Should You Buy Games on G2A?
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How do gray market game websites work?
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  • Taylor Buhmann
    Taylor Buhmann

    I use g2a all the time and have never had a problem

  • ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂Gous▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░

    g2a isnt trustworthy and is fishy in my opnion, i made 2 purchases and didnt got them, money was also gone i like instant gaming, 30+ games, always got them never had a problem, games that deserve the money in my opinion i buy anyway for good amount of money from the developer, but most games have a quality standard thats as fishy as g2a are

  • BuGzY

    Literally bought a code 4 days ago and the key was already issue has still not been resolved..worst customer support..I feel like I’ve been robbed

  • Dalton

    Not a fan of subscription services. Digital downloads are not ideal but since they allow indie titles to exist and I use Linux and therefore am (for now) tied to Steam and GOG I don't mind them since I sort of own the games once I buy them. Subscriptions are far worse since you really don't own anything. Also why I don't use Spotify or Google Music type services, though in the case of music it's also due to the measurably higher fidelity of lossless media like FLAC files and CDs over anything offered other than Tidal.

  • Tristan Howendobler
    Tristan Howendobler

    I work networking and narrorating for Axom and when I contacted ridiculous games to review and get a jet for their game Day and night they thought I was tryna scam them at first. Had to re contact them on our verified email to reassure them lmao

  • Igor Zuikov
    Igor Zuikov

    G2A is Fraud!!! Never even gonna buy anything from them. I have bought a game and it did not work when I ask for money back. They ask me to go to a local police and make a report about it: Hello, Thank you for applying to the Money Back Guarantee program! Its purpose is to help G2A.COM users get their money back if a product they bought isn’t as described, doesn’t work or stops working and a compromise with the seller could not be reached. You can learn more at and in our terms and conditions:, point 6.23. Before we move forward with your application, two steps are necessary: 1. First, you need to report the fraud committed by the seller to the local police or other appropriate authority in your area. 2. Next, send us a scan of the official document confirming a report was filed. The document should include: • The name of the product • Price of the product • Order number • The seller's data (such a first and last name, address, user ID, nickname etc., anything that helps the police identify the seller). All this data can be found in the receipt for the order: -> Current orders / Archive. Next, click at “View details” -> “Download receipt” like on this screen-shot: If seller details won’t be provided in the receipt, please use only seller nickname or/and seller user ID. • Official stamps confirming the authenticity of the report Without such a document, your application will have to be declined.We are waiting for your reply. Best, G2A Team

  • Matwok


  • Hazbi Selmani
    Hazbi Selmani

    I CRACK 🤣

  • ers games
    ers games

    Better than G2A

  • panderg

    So is G2A okay to use? I already bought something using a Gift Card and it was kind of sketchy but I didn't think too much about it.

    • Ori Halcon
      Ori Halcon

      Hope nothing goes wrong and avoid it in the future.

  • Sylkis89

    I hate them. They're crooks and thieves. They set me up for a subscription without my consent, then did not cancel when I wanted to cancel, and then they wouldn't refund me but just give me vouchers to use at their stores. AVOID AT A HUGE DISTANCE, DON'T GIVE THEM BUSINESS, EVER - I can't stress enough how dodgy and shady they are and they will just extort you as soon as they get your card details, I can't express how much I loathe them after I fell their victim

  • Omega Closeups
    Omega Closeups

    G2A is like a black market for video games lmao

  • Diégo Gilbers
    Diégo Gilbers

    Use instant gaming(site or app), bought couple of games always worked perfect, saved a shit ton of money

  • Elias Brodin
    Elias Brodin

    I want to buy assetto corsa for my pc, but i cant buy games thru steam because i cant buy games with € only kr (swedish kronor), but i can buy it on G2A.COM for my curancy. What sould i do?

  • user man
    user man

    I got a g2a ad while watching this

  • tical2399

    Bought two games from G2A a few years ago, and both still work and i've had no other issues.

    • fahadsaqer30

      did u use paypal ? or visa ?

  • Sushix8

    I've been using kinguin for about 4 years now. Not a single problem.

  • Jasper Booysen
    Jasper Booysen


  • HonkBol


  • just gaming entertainment
    just gaming entertainment

    Only if those are ea games

  • Henbush

    If you’re going to buy go G2A or similar, please just pirate the game. Don’t give money to G2A or similar, the devs aren’t worse off

    • Kocher Sheckelstein
      Kocher Sheckelstein

      Henbush anything other than thepiraretbays for pirating?

  • Amellia Mendel
    Amellia Mendel

    I like their prices, never had a problem other than everytime I buy from g2a my bank locks my card and I have to tell them yes I bought something from Poland or the Ukraine,ect.

    • Amellia Mendel
      Amellia Mendel

      @GhostSamurai What else could I possibly care about, lol

    • GhostSamurai

      The argument here isn't really about whether *you* will encounter a problem.

  • Master Toast
    Master Toast

    I buy games I already own or games who's developers I dont support on kinguin, fuck you EA I'm not buying your service to play BF3/4 on the cheap

  • Tobias Schiørring
    Tobias Schiørring

    Xbox gamepass take at least 5-6 years before it costs you more than buying the games and DLCs the service offers

  • Kitten

    3:21 why was I intuitively thinking it was sponsor time

  • Roman00

    If you hate a certain publisher or developer, yes.

  • s1t2e3i4n5

    GG.DEALS should be mentioned. IMO better than IsThereAnyDeal.

  • Moony

    some developers actually have to pay for their games being stolen! G2A resellers are stealing keys from databases developers provide for shops

  • Moony

    NO YOU SHOULDNT if its not EA game

  • Wet Lettuce
    Wet Lettuce

    Not going to lie I've used a vpn to get lower prices for games got RDR2 for $35 on release by using a Phillipines IP

  • Piotr Piwowarski
    Piotr Piwowarski

    I do not care.

  • Rusty _1911
    Rusty _1911

    G2a is only place where I can buy save the world because my account is blocked from purchasing on epic gamrs but I can buy stw on g2a and just reedem code

    • Kocher Sheckelstein
      Kocher Sheckelstein

      Rusty _1911 ok scammer

  • Kermit the boi
    Kermit the boi


  • D M
    D M

    So, I lost my credit card, someone uses it and I get my money back eventually AAAND someone else pays for the money I get back? Is this an exploit??? This sounds extremely unreal.

  • Zacri

    Sword and and shield are not AAA titles

  • Purpleninja102

    Yeah, and they had better follow that "10x chargeback" promise they made. That announcement/update post was made 3 days after jim sterling made a video on the site, that pointed out INDIE DEVELOPERS WOULD RATHER YOU PIRATE THAN BUY FROM G2A This is becaue WHEN the stolen card was re-paid the money it lost, the developer has to pay back the price of that game copy IN FULL, But also that chargeback fee. G2A was literally STEALING money from developers by allowing people to LAUNDER MONEY using the site.

  • Divine Soul
    Divine Soul

    Quick breakdown of how g2a keys are acquired : Bulk purchases, majority of available tiles come from these sales : companies prefer to sell in bulk and have a minimum amount that is required and you can bargain on the price, registering in the specific sector also helps . Pretty much the reason no Retailer is loosing money on Black Friday even though Linus wrongly say so . Gpu sale promotions (could be part of bulk gpu purchases bu companies) , i've seen quite a few Nvidia titles on similar services , mind you that Nvidia is paying for those games so nothing is stolen. Bundles : has been pointed already in the video. What about fraudulent transactions then? : yes a fraction of the sales come from fraudulent purchases , but i haven't seen a perfect market where you have 0 fraudulent purchases , just because it happens from time to time it doesn't give you the right to dismiss 99,9 % of the other purchases . The "the third party" market is growing larger and larger and your panic won't stop it. Reminder that in comparison to steam you can't just return the game if you've activated it, and i bet a lot of publishers just droll at the fact that the can pretty much ignore Consumer Laws .

  • That llama
    That llama

    What if the game is no longer sold on steam but is on G2A I really want poker night at the inventory so I can get the heavys iron curtain but I can’t without the game on steam.

  • Chomp Stick
    Chomp Stick


  • LoveStrangeDr

    Regional pricing is ridiculous, want to stop people from reselling in other markets? Sell the game at a good price across all regions.

  • Arnamo

    If a dev is straight up ripping their Consumers with a shit ton of Microtransactions and a crappy and unstable game (Like 2k with NBA 2k17, 2k18, 2k19, 2k20 or EA with Fifa) then I have no problem whatsoever buying from a key resellers. That's the only time I would consider it since I do wanna play the game but don't wanna support the shady techniques of the devs

  • Phil Kratz
    Phil Kratz

    I find it humorous that Glassesless Riley referred to PCI-DSS compliance as "PCIe-DSS" compliance. Silly Glassesless Riley...

  • Yassin Elghalbouni
    Yassin Elghalbouni

    Lmao g2a has a safe lock

  • _Jumpz_

    Risk Vs reward... For us consumers it's definitely worth using this well established company and pay a fraction of the cost for a AAA game. Especially old games like GTA V which still cost £24 on Steam!

  • prophetjamz94

    spot the Linus 3:01


    I buy my keys at :)

  • Dan200


  • Gabriel Lesta
    Gabriel Lesta

    I pay $0.55 dollars for the 2013 Tomb Raider

    • Miguel Correia
      Miguel Correia

      I payed $3

  • Issolom Issolom
    Issolom Issolom

    U lost wieght dude

  • garry

    most of the time i get humble bundle for free or make money of it I always sell unwanted games on there

  • Hoxto licious
    Hoxto licious

    4:09 This will not stop me from pre ordering dying light 2 when it's available, mortal. (Unless I can't buy it in Germany)

  • Blackjack 335
    Blackjack 335

    No. I bought RE2 remake for 40$ with an invalid key. They refused to refund me and told me I have to email the seller to get a refund. Of course the scammer never replied.

  • Blah Gamin
    Blah Gamin

    i bought from kinguin and i got the game

  • ScOpEbOi

    But i bhouth xbox gold and ut worked

  • RabbitTheRabbit

    Is it me or does he look like Justin Bieber pls we don’t need two

  • Fishum

    Thank you oobisoft

  • Beast

    Kinguin is a massive scam for buying windows keys I bought one and they sold it to another person immediately after, not got that windows key again

  • Quan Cena
    Quan Cena

    If it's a big company aka "company that fucks you in the eye (EA)" I have no problem buying games at a lower price, if their games aren't worth the money they want for it, then I'm not paying the price.

  • k1tsune

    *BEHIND THE SCENE* isthereanydeal: talk bad about g2a and we'll pay you Tachquicki: deal

  • Luis Felix Quintero De Leon
    Luis Felix Quintero De Leon

    I bought assassin creed and all was good until i find out obissoft banned me

  • Me 2
    Me 2

    aha like e-bay, amazon or.. fb marketplace, craigslist or all other other market u weekly promoting? no less ethical stuff going on there we'd bet.. or yt'ers making two, three channels only cus greed alone, instead putting out content on one channel.

  • Blake Morrison
    Blake Morrison

    I'll save you 5 minutes. No.

  • Mannie Action Sports
    Mannie Action Sports

    There was a video ad under this video for g2a

  • Emilio Ramirez
    Emilio Ramirez


  • Lars

    Whos this guy and why do I feel like I know him but dont

    • Lars

      @VenomSnake03 The joke is that this is my first time seeing him with a beard or whatever that is. Not that I have anything better on my face

    • VenomSnake03

      Not sure if youre joking or not but hes from Linus Tech Tips. He often appears in Linus' videos.

  • iBen Dover
    iBen Dover

    Imagine if this guy was sponsored by G2A

  • Ian Tusa
    Ian Tusa

    As I’ve said before, but from G2A if you don’t like company you’re buying from *EA, UBI, Bethesda, etc* I wouldn’t worry about the stolen CC ones, people who steal credit cards have plenty of ways to make money from them.

  • Stojke

    I literally dont give a fuck where im going to buy my games. As long as its the cheapest option im good.

  • doobie david
    doobie david

    I’d say yes, use g2a. Not all of us run a massive IT-my channel or have high paying jobs. I’d rather buy a game cheaper knowing that the developer has already made a massive profit. A great example is all of the COD games on steam. don’t expect me to pay full price for a decade old game

  • ChaosKnight HD
    ChaosKnight HD

    Be more ethical and vote with your wallet. Don’t just buy because you secretly want it after excusing yourself from terrible publishers.

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