Sia's new movie is so awful that she deleted her Twitter
D'Angelo Wallace
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Somebody save Maddie Ziegler

  • D'Angelo Wallace
    D'Angelo Wallace

    The YouTooz is finally real and I couldn't be more excited LOL now go join the giveaway

    • Kai Baby
      Kai Baby

      Please don't be upset with Maddie. She's one of the kids from dance mom's and was 14 at the time. Sia is her mentor.

    • wkev123

      Gotta make a investigative video on vlog squad and david d. absolutely repugnant behavior

    • KSlime223

      I just bought it

    • Zachariah Tyler
      Zachariah Tyler

      I dont know if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my gfs Instagram account by using insta portal. Find it on google xD

    • m b
      m b

      I miss the giveaway but I bought it cause is the cutest little thing I ever seen

  • RoseyStudio 10
    RoseyStudio 10

    Someone help create the top five worst organizations that had noble causes but got f**ked over by themselves! I'll start: 1. Autism Speaks 2. PETA 3. Kids Wish Network 4. *Blank* 5. *Blank*

  • Magic Rainbow Elf
    Magic Rainbow Elf

    white australia fucking up again lol

  • alicia murch
    alicia murch

    idk about other autistic people but personally if I'm having a sensory overload i wouldn't want anyone literally touching me with a finger let alone restraining me causing me to have a furthered panic attack

  • Kenzie Stewart
    Kenzie Stewart

    At the end of the day, your intention doesn’t matter, it’s your impact that does

  • Solemn Penance
    Solemn Penance

    Oh :( All I knew was the song that came from it (I think) that's called Together, and I love that song so much

  • raccoon the slow one
    raccoon the slow one

    Bruv people mad that an actress is acting

  • Alex Jinks
    Alex Jinks

    I just watched a IT-my video about a man named mark talking about his autistic son, and he kept using "his special needs" and other things similar to that. Made me cringe, but at least he's not afraid to say "autistic" when needed

  • Floke

    One of my best friends is actually autistic and I still would never dare to act like I knew how he feels and "functions". I generally think that it's bullshit to assume to know how anyone at all feels and experiences stuff, especially if they are part of the spectrum which literally means that they experience stuff different. Stigmatising and caricaturing anybody is harmful, especially people who already suffer from great misunderstanding and oftentimes bullying. I myself was surprised how different my friend was from what I read ( because I did do research before once), because he's an individual and there's a reason it's called "spectrum". If you want a movie about a minority that is in fact more different than 'average' people in the way they view the world (autistic or not) , then you should let a person like that act themselves, naturally. It would still only be a movie about this individual who is that way but at least its not literally mocking them. ( I'm not at all blaming the actors! I solemnly blame the people who refused to think and do their research [aka Sia])

  • Fairy Glitter
    Fairy Glitter

    Why...did she have to put a Ghanaian Character in a movie as bad as this?All the characters aren't even pronouncing his name right.I would have lost my mind if I were him.Sigh

  • Meika Seubert
    Meika Seubert

    "I guess maddie" Lmaoooo XD

  • natalia

    it seems that most people are defending maddie in this situation, which they should. but ive seen nearly everyone use the whole “people are cancelling her over this! she doesn’t deserve it” which, i agree sis but *where*, everyone seems to acknowledge she was just a kid and even expressed hesitance in playing this role

  • Sophia Norgaard
    Sophia Norgaard

    If the movie is basically about Zu or whatever, then why tf couldn't they bring an autistic actress for Music?

  • Mya Marie
    Mya Marie

    I wish there was a skip ad button for these IN VIDEO ads

  • Alice

    i hovered over the video and my immediate reaction was "this video is sponsored by hello fresh"

  • Stephanie Jo Hodges
    Stephanie Jo Hodges

    She definitely didn’t learn to read the room that’s for sure.

  • Shmooboogie Harper
    Shmooboogie Harper

    I feel like women being predators isnt something that a lot of people believe is common, I think they know that women like that exist but I think it’s a lot more common than we actually realize I know multiple guys I’ve dated who actually have been touched inappropriately by a female babysitter. When they were like nine or 10 and just because sia is a women and Maddie is a young girl doesn’t mean that it’s not creepy.Sia was a grown ass woman For many decades when she first met Maddie! They are not sisters and she is not that girl‘s mother no matter how much she likes to say that! she was a complete stranger who just so happened to have a few hit songs,take away the fame and that shit is weird and I don’t know how her mother could justify that just because Sia is “Sia”!

  • Brittany Kayy
    Brittany Kayy

    I’m just confused why she made a movie about this topic when she Dosent seem to know anything about it or have anyone in her life who has it, my brother is Autistic so this was pretty upsetting for me to see as it was for everyone else and tone deaf on her part. She should have made a movie about stuff she knows about

  • Lily Lieber
    Lily Lieber

    lmao i’m autistic and fought my parents why this movie is so fucking ableist

    • Norma Jeane
      Norma Jeane

      I'm sorry about that Lily :-(


    Im Gay and I want the cancel Culture to stfu

    • Iabgunner

      ok?? why did you have to say you were gay for that sentence? Are you just trying to make yourself sound more legit just because you saying your an oppressed minority?

  • Redrk

    let's be honest doctors and nurses are way more important than sex workers thats just a fact

  • spectant _
    spectant _

    what about the netflix series atypical...

  • アシュリーuwu

    When I watched the trailer I thought it would be a good movie, *nope*

  • Me Fish
    Me Fish

    “ do you expect me to believe doctors, nurses, and singers are somehow more important or better than sex-workers or addicts?” I’m sorry but we cannot transform the neighborhood brothel for a hospital, no matter how many sick patients there are.

  • Snoobi

    It's like Maddie is being groomed by Sia. Every single thing Sia does, she makes maddie too. It's Abby Lee Miller pt.2, both Sia and Abby have had all their power over Maddie. Attack Sia, not Maddie.

  • Strange Monke
    Strange Monke

    Don't care

  • Strange Monke
    Strange Monke

    Your chat is so cringe

  • Amber Waddell
    Amber Waddell

    not all the twitch comments saying “consider the source” 100% what sia needed to do 😂👏🏻

  • littlesabe

    Serious question. A lot of the complaints about this movie are that a neurotypical actor played an autistic character. But I haven't seen outrage over Freddie Highmore, who is not autistic, playing an autistic doctor in The Good Doctor, and it's actually a very popular show. Is there a reason for this? I'm not trying to start a fight, or say Sia's movie is acceptable (I don't think it is) - I am genuinely curious about this discrepancy.

    • Iabgunner

      That's exactly what I was thinking about while watching this video. I was like "what about the good doctor??"

  • Fil

    Just when you thought Sia couldn’t get any worse.... When an autistic person REACHED out to her on twitter & wrote “ myself & several other actors w/ autism offered to work on the movie, even with short notice” SHE FUCKING RESPONDS “MAYBE YOURE JUST A BAD ACTOR” I screamed SO loud I scared my Grandma. She told me there was NO reason to get loud in her house...I then explained what happened .... She then joined me in a great big loud “GAAAAAH!!!! what the actual fuck!”

    • Kill Me
      Kill Me


  • Clay Strrr
    Clay Strrr

    Fuck this movie. Have you ever seen Sesame Street? I love Julia.

  • Ellena Coffey
    Ellena Coffey

    Do not use restraints on anyone. (Unless absolutely necessary) It's common sense. If someone is having a breakdown do not touch them without their permission especially an Autistic person, the reason they have a mental breakdown is that their senses are going haywire and there are too many things going on. Speak in a quiet manner (They are most likely going to have major sensitivity so please get everyone to shut up) and comfort them try to help them calm down. (At least this is what works with my brother) Autistic people react in different ways that's why there is no 'One size fits all' when referring to autism. For example, my brother will express it in major rage or sadness, while my friend on the other hand will try to get into a space and panic (they would hide under the table and cry/panic) Don't treat autistic people as aliens, they are just as capable as you. We all have rough times in life, autistic people may have these harder and/or more frequent but that doesn't make them weak. Everyone needs help, yes even you Chad Please if you have any more helpful tips please comment them, we need to learn as much as we can to make people feel more welcome.

  • SunyCartoons

    Imagine being the poor actors doing this stupid movie. I'd have it removed from my resume. As an autistic person this is super offensive.

  • Davis Po
    Davis Po

    Reminds me of 'Simple Jack' in Tropic Thunder

  • nomdeguerre2030

    I’m so fucking happy that people are standing up to bullshit like this, thank you for the video and the anger over sia’s bullshit in the comment section, it means a lot to me. The world is improving it’s narrative when it comes to autism.

  • nomdeguerre2030

    Sia is a disgusting coward.

  • frogBISCUITS

    I can't believe that no one stopped Sia at any point in this film's production, or even just expressed some concern.

  • Melody Borg
    Melody Borg

    I knew Leslie Odom Jr was in this and was immensely disappointed about it because I really like him but I had no idea THAT was his character in this movie omfg. The ableism was so strong it overshadowed the racism

  • Parishe Anjam
    Parishe Anjam

    "special abilities"? does she think disabled people have superpowers or something?

  • Tay

    Why aren’t people mad about the good doctor?

  • emma

    i'm sure leslie odom jr is a great actor but he's a whole grown adult who agreed to be in the movie of his own free will like he's kinda complicit in this

  • leopardshadow333

    Just want to add that maddie had panic attacks about how concerned she was this role was wrong and people would hate her for it. She was 14 at the time, an impressionable child. Sia, a fully grown adult, convinced her it was fine and sia was already acting as a creepy "mother figure" to her so young maddie trusted her. So just know that maddies involvement at the time was as a child coerced into doing something she was uncomfortable with. Kind of like on dance moms. Sia is problematic for SO many reasons.

  • queen bella
    queen bella

    Those pictures make me actually scared like it’s sick im physically sick like I saw pictures and a video of the movie it was terrible

  • Beatrice Battaglia
    Beatrice Battaglia

    exactly 10 minutes i love you so much

  • CrazyCheddarPreston

    You are so cool and charismatic that I watched the sponsorship parts

  • Kaitlyn Cameron
    Kaitlyn Cameron

    Why didn’t Leonardo DiCaprio get any backlash when he played a child with austism/MR in Gilbert Grape? He doesn’t have a disability, and he definitely exaggerated his role too.. but that movie is iconic.

    • ailema.

      You have to keep in mind that Gilbert Grape came out a while ago when the autism community was far more ignored. Frankly, at that time it wasn't seen as a problem by a lot of people. In recent times, most people I've watched who are autistic have said they don't like that movie or portrayal. Catergory: OTHER has a video about autistic characters in media where I believe she speaks about Gilbert Grape and other characters.

  • beth ivy
    beth ivy

    your voice is therapeutic btw

  • peppa pig
    peppa pig

    Should of got Freddie highmore

  • Irie Cornell
    Irie Cornell

    Saying a person has special abilities and calling a disabled person "special" are two different things.

  • ChubbyDuck

    0:34 Innits. Honk has a great pfp and user smh :3

  • Wave

    Thank you for making this video ❤️


    she is a drug addict ! wut?

  • Kaja Miletic
    Kaja Miletic

    Claims to have done years of research but misses basic facts like Autism Speaks being controversial or "special abilities" being a term made of pure cringe unless it refers to Marvel superheroes.

  • PotOfTeaMulan

    Sia's entire relationship with Maddie has always been weird to say the least. So disappointing that she made the girl star in the movie instead of hiring a more appropriate actor....

  • shimmyshimmykokostop

    they had leslie odom jr in this? he deserved better

  • shethewriter

    Look, the "outburst" in that movie was not an outburst and in no way needed restraint--a bad practice in almost all cases. The movie is embarrassing and insulting in so many ways to the autistic community. Personally I have lived with family who have severe autism--and I know people don't like that term, but I have to use "severe" when meltdowns involve violence, choking people, putting one's head through a wall. So for me, the mannerisms were not an exaggeration--but they are still a mockery.

  • Kasper Soldal
    Kasper Soldal

    Jfc and I thought the media's representation of schizophrenia was bad. At that point I'd prefer if you just call me a slur instead.

  • potatoe 77
    potatoe 77

    nice teeth dango wallace

  • Spook em up
    Spook em up

    Didn't both Cuba Gooding junior and Tom Hanks portray mentally Retarded people in their respective movies? Was anyone upset about that?

  • Tony, the Hawk
    Tony, the Hawk

    I've never been in a situation where I felt legitimately triggered before this shit came out.

  • Life With the Moaks
    Life With the Moaks

    D’angelo: Sia is most known for her song- My brain: “CEILING FAN!!” D’angelo: -“Chandelier”. ...My brain needs to be switched off for a few days.

  • Jordyn Brown
    Jordyn Brown

    Whelp this was definitely added to the reasons I’m okay with not having a movie focused on a person ADHD as a focal point. The thought of someone doing shallow surface level research and acting out RSD and hyper focusing, makes me cringe by itself. Not knowing the difference between the attentive and inattentive versions, not understanding the companion ailments of anxiety and depression. Or the very basics like there’s a spectrum, that girls also have ADHD and that ADHD doesn’t mean you are easily distracted it’s that you have problems regulating and prioritizing what you focus on, which is way therapy, medication and structure are so important. For example I’m writing this in the morning before I took my medication, instead of getting ready for work, but I know to give myself 15-30 minutes of wiggle room in the morning just for times like this. So after acknowledging what I’ve been doing for the last 15 minutes I’ll end this here.

  • Dumb Bitch
    Dumb Bitch

    i feel bad for maddie :( she was forced into this

  • Violet Meliora
    Violet Meliora

    I'm autistic and I truly appreciate D'Angelo using his platform to warn others about this ablest propaganda ♥

    • Summer Rose
      Summer Rose

      I’m autistic too and I completely agree. Much love to you. 💖💖💖

  • Queen Tingz
    Queen Tingz

    Ye👉👈Go🍩My✨Ableist✨QueEn👑👑👑 Aight, 😀✋imma head out.

  • Emma Abdul-Jabbar
    Emma Abdul-Jabbar

    What kind of dumbass tries to tell people how to feel-

  • Daniel Kerese
    Daniel Kerese

    cuba gooding jr radio

  • ciara

    If you were upset would you want somebody jump on top of you, Sia?

  • Dez Teenee
    Dez Teenee

    Someone should have made her watch Tropic Thunder for fuck's sake.

  • Mya Gaming Kat
    Mya Gaming Kat

    This is the wrong way of a music artist making a film. Melanie Martinez's film K-12 is a GREAT film, please give it a watch

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