Shane Dawson, Dr DisRespect, Tati Westbrook, Chris D'Elia - H3 Podcast #196
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00:00 - Intro
06:56 - H3 Podcast on Last Week Tonight
14:44 - Dr Disrespect
1:03:55 - Shane Dawson
2:06:31 - Chris D'Elia
2:33:07 - Happy Ending

  • gru von
    gru von

    you can tell Ethans not a tea guy buy the fact he thinks Lipton is good sorry dude but that shit is straight trash

  • Elba Gonzalez
    Elba Gonzalez

    I wish my name wasn’t related to the place that Napoleon got exiled to.... maybe that’s why I scare men away 💀

  • noru noru
    noru noru

    1:23:52 i'm assuming she's calling hims "james charles" instead of "james" because her husband is also named james and people might get confused if she calls him "james" too.

  • Laura Mills
    Laura Mills

    Ethan- “What is patchouli?” Hila- “It’s a smell” Omg I love Hila soooo much!

  • BruhAnt


  • Mistysfedora

    He is right. Toilet paper is expensive. Either They forgot or they were gaslighting him. And now I hear this mumchuck saying that he did not specify how many rolls. No HE DID specify! It specified from the start-30 rolls. I was listening. He was not. Just like he said earlier it's 20-30$ at least for the 30 name brand rolls. I knew that before he proved it to them.

  • BullHorn

    So why did he get banned D:

  • VioletBlueRedGreen

    Shane’s Instagram live was so gross. I don’t like any of these people but for him to say he’s an “empath” and then dismiss someone’s abuse is really not okay.

  • Tavia Harbison
    Tavia Harbison

    *going to burn cd merch*

  • Delilah Whatsittoya
    Delilah Whatsittoya

    To me the “love is love” thing comes from when gay marriage was becoming legal and “love is love” was a trend going on explaining how gay marriage is just love. Love is love.

  • Zekiel Mack
    Zekiel Mack


  • rhibread

    1:38:20 oof

  • Ida Eriksson
    Ida Eriksson

    Finally someone who understands Shane and just hates him without doubt

  • Jacqui Alexandra
    Jacqui Alexandra

    Ethan .. " Dude... she has scented sticks bro". lol. I'm catching up on video but this is a huge 1, I had to make a tea. English Breakfast - Builders Tea since this video tea hit like a brick.

  • Nicole Tilly
    Nicole Tilly

    Not the shoutout to without a crystal ball 😂😂😂😂


    5 months later and we still have NO clue why disrespect was banned😐

  • Dangitsjess

    I agree with Ethan when he said everyone thinks you tubers or Internet personalities are these huge evil villains that are plotting to take over the world. The whole beauty drama is hilarious because no one actually gives a shit lol

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito

    Why didn't ethan say this all to Shane's fat red face!

  • Connie M
    Connie M

    I don’t think you canhump a cat without it running or scratching or biting-in relation to the f-ed up Shane joke/accusation about his cat

  • Mafalda Catarina
    Mafalda Catarina


  • QuantiX

    yo that 4chan joke from dan! fuckin hysteric 😂

  • S S
    S S

    I can’t tell but I think this is sponsored by Lipton

  • Angelic Distortion
    Angelic Distortion

    Ethan is 100% right about toilet paper. Even if you are buying an 8 or 12 pack that shit is expensive and if you are poor it's a big deal.

  • Manny C Weiss
    Manny C Weiss

    1:11:05 "they are so dull" he says..........the irony I say

  • Loca Valdivia gringa
    Loca Valdivia gringa

    Trisha is friends with Shane right?

  • Glowy Nikki
    Glowy Nikki

    Lmfaaaaooo at having WOACB in this video 😭😂

  • Stina Maria
    Stina Maria

    Her husbands name is James which is why she says James Charles vs just James. Just to distinguish between the two.

  • donald ward
    donald ward

    Ethan "What have I been drinking?" Hila "Must have been expired."

  • little lagoons
    little lagoons

    How can you spread misinformation about a theory? If a theory with evidence to back it up (no matter how far from actual reality) is considered dangerous misinformation, why isn't religion treated the same way? If wild ones like David Ike must be silenced, then so must people who preach religious doctrines.

  • Mjbgjk Hjjvghj
    Mjbgjk Hjjvghj

    36:50 toilet paper is hella expensive. yall so boujie for not backing up Ethan. as a college student, besides school, toilet paper is like such a waste of money cus you litterally throwing $15 worth of toilet paper down the toilet

  • Savannah Kelly
    Savannah Kelly

    I still love Shane. He's not that same person, and that's what matters to me. With Tati? she was a family friend to James Charles for a long time. She could've just asked him, but she edited that video and uploaded him instead. She wasn't manipulated. She could've asked James if they were THAT close. and she didnt. She did it herself. Yes its December. Yes I'm commenting. Tati probably is a good person, but she was wrong for going after James instead of talking to him about it if she was really close to him. Shane, wtf dude. It was gross what you did in your past. I'm happy you aren't that person anymore and you grew out of that disturbing humor phase.

  • Titus Wright
    Titus Wright

    Have you guys seen the video of when Chris realizes he's fucked and that people can screen shot snap chay its great haha

  • aketz

    I hate cancel culture its so stupid

  • Raquel de Anda
    Raquel de Anda

    Wow I can’t believe this was only 4 months ago

    • whiteinkpen

      I was just getting my head around this

  • KitChick

    i really wanna meet hila her success has made me want to start my own business and inspired me to go back to school and i just need to thank her irl

  • Lisa Kate
    Lisa Kate

    My friends and i used to love Chris D'elia and his stand ups. Were in Australia. Few years ago my friend snapped him a pic of her naked tits after getting her nipples pierced and he responded and snapped her back and fourth for a while saying 'if im ever in Brisbane ill hit you up' were were 18/19 yrs old

    • Lisa Kate
      Lisa Kate

      Also im 26 now. Point of the story is when i heard about the allegations recently i had no doubt, his behaviour is obviously not new and has been ongoing a long time

  • Claire Harris
    Claire Harris

    we need a content court on Tati Westbrook

  • Ms. JayElleAye
    Ms. JayElleAye

    The toilet paper argument is the most entertaining and funniest thing I’ve heard/watched in a very long time.

  • Daiye Biz
    Daiye Biz

    He came on that cat.

  • Nikki Hayes
    Nikki Hayes

    I'm with you E, on the T.P. issue my friend! 👏💯🤣

  • I Died
    I Died

    Love laughing at a man rolling his eyes at someone’s abuse story lol wow sheep

  • I Died
    I Died

    Ya’ll clowns for sympathizing with shane LMAO

  • Kennon H.
    Kennon H.

    YES exactly! When you’re molested or physically abused as a child, especially by a family member, you do rationalize their behavior and “justify it” bc you are young and this person is older and they are supposed to love you and you trust them and it’s just weird and fucked to and when you don’t get help it GETS WORSE. ✨personal experience✨

  • Laura

    thrusting biever got me dying

  • Natalie Kelly
    Natalie Kelly

    stahp, this ad read is so funny

  • Brittany Bertolin
    Brittany Bertolin

    Listening to this in November and longing for the days when 56k a day was the record. Over 200k new cases yesterday :/

    • Saniyah Phillips
      Saniyah Phillips


  • Helencia B. Williams
    Helencia B. Williams

    She said james charles because her husband is also called james... just saying

  • Harley Zack
    Harley Zack

    Sad part is plauge inc, the game i downloaded it and was making a disease called DickCheese let me say it took over everywhere and then coronavirus hit 2 weeks after i was like whoa ok

  • Joo

    I JUST realized that I've thought that Dan and Ian were the same guy for like a year. Wtf.


    2:00:49 i want a full fake will smith call sketch exactly like this, i was DYING

  • happyveliz

    OH, MY, GAWD. Hila's "You did this" was so freaking funny. That one got me good.

  • CryBaby

    her husband's name is james, that's why she's calling him james charles

  • sugarsmacks79

    My brother got covid and had a mild flu for like a week. My 65 year old mother with kidney failure tested positive for the antigen and despite being in the high risk category had no symptoms. I was around both of them with no mask still test negative. Why does it hit some folks harder than others and it can't be blamed on high risk bc my mom is high risk. This virus along with all the other strains of corona, HIV and Ebola are man made patented viruses. If they were created in a lab rest assured they know the cure. There's no money in a cure. Think about it. The fear mongering is mind control for the masses. Pass the tin foil pls no shame in thinking outside the box.

  • Moon Shine
    Moon Shine


  • A Santizo
    A Santizo

    that one guy laughs like woody the woodpecker

  • no one
    no one

    youtube is down spread them cheeks

  • Ivana Grcevic
    Ivana Grcevic

    Why the heck is toilette paper so expensive?? The mooost expensive in Croatia is 5 layers one, 6 roles 26 kn. It's like 4 dollars for 6 roles. Aaand it lasts forever bc you need like 2 squares to pee hehe

  • Jordan 00 Squints
    Jordan 00 Squints

    To go off Hilas point when she talks about Shane and his personal experience. From a psychological point of view, as Ethan mentioned, people generally try to make sense of what happened to them, which Ethan explains as Rationalizing. This is a pretty accurate point. I appreciate Ethan and Hilas perspective on different topics specifically because they both understand what it's like from a 3rd person point of view and also as a "celebrity", somewhat. Some people don't consider IT-myrs as Celebrities, but I somewhat consider it otherwise. I'd be just excited to meet these two as I would... Tom Hanks or John Mulaney.

  • i r u y
    i r u y

    Hila looks EXTRA GORGEOUS in that semi-muted baby pink! 💗

  • Kagome8967

    Ethan the word you were thinking of was MAPS and it stands for minor attracted people a group on Twitter typically using a hentai loli avatar and they are a pedophile advocacy group and they make me sick

    • Katia

      There's the MAP movement AND there's NAMBLA It's disgusting

  • Miss

    ...... so much tea

  • Cheryl Ailias
    Cheryl Ailias

    This is kind of late but, the probability for a false negative with an Antigen test is incredibly high you should stick to the regular rapid test

  • Gabriela C
    Gabriela C

    Omg I thought this video was from jun 2019

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face

    1:24:00 i know i’m late and i’m reading too much into old drama but her referring to james charles by his full name must be since she’s reading a script someone else wrote

  • Britt C
    Britt C

    Papa John’s ALWAAAAYYYYS has more sauce than toppings and that’s why I don’t eat there

  • mad max
    mad max

    Just wait a few more months

  • Blizzzyyy


  • Andrea Zalpa
    Andrea Zalpa


  • Charlize Ball
    Charlize Ball

    Hila is such an incredibly stunning woman

  • TruthHoplee

    Sadly in the corporate world you are constantly going to dinner meetings with all kinds of weirdos and freaks. With Twitch if there is a victim involved that does not want anything to be public they will hold back on saying that is why. They did not give methodjosh a reason and it ended up coming out months later and it was really awful. If that is the case he knows and it is an insanely ballsy move how quickly he picked back up on youtube.

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