I get some class-c-amnestics?

  • Dorito boi productions
    Dorito boi productions

    When a shark survives Chernobyl

  • Thor Horkman
    Thor Horkman

    I love swimming

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen


  • Giraffe King9000
    Giraffe King9000

    4:09 is that a dragon radar?

  • Something Gaming
    Something Gaming

    Scp 3000 vs Scp 1128

  • don't matter
    don't matter

    This is my nightmare... Cant even close my eyes under a shower

  • Erin Gara
    Erin Gara

    Wait a second by watching this video am i exposed? Welp we are all doomed if we are.

  • Eugent Gjokaj
    Eugent Gjokaj

    If kids se this they will be scared

  • 《Gacha SG Melody UwU》
    《Gacha SG Melody UwU》

    Will this video effect us with 1128??? This is creepy!

  • Abijah Eric Erlano
    Abijah Eric Erlano

    subnautica 3

  • vanya adnan
    vanya adnan

    Oh my God SCP very very very very scared 😱

  • Kenny The Prodigy
    Kenny The Prodigy

    Let me know how long ago you watched this and let me know if you are stll alive

  • ajames sarabia
    ajames sarabia


  • Kenny The Prodigy
    Kenny The Prodigy

    Wate are we going to get this sickness thing

  • Terraria Nezt
    Terraria Nezt

    2.7 Million people need c class amnestics



  • Random Youtube User
    Random Youtube User

    so that's how Zack King did it...

  • Elmer Bautista
    Elmer Bautista

    what happened if megalodon vs 1128 write to comments

  • Ricardo Cabrera
    Ricardo Cabrera

    Is not real

  • xXgamerxX gaming
    xXgamerxX gaming

    Technically this video in and of itself is part of scp 1128

  • CarolPrincess09

    Why are the subjects called “D-Class”?

  • hi I AM you
    hi I AM you

    See I'm not crazy for being scared of water

  • Madeline Shaw
    Madeline Shaw

    make a video of scp 999

  • Smiley meme
    Smiley meme

    Plot twist: the rubber is a scp

  • Cpt. Crunch
    Cpt. Crunch

    Say ex-spear-iment one more time and I swear to God I'm gonna unsub

  • rgparadox

    its insane how people are able to make up things like this


    5:12 the water drank back.

  • ImNotPJR YT
    ImNotPJR YT

    wait.. aren't videos also part of like the content of the creature

  • Jeiuel Dzeus Mata
    Jeiuel Dzeus Mata

    Megalodon vs scp1128

  • Steven Mosco
    Steven Mosco

    Wouldn’t telling us just give us our fate

  • Jefferson Josué Velasco Orellana
    Jefferson Josué Velasco Orellana

    Oh thanks to god i will por skin in me life again maybe.

  • diamond x
    diamond x

    How did nobody realize a Dragon Ball Z reference the Dragon Ball radar

  • Hi I'm Leo
    Hi I'm Leo

    Is that Gura's dad?

  • arun verma
    arun verma

    Please make a video on scp 001

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