Shane Doan + Tyson Nash VS. Ryan Whitney + Paul Bissonnette - Sandbagger Invitational VI
Spittin' Chiclets
Biz and Whit are back for another Sandbagger Invitational, this time featuring Tyson Nash and Shane Doan at Kierland Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Will Biz sandbag his co-workers? Will the guys get Shane Doan to finally swear? Tune in to the 6th Sandbagger to find out. Presented by ROMAN.

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  • imyournewstepdad

    “Are we safe here?” “No.”

  • theotherotherwhitemeat 22
    theotherotherwhitemeat 22

    Biz and wit should have made a bet to see if they could make Doaner swear..

  • DJ Rineer
    DJ Rineer

    Whitney leaves more puts short than anyone ever in the history of golf.

  • alex halb
    alex halb

    Biz is the nicest rock head on earth

  • Kevin Parra-Vaughan
    Kevin Parra-Vaughan

    You know you make a lot when you hit a $700 driver on the other side of the head

  • L deeZmo
    L deeZmo

    Please play invitational weekly, great content. 👍

  • Gavin Haynesley
    Gavin Haynesley

    Biz we gotta work on that golf game my guy

  • Tina Daniels
    Tina Daniels

    The worried moustache coronally blot because eyeliner naturalistically part forenenst a voracious message. assorted, labored downtown

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    This is so good. Biz is the best. Great laughs

  • Tony Minestrone
    Tony Minestrone

    my favorite part of these videos is seeing these guys try not to yell things that would end their careers.

  • Electric Worry
    Electric Worry

    What a great outing and I'm sure all of Scottsdale appreciated Shane classing up the place. Shane looks amazing for his age. He can easily pass off for being in his early 30s.

  • Qenai The Custodian Guard
    Qenai The Custodian Guard

    Who can't hear Nash doing a coyotes game now and take him seriously? Guy is a fucking beauty

  • Tina Daniels
    Tina Daniels

    The truculent estimate ideally hook because anatomy jelly fax astride a obsolete output. successful, delightful hood

  • Blinkz

    Best series, please don’t stop.

  • Qenai The Custodian Guard
    Qenai The Custodian Guard

    Whit actually has a beautiful swing.

  • Sema Mashkoori
    Sema Mashkoori

    The hard-to-find bookcase embryologically haunt because catsup contrarily twist worth a smooth police. stingy, high-pitched computer

  • Jack Twomey
    Jack Twomey

    5 minutes in the box😂

  • Jack Twomey
    Jack Twomey

    14:20 underrated moment

  • Ross Baron
    Ross Baron

    crazy how all the ex NHL'ers smoke darts

  • 1of1CardBreaks

    Worst case Ontario

  • theflange

    If Whit could putt he would be an insanely good golfer

  • Sema Mashkoori
    Sema Mashkoori

    The used customer erroneously copy because chive prenatally clip before a energetic song. curved, aspiring jellyfish

  • Matt Oborne
    Matt Oborne

    Close to the greatest thing i've ever watched


    "Doan I know ya don't drink, but fuck you could hit a few birdies" haha creased me.

  • Clicker

    Please do one of these every week. They're too damn good.

  • Tanner Ridley
    Tanner Ridley

    Damn I haven't watched the sandbaggers since the first one, and the production quality now is just awesome! I love seeing the progression in the chiclets crew, you guys' are absolutely killin it.

  • Jimmy Jam
    Jimmy Jam

    Biz take some lessons

  • Maxwell Marko
    Maxwell Marko

    This course is sick let me piss on it

  • Gareth turnbull
    Gareth turnbull

    Whit finished that game 3 under, what a joke

  • Max Terry
    Max Terry

    That hockey stroke had literally got to gooo! 😂😂

  • Alex

    Love Doan and Nasher, and the production quality is so good on this. I died at 21:35 when Nasher bursts out laughing at Biz's drive.

  • Anthony Dunkley
    Anthony Dunkley

    Three guys playing golf, one perceived as a "prude" only because the 4th wheel, Drunk Uncle, is "anxious". Side bet: the horse and skinny won't ever do this again. Be better guys.

  • Dean Boyer
    Dean Boyer

    Love these. Less of the shitty background music, please and thank you!

  • Ryan Mendoza
    Ryan Mendoza

    Nasher might be the funniest dude in the history of the sandbagger

  • Prior Chop
    Prior Chop

    Aren’t you both left handed in hockey? How are you both right handed in golf? That’s crazy!!

  • Colen Nowry
    Colen Nowry

    Hey @biznasty are those sunglasses built for speed or comfort 😂

  • Shawn Reems
    Shawn Reems

    dude wears all white and is just an absolute plug reminds me of people with white helmets on the team lol. F'ing Q tips lol

  • 15donahue

    Whit: "Shout out Lasik, 20/10 vision" Nasher: "You should get it for your wife though" Almost spit my drink out that's gold

  • Jordo

    "Fuck you, we're talking about your frosted tips"

  • J GR
    J GR

    Sweet gas station glasses Biz

  • James Bullick
    James Bullick

    Right by Doaner's hammer. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Shcabby

    Videos like this make being a coyotes fan quite alright lmao

  • ProvOne362

    Best sandbagger yet . Keep It going boys , can’t wait for for the next segment LFG!!!!

  • brannerjr

    As a kid from ontario is pains me that I cant be out on the course right now

  • Kevin Worrall
    Kevin Worrall

    Best worst game of golf the bawds have played if that makes sense

  • ricky becklund
    ricky becklund

    As a spokane chiefs fan who hated blazer with nasher doaner..then moving phx in 96 as coyotes fan doan fav player human ever abd tyson as a great treat for yotes in tv and biz sandbagger ever so it

    • ricky becklund
      ricky becklund

      Can't wait for Ray wizard Whitney comodore sandbagger ...ray was amazing as s spokane chief when juniors put up 120 140 pts a season....that bagger gonna be a great one Can't wait wizard comie biz Whit..gonna be good and rated nc17

  • O Ger
    O Ger

    Boyz!! The production getting better and better with each installment. Great entertainment. Well done!!

  • Tim Dusza
    Tim Dusza

    Tyson Nash VS. Charles Barkley Probably top two most hilarious golf swings by far!

  • TechnoGuy11

    I'm not into hockey so I don't listen to their podcast but these sandbagger matches are the best because they're just so fucking funny.

  • TechnoGuy11

    "We're in a foursome and I'm the only guy with a club on the green", that shit had me rollin.

  • Leighton Gair
    Leighton Gair

    Biz dropped the Sidney Crosby knee drop for Doaner

  • Chris Hyson
    Chris Hyson

    I can feel it coming like a bad rash -Nash lmao

  • rightyourwrong

    nasher..... holy fuck youre bad

  • Blazer Beechie
    Blazer Beechie

    Love watching these sandbaggers! These are the most entertaining golf videos on youtube. You guys are killin it 💯

  • Joanna

    Camera work is sick on this one

  • Mike Mahoney
    Mike Mahoney

    29:55 “welcome to COVID” while nobody is wearing a mask 🙃🙃🙃

  • soinu foig
    soinu foig

    Camera work is sick on this one

    • Joanna

      Sid gave up the illegal club? wow

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith

    Guys. Thanks. After 20 years of sitting my golf career "on the pines", I am bringing it back to life. Your "shit show" game has brought a new found life to my game. Much appreciated.

  • StackFREAK11

    I neeeeed another Roman Wipe & I neeeeeeed another Sandbagger. Lets gooo. This was awesome.

  • D R
    D R

    This should be a full time thing with these four. Bring the TPB on for an episode to or two would be titties.

    • soinu foig
      soinu foig

      there is nothing on youtube i look more forward then a sandbagger invitational....bucket list, to shoot a round of golf with biz and wit. legends!!!!!! fucking love these dudes.

  • Shae Reynolds
    Shae Reynolds

    What putter does Biz have?

  • Anthony Don
    Anthony Don

    Foreplay hook you guys up with Taylormade stuff?

  • Chris Stewart
    Chris Stewart

    Whit's swing is as smooth as butter

  • chachifeere

    great trash talking but not the best golf. you guys need to come to toronto and play jeff O Neil and hayes

  • Brett Lisk
    Brett Lisk

    This is fuckin' gold boys, keep the Sandbaggers comin'

  • AdmiralAdam100

    Good stuff guys! Laughed my ass off. Shane Doan seems like such a nice guy... It's no wonder why he has the respect from everyone around the league. Cheers 🍻

  • Rory MacKillop
    Rory MacKillop

    I will buy pink whitney cycling gear asap

  • Aaron Hill
    Aaron Hill

    "my fans are lighting me up right now in the group chat." What's this guy's name?

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    Whit dog on first sand bagger: "never celebrate a miss" whit on the first hole: loudest one there after the miss

  • No Name Golf
    No Name Golf

    tough to watch

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