Should the NBA just send Julius Randle the Most Improved Player award right now? | The Jump
Rachel Nichols, Kendrick Perkins and Brian Windhorst play "Make or Miss" with Brook Lopez's hilarious reaction to a huge dunk, Isaiah Stewart getting out of the way of another poster dunk and more.
0:00 Kenyon Martin Jr.'s huge dunk and Brook Lopez's reaction
1:03 Is Isaiah Stewart the new poster child of the NBA?
1:55 Don't leave Boban open! 😂
2:52 Should the NBA just send the Most Improved Player award to Julius Randle now?
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  • Abhishek Ramesh
    Abhishek Ramesh

    And he finally got it

  • Chyko Money
    Chyko Money

    It should be Grant

  • Jae Cho
    Jae Cho

    💯% yesss

  • lydnar zenaby
    lydnar zenaby

    For me he's not just the MIP.. Julius also deserves an MVP conversation if not, he's the MVP of the league..

  • Captain Trechabomb
    Captain Trechabomb

    Jordan Clarkston for 2nd MIP

  • tabari dargan
    tabari dargan

    Rachel so fineeee

  • Kendall Deans
    Kendall Deans

    If you don't love Rachel you have no soul. 💯😉

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams

    Or derrick 🌹

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams


  • rtswift

    3:16 Rachel feeling that backgroud music.

  • Jacob Plesser
    Jacob Plesser

    Terry Rozier 2nd in MIP voting behind Randle

  • Timmy Brown
    Timmy Brown

    Naw the man been a mvp caliber player you couldn't see when he was on the lakers bc of lebron

  • Support

    black americans are xenophobic hate foreigners did the same with Giannis last year now they trying to steal Jokic MVP

  • kyle s
    kyle s

    The funny thing is that Randle's biggest competition for MIP is probably his own teammate. RJ Barrett has made a huge leap this year, and his growth has as much to do with the Knicks winning as Randle's. Couldn't do it without both of them stepping up.

  • Robert Rod
    Robert Rod

    If you watch the commentators in the beginning of the Knicks series. Randle should be the MVP. this team was not suppose to be good at all. he was not suppose to be good. He put that entire team on his back and delivered. not only making himself better but everybody around him. He should get the MVP and the MIP.

  • Antonio Mitchell
    Antonio Mitchell


  • Nataniell

    Jimmy’s intro 😂😂

  • Sir Bedevere
    Sir Bedevere

    Ju is in the mvp talk

  • Nick Papaioannou
    Nick Papaioannou

    I love Brian calling out perk saying how many people are gonna be the MVP lol

  • Caleb Wideman
    Caleb Wideman

    What the heck is going on with this music. Its making it so hard to hear what they are actually saying.

  • Ralph Justin Uy
    Ralph Justin Uy


  • Eddie Felson
    Eddie Felson

    Can someone help me? Been a knicks fan my whole life. Been slacking on watching the NBA the last couple of years. I remember Randle when he was drafted and the few years after. Explain to me how he's this good/smoooth. Has he shown signs like this? Is it baffling to others? Did it come out of nowhere?

  • Not Pandemic p
    Not Pandemic p

    the highlights of game winners over paul george will only increase

  • Peace for All
    Peace for All

    PLAY D!!!! This put on a poster fear is weak and cowardly, man up and do a Bam Adebayo stop!

  • Jason Dataram
    Jason Dataram

    Knicks Are Best

  • Arrell Ehn Israel
    Arrell Ehn Israel

    MVP not MIP.

  • I.C.J

    Jimmy and Rachel sitting on a tree.....

  • Juice WvnG
    Juice WvnG

    That would be disrespectful send mans the MVP

  • Cigan Cigo
    Cigan Cigo

    Perk is jelaous cus jokic is so good

  • bubba3225

    That music Rachel was dancing to kind of reminds me of Bourbon Street music. Do they have places in downtown NY city that play that classic music like in video?


    I love rachel😌💙

  • super wong
    super wong

    michael porter jr needs to be in the convo too


    Julius Randle did that Kobe Bryant crossover step back

  • MrWhatevaman

    Knicks fans yell MVP but we know Jokic is the fav. We say that cause hes our guy lol. Julius has def been a very valuable player for us and if MVP was a ranked list he would be 5/6 in the NBA. But its a single award and we know its Joker

  • O K
    O K

    Rachel's positive energy throughout is the real MVP

  • Leomar Moni Mejia
    Leomar Moni Mejia

    Jaylen Brown is the most improve player in the nba .

  • Geometric Temples
    Geometric Temples

    Yes they should

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G

    Rachel looking cute with her lil dance lol

  • Sean Thomas
    Sean Thomas

    Definitely mvp

  • KingCato21


  • John M Flores
    John M Flores

    Boban sank a knuckleball

  • Tahir Flynt
    Tahir Flynt

    RJ should be a candidate for most improved

    • Swanyay

      Too much hate towards RJ to be considered for anything

  • jason millard
    jason millard

    I told everyone years ago he was legit and was the next LAmar odom.


    Perk is like the big baby of nba sports talk and espn loves it lmfao

  • Vaporon

    Perkins on something if Randle is MVP

  • Vaporon

    Guys he is not even close to mvp level yet just being serious stop being biased

    • Jonathan George
      Jonathan George

      Clearly don’t know basketball lol

  • Wedd Wedd
    Wedd Wedd

    Since we are in the pandemic right now 🤣 the NBA should just mail the trophy to julius house. Well deserved

  • iZraelite

    along with his MVP --- YES

    • Vaporon

      Joking right


    Yes pls

  • Daniel Bordo
    Daniel Bordo

    why is there circus music

  • thats life
    thats life

    Out of all most improved players Randle is the most improved.

    • AlexandreG

      Lol we just gotta go back to last year or the year before to find 2 players that have improved more than him. Not many players in history improved more than Siakam in that year he won

  • damond cason
    damond cason

    He definitely should get mvp. He deserves it I mean they back in the game now I'm happy to see him and the playoffs it's been a long time. 🕵️🏋️👍😁

    • damond cason
      damond cason

      @Vaporon I don't make jokes. 🤫

    • Vaporon

      Your joking

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S

    Lopez reaction is priceless 🤣

  • Andy 24
    Andy 24

    Randle 3rd place for MVP (behind jokic and CP) Randle 1st for MIP Randle for 1st team All NBA Thibs for Coach of the year Rose for 6th man but wouldn’t argue against Clarkson

    • chris anthony
      chris anthony

      Not a top 5 mvp Not 1st team all nba Rose isnt 6moty

    • Vaporon

      Not even close to mvp

  • Blog Rap
    Blog Rap

    LeBron is not the best scorer in the NBA Or the best all-around player Or the best defensive player in the NBA and it’s been like that for a while now but as always lebron nutz are hanging from a lot of y’all mouth 💯 Really look at LeBron’s legacy and see what he had to do to win a championship. Never put him in the same class as Jordan or Kobe 💯 Lebron had 9 years on Cleveland Cavaliers to win a championship went to the finals once out of nine years and got swept by the spurs then went to Miami👀 to ride Wade wave Then came back to Cleveland traded everybody when he supposedly makes everybody better wins one championship now Arrived in L.A wins a ring but traded the young great talent we had because he don’t make people better 💯 There’s a lot more but I’m tired 💯

  • R. A.
    R. A.

    Him & Derrick rose 🌹

  • fightnight14

    And DRose is 6MOY candidate because JClarkson might win it

  • Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah
    Benjamin From The Tribe of Judah

    Brook went to Stanford lmao 😂😂 those people are scared of loud music

  • Jazz Prince
    Jazz Prince

    Julius is prolly gonna finish 4th or 5th in MVP voting and then 100% he’s winning MIP.

    • Blake Hansen
      Blake Hansen

      Lol he gets mentioned more than anyone (Gobert/Paul/Booker/Mitchell) amongst the top two seeds in the league. The MVP should be joker but him getting mentioned above any of those guys (same with Thibbs for COTY) is downright ridiculous.

    • Silvio Dionisotti
      Silvio Dionisotti

      @Flavien Adjovi are you dumb? I just checked 10 websites and on only one of them was he even in the top 10😭

    • Darrell Green Jr
      Darrell Green Jr

      Throw in 2nd Team All-NBA as well. AND he’s 7th in the league in defensive rating! 7th!!!!!!

    • Anthony Hayes
      Anthony Hayes

      @Flavien Adjovi Cp3 is not aheaf of Juliuse or Giannis

    • Flavien Adjovi
      Flavien Adjovi

      @Silvio Dionisotti he's 9th actually.

  • If she not cute She gets the boot
    If she not cute She gets the boot

    I would give that to lonzo ball but he’s inconsistent asf

    • fiyaman4

      Well why would you give it to him?

  • Doomthinkingman

    Nvr understood why dudes wanna tell after a dunk. Who cares bruh? It's still two points. Brook has the right idea

  • Maya Bergsdottir
    Maya Bergsdottir

    Rachel was wrong again. Broke did that gesture b/c the dude run him over and was about to hurt him. Watch the game ffs...

  • bloodofdepanta

    Yes, the answer is yes

  • Xavier Alanis
    Xavier Alanis

    I would say yes definitely, I remember when he was on my Lakers he was an ok player but he is now a completely different player and the fact that he is a big part of the Knicks success, says it all I would definitely give him that award.

  • KByrd80

    Randle doesn’t need this award.. He’s above it in my eyes and was a top 6 pick, he’s supposed to be this good!

    • bloodofdepanta

      @Ariyan literally NOBODY offered him a contract besides the Knicks. He is on record saying that. Know your facts before you start talking

    • Ariyan

      @bloodofdepanta no tf he wasn’t he just came off his best year with the pels lmao

    • bloodofdepanta

      What? He was on his way out of the league by the time he got the Knicks. He is the definition of most improved player

  • Gunnerxx1

    He doesn’t deserve it lol, has no one looked at his stats the last 2 years?

  • Pan Qjawa Mr. Qjawa
    Pan Qjawa Mr. Qjawa


  • RJTeamm

    I swear. Stephen A & Perkins are the only ones in ESPN that defends the Knicks

  • TyChaser

    idk why people are so surprised to see Marjanovic make a three. He has literally shown us the last 3-4 years that when he is open he can make a three

    • chris anthony
      chris anthony

      Its fun and everybody loves him , its not about proving anything

    • Dan Man
      Dan Man

      I could understand it being funny in 2006 but all bigs can shoot these days surprised they put so much attention to it lol

    • Ethan Walker
      Ethan Walker

      it was a free throw. the free throw line gives you 3 points.

  • Off Topic The Aaron Smith Show With Aaron Smith
    Off Topic The Aaron Smith Show With Aaron Smith

    Perk has gotten really good at his job. Respect

    • AlexandreG

      Right in a video where he shows he's dumb saying Randle should be in MVP conversation because that "are players doing just as good as Jokic if not better" Well, then I guess Boban should be in the MVP conversation too, because, you know, there are players doing just as good as Jokic if not better 😅

    • Cameron No
      Cameron No

      Perk's media career is bout as good as his playing career... Even if it lasts a while, he isn't any good.

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