Shane Dawson DRAGGED for Deleted Tweet, YouTuber: "Jeffree Star Manipulated Me"
Jeffree Star's past comes back to haunt him, and the fallout from Dramaggeddon 2.0 continues.
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  • Spill

    Hi everyone! This video was already completed before Shane uploaded his new video. We'll be covering that video and any additional updates in a future video 🍵

    • Peter Mertens
      Peter Mertens

      In n

    • brooke lagoe
      brooke lagoe

      betch okツ hm vhm I’ve v

    • cookie monster
      cookie monster

      What are these clips called, that you used for this video? Gifs ?

    • Matthew Sullivan
      Matthew Sullivan

      Spill isn't a "Sis." Spill is a team of people who pose as everyday people.

    • Evelyn Carrillo
      Evelyn Carrillo

      The make up world is disgusting.😑

  • no name
    no name

    Waiting for the day that a genuinely good, none racist person gets ahold of Jeffrey's formula for his products and makes their own brand. Like hmu when that happens. I dont want to support jeffree anymore but I love his formula for his products

  • will B
    will B

    When you buy cosmetics from a brand cause you like makeup but get called racist because apparently liking a certain brand means you support that individual beings choices-

  • JJJ

    Being quiet in times of injustice is injustice, I am grateful that small youtubers are speaking up about being manipulated.

  • Amy Wood
    Amy Wood

    Jake Paul's house is being raided by the FBI right now.

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres

    as bowling with soup once said: “high school never ends”

  • .:EmoDere:.

    We need to stop supporting ppl like this.

  • Ry Bread
    Ry Bread

    Okay Jeffree has had plastic why is he hating on James?? It’s his body, his choice...leave the guy alone

  • Olemossy Wood
    Olemossy Wood

    People need to wake up about blm! It's a scam for political reasons. All proceeds go to democrats. You really believe these people care about b lives? Blm is a manipulative tactic to cause division for political reasons! Wake up please. We are being used and manipulate d

  • mary Goodrich
    mary Goodrich

    In my opinion they all sound like a bunch of teenage girls too the point who gives a f more important things to worry about who does what

  • Samm Justine
    Samm Justine

    Didn’t Shame completely destroyed Bobby Burns’ whole life basically? But he’s had no malice. Pffftt oKaYyY 🙄

  • Nolyism

    I have no idea why this is important. :/ this is such pretty high school bs. None of this would matter if the fans weren't eating it up.

  • meatbeatmaster2000

    This deadass wouldn't have happened if the people in the beauty community didn't always feel like someone on the rise is a huge threat to them and they have to find dirt on them and take them down to keep their place in power.

  • Ricky Campos
    Ricky Campos

    Your videos are too quiet. Turn up that volume please

  • Shelbie Keffer
    Shelbie Keffer

    Has anyone else heard about James and a 14 year old

    • Ashlee Nowzari
      Ashlee Nowzari

      no that was proven to be false

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat

    What are we doing here? I mean theres people dying in YEMEN...

  • Monika Ritter
    Monika Ritter

    overlord op

  • bobsteve md
    bobsteve md

    how did I not release this has the same animation from Brew .man I love these guys

  • Addy Jenner
    Addy Jenner

    Ik this may not be related to this video but plastic surgery is fine tbh idc if James got plastic surgery

  • geminiisun

    shane really took the zootopia fox advice and answered his own questions thinkin it looks good huh

  • Theresa Parsons
    Theresa Parsons

    Let me say I love your videos. Your voice is so soothing and you just speak on what's happening not what you think. And that's what sets you apart from other tea or whatever you want to call it channels. Much love keep up the great work.

  • Aleisha H
    Aleisha H

    Why do I feel like this WHOOOOLE thing is just so shane can do a 47 part series about it in 3 months?

  • carol

    13:18 He just described Jeffree without realizing it. Lol

  • Orgils Vlog Orgils Vlog
    Orgils Vlog Orgils Vlog

    This is the news . I’m not unfair to anyone I’m fair to everyone

  • Voracious Reader
    Voracious Reader

    These people are so juvenile....who is their target demographic? 5 year olds? I think they all need to drag their carpet squares into corners of the coat room and take a time out away from the snack for bullies, either!

  • DoggoMakes Art
    DoggoMakes Art

    It’s disgusting he has to shame someone for getting plastic surgery

  • Savannah Murray
    Savannah Murray

    What I don’t get is if you want all white people for something then what’s the issue? So many things have all Asians or POC, or Latinos, etc

  • Bootchie Woo
    Bootchie Woo

    They're all crazy😂😂

  • V A
    V A

    Shane is deflecting.

  • V A
    V A

    Jeffree is obsessed and jealous

  • D Gervais
    D Gervais

    All of them are terribke including gage

  • Lemon’s Vlogs
    Lemon’s Vlogs

    SHANE AND JEFFEREY ARE RUDE, im not speaking anything but FACTS 😌💅✨

  • ღ Jason ღ
    ღ Jason ღ

    Just because he said his cosmetics are good does not mean Jeffree is a good person



  • Milly Da Mermaid
    Milly Da Mermaid


  • Jess Wonder
    Jess Wonder

    Jeffree is literally the devil in a wig and Shawn is his demon sidekick lol

  • Jess Wonder
    Jess Wonder

    They are all trash but Tatti is the most poisonous

    • Ragmatical Rachel
      Ragmatical Rachel

      At least she isn't a racist or creepy to kids...wall as far as we know

  • chima chibi
    chima chibi

    Messages sent to Kam are soooo shallow and condescending. What a bunch of weirdos. Like this is a religious movement. And the word ‘racist,’ after so much overuse, is losing its meaning already.

  • Brandan Shakey
    Brandan Shakey

    I have never followed jeffree star on all social media platforms! (I bet you can’t steal this)

  • Brandan Shakey
    Brandan Shakey

    Y’all need to realize that “Jeffree Star” is not a good person! Stop buying his products, put him back where he was in 2012 ... he was nobody!

  • N Mac
    N Mac

    I'm doubtful about Kameron. OMG girl. Your motives are highly questionable.

  • pilar Ibarguen
    pilar Ibarguen

    Can anyone give me like a summary? Cause girl, I'm confused

  • melissa bullock
    melissa bullock


  • fofo R
    fofo R

    These men are so toxic

  • Rea

    Why is it so dificult for influencers nowadays to treat people like humans, treat them with respect.


    Of course he had to pull the race card 🥱

  • Olivia Champagne
    Olivia Champagne

    I love how you read the grammatical errors

  • Yoonji Choi
    Yoonji Choi


  • julie whitehead
    julie whitehead

    i love that you read the typos just as the are it makes my day💀😂♥️

  • OnionDoesYT

    I’m just thinking out loud here why can’t Shane and Jeffree shut up

  • Bobert

    Yall ever think this is like Esmeralda and Frollo from the Hunchback of Notra Dam? Jeffree: If I can't have you then no one can. James: Eww no, leave me alone you predator. Jeffree: Then I will ruin you.

  • Kawaii Panda
    Kawaii Panda

    I like the little education bit in the end of the video

  • itzjackie_ uwo
    itzjackie_ uwo

    shane: guysss you guys are bring mean!!! :((( mean mean meanie!!! i’m 30 and i’m going to have a panic attack so i’m not going to take accountability like a normal adult bye!!😭😭😌✌️✨

  • Angel Valdez Hernandez
    Angel Valdez Hernandez

    You come out a year later seems like someone is trying to make money off someone

  • ijisaj

    What is the song in the background?

  • Caitlin Creager
    Caitlin Creager

    California ppl have poor judgement of character......

  • Just a Bitch
    Just a Bitch

    I loved Shane but the evidence is damning

  • Keryn Lafferty
    Keryn Lafferty

    the dolans and emma need to speak out

  • blue side
    blue side

    Whats with the Moroccan tea in 0:20 ?

  • soggycrisp246

    This is a mess honestly. People need to chill.

  • Jacqueline Aguilar
    Jacqueline Aguilar

    POC-people of color

  • Mike and Sarah Hewitt
    Mike and Sarah Hewitt

    Funny how Tati's videos have tanked and now her story changes after all of this time. I'm not saying Shane and Jeffree are innocent either. I once heard someone say "You have to be consistent with your outrage." I think all of these youtubers profiting on these 4 people's misfortune is disgusting. You knew it was wrong at the time... but... you waited all this time to say anything because they are all easy targets now and you have something to gain.

  • Nicole

    u should to noah schnapps cause i have no idea whats happening?

  • Leah Gay
    Leah Gay

    This is such a well made video.

  • Heather B. Denture DiVa
    Heather B. Denture DiVa

    In sick of hearing about it too. Amen. I so agree to this letter 100%

  • Moonlight Dreamer 26
    Moonlight Dreamer 26

    Fame and Fortune is such a messed up thing; mentally taking over people to make them feel more powerful and above everyone else

  • Yoh Voys
    Yoh Voys

    This is so annoying.

  • Cassidy Walters
    Cassidy Walters

    With envy/jealousy I saw someone say to clap for your friends successes, your time is coming (and that really helped me)

  • Cassidy Walters
    Cassidy Walters

    I need anonymous to do some investigating on jeffree I think it would be interesting

  • This account is dead lml
    This account is dead lml

    I wonder why Shane was so excited about the success of the original Tati video while stating he didn’t have involvement despite Tati being in the wrong.. he’s here boasting about her while basically saying James deserved it.. also he’s claiming to be affected but.. where was his involvement publicly?? I thought it was only between James, Jeffery, and Tati- And why did James need to be “humbled” if he did nothing????

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