Search Party with the Stranger Things Cast
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink and Noah Schnapp team up with Jimmy against Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and The Roots' Tarik Trotter as the Stranger Things cast faces off in a race to guess the most popular Internet search results, like "Will I regret eating this whole..."
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Search Party with the Stranger Things Cast

  • XxZEROxX

    As soon as Caleb said "pizza pie" i thought of pizza time from Spider-Man, anyone else? No? Just me then.

  • RyZZeN

    4:44 umm,what?

  • Mollie

    00:07 colourful team 00:11 gothic team

  • Amina Ali
    Amina Ali

    New Version of Family Fued

  • Kimberley Heidemann
    Kimberley Heidemann

    I love this

  • M1XED S0UL
    M1XED S0UL

    Mille is so overrated. Sadie is the underrated queen

  • Malak Anees
    Malak Anees

    Sadie didnt get to play jimmy could’ve easily hosted the game and let them play

  • Vivek Govil
    Vivek Govil

    I just love Noah❤❤

  • Oliver Taylor
    Oliver Taylor

    This game was honestly rigged..

  • Wolf Gangers
    Wolf Gangers

    so cute

  • Jordyn K
    Jordyn K

    4:44 look at Jimmy's hands

  • jenny

    4:02 4:20 4:37 4:58 5:29 *5:38* 5:42 5:50 5:54 6:09 6:17 6:26 your welcome

  • Mr. Neo
    Mr. Neo

    Should I get a new ohone?

  • Charlatte

    5.39 When the host asked the following: "Should I get a new..." Millie: "Boyfriend-" Lol. 😂

  • Manon

    5:06 - 5:16 is Noah struggling with his name board😂

  • Queenie Le Fangirl
    Queenie Le Fangirl

    4:44 what just happened

  • Dj White
    Dj White

    “who thinks of turkey?” *me thinking that it’s turkey*

  • Amppu PW
    Amppu PW


  • MC Diamond
    MC Diamond

    Noah schnapp is the most good looking human on earth :) ❤️❤️❤️

  • Connor M
    Connor M

    4:40jimmy is a rapist

  • BSM To
    BSM To xD

  • sean prock
    sean prock

    So sad to see how staged this "programinging" at its best

  • Nely Luna
    Nely Luna


  • Nely Luna
    Nely Luna

    That was kinda mean what Millie said to ca Caleb she said (I don’t like you so it’s fine”)

  • stupid dumb we are peanuts yeah
    stupid dumb we are peanuts yeah

    0:58 EEEE

  • Aivy Liu
    Aivy Liu

    I feel like Sadie was a little left out

  • Sona_ Life
    Sona_ Life

    I was dead when Millie said boyfriend😂😂

  • ;;-

    Millie : “BOYFRI-“ *realises she’s talking about Noah*

    • Yomamagei


  • Xime Soto
    Xime Soto

    I love you Milly

  • p k
    p k

    The host for this thingy(don't know his name sorryyy) looks so much like Stephen Colbert 😂😂

  • Eiskoenigin Elsa
    Eiskoenigin Elsa

    4:59 Nobody: Really no person in the world or the upside down: Not a fart on earth: Noah: I lost my name!

  • Clara SassDalby
    Clara SassDalby

    I actually feel kind of sorry for Sadie. She didn't even get the chance to play.. :(

  • Rubysue Moran
    Rubysue Moran

    Question: should I get a new..? Millie: Boyfriend😂

  • Ashley's TV
    Ashley's TV

    Millie is rude here. She is not playful

  • Zara Pereira
    Zara Pereira

    Ummmm....The 80’s did NOT have the worst music!

  • Cindy Moore
    Cindy Moore

    I am offended the 80’s has the BEST music Tsk Tsk Tsk

  • Stranger_ me
    Stranger_ me

    Who's here waiting for stranger things season 4

  • Stranger Tings
    Stranger Tings

    Ahh I love the 80s

  • JustYvette

    Millie and Finn 🥰🥰🥰

  • Cardigan Backyardigan
    Cardigan Backyardigan

    No one: My sister: "I ship Finn and Jimmy"

    • Kyle Reese
      Kyle Reese

      She does? Lol.

  • tokyo inn
    tokyo inn

    4:44 jimmy sometimes acts,, weird?? skjskj idk


    Noah is me with my crack head self

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed

    Just saying, the 80s had amazing hair, clothing and music to all those people asking

  • Dolphinian RN
    Dolphinian RN

    Me:reads the title *this stranger things joke just got meta*

  • Elizabeth Vega
    Elizabeth Vega

    Jimmys mustache.........

  • Chrissy Verdin
    Chrissy Verdin

    Hi. I. Love Yall

  • Spam Mail
    Spam Mail

    She's a nice girl, but I can see why people don't like her

    • Spam Mail
      Spam Mail

      @Kykim Gangte is this a question?

    • Kykim Gangte
      Kykim Gangte

      Why people don't like her

  • Alejandra Vanegas
    Alejandra Vanegas

    5:38 literally me when I realize I have an assignment due at 11:59 and it’s 11:45

  • Aqua_ zwan
    Aqua_ zwan

    Noah is like me... Smart but clumsy 😂😂

  • Jazmyn Chalmers
    Jazmyn Chalmers

    They had the best clothes and music in the 80s

  • Hywel Jones
    Hywel Jones

    5:40 You can see how faithful Millie is right here. I cracked up.

  • Ekta Singh
    Ekta Singh

    2:03 I feel ya Finn I feel ya

  • Lila Minichino
    Lila Minichino

    I can’t wait I till season 4 comes out

  • Drippy Cloud
    Drippy Cloud

    DOES ANY BODY REMEMBER Jimmy: can you read? Fin: can you host? **cue da silly string**

  • Hermione Weasley
    Hermione Weasley

    I’m now changing my name to “Hermione weasley’s ohone

  • T1000AX

    pause 4:44 think mille was scared for a second lol

  • Grace Culbreath
    Grace Culbreath

    i’m laughing so hard

  • Lily O
    Lily O

    i love it how noah's having a breakdown about whether or not to right phone and millie just says " a new boyfriend ". i felt that

  • Just do it later
    Just do it later

    In stranger things El talks for a total of only 30 lines both seasons. Real life You will know what type she is.

  • Anika G
    Anika G

    Noah is the cutest being on this planet, and Sadie is the most beautiful

  • Wicklan

    Finn slowly turning into a mini MJ

  • Ksp Creator
    Ksp Creator


  • Sarahi pie ÙwÚ
    Sarahi pie ÙwÚ

    Did anybody notice that Noah miller sadie all in stanger things have an issue

  • Wxpeoute

    Lmao… Millie like BOYFRIE and she was like… crap

  • Uni Steph
    Uni Steph

    Wait who won

  • its robloxx
    its robloxx

    why is no one commenting about how Sadie was COMPLETELY left out?

    • Abdoulaye Diouf
      Abdoulaye Diouf

      Litellary everybody is commenting about that...

  • Gavin Webley
    Gavin Webley

    I feel like they already know the answer but they get one wrong on purpose

  • Matias12

    4:44 what the hell, Jimmy?

  • xItzyagurl that nobody knows
    xItzyagurl that nobody knows

    Family fued

  • Ashlee Archer
    Ashlee Archer

    Millie: yEaH FiNn dOn'T bE SaULty Finn: iS ThAt An EnGLisH ThiNG?

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