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  • rapidturtle24

    When you let 5-year-olds on minecraft

  • Arthur Broad
    Arthur Broad

    Vik: I think creative has inspired jj Cuts to jj placing loads of pandas Jjs so holesome Kills cat

  • patrick essome
    patrick essome

    I have watched this video over a 100 times lol

  • Rodrigo Cardenas
    Rodrigo Cardenas

    27:30 LMAOO this is why i love harry

  • Ballistics

    Was vik building his house from crazy craft?

  • Flaming Storm
    Flaming Storm

    29:12 I think vikk should’ve put glass in front of the campfire.

  • Anoushka Anand
    Anoushka Anand

    26.04 Toby you shouldnt have. Harry sounds like a dad to toby then and vik

  • Michele Sellick
    Michele Sellick

    Vick- I think JJ will be having fun JJ- PAAAAAANDAAAAAAAASSAS

  • Lloyd Frayne
    Lloyd Frayne

    Vik and harrys tension towards the end was amazing

  • Lloyd Frayne
    Lloyd Frayne

    35:35 that would have been amazing if they did actually go off minecraft lmao😂😂...they would have made the others look so stupid and geeky

  • Lloyd Frayne
    Lloyd Frayne

    The 3 of vik tobi and harry was so relaxing to watch. Vik just playing the game hes used to, tobi just being himself and harry actually trying instead of messing later in the episode is just quality

  • Lloyd Frayne
    Lloyd Frayne

    Jj playing minecraft is the cutest thing ever and harry playing minecradt is the most savage funny thing ever

  • The Assassin
    The Assassin

    What happens to sidecraft

  • Sonny White
    Sonny White

    16:23 their not zombies they're just friends

  • Bianca Lacey
    Bianca Lacey

    vikk should be a designer haha

  • Annabelle Duncan
    Annabelle Duncan

    I’m sorry but Vik’s house was sooooooo cute like ngl it was adorable -> why they saying that Josh’s was better

  • Ameer Dahbour
    Ameer Dahbour

    42:11 Simon: Find out in the next episode Me: Still waiting for that next episode

  • Ameer Dahbour
    Ameer Dahbour

    0:42 Vik: We're gonna use them for the series Me: Well yes, but actually no

  • Luke Openshaw
    Luke Openshaw

    Harry wtf

  • Manfred C.C
    Manfred C.C

    Sidemen go to the portal


    How did simon and ethan make there jumpers

  • _Robert_w_657 !
    _Robert_w_657 !

    I watched the Logan Paul forest vid

  • Ducky Momo
    Ducky Momo

    Vik just ruined sidecraft by banning jj

    • Ducky Momo
      Ducky Momo

      God yes

    • Mr. God
      Mr. God

      Ducky Momo no

    • Ducky Momo
      Ducky Momo

      Well done

  • John Diaz
    John Diaz

    Someone needs to teach JJ the chickens exploding out of a box trick

  • i.con.x

    2:57 reminds me of that "you're a wizard Harry" video😂

  • Luigi DeNardis
    Luigi DeNardis

    The amount of disrespect for minecraft is unacceptable 😡


    team A:we are Asexuals team B: we are bisexuals

  • Otto 1010
    Otto 1010

    Babatunde should have been the judge

  • Harry Savill
    Harry Savill

    Someone who is good at lipreading what did Harry say

  • iSnag2k

    41:00 I’m ded

  • M J
    M J

    32:42 vik likes curry HAHAHAHA

    • Mr. God
      Mr. God

      M J so?

    • M J
      M J

      Mr. God The Sign

    • Mr. God
      Mr. God

      M J what?

  • Relic leauge
    Relic leauge

    Everyone is building huge houses and designing them and then their is just harry trying so hard on his little rollercoaster #legend

    • Mr. God
      Mr. God

      Relic leauge and there’s Jj

  • J04W

    Bring it back

  • Jack Walker
    Jack Walker

    Hope they do a series 2 to sidecraft

  • Egirl Azza
    Egirl Azza

    Team A has an advantage they have vickstar the god of Minecraft

    • Mr. God
      Mr. God

      Egirl Azza no but team b has 4 people so it’s faur

  • X godD
    X godD

    Me JJ would play good together as we both like destroying worlds

  • Abigail Massingham
    Abigail Massingham

    Harry is literally 5 years old ,"can have it going up the stairs" vik "no" pleeeeeeease🥺🥺🥺

  • Alfie

    Petition to bring back sidecraft

  • Magic Games
    Magic Games

    they should continue this since now they’re quarantined

  • user pandji
    user pandji

    I Can Build anything On Minecraft That is my Favorite Game

  • Andrive

    Ethan's shirt looks like it says SIMP when he's wearing leg armor

  • Koat

    “Tobi press shift get out the cart and fuck off mate.”

  • flapjackiie

    No one: literally NO ONE: Josh: NUUU THE DOLPHIN

  • fizz3r

    we need more sidecraft

  • James

    Please make another episode IN SURVIVAL

  • Fayyatoast

    Well that was a lie

  • Shane & Aoibhinn
    Shane & Aoibhinn

    2020 viewers? We need more Sidecraft

  • Dank Lord
    Dank Lord

    This video got a like cuz of jj and harry 😂

  • Friends channel 3D Sumber
    Friends channel 3D Sumber

    team b best house


    Ethans hairline

  • Jordan Tilbury
    Jordan Tilbury

    All people from Hermitcraft: Amateurs

  • luke f
    luke f

    Harry- conversation is not my strong point Me- not mine either bro

  • Deanovik Gamez
    Deanovik Gamez

    Watching JJ play Minecraft is like watching a bird learn to fly.

  • Goku Uzumaki
    Goku Uzumaki

    Hire me to build a house for you it starts at 0 dollars then go's to 0 dollars it's always 0 dollars basically

  • HayleyJane Smith
    HayleyJane Smith

    I need more sidecraft please this is my third time watching this vid today

  • Envy

    Everyone’s webcam looking sick except vik

  • Distinct Squrl
    Distinct Squrl

    23:44 had me dying 😂

  • Rune og Heidi Graves
    Rune og Heidi Graves

    The builds looks like a 8 yr made them

  • Leo Gavid
    Leo Gavid

    10:50 when vik hears the sounds out of his basement

  • Distinctive Boss
    Distinctive Boss

    Petition to bring this back 👇👇

  • MO

    Simon got 🧠

  • Sam Webb
    Sam Webb

    Team bbbbbbbb:b

  • Shokran Haidari
    Shokran Haidari

    Make more minecraft

  • ItsQuixt

    jj actually trying to play minecraft is so wholesome

  • Green Arrow
    Green Arrow

    The wrotashore whirler

  • Lily Megan
    Lily Megan

    I just might hire Harry to build me a roller coaster 🎢

  • Lily Megan
    Lily Megan

    Aww JJ is sooooooooooooooooooo funny

  • Lily Megan
    Lily Megan

    I feel bad for tobi he was literally the only person building the house

    • Mr. God
      Mr. God

      Lily Megan dumb

    • Distinctive Boss
      Distinctive Boss

      Vik was aswell

  • Lily Megan
    Lily Megan

    Ok team a is awesome to

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