Shaqir O'Neal Shocks EVERYONE w/ NASTY Dunk! Jaygup, Shareef & Frank Nitty GO AT IT at Private Runs!
Josh Christopher, Shareef & Shaqir O'neal, Frank Nitty, Spencer Freedman and many more hoopers pulled up to the first Beach Runs hosted by coach Mike C & Ballislife. Here are the full highlights!
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    I swear, black people have changed the way basketball is played to something that is extraordinary!!!

  • Mathew Haiden
    Mathew Haiden

    The tasteless circle wessely hand because tortellini habitually hurry save a ratty roll. late, entertaining spaghetti

  • Chris Brunson
    Chris Brunson

    Dunking is not all there is to basketball. He must not have listened to a damn word Kobe was telling him and that's why he's plastered on the bench at LSU.

  • At the speed of life
    At the speed of life

    He nice but he don't pass that much.

  • Jason McCleary
    Jason McCleary

    The deserted paul unequivocally tour because anatomy probably ruin amid a stereotyped turret. curvy, aback sail

  • Stryb

    Didn’t Spencer freedmen get scholarships to big schools?

  • Noel Rodriguez
    Noel Rodriguez

    Joe Budden was playing decent😯

  • TooLive Corey
    TooLive Corey

    Bru shaqir got his ankles took at 10:57

  • Ata :dd
    Ata :dd

  • Marcus Ruffin
    Marcus Ruffin

    The white kid alright tho

  • Stanley Ishmael Brown
    Stanley Ishmael Brown

    Anybody notice Shaqir's footwork and movement on the D at 1:49?

  • Dante Linden
    Dante Linden

    shiiiiiiiiiiiii no one looked shocked to me

  • lil Rock!
    lil Rock!


  • Radio Vegas
    Radio Vegas

    i just watched some elite young ppl who are all league worthy! Nitty especially!!!

  • GalixyNinja0987

    like whats the original

  • GalixyNinja0987

    bro whats that song in the beginning

  • GalixyNinja0987

    dahm shareef is a beast.

  • Louie Boone
    Louie Boone

    Sheriff would be the goat, but nigga got a bad heart .. to bad nigga u can’t have everything.. go Melo!!

  • Semaj Mcgee
    Semaj Mcgee

    What song is that at the beginning

  • Beast Boy
    Beast Boy

    Hey haha 🤣❤️

  • Isaiah Wesson
    Isaiah Wesson

    Hesi on 2:59 was smooth ash

  • Kenton Bowers
    Kenton Bowers

    Where can I get this basketball ?

  • Marco Chavez
    Marco Chavez

    That boy wearing the Harvard shirt, the pg who use to play for mater Dei ?

  • Danny Fattiperminecraft
    Danny Fattiperminecraft


  • Blake Heilig
    Blake Heilig

    who is the dude with the mayfair shirt

  • PamPam BomBom
    PamPam BomBom

    Long time no see O'neal

  • Rubio smith
    Rubio smith

    That man frank literally at every open run 😂😂😂

  • Alexia Marie Mboula
    Alexia Marie Mboula

    I’m so happy to see Shareef Playing again. With his heart surgery, he had bad times so yes!

  • Donald Mchenry
    Donald Mchenry

    Who is blue shirt/ shorts ?

  • Elijah Benoit
    Elijah Benoit

    No lie these runs weak lo me and my guys play harder than this

  • Tony King
    Tony King

    10:57 is such a pretty crossover. Made Shaqir look like he was in rollerblades 😂😂

    • Jabryd

  • Jan C
    Jan C

    I say attend a school his last that is actually in a competitive league, has other great players, so that his game gets better and he gets seen by scouts looking at other players too. Mn is a great spot for him to just get better.


    Looks like the same ones be filming yall be the same ones with their knee on our necks yet yall be letting them make cheese!!


    Ya'll can't get no black videographers sometimes and help them grow? Never see BIL hire any brothers to film and help feed their families at the end of the day!


    I didn’t know Kawhi Leonard pulled up

  • matthew guerra
    matthew guerra


  • Pain ツ
    Pain ツ

    Intro song?

  • patrick harrington
    patrick harrington

    I hope that nasty dunk wasn’t that weak ass putback

  • Visto Asi
    Visto Asi

    Frank Nitty playing in Taiwan League SBL, does anyone know what Taiwan is?

  • matt carson
    matt carson

    where was the nasty dunk by shaqir lol

  • Abuses Hesi
    Abuses Hesi

    Why isn’t frank in the league

  • WhoIsCheuck *
    WhoIsCheuck *

    Who’s the dude in the be shirt?

  • Bear G
    Bear G

    That intro 🔥🔥

  • Marty Ming
    Marty Ming

    Miss hooping

  • Tyrell R
    Tyrell R

    Bald dude out there showing the old school work.

  • PRIS

    So much for Social Distancing 😂

  • UTM King
    UTM King

    I’m worried abt the rim he tearing that shi up 😂

  • Jerm_ Too Dope
    Jerm_ Too Dope

    Frank should be in the NBA

  • Ben

    Why does that look like the most slippery, worn out ball I've ever seen?


    People still wear braids? Lol I thought Kawhi Leonard was the only one lol.

  • Terrence Ames
    Terrence Ames

    I remember seeing white not b4 look ma familiar who is that

  • Luke Crowley
    Luke Crowley


  • Raiyan

    10:56 shaqir got his ankles took💀

  • Jame Yung
    Jame Yung

    Honestly I feel like shaqir is being forced to play ball, it really isn't his thing. Just cause Shaq's your dad doesn't mean you have to pursue basketball

  • Mardi Bars
    Mardi Bars

    I see a lot of defenders watching the ball handler eyes instead of their waist lol

  • fresh2def234eva

    Frank just a professional scorer ...dude had like 40 this game lol

  • fresh2def234eva

    Frank nitty killing Josh tho🤣

  • user 123
    user 123

    why joe budden playin with them

  • Poison T1
    Poison T1

    yo who is that white boy tha was on fire

  • Melquiades Flores
    Melquiades Flores

    Alguien q me diga q putas le paso al hijo d chakil onel

  • CJ !
    CJ !

    6:56 thought that was kawhi leonard

    • DeanOfLegends

      More like TJ Warren

  • Hollywood Anderson
    Hollywood Anderson

    I hate to say it! BUT SHAQIR IS ♻️ STRAIGHT TRASH..... I hope he reads this and goes to work on his game! HE HAS 0 HUSTLE AND PLAYS 0 DEFENSE

  • PB42189

    baby thighs super thick @14:06

  • Corey Brown
    Corey Brown

    Transfer to HOWARD!!!.. #fabfive

  • Whitey Bulger
    Whitey Bulger

    White boy colll 👀 always that one that can hoop wit the brothas

  • Schamarke Abdi
    Schamarke Abdi

    Let us call the white boy with the left hand VANILLA ! HE SMOOTH

  • Angus Quinn
    Angus Quinn

    spencer gettin his with the nba prospects, love to see it

  • Reggie Griffin
    Reggie Griffin

    Uuuuuu shareef about to be a problem

  • EyO

    sssooooooo nobody wanna talk about blue shirt?

  • Tragic Bronson
    Tragic Bronson

    At first I thought bro in red was kawhi Leonard

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