Seahawks vs. Packers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs
The Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay Packers during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.
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  • Brandon Dorcas
    Brandon Dorcas

    Omg that drop by 17 hurts looking back. That was a horrible time to drop that. Google says that was Malik Turner?

  • I like to watch NFL
    I like to watch NFL


  • CammedLS3

    people saying packers were the worst 13-3 team ... so what does that make the Seahawks since they lost to them ?

  • Sarah Freeman
    Sarah Freeman

    Oh ok

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez


  • Aarav Reddy
    Aarav Reddy

    Why did we punt it?

  • Andy During
    Andy During

    lol hawks fans

  • Andy During
    Andy During

    though beadown

  • Road Shot
    Road Shot

    I’m here because i remember the Seahawks got down early and then they were so close to coming back but that drop at the end really screwed up the momentum plus jimmy graham didn’t get the first down.

  • Jennifer Nugent
    Jennifer Nugent

    Fans : how many fumbles Seahawks: yes

  • Moe Snert
    Moe Snert

    Last nfl game i was at before the world shut down


    Lmao just realized they muted the woo guy 💀

  • CEO of Punjabi
    CEO of Punjabi

    Legion of Bums

  • wilder bautista
    wilder bautista

    jeremy lin

  • StyleMo

    seahawks could not stop the packers on 3rd down jesus christ

  • El Finnle
    El Finnle

    If the hawks won this we could’ve had a pretty different super bowl

  • Fumi S
    Fumi S

    It’s painful to watch this, if you’re a seahawks fan. Everyone on seahawks doing bad. Flowers getting beat one on one. McDougal missed tackle. Even Griffin getting penalties. Hollister was dropping balls and fumbling. WRs couldn’t get themselves opened for Russ to throw...they were just falling apart..😢

  • Stephen Ishola
    Stephen Ishola

    As a Seahawks fan, I’m just going to go ahead and call this a rivalry from now on. The Seahawks vs Packers is always set out to be a helluva game. #GoHawks

  • Kenneth Lee
    Kenneth Lee

    7:05 should have done that in the superbowl also 9:22

  • Dylan Leaks
    Dylan Leaks

    Who's here after Malik turner got signed?

  • Mckenzie Holden
    Mckenzie Holden

    The ref sucks

  • Noah Page
    Noah Page

    Lets be honest, if Turner doesn’t drop that ball at 10:32, theres a good chance the Seahawks score on that drive and take the lead. Forcing the Packers to have to go down the field and score instead of run the time out. What the result of that would be, I can’t say. But it’s interesting to think how significantly that one play may have changed the game.

  • Landeno LLC
    Landeno LLC

    BWagz came for blood 💥

  • Yo-yo 28
    Yo-yo 28

    Aaron Rodgers is a Bad Man and that’s facts

  • Jacob Richardson
    Jacob Richardson

    Looking back on this game, I can see now why Pete traded for Pro Bowl Safety Adams, now re-sign Clowney for one more year and they will win the Super Bowl. Russell Wilson moving in that pocket is like Hudinhi

  • Jalen ______
    Jalen ______

    If we had run game we would’ve won the super bowl

  • The Twister
    The Twister

    Seahawks would have won this game if flowers was never on there team

  • Ramya Patel
    Ramya Patel

    Seahawks should have won but they DROPPED the ball I WAS MAD when that happened

  • Gregory Campbell
    Gregory Campbell

    People who say russ needs more help needs to watch this game. Offensively they can be better of course but you gotta be able to make stops and defensively we couldn't do much in the first half. THEN russell had to do everything to get us back in the game. They got to two superbowls because of their defense which is why getting Jamal Adam's was huge and hopefully will be a big piece to our success going forward.

  • Jacob Aaron
    Jacob Aaron

    The definition of two bad teams with two great QB's. I'd say with just an average qb, Seahawks are an 8-8 team if they are lucky.

    • Alfie Bruce
      Alfie Bruce

      Jacob Aaron Conpletely agree, the problem isnt really Weapons for him, its O line and the very basic offensive playbook that Shotty comes up with

    • Jacob Aaron
      Jacob Aaron

      @Alfie Bruce In my opinion Russ is good enough, if you just get him a descent O-line, you're SB contenders every year. It's a shame. Also the games I did see of Seattle they seem to pretty consistently run the ball on 1st and 2nd down then throw on third. Very predictable and that keeps a QB from getting in a rhythm.

    • Alfie Bruce
      Alfie Bruce

      Jacob Aaron Because we have most of our salary cap on two Hall of famers, Russ and Wagner, in my opinion it would actually be more beneficial in the long term to trade a guy like Bobby just so we could strengthen positions like Oline and Dline

    • Jacob Aaron
      Jacob Aaron

      @Alfie Bruce I don't follow the Seahawks too much besides that I like Russell. So why aren't you guys getting some good offensive linemen to help him out? Bc he's always on the run with y'all's O line

    • Jacob Aaron
      Jacob Aaron

      @Alfie Bruce Ya I could see that. It would definitely be rough for you guys w/o Wilson.

  • Cal Thrailkill
    Cal Thrailkill

    the spot that ended the game was horrible, cost the Seahawks a chance

  • david bamundaga
    david bamundaga

    russell was not sliding i was surprised

  • SimpTV

    Wilson carries the team all the time, but there’s only so much he can do.

  • Teon Smith
    Teon Smith

    Dam if the Seahawks would’ve just gave marshawn the ball in the Super Bowl they could have 2 rings rn

  • Thot Slayer
    Thot Slayer

    Me as a 49ers fan I hope they both lose

    • rod.

      you have a ravens picture

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson

    Lambeau was on fore

  • Tim Mahajan
    Tim Mahajan

    Jesus Christ Russell Wilson is the most overrated QB ever... dude throws for less yards than Brees with a better defense and everyone whines how he has no help 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Colton Gangl
      Colton Gangl

      You’re either trolling or just don’t watch football😂

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g

    Seattles coaching staff has again proven that they are stoke in a dinosaur age offense with a Hall of Fame QB, Seattle will never learn.

  • Isaiah Fernandez
    Isaiah Fernandez

    #17 with that drop cost Seattle the game

  • Monty 4504
    Monty 4504

    Rigged😂 Aaron Jones didn’t get in, PIs was actually good defense, and Jimmy Graham was short by like a mile🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Monty 4504
      Monty 4504

      Tavious Oliver lmaoooo go look at 11:38 and tell me wtf you see

    • Tavious Oliver
      Tavious Oliver

      Jimmy Graham wasnt short of the first down he actually made the first down for your information the marketing was wrong if u closely look at the play

  • MysticalMikeWWE

    . 1st 2nd 3rd 4th SCR SEA 3 0 14 6 23 GB 7 14 7 0 28

  • Andres

    The Seahawks were not robbed in this game

  • Brandon York
    Brandon York


  • 23 Strats
    23 Strats

    All Malik Turner had to do was catch his pass, and would possibly could’ve won the game...

  • splby

    number 17 Malik Turner with that drop on 2nd down. unforgiveable.


    As a hawks fan this hurt but its okay because they cant beat us at home.BTW can we please get aaron rodgers more super bowl wins cuz im trying to see him in the hof

    • Weneed him
      Weneed him

      you're supposed to cheer for hawks, not against him

  • PackerFan12

    Imagine making so many excuses because Green Bay won 😂

    • Weneed him
      Weneed him

      @Deepinder Bharaj facts thank you, someone with brain

    • Deepinder Bharaj
      Deepinder Bharaj

      Lol you guys almost let an injured Seahawks team comeback 3-21💀then loses to the niners

    • Weneed him
      Weneed him

      green bay got destroyed against 49ers, and you guys I believe just beat an injured seahawks team and almost choked the lead again, green bay always chokes

  • Ryder Hansen
    Ryder Hansen


  • Nosy Rosie
    Nosy Rosie

    Good play call on the Green Bay, Quarterback!

  • Real Is Real
    Real Is Real

    The best seahawks qb Russell Wilson Best seahawks rb Russell Wilson

  • John Ogo
    John Ogo

    Yeah watch the Seahawks this year come into Green Bay and beat those packers because it never fails! Seahawks always get their revenge!

    • John Ogo
      John Ogo

      JimBobWay ah f**k the pathetic packers!

    • JimBobWay

      @John Ogo If you want to think that then great, but since Seattle finished 2nd in their division, and Green Bay finished 1st in theirs, then they can't play eachother because of that, and the next time the NFC North, and NFC West play eachother is in 2021. If anything, Green Bay would probably prefer Seattle as an opponent over San Fransisco. Also the Packers play a lot of tough teams: Minnesota (twice), New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Houston, San Fransisco, and Tennesee, so I really don't know why you're saying the things you're saying, unless you don't know anything about the scheduling system, and did no research.

    • John Ogo
      John Ogo

      JimBobWay sounds like rigged to me and I bet the wacker packers has something to do with it because they are scared and they don’t want to face the tough teams so they want a easy schedule!!!

    • JimBobWay

      @John Ogo No... That's just how the scheduling rotation system works.

    • John Ogo
      John Ogo

      JimBobWay yeah because pathetic packers is scared and they rig and cheat on their schedule because they know Seahawks is going to smack them real good! Seahawks always get their revenge just like against the patriots, falcons, eagles, giants, cardinals, chiefs, cowboys and 40 whiners!!!

  • Fantasy Football Tips
    Fantasy Football Tips

    8:46 Catch by Locket is unbelievable

  • Ethan Kispert
    Ethan Kispert

    Some of the worst officiating I've ever seen as a Hawks fan. It showed when Green Bay played the 49ers afterwards.

  • Drew Drewski
    Drew Drewski

    People say Rodgers isn't as good as he used to be, but i don't see it. He still has the deep ball, still has the accuracy, and still has the wheels when he needs them. He just isn't asked to do as much since he actually has a running game & a decent defense for the first time since the 2010 playoffs.

    • Weneed him
      Weneed him

      but he doesn't have the winning mentality

  • Dan Keeley
    Dan Keeley

    Packers suck sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Isac Rudquist
    Isac Rudquist

    seahawks fans: That was not a first down the refs r helping the packers. flashback to 2012 NFC championship refs call the dumbest touchdown for the seahawks to win. breaks all packer fans hearts

    • Weneed him
      Weneed him

      @Isac Rudquist lol, mistakes happen

    • Isac Rudquist
      Isac Rudquist

      o im an idiot i mixed the mnf game and 2014 championship game

    • Weneed him
      Weneed him

      I would agree with you, but I can't listen to you because seahawks never played the packers in the nfc championship in 2012, sadly I won't take this comment seriously

  • Noah Hamel
    Noah Hamel

    Only to get whooped by my niners

    • Josh Daniel
      Josh Daniel

      And then.... yeah.

  • Meridian

    Damn I wanted a Seahawks vs. 49ers NFC Championship so bad

  • Daniel Bennett
    Daniel Bennett

    11:13 was the best throw and catch of the year

  • Xavier Hernandez
    Xavier Hernandez

    I don't think I've ever seen a qb carry their team as much as Russell did here

  • Ryan MacDonald
    Ryan MacDonald

    Does anyone remember of the Packers fans screaming WOOOO in that game 🤣🤣

  • Aaden Green
    Aaden Green

    We were that close to coming back😞

  • the biggest packer fan
    the biggest packer fan

    GO PACK GO packers are better then the seahawks

  • Christian Alexander
    Christian Alexander

    Even though Seattle lost I still like them

  • Josiah C.
    Josiah C.

    10:07 was that a facemask? It looked like it

  • bobby los kings
    bobby los kings

    Say all you want about Jimmy Graham but he made some clutch plays throughout last season.

  • Twyler68

    I don’t even like the packers but I sure like seeing russel Wilson and Pete carrol lose. I still can’t believe the way they blew it against the pats in the super bowl.

  • Emman The goat
    Emman The goat

    Go pack go

  • Sicario

    Idc how many times my packers beat the hawks I’ll never forget the nfc championship 😔

  • Kinjal Mehta
    Kinjal Mehta

    follow my youtube channel unstoppable all star

    • Kinjal Mehta
      Kinjal Mehta


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