She Ain't Gonna Make It! 🤣😂 | Funny Videos | AFV 2019
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Some days are fun! And some days are Fails! Check out some new #funny #fails of the week! There's nothing funnier than watching these and trying not to laugh lol. Americas Funniest Videos has the most epic library for #fail clips and we've put together a list that end your week with a laugh 😆 Which #fail made you LOL the hardest?
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  • Addy Creath
    Addy Creath

    6:29 Now that's what we call my friends an android

  • einar90808

    04:16 OMG, ouch.

  • Steve Geros
    Steve Geros


  • MP23 Studios
    MP23 Studios

    That girl when she screams it sounds like she was going to die. When she fell off that spinning thing she just flew right out of the camera’s view. The cameraman just started laughing. I thought it was funny. Did you think it was funny?

  • Karen Sommers
    Karen Sommers


  • • LaserOfficial •
    • LaserOfficial •

    1:35 she got fisted

    • Leithen Neish
      Leithen Neish


  • Allen Williams
    Allen Williams

    Somehow the MSM will find a way to blame Trump for this

  • Mandy Mims
    Mandy Mims

    Stupid idea for play ground equipment but makes a great AFV vid!

  • Mandy Mims
    Mandy Mims

    Why the flip would they have that thing at a school? It just spins around and usafe thought

  • Николай Яшкин
    Николай Яшкин

    Зачем было обрезать кадр? За это большой минус.

  • Ron We
    Ron We

    Holes down. The legs always come open.

  • Elisabeth Nunez
    Elisabeth Nunez

    Note to everyone watching this: don't do these things or you may break a bone

    • benny fredo
      benny fredo

      say hello to the fun police

  • flash the triple gamer
    flash the triple gamer


  • BlueBlazesWildcat

    I know we're not related, but I can understand sometimes why scientists think humans are nothing more but a bunch of monkeys...

  • Angeliel degu
    Angeliel degu

    For somewhat somehow I don't laugh from falling people

  • Phoenix squad 98
    Phoenix squad 98

    Do you still feel like a champion

  • Abhik Yadav
    Abhik Yadav

    In this mobile Era people have forgotten these swings 😢

  • Kurdi her biji
    Kurdi her biji

    This isn't funny😢

    • Mandy Mims
      Mandy Mims

      I forgot how to speak Spanish but translated:bathroom desk

    • Mandy Mims
      Mandy Mims

      Bano el poopytray

    • Prince Ngonga
      Prince Ngonga

      But it says try not to laugh

  • Rmgbert Dela Cruz
    Rmgbert Dela Cruz

    for me its not funny .... Joke😁😁😁😁😁😂😂

  • Abraham Ronaldo
    Abraham Ronaldo

    That video is so good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😂🤣🤣

  • andy schecps
    andy schecps

    It is bord

  • Samuel Fitdawg18
    Samuel Fitdawg18

    Let me get this straight. Most or all of you are way too old for this playground equipment, yet you still end up risking to kill yourself and break one of the best places for immature children to enjoy their time at? Shame. Shame. Double shame.

  • Veronica Wilson
    Veronica Wilson

    I laughed sooooo hard and I oop skskskkskskskksksksksk🤣

  • Wolfi Schenk
    Wolfi Schenk

    Warum filmen die meisten mit dem Handy aufrecht???? Im querformat sieht doch viel mehr. Mitdenkenken beim Filmen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Murphy Luck
    Murphy Luck

    That's why all the playground equipment is broken.

  • Valerie Moscherosch
    Valerie Moscherosch

    this is so funny

  • Dark reaper Racer1236
    Dark reaper Racer1236

    I watched afv when i was little and still do

  • Hermann FEGELEIN
    Hermann FEGELEIN

    One nation under god they said... Indivisible they said...

  • Elisa Colvin
    Elisa Colvin

    Wow so funny

  • golden freddy
    golden freddy


  • tiktok queen
    tiktok queen

    Very nice 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

  • cheryl canson
    cheryl canson


  • cheryl canson
    cheryl canson


  • BH Cyeッ
    BH Cyeッ

    how and were did u find this

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor

    They all seemed planned.

  • XxItz_AlexisxX5


  • isaiah Valdez
    isaiah Valdez

    I tried to jump to the second bar on the monkey bars and fell of the second it hurt a lot!!!!

  • Ron Prince
    Ron Prince

    that is so halarius

  • Austyn Fink
    Austyn Fink

    I watch you on TV

  • Wolfy’s gacha world Blk
    Wolfy’s gacha world Blk

    Lol 😂

  • Greg Hoffman
    Greg Hoffman

    so cool

  • Chippy L
    Chippy L

    This is why they have to put age limits on playgrounds!

    • just Jayden
      just Jayden

      I'm the quite kid in the corner that no one notice until I pull out a AK-47

    • PeachyV1b3s ‘
      PeachyV1b3s ‘

      Well then to bad because they would’ve broken the equipments :]

    • Pete

      T H E N P U S H E E N Weight limits would prevent half of all american kids from using the equipment.

    • PeachyV1b3s ‘
      PeachyV1b3s ‘

      Chippy L eh they shouldn’t actually they should put weight instead at least every age should have fun if they have the right amount of weight

    • Pete

      Chippy L I bet you’re great fun at parties.

  • Chippy L
    Chippy L

    The MORON who jumped into and broke the child swing should have to pay for it!

    • Ivy The Blind Husky
      Ivy The Blind Husky


    • Awesome Aspy
      Awesome Aspy

      Chippy L no it was was a swing for someone in a wheel and/or disability. It got me mad too 😡 and then they laughed. And it’s probably never going to get fixed because the government takes for ever with that stuff

  • Neostar 88
    Neostar 88

    0:55 That happened to me except for I fell backwards on my head

  • Jadyn Hutchins
    Jadyn Hutchins

    have a blessed day

    • Bobby Funny Videos
      Bobby Funny Videos

      have a bless day too Jadyn Would u mind if u help me by checking me out i thank you in advance Mr. <3

  • Akarin LTH
    Akarin LTH

    Hmm this video made my day of not being able to play minecraft anymore😔

    • Bobby Funny Videos
      Bobby Funny Videos

      U should not stop it Would u mind if u help me by checking me out i thank you in advance Mr. <3

    • Patabim Bambawe
      Patabim Bambawe

      *sad Steve noises*

  • Marica Radovancev
    Marica Radovancev


  • Insane J Vlogs
    Insane J Vlogs

    Dis shiat is fphoony

  • Donna Doyle
    Donna Doyle

    Man, where were these playgrounds when I was growing up? 😁

    • Ivy The Blind Husky
      Ivy The Blind Husky

      I know right and I am a doggo 🤣🤣🦄🎇➡️💟❤


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  • Ish

    Not Funny

  • Alfian N. A.
    Alfian N. A.

    1:56 I'm crying xD That's what happened to my friend, always.

  • Thompson 85
    Thompson 85

    To many clips of the same theme. Make videos so boring. Great clips just poor editing. Not that I'm an expert. 😁

    • Ivy The Blind Husky
      Ivy The Blind Husky


    • Bobby Funny Videos
      Bobby Funny Videos

      Hello MrThompson Would u mind if u help me by checking me out i thank you in advance Mr. <3

    • Emma de wit
      Emma de wit

      Thompson 85 yesh i din’t laugh at video cause it was so boring

  • Terri Kost
    Terri Kost

    So funny..Thanks for sharing!!!

  • KB Flash
    KB Flash

    When you try your best but don’t succeed

    • KB Flash
      KB Flash

      All are true

    • Anthony GC Unity
      Anthony GC Unity

      Story of my life!

    • Vanessa Annabelle Lockhart
      Vanessa Annabelle Lockhart

      When you get what you want but not what you need

  • LLG Makeoreacts
    LLG Makeoreacts

    If Yo Love God You Like This+ Gifting Next 100 Subscribers

  • Jennifer Heinemann
    Jennifer Heinemann

    Not raven funny😡

  • Richard Toppler
    Richard Toppler


  • Chol Maper
    Chol Maper

    Sad life







  • Belinda Bradford
    Belinda Bradford


  • Angela Cordova
    Angela Cordova

    Oh god plz no no no nooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Catching Catfish
    Catching Catfish

    hahaha fanny omg

  • BBear

    thank you for beautifying us every day ❤️❤️❤️

  • Arthur Santos
    Arthur Santos

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is it the first 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    • Adam Schitt
      Adam Schitt



    I feel dizzy 🥴

  • Coral Rippin
    Coral Rippin

    Not funny videos. Makes me mad to see kids who are too big to be on this equipment break it and laugh about it, someone has to pay for this stuff. Do they once they have broken it? I doubt that very much

  • Mood Edits
    Mood Edits

    1:01 I felt that...

    • Mandy Mims
      Mandy Mims

      Si I did to el bano

    • Bobby Funny Videos
      Bobby Funny Videos

      Me too ! Would u mind if u help me by checking me out i thank you in advance Mr. <3

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