Secret Service Confirms John Mulaney Investigation Over ‘SNL’ Jokes | RS News 1/20/21
Rolling Stone
When John Mulaney went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last month, he told the host that the Secret Service had opened up an investigation on him following jokes he made during his monologue on Saturday Night Live in February 2020. On Tuesday, the Secret Service released a 27-page file on the incident, as obtained by Rolling Stone.
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  • Katie Harrell
    Katie Harrell

    Where do you get that he implied he'd been interviewed?

  • jtvalentine6

    Almost a thought crime I guess?

  • Rocksdont Eat
    Rocksdont Eat

    Why is the fbi commenting on a joke on snl. Stupid trump admin.

  • Merciful Terros
    Merciful Terros

    So let me get this right. It is okay for far right terrorists to go uninvestigated about open threats to murdering democrats. But not okay for comedians to make non serious jokes. Makes sense to me.... /S

  • Keith Vazquez
    Keith Vazquez

    Trumps last words "Et tu, Pence"

    • Billy Shears
      Billy Shears

      I doubt Trump knows any Latin words besides "cum"

  • Kaizer Glick
    Kaizer Glick

    Another waste of government work

  • Viconius

    I guess, it lead to nothing. Government in action!

  • Max Martin
    Max Martin

    So trump can say "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" John is a COMEDIAN he made a JOKE and that gets taken seriously??? Yay my tax dollars at work 🙄

  • Daulstage Butterfly
    Daulstage Butterfly

    it's just a true joke,it was funny.

  • The 3rd Jake From State Farm
    The 3rd Jake From State Farm

    1st amendment is one thing. Also, Julius Ceasar lived like 1000+ years ago

  • Generic Human Being
    Generic Human Being

    Where's those "mah freeze peach" guys?

  • Miles Tackett Music
    Miles Tackett Music

    Yes, he should have been investigated. Not exactly cool to imply that even back when that snl aired.

    • David Jefferson
      David Jefferson

      Shut up sensitive

  • Rita A.
    Rita A.

    ohhhhh please. America is the ghetto.

  • America Lost
    America Lost

    Too bad about the annoying music

  • TCM 214
    TCM 214

    he'll be alwhite

  • Joanna Hampton
    Joanna Hampton

    Seriously 😕

  • Finn McCool
    Finn McCool

    Impeach Creepy Uncle China Joe Biden

  • Finn McCool
    Finn McCool

    the Election was stolen

    • Adamurquhart

      Hahahahaha. I'd call you a tool, but that would imply you have a use. I suggest therapy.

    • Finn McCool
      Finn McCool

      @Oldshirt You must be confused , I am no filthy Liberal

    • Max Martin
      Max Martin

      🤡 🐑

    • Oldshirt

      Getting hoodwinked truly sucks. It's not too late for you to get free of this.

  • Isaac Jorgensen
    Isaac Jorgensen

    The police state is being more forward than usual lately and Trump's insurrection is the perfect excuse for Biden and co to pass the Patriot Act 2.0.

  • JMacSD

    Hot LeapDay joke: You know, Julius Ceasar decreed using a new calendar with an extra day every 4 years. Then some senators killed Julius Ceasar because they thought he went crazy. That's an interesting thing that could happen. Trump: OMG he's sending Senators to kill me, get him!

  • Herman Sommer
    Herman Sommer

    When politics is reduced to spectacle, spectacle becomes politics.

  • Carson Watkins
    Carson Watkins

    Pathetic use of government time

  • Tommy Pham
    Tommy Pham

    27 pages for a joke?

    • Zeph Zero
      Zeph Zero

      26 of the pages must of been "Things we can do to get John Mulaney to go back to rehab"

  • Nitsud

    That's silly, senators wouldn't stab him. They'd hug and kiss his butt for his blessing to run in 2024.

    • Kevin Lawson
      Kevin Lawson

      Yeah they used to woulda done that. Lately, not so much. The Trump buzz is gone and not much left but the hangover.

  • nrsrymj

    Fucking lame. All members of that investigation are strongly advised to shove it

  • Alexea Malaletkin
    Alexea Malaletkin

    John’s having a tough year

  • Thatssojohn

    Because yes American senators would do exactly that😂

    • Thatssojohn

      What a waste of taxpayer funds

  • Cult Boy
    Cult Boy

    John Mulaney is a coward Marxist

  • Bad Man Skill
    Bad Man Skill

    I still find it odd that the secret service called off protection of JFK right before the assassination. The guy in the video that calls it off knew something.

  • Properganda

    IT-my won't let me share this video

  • Hugh Manetty
    Hugh Manetty

    And Trump bragged he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue. So much for the credibility of the No Secret Disservice.

  • Michael Dob
    Michael Dob

    Sounds like something Trump would ask the secret service to do. I've heard he hates the SNL for how much they go after him.

  • GroWiTheFlow

    This is absolutely frightening

    • Erik Perez
      Erik Perez

      Not at all. The secret service isn’t gonna make up charges. If it was just a joke he’s gonna be fine

  • Comment Highlighted
    Comment Highlighted

    What? Why? 🤨🤣

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