Si Woo Kim’s ruling on cliffhanger putt that finally drops
In the third round of the 2021 RBC Heritage, Si Woo Kim hits a 32-foot birdie putt from the fringe that hangs on the edge of the cup. Over a minute later, the ball drops in the hole. An official rules that because Kim exceeded time without unreasonable delay, the ball was deemed to be at rest, and therefore his score is a par instead of birdie at the par-4 3rd hole.

The RBC Heritage returns to its traditional post-Masters spot on the PGA TOUR schedule after serving as the second event in last year’s Return to Golf. While Dustin Johnson missed the cut at the Masters, the reigning FedExCup champion and South Carolina native will be headlining the field at Harbour Town Golf Links. Webb Simpson is the defending champion. Each of the last eight winners at the RBC Heritage are back in the field for 2021, including two-time champion Jim Furyk. Will Zalatoris, who was in the final group Saturday at the Masters, will make his RBC Heritage debut, while Collin Morikawa, Tommy Fleetwood, Sergio Garcia, and Daniel Berger round out a stellar field.

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  • Josh w
    Josh w

    If it were tiger they would count the putt. Change my mind

  • Matthew Bucher
    Matthew Bucher

    Those people that ruled it a 4 clearly kid nap and abuse children!

  • LlamaGetchYa

    0:18 the dude applying this shadow knows what he is doing and needed kicked off the course. By apply a shadow it slightly cools the grass causing it ever so slightly shift, and usually lets it drop if hanging on the rim.

  • Samoht Sirood
    Samoht Sirood


  • Samoht Sirood
    Samoht Sirood

    The 10 seconds doesn't start until the boss stops at the ball is moving then the 10 seconds doesn't count this guy is a total f****** idiot I can't believe you let him rob you of your hole!!!

  • Geoffrey Young
    Geoffrey Young

    Stupid mask wareing

  • The Watcher
    The Watcher

    Stupid rule

  • John Will
    John Will

    What if you hit a 3 wood and it sits like that and it takes you a minute to get to the green then it falls? By their logic its another stroke

  • Max j.
    Max j.

    So next time Just Walk veeeeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy slooooooowwwwwlllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Zak Friedman
    Zak Friedman

    Couldn't they have bought time by calling for an official immediately?

  • ThePanman48

    The wind blew a ball off the green into the water After it came to arrest And the player still had to drop back in the fairway. The ball set there for more than 10 seconds that time. I believe it was it pebble beach just last month.

  • ThePanman48

    Put it backup and let me hit it then

  • Rocky Frankham
    Rocky Frankham

    Is it against the rules to mark a moving ball

  • Jason Kinger
    Jason Kinger

    I was watching in HD and that ball wasn’t moving.

  • Earl Philbrook
    Earl Philbrook

    I would change the rule so that you must not approach closer than 10 ft or more because the ground does shake when everyone gets close to the same spot.

    • DelPlays

      Yeah, it might not be lot of movement but they're definitely getting too close and stomping around to make it move.. putting shadow over the grass so it would move slightly etc etc. If they want this to be counted, there should be rule to not go that close to the ball without intention to put it in.

  • Luke B
    Luke B

    So if I hit a really high flop shot, sprint to where the ball lands, wait ten seconds I can hit the ball while its still moving, good to know

  • Darren Turner
    Darren Turner

    I smell 💩💩💩 make rules up as they go

  • Nick Craciun
    Nick Craciun

    That 10 second rule is DUMB

  • wakd canuck
    wakd canuck

    Golf has the craziest rules

  • RUSH & CO.
    RUSH & CO.

    The ball still for nearly a minute and 15 seconds. They waited until basically a small wind gust nudged it off the edge.

  • Mitch Batten
    Mitch Batten

    The wind moved it , 10 second window is more than fair.

  • Darrin Lindsey
    Darrin Lindsey

    What if they had called for a ruling, before the 10 seconds was up? They all saw the ball was moving. This is an exception to a known rule. Expecting a player to be able to recognize the difference between a moving ball and this exception, in less than 10 seconds, is expecting a little much.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith

    I don't agree with the rule if the ball is still moving. If the ball is still moving that should be the same as if it's moving in the air or rolling in the fairway, the shot isn't over until the ball comes to a stop. So according to the rule, you are supposed to putt a moving ball? That is just crazy. Now that being said, I do not believe this ball was moving at first. You can see the writing on the ball and it is dead still. Probably what happened, which happens a lot, is that the shadow of the ball or the people walking around the cup caused the grass blades to rest downward from the lack of the heat of the sunshine which then cause the ball to drop in. Therefore, I agree that a stroke should be added. But not because the ball was moving, because it wasn't.

  • J W
    J W

    So you can hit a moving ball? Stop Asian Hate!

  • shanejpt

    The 10 seconds shouldn't even start as long as the ball is moving

  • Julio Guillen
    Julio Guillen

    But if this was shooters opponent he would say it isn’t a birdie lol

  • Jake Bittner
    Jake Bittner

    Unbelievably dumb golf rules strike again

  • andrew armstrong
    andrew armstrong

    I disagree with rule because we've hit wedges into green walked up more than 10 seconds and marked ball after it had moved you can't put ball back to where you think it was it can roll down a hill 20 feet or more that's not right

  • WCGwkf

    In any case where the ball finally falls I'm, isn't it always "moving"? Unless a gust of wind pushes it in while you're watching after 10 seconds. Situation is clear and it's always unfortunate but it's another stroke for a tap in

  • Brandon Baxter
    Brandon Baxter

    Come on man, it may have moved here and there.. but at some point it stopped.

  • hardy youmans
    hardy youmans

    I'm confused , in the fairway the pros take forever to hit the ball, and on the greens forever reading a put , a lot more than 10 seconds, so you only have 10 seconds to put a hanging moving ball?

  • Marachenka

    If nobody was delayed then it's a bs ruling. Some players take ages to read a putt. It's reasonable to want to wait to see what happens. Nobody was negatively impacted due to the extra time it took.

  • Duane Harper
    Duane Harper

    You can clearly see the ball moving 1:13

  • B H
    B H

    10 seconds is a stupid rule if the ball is still moving... Pretty sure tiger has hit balls that had a hang time longer than that.

  • C D
    C D

    Let's all get really close and look at it. . . hahahahahah


    Note to self, walk to your ball a bit slower next time. Lol

  • p jay
    p jay

    OK I've got a rules question..... You hit your ball right to the edge of the hole with your drive on a par 3, but it doesn't drop. Your playing partner then hits his drive and his ball knocks your ball into the hole. Because your ball was clearly affected by your partner's ball you have to replace it. But after you replace it, extremely close to the hole, just as it was before, it then falls into the hole within 10 seconds. Is that a hole in one?

  • p3pp3rm4n92

    This is why I don't like golf.

  • Derek Taylor
    Derek Taylor

    Have to back up your partner on that one. Great job by Kutchar on that one for sure.

  • Little Pups
    Little Pups

    Add a stroke that never happened

  • Alex Mccutchan
    Alex Mccutchan

    That rule sucks


    Caddy Shack

  • Bubba Hottep
    Bubba Hottep

    Good call. After that long, the movement was very probably due to straightening grass blades. The momentum was obviously off the ball by then, and way more than 10 seconds went by. There's the rules, folks. 10 seconds after a reasonable amount of walk-up time.

  • Stud Lord
    Stud Lord

    So, if he had hit the shot from farther away, thus needing more time to reach the ball, it could have counted? That does not seem right.

  • Ed Davis
    Ed Davis

    Seen this happen on the movie Caddyshack and it counted

  • Platoface

    Take the damn masks off outside. It’s ridiculous.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    Honestly what are these people smoking? The ball wasn't constantly moving. It may have moved and stopped, and then moved and stopped, but it kept coming to rest and they kept waiting. Why don't we wait for the sun to come around so the blades of grass can shift and cause the ball to drop? But it was moving!

  • Benjamin Kelley
    Benjamin Kelley

    Again PGA, this is why people are turned off from golf because of stupid rules like this.

  • Scratching Steven Lets Get Lucky!!!!!!!
    Scratching Steven Lets Get Lucky!!!!!!!

    Fix that rule immediately that's dumb as s***

  • Big Mike H
    Big Mike H

    When does the ten seconds start? If it takes 11 seconds for a “long put” from the fringe is that a penalty? If it’s still moving then it’s moving. Not like it stopped an inch away and the wind blew it in 11 seconds later.

  • Rich Hopkins
    Rich Hopkins

    Don't they have a certain amount of time for their shot to play out beginning to end? Like a 2 minute rule or something. Like If their shot is not completed in 2 minutes? Because from when he took his shot till when it fell in, didn't really take all that long. It was just hanging on the edge of the cup for most of it.

  • manuel boucher
    manuel boucher

    According to this clip, he definitely had the wind on his side.

  • Albert Batfinder
    Albert Batfinder

    I don’t understand the ruling. If the ball was moving all the time, when exactly did the 10 second timing window start? When he hit it? That would be crazy. If the ball stopped and started, then the official has to prove it, cos all the witnesses say different.

  • Bret Bailey
    Bret Bailey

    So only if it's rolling away from the hole you can't hit it before it stops moving? But if it's rolling towards the hole you have to hit it within 10 seconds, even though it's still rolling? This rule needs work.

  • CinemaDemocratica

    This is madness. Does the USGA owe Phil Mickelson two strokes back for the time he hit his ball while it was moving?

  • Arphaxad

    It took more than 10 seconds to go in so lets spend more time to discuss why it going more than 10 seconds is a problem.

  • Best of DSLinda
    Best of DSLinda

    What is reasonable time? Say player hits to same spot from 250 out. Four minutes later, player reaches green then ball falls in. Is penalty stroke awarded?

  • Flex Mann
    Flex Mann

    Be like Happy Gilmore, yelling that's your home, but nice play.

  • Richard Gleaves
    Richard Gleaves

    budget neutrino detector

  • E P
    E P

    So wait Noonans shot shouldn't have counted in caddy shack

  • MerlinOlsen

    Anyone else notice the caddy intentionally casting a shadow over the ball hoping it would be enough to make the grass lay down a bit more?

  • dean birnie
    dean birnie

    Kuchar is such a good guy

  • Delete Bilderberg
    Delete Bilderberg

    Thank GOD the official is wearing a mask, right? 🤷🤦‍♂️😂

  • Chris Keck
    Chris Keck

    "Are you too good for your home!?!?!"

  • Max Cooke
    Max Cooke

    Am I the only one who sees this as Kuchar clearly knowing the rule, saying “we gotta get an official,” then making the argument for Kim so he can state very clearly what’s important, which is the 10 seconds, so that way he can pretend he’s all for it going in when he knows it will get shot down with that specific language? Because in reality, if he was really advocating for his opponent, why would he insist on bringing in the official to begin with? Or why wouldn’t he let Kim make the case himself?

  • Roger Parker
    Roger Parker

    Surely picking a moving ball up is a fault. You have to wait for ball to stop ???

  • Thomas Perakovic
    Thomas Perakovic

    Should not count.

  • SC

    😳 Is there a rule on how long should a putt last depending on the slope ? If players and caddies commonly agree that the ball is still and reasonably moving after the stroke, so let it be. In that particular case slow play rules are questionable.

  • Kathy Crawford
    Kathy Crawford

    shade the darn ball

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