Should You Buy Games on G2A?
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How do gray market game websites work?
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  • Johnny Judo
    Johnny Judo

    It will be G2A till I die I don't give a fuck.

  • Suor So Davit
    Suor So Davit

    I won't buy from EA. I pirate them.

  • Remaster

    Wtf is *oobisoft* ?

  • Friend of Tellus
    Friend of Tellus

    This market is obviously not regulated well enough !



  • The Peanut Dude
    The Peanut Dude

    Can you only buy these games in other regions because I live in Asia and idk does it work

    • G2A.COM

      Yes, you can :) There's information on the product page about the region where it works, so make sure to pay attention to such info. You can also contact us through Twitter, Facebook if you have any other questions.

  • vi

    i bought a amazone gift card from there and my btc was sent to them but i dident get the code but they told me the purchase was succesful but i dident get my gift card code they took 55$ from me i feel stupid for not makeing a account before buying.

    • vi

      I did. I direct messaged them.

    • G2A.COM

      Hey there. Sometimes BTC payment should be confirmed directly with the payment operator - BitBay. I strongly suggest contacting our support through Twitter, they will check what's going on and advise what can be done.

  • Hamed Talal
    Hamed Talal

    we are a team that sells cheap ps4 games here how it works you buy a ps4 account then we will send you the account in a few days log in with the account in your ps4 set it as primary then enjoy just play from your personal account not the account that you have bought I would highly recommend you not to enter the website again after purchasing our prices differs from 14-30$ for more info please visit our website

  • Will Eddy
    Will Eddy

    What accent is that you're doing there

  • Natural Mind reader
    Natural Mind reader

    After this bought mk9 on G2a

  • Re Again
    Re Again

    steam account (gta v, witcher 3, bannerlord, re2&3, doom eternal) for osrs gp. reply if interested

    • Re Again
      Re Again


  • XotticPlays

    i prefer as this lets me pick up steam gift cards and game keys almost instantly

  • kiril toshkov
    kiril toshkov

    Eneba is the solution

  • Adam X
    Adam X

    Sounds the exact same as Linus tech tips

  • CargoMania

    so i have a question, the game i am wanting is called "Poker Night at the Inventory". the only place to get it is G2A now, because they removed it on Steam. But, with the keys i have really high suspicion of it though, and i am really getting upset over it. could you let me know if it is safe to get it?

  • RONIN GOBLIN reactions
    RONIN GOBLIN reactions

    Bbjbj nbhn. B hvvbo nhi nnhguh bvyy ggbyfv. Ffvvff

  • NBA Nerd
    NBA Nerd


  • Cole Wagner
    Cole Wagner

    I mean.. i only buy from high rated sellers Not paying 30 to 60$ for 10 year old games

  • John Stephens
    John Stephens

    I just ordered FRom G2a windows 10+ Office AND I WAS SCAMMED JUST TODAY 6/19/2020 I am unable to even contact G2A to let them know they have a shady scammer that they are PROMOTING on a regular basis. THey CD key was already in use, there is no way to report the key as bad, and i had to file wit paypal, and will have to wait 2 weeks to get my $50 back Yes i tried the activate by phone did not work

  • Lucian Mezei
    Lucian Mezei


  • nomad

    some stuff there seem to pricy i'll just pirate nfs

  • neogeomaster
    neogeomaster G2A are scam. They never refund me and I lost 82€ !!! Following an internal investigation, G2A confirms that it has sold game keys stolen for years

  • Mike Bloomberg's Left Big Toenail
    Mike Bloomberg's Left Big Toenail

    I'm not paying 60 dollars for bo2 in 2020

  • Dreeko _
    Dreeko _

    says to buy g25 doesnt put link FUCKING PLEB

  • ___

    What about g2g?

  • Faarly Joemrati
    Faarly Joemrati

    Does it work tho?

  • Emilian Arcalianu
    Emilian Arcalianu

    i buy 2 games on g2a and its fine

  • ForeZone

    okay but blacks ops II is 60 euro on steam and i'm not paying that for an 8 year old game. I could go to g2a and buy it for 15 euro. should I do it?

  • MFDOOMgr

    I just bought a expired kasperky key from them xD

  • UnlegendaryBill

    Is there a summary of this video?

  • LSDsuperfruit

    play league of legends and runescape. no cash needed

  • GP2K

    pro tip: use to find the cheapest places to buy the game you want

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf

    just wait for a steam sale you will but the game with a lower price and support the devs

  • placeholder

    short answer some G2a Games and codes might be hacked from other accounts and can lead to your account being suspended.

  • Xenon Sha33
    Xenon Sha33

    i buy my games off g2a because i want to. never had a blacklisted key, even for non game software.

  • Wes Hawks
    Wes Hawks

    My brother just bought me modern ware fare on g2a for my birthday on the 7th and it was working but now it’s been removed from my account and it’s super sad :((

  • Cat Vlogs
    Cat Vlogs

    you have your own ad that’s cool

  • Levi Black
    Levi Black

    I purchased Skyrim V Elder scrolls & the game was absolutely broken & unstable. I would not even make it into the the first min of the game. I would not recommend 'G2A' in any matter! Buy directly from the publisher & support them! I contacted G2A's support & they basically just stated that they just provide the key & they have an 3rd party that sells through their website & they also tried to blame my hardware / software for the issue. I ran the official version I purchased afterwards without any issues.

  • erin

    i want to buy Sims 4 so badly, but I'm 15 lol and have no money and g2a have a origin key for £6. 21, which i can afford but will it work? is it fake? Will I waste my money? someone help lol

  • highnoon sos
    highnoon sos

    I always buy games from g2a because the steam games prices in my region very very expensive

  • ItsPsycho ✓
    ItsPsycho ✓

    I tried buying GTA 5 on G2A and it cancelled and when I logged out, I was locked out. I haven't been able to sign into any account for the past month. I even tried using a VPN because I thought it must have been my IP but it just won't let me sign back in, which means I can't buy anything off that website. Trash

    • G2A.COM

      Hi there. If you can't log in to the account due to some error, I suggest contacting our support through Twitter or Facebook and we will try to figure out the issue.

  • Pol Ice
    Pol Ice

    the answer is NO.AND NO

  • GamerWorks

    YES YOU FUCKING SHOULD! WHEN I PAY £50 FOR A GAME THAT IS MONETISED TO SHIT YH FUCK YOU!!!!!! ENJOY THAT FUCKINGGGGG CHARGE BACK ! REMASTERED GAMES FOR £50 FUCK OFFFF! 5 YEAR OLD COD GAME £50 FUCK OFF!!! G2A is my go to place to say HAAA! fuck you!!! hope they never shut down, then maybe they might think about actually trying to make the buyer happy!!!!! if people support the purchase or devs they buy it legit!!!!!! EA FUCK YOU! G2A all day long! Ive already pre ordered cyberpunk, and i didn't get fucked over when i pre ordered the Witcher 3 :))) FUNNY HOW TRUST WORKS!

  • Trevor Cobb
    Trevor Cobb

    The Linus-esque segway attempt was very cringey

  • Smith & Wesson
    Smith & Wesson

    The ad at the end is disingenuous and you have lost credibility. "Military Grade Encryption" does not exist. "Military Grade" is a buzzword to reel in the idiots. 7 years in the Marines (Active 2nd Recon) 5 years as an Academi Protection Specialist, I can tell you that there are actually better civilian options for a lot of "military grade" products. Because at the end of the day, the military DoD does not buy from the best, they buy from the cheapest seller. The Sig M17 was not the preferred sidearm by the Army Grunts (it didn't even passed testing) they preferred the Glock or Beretta (both passed testing). But the Sig was 30% cheaper and is now the "Military Grade" Standard sidearm of the U.S. Army. #Capitalism

  • Smith & Wesson
    Smith & Wesson

    Intellectual property laws should be outlawed.

  • How to Edit
    How to Edit

    Guys should I buy Netflix gift cards on g2a or they won’t send me the code Please answer me

  • Kerberos

    I do if the game is rated shit.

  • Rahat Elric
    Rahat Elric

    G2A does work fine, people here mostly use it because they dont have supported payment method for actual distribution website. But kinguin did fk me up twice... they charged me the money then asked me to verify using ids and stuff which i am definitely not gonna do. They dont refund nor reply tickets....

  • Mr canoe
    Mr canoe

    No Recently G2A scammed the developers by Selling the game at lower price rather than the dev Wants, steal their game key, and act like a victim.. They are scummy person.. Steal from an indie dev

  • Mr.Green door
    Mr.Green door

    Am here for the sponsor at 4:22 If you are also gonna use the sponsor then like this piece of text

  • Ruben Hulshoff
    Ruben Hulshoff

    I've bought over a 100 games on g2a and never had a problem so just do it

  • Your So Tosic
    Your So Tosic

    Dragon ball fighterz is 60$ on steam while 15$ on g2a by a “excellent seller”. Does anyone who uses the cite know if this title is given to people who haven’t been reported for scamming?

  • CheeseSteakGaming

    Is the windows 10 legit on g2a?

  • Alex

    The prices EA and activision/blizzard set might as well be theft anyway, fuck ‘em. Especially when you get on the game and then the servers don’t fucking work anyway

  • LORDE 2729
    LORDE 2729

    Why can't we sell our digital copies like physical copies? It's the same content just different medium. Game stores are so greedy

  • bruh

    3:02 linus just hanging out here

  • Asanda Ndimande
    Asanda Ndimande

    I got an Ad From Pulseway that Linux did on this video 🤔🤔

  • Robert Fields
    Robert Fields

    “Should you bu games on G2A” IT-my: sounds like a good place for a G2A ad!

  • Franky

    plants vs zombies gw 2 is freakishly low on this website do you think i should trust them

  • Grand Theft Auto Expert
    Grand Theft Auto Expert

    Short answer: no

  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie

    fuck no even game developers say they would rather you pirate there games then buy there games off there that should give you an idea of how scummy that site is the keys are dodgy just google them and see use instagaming

  • GIDARO Gidaro
    GIDARO Gidaro

    Region pricing policy is based on how much people earn in certain region to maximize profits of sold copies. I live in Czechia my country region is considered europe (naturally). However prices of games for europe are the same as for the U.S. (because: Germany, France, Britain) so lets pretend we are in the same region. Median income after taxes in the united states 39 000$. Median income after taxes 12 000$. Imagine if a new AAA game costed around 180$ sudenly there is an option to buy the game but for another region (russia) which makes much more sense because russian median is much closer to your median than the west one. It is still like 80$ to you but fkc it you buy it cause you like the game. That is what the situation is like for gamers in east europe. Same applies for PC parts (even though it is more jutifiable) + 20 duty tax (because we are in EU). Your morales would change significatly if you were in the same situation.

  • Daniel Marinica
    Daniel Marinica

    DO NOT BUY GAMES FROM G2A, you will get scamed! The whole website is a scam, they are total fraud!

  • CottonCat

    I had no problem with buying keys xd

  • SoraKami6

    Before you watch this video I’ll give you the answer, yes, yes you should buy games on g2a, they are sometimes cheap af and they are 100% money back guaranteed lol so just do it

  • UncleGrandpa_1O1


  • FullemonX

    mehh, i keep still buying from g2a even if it's extreme shady or even stolen, cuz gaming industry is nowadays more worthy than music and movie industry combined, and especially when games have become conveyor belt products

  • David Kepka
    David Kepka


  • Ricardo Romero
    Ricardo Romero

    Buy Indies directly. Buy big publisher games from resellers for cheap. Pirate EA games.

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