FaZe Jarvis
so @Sommer Ray got her pregnant belly done by professional makeup artists and surprised the FaZe House @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Kay
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  • Wavvy Exility
    Wavvy Exility

    When you think about it if Jarvis and tayler Rock Paper Scissored for the baby that means they both smashed her 😂

  • The Brawler
    The Brawler

    that boy just lost is girl in a rock paper sisor shuw game

  • Red Nike 6 Tyler
    Red Nike 6 Tyler

    Or her

  • Red Nike 6 Tyler
    Red Nike 6 Tyler

    Name him controller player

  • John Scabadone
    John Scabadone

    one punch man season 2 episode 1

  • Damian DaRosa
    Damian DaRosa


  • Imsulamo

    Waaaaait...sommer said it feels real, how would she know the feeling??? 🧐

  • ?killua?

    Jarvis gonna be aim botting on that milk

  • Mykel Mason
    Mykel Mason

    Are we not gonna talk about how sweaty Temperrr armpits are?

  • Elite Fire
    Elite Fire

    Wait taylor holder was there

  • Ubz Khan
    Ubz Khan

    Lol Taylor was laughing when sommer said I’m having a baby with jarvis

  • Yvng Marco
    Yvng Marco

    The way Frazier reacted had me dying

  • Tyler Grey
    Tyler Grey

    Wait isn’t that illegal

  • Williamransome 11
    Williamransome 11

    It likes cool

  • Craig Martin
    Craig Martin

    simp squad

  • Julian Hernandez
    Julian Hernandez

    Taylor's gay

  • Kudzai Kashangura
    Kudzai Kashangura

    Tayler coming in hard


    Tbh uncle swede is the best


    When Jarvis have his kid ,his child will said come play Fortnite with me. Jarvis said I can’t sorry then his child give the controller to him then....He get Banned 4 Life

  • Fart Man77
    Fart Man77

    2:52 theres tayler holder😀

  • arx btw.
    arx btw.

    Da jarvis

  • Jeremycr5

    If the child has ligma remember you played fortnite

  • Squizzerz

    Smh he gets banned for aim assist 10,000% so unfair

  • Gabriela Najarro
    Gabriela Najarro

    That last rock paper scissor part though

  • Utstott-fotball Fortnite
    Utstott-fotball Fortnite

    Is their thogeter

  • Maxi Blum
    Maxi Blum

    Pls tell me if youre still together👋👋

  • More Tiko
    More Tiko

    It’s a prank if anyone went straight to the comments

    • More Tiko
      More Tiko

      No tiko have voice changer

    • Simp king 69
      Simp king 69

      Ur watch tiko are you 3 years old

  • Joe Correa
    Joe Correa

    Name it jarvis 2.0

  • If I
    If I

    adapts Reaction though funny af

  • Jonathan Sanville
    Jonathan Sanville

    Jarvis did this 🍆🍑

  • Azad _onsticks
    Azad _onsticks

    It that real

  • Kloepz

    Petition for Jarvis and simmer to be parents

  • mslbmaster101 Lopez
    mslbmaster101 Lopez

    Everyone touching soomers body she in the inside ):

  • EliteFaun47 Btw
    EliteFaun47 Btw

    Now I want you guys to be pregnant Idk why lol

  • Kaysen Griffis
    Kaysen Griffis


  • KingNathan

    They definitely did it no 🧢

  • Joanne Neagle
    Joanne Neagle

    I like adapt reaction

  • John Snow
    John Snow

    Damn jarvis be having s-word thoo🤣🤣🤣

  • JiggleIce 69
    JiggleIce 69

    Was adapt high when he came out?

  • Jamaul Commock
    Jamaul Commock

    You and Sommer should be dateing

  • Xd Cayden Walker
    Xd Cayden Walker


  • Christian Ybarra
    Christian Ybarra

    Tayler is way cuter then Jarvis

  • Memeilicous

    Baby name should be Aimbot jr

  • Chilango Munoz
    Chilango Munoz

    It is taylar holder

  • Juju&king

    It looks so real!!

  • Sweat Tuber
    Sweat Tuber

    0:11 you can see her 🍒

  • Kaden The dino
    Kaden The dino

    0:12 her boob is kinda showing

  • FortniteEditz

    I Don’t Get Why Jarvis Got Banned All He Was Doing Was Playing With Aim Assist😂🤦😆..!?

    • More Tiko
      More Tiko

      Yep and ruined 3 million dollars for a lot of people and buga killed Jarvis

  • mcpro89

    BRO rock paper scissors for the baby😅

  • Dagger VEVO
    Dagger VEVO

    Oh shii- Taylor was there..

  • aka sevectus
    aka sevectus

    Me waiting for jarvis to deck the dude with yellow pants

  • Marcus Alejo
    Marcus Alejo

    Saw tayler when sommer was calling her mom so then they were planing the end AYEE I KNOW

  • Drip K3V
    Drip K3V

    What if they actually had a baby bro, it would look cute bro💯 fr they make a good couple

  • -_-taglio -_-
    -_-taglio -_-

    0:59 im die

  • Simon Diamond
    Simon Diamond

    Have a good and a cute baby

  • Shadow Myst
    Shadow Myst

    Who is Jarvis dating??

  • Fazale rabbi
    Fazale rabbi

    Baby use aimbot: that's fun Jarvis: STOP USING AIMBOT

  • Viraaj Meha
    Viraaj Meha

    The only thing that surprises me is that everyone just gets to touch summer


    Adapt looks busted

  • Bones luvs u
    Bones luvs u

    not to mention jarvis is 17 lol

  • feekef8f

    When is the baby going to come

  • Elijah Plays
    Elijah Plays

    She needs to have some beautiful kids

  • Chickaeatspizza Chicka
    Chickaeatspizza Chicka

    Kiss her

  • 100 subs With a video of a biscuit
    100 subs With a video of a biscuit

    Jarvis used aimbot in the Rock Paper Scissors match😡

  • Sam van Uden
    Sam van Uden

    I always think what they did to get the baby and I click off.

  • MB Sway 691
    MB Sway 691

    Jarvis W Taylor no cap

  • A.C.

    And you are not the father

  • IM M1
    IM M1

    I thought Jarvis was like 17 and sommer’s like 22 or something, that’s a case

  • maisy reekie
    maisy reekie

    Sorry Jarvis but like ninja if u think he uses aimbot like this

  • StanMan Movies
    StanMan Movies

    Wait you guys are dating?

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