"She Is A Little Big" TLC 90 Day Fiance - TLC #7
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  • the summoned idiot
    the summoned idiot

    okay, but shouldn't people that travel from one country to another, specially to a different continent, do a little research on the country and culture or at least ask people for opinions on what they can and can't do?? she should've done that

  • Sgt_ Deno
    Sgt_ Deno

    Whaaaaatttt she Cheated omfg

  • AMV tunes
    AMV tunes

    That guy looks dead inside


    Poor dude

  • Շђ๏ợยє

    Children in America: "I eat chicken nuggets!" Children in 3rd world countries: "I decapitated a chicken yesterday. It flipped out even with its head missing."

  • MsVorhees

    Okay sooo I'm a big girl and I was scared to watch cause thunking I'll be so offended. But then watching how she is as a PERSON not being patient and tolerant, that was embarrassing, like honey I get being affectionate but NEVER DEMAND affection, thats just sad and selfish

  • Summer Jazz
    Summer Jazz

    The moment she started complaining that Trump is her president, suddenly, everything fell into place. Typical self-entitled liberal Karen Whibish

  • Sourav Thapa
    Sourav Thapa

    ‘If u wanna escape Nicole, just go up the stairs.’ Bruh..!

  • Cuber Rino
    Cuber Rino

    The cringe is over the top

  • Joseph Meyer
    Joseph Meyer

    9:30 she for the streets

  • Molly Elizabeth
    Molly Elizabeth

    Honestly people like her just don't want to change so she begins to resent the people trying to help.


    20:01 pewds reaction 😂😂

  • Esesem ssm
    Esesem ssm

    Before u visit some completely new place,do some serious research. It's not difficult when u have IT-my

  • DeadNite

    I feel so bad for this poor guy he deserves so much better, the girl is literally refusing to respect him and listen to him and the guy is just staying consistently patient with her somehow. Husband material.

  • Jojo bisuru
    Jojo bisuru

    Most american girls act like that

  • Aseel Shahin
    Aseel Shahin

    This guy deserved so much better.

  • Itz Ann
    Itz Ann

    He’s the *braaaaaaaaaaah* dude ig

  • silent louder
    silent louder

    Maybe if you act like a boyfriend rather than a trainer maybe she would encouraged to do a gym. If you positive and happy than going to be strict like you want to.. Maybe its more practical if you create a hobby for her and you to gym as your bonding times that way im sure that she will naturally change

  • nelly Romero
    nelly Romero

    Also that chick is rood.

  • nelly Romero
    nelly Romero

    I hope PapaPewds channel turns into watching TLC drama/novelas.

  • J. Gibson
    J. Gibson

    Obese people are subject to a slew of health complications that can and often do result in early death. Heaven forbid someone loves you enough to want you to be around longer. Someone with a kid should appreciate that.

  • later

    “If you wanna escape from Nicole just go upstairs.” -Pewdiepie - 2020

  • Nick's the coolest
    Nick's the coolest

    It’s a bad thing that she runs out of breath due to walking

  • kaylee

    “nicole are you sure you want to go?” “hes the love of my life i have to!” *cheats on him while shes there*

  • Zacheryah

    I'll remember from this episode that Morocco has the most patient men in the world

  • Marianne K
    Marianne K

    The thing with us muslims or arabs is the second our 90 fiance(e) shizz doesn’t work out we always got the arranged marriage with your cousin as a backup. :)

  • Apurva Tatode
    Apurva Tatode

    I can feel you bruh.. when she says before I cheated..😂😂

  • Deepjyoti Ojah
    Deepjyoti Ojah

    I love pewds and his opinion on certain things. That's the reason I like him.

  • Blast Fire
    Blast Fire

    Not little really big

  • Alyssa Richardson
    Alyssa Richardson

    If you're not willing to do basic shit for someone like respecting their culture or refrain from eating absolute shit (seriously, you'll live a MUCH longer, happier and healthier life as a heroin addict than an obese person) *then you do NOT love that person.*

  • L Trips
    L Trips

    ... but pewdiepie was also disrespectful towards india...

    • L Trips
      L Trips

      @Viewmaster. "You india, you loose" "Your language sounds like mumble rap"

  • Sonize Weakley
    Sonize Weakley

    Don’t mean to be rude but like he should tell by her facial features

  • Katie Carney
    Katie Carney

    the way felix's hair is laying in this video kept making me think he had a yamika on

  • JuicyTaz201

    Nicole’s voice makes me want to jump off a cliff.

  • Karino Charles
    Karino Charles

    The moment she said about cheating, bruhhhh minus 100 points for her

  • Lydia Mullins
    Lydia Mullins

    If you wannA escape from Nicole just go upstairs 😂😂😂

  • Chelsea Valencia Chairil
    Chelsea Valencia Chairil

    Hope that guy was mine. I'll treat him like a king cus he'll definitely treat me like a queen

  • M4karov CoD
    M4karov CoD

    That 10/10 guy deserves a 10/10 girl

  • Becca E.
    Becca E.

    This isn’t even as chaotic as the recent season of 90 day fiancé fr

  • GrisouGismo

    Whoa, her face is so pretty, seriously! But then... „the chicken is good for her, chicken nuggets are not so bad.“ etc. ohmygod

  • Fitness Everyday
    Fitness Everyday

    Why even make these shows? This is how idiots create stereotypical views and think all men or women are the same. When they see these actions.

  • Akio Kun
    Akio Kun

    before we all lived in harmony...then the fire nation cheated and it all changed

  • Kyo Kun
    Kyo Kun

    "I want to be healthy" "Exercise is not my thing okay?" hmmm.. very confusing

  • Aadya Gautam
    Aadya Gautam

    Lmfao be my trainer istg

  • Lawrence Stevens
    Lawrence Stevens

    Kinda mad that she cheated on him. Hes a nice, healthy and attractive man. She's lucky af to get a man like that, especially considering how horrible she is.

  • FireBlueKitty

    I can't stop laughing when we all realized it's "cheating" I had the same reaction as Pewds! LOL, like wth!

  • Eca Boots
    Eca Boots

    all she know how to do is be bisexual, eat hot chip, and lie

  • maka3230

    The man is still a suck up. I would have straight up tell her what is the issues while being reasonable.

  • L T
    L T

    Her:I don’t work out. Me: 👁👄👁 you don’t?

  • 72isb

    you do not air your laundry or shame your man in public in Morocco at least she would easy make wife number 4 no problem but to be fair she does not even deserve that

  • naomi morris
    naomi morris

    i feel so bad for the guy.. first he has to deal with this annoying entitled girl disrespecting his culture, then argues about eating healthy and refuses to try and change for the better.. she’s the type of person who people think of when they think of americans and that kinda sucks lmao

  • ॐ Boi
    ॐ Boi

    7:35 There is nothing wrong with coming off preachy on the topic of eating sentient beings and there is no level of respect in killing an animal that doesn’t want to die.

  • thentantt

    As a fat American. I wanna say he deserves better.


    “Before i cheated on him things were amazing, after i did things change” the tlc equivalent to “every 60 seconds in africa, a minute passes” stg

  • Vin

    Vegan btw

  • margareth michelina
    margareth michelina

    He rated her attractiveness like my phone's battery when it's going to go down

  • Bryan Rosario
    Bryan Rosario

    I love how she goes to another country and refuses to follow the culture, then just assumes every woman there is a stay at home mom. Smells like twisted American viewpoint in here

  • Patience Beasley
    Patience Beasley

    Okay so she didn’t what to change her lifestyle and would be pushy so he could say she’s pretty. THEN CHEATS ON HIM🤯. He was there to help u and was always calm but u couldn’t respect his life style or anything else in that matter lmao ✌️

  • Guide Me
    Guide Me

    Pewdie you’re funnt

  • john phillip pros
    john phillip pros

    Her arms bro a lot bigger than him.

  • john phillip pros
    john phillip pros

    Another tlc with pewds reaction. Quite enjoyable tlc are kinda best drama IRL.

  • Mckenzie Donovan
    Mckenzie Donovan

    The guy is just so sweet and nice, He deserves better.

  • Logan Staples
    Logan Staples

    She stood there for 15 seconds and you would of thought she ran a marathon.

  • Gabriella Elizabeth
    Gabriella Elizabeth

    People say she looks like Kirby

  • Bit Ride
    Bit Ride

    لي مغريبي يعفط جيم

  • Joshua Da Costa
    Joshua Da Costa

    "Before I cheated on him things were amazing. After I cheated, it changed." Like.. Yes. Obviously. Wtf.

  • Space Narwhol
    Space Narwhol

    14:01 perrrrrryyyyyy

  • WeedyBongzalez

    Damn she thicc

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly

    This man a legit angel and she be a brat

  • Theo

    I need this man to help me get to the fucking gym

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