Skillet - Awake and Alive (Official Audio)
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The official audio of "Awake and Alive" by Skillet from the album 'Unleashed'.
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    Atlantic Records

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    • Olenka Valentina Chambi Cueto
      Olenka Valentina Chambi Cueto


  • ジュク ハラ
    ジュク ハラ


  • C. Lalrinawma
    C. Lalrinawma

    2020 and this song still rocks... Helps me find my way to God

  • Jorge Muñoz
    Jorge Muñoz

    2020 xdd

  • Sbagel Man
    Sbagel Man

    Bu şarkı çalarken öğrenmiştim beni sadece kullandığını beter ol!

  • mr Gapi
    mr Gapi

  • Fire Fang
    Fire Fang

    This is one of my fav songs from skillet my other favs “finish line”

  • Daniel Hromei
    Daniel Hromei

    Skillet 🤘❤️

  • Danger Ranger
    Danger Ranger

    Ищеш руский комент что-ж ты его нашел

  • Yevgen


  • Kevin Bergobia
    Kevin Bergobia

    Pure awesomeness!!

  • Crannыù Сßятолсав {Полилов]
    Crannыù Сßятолсав {Полилов]

    Oh my kid time...I listen it when i be 1year.....YAAAHOOO

  • Anna Kościecha
    Anna Kościecha

    good music :D i like it ;)

  • Tom Steinhardt
    Tom Steinhardt

    Wisconsin proud of you.

    • Tom Steinhardt
      Tom Steinhardt

      Yeah hey.

    • Tom Steinhardt
      Tom Steinhardt

      Lol,Wisconsin, is proud of you.

  • chicken joy Iraola
    chicken joy Iraola

    Skillet is the only one that has only a good rock music

  • Oliver Nero
    Oliver Nero

    Good job skillet


    Been trying to find this song from ages thanks you..... Skillet for this song. This is awesome.

  • ybarron1031


  • Balbo Boogins
    Balbo Boogins

    Gotta love a song about Jesus!

  • american dream
    american dream

    Waiting lord Jesus Christ to come back

  • Diego abreu66
    Diego abreu66


  • TCBlackWolf

    Sub my channel pls

  • Phú Robert
    Phú Robert

    Không biết có ai Việt Nam không ta??

  • Doris Guisao
    Doris Guisao

    a beautiful song

  • Mohamed Essam
    Mohamed Essam

    Great band 😍

  • Marian Mihai
    Marian Mihai

    First listend at 6 years old. Now I'm 16...

  • Arlekim

    Quem veio pelo CineMania?

  • Regular Slick
    Regular Slick

    AWESOME 😧‼

  • Xavier2.007 hd D
    Xavier2.007 hd D

    skillet is gread ,is my favorite band

  • ريتاج الغامدي
    ريتاج الغامدي


  • Colette Nicolette
    Colette Nicolette


  • Donnie Wallace
    Donnie Wallace

    You can't fix perfect. .. Jen

    • Dermacrosis

      I am with you on that one. They need to use her voice a lot more often. I am not saying replace the male vocal lead but to use her voice more often in a main role as they are wasting one hell, no pun intended, of a resource with that voice.

  • Rosa Luz Guerra Bonilla
    Rosa Luz Guerra Bonilla

    me. encanta. roquero. sii

  • michael R
    michael R

    If this song doesn't play at my funeral I'm not going

  • SM 2099
    SM 2099

    Best Superhero final form intro, ever.

  • Freddie

    Jen is the female Roger Taylor !!!

  • ivanna kollia
    ivanna kollia

    Amazing, it's my favourite song!

  • WTFFIGO Xinfon
    WTFFIGO Xinfon

    2:35 nice solo

  • Rose Vampire Vampire
    Rose Vampire Vampire

    I am to Malaysia i Like song Skillet

  • Danny L I V E
    Danny L I V E

    Praise Yahweh, slaughter the savages.

  • Kaik Beleza
    Kaik Beleza

    2010: Uau música Fantástica!!! 2020: Uau música Fantástica!!! Concorda tbm? 🇧🇷❤

    • canal br
      canal br


    • Gabriel GBK Silva
      Gabriel GBK Silva

      comentario gringo traduzido ne kkkkkk

  • นนทนันท์ ศรีษะโม
    นนทนันท์ ศรีษะโม

    This music help me passed my depression and bad time.


    10years and This is song is still My favorite

  • ขจร หล่อเงิน
    ขจร หล่อเงิน


  • Paulo Vitor
    Paulo Vitor

    Burn Phoenix vs Dark Wolf

    • Mobile Gaming
      Mobile Gaming

      Why baybkade here

  • Eric

    She plays the drums she can sing and she's hott

  • pink Candy
    pink Candy

    Love em but why devil hand?? Signs

  • Potato Productions
    Potato Productions

    So old yet so good

  • Conner Calley
    Conner Calley

    that violin tho

  • - أريِنْ، القوِسّ.
    - أريِنْ، القوِسّ.



    2020 pasando la cuarentena con esta increíble canción

  • EL AG4TO
    EL AG4TO

    Very good

  • Saša Manuel
    Saša Manuel

    2 0 2 0 ?

    • - أريِنْ، القوِسّ.
      - أريِنْ، القوِسّ.


  • christina chavarillo
    christina chavarillo

    Re leh ge of

  • TheKryptorzink

    Nobody: Babies at 3 am:

    • シRyûko


  • _ ZzMaRzZ _
    _ ZzMaRzZ _

    Me, after friday :D

  • 侯爷Ryuken

    10 years later ...... i'm back and i'm alive

  • Jalen Johnson
    Jalen Johnson

    I like how people say Post Malone made Ozzy Ozborn famous, nope its Ozzy Ozborn made Post Malone famous

  • Jalen Johnson
    Jalen Johnson

    i like how some new bands copy other songs but the originals are still better.....but unlike Skillet they like to make there own

  • Bilal Citik
    Bilal Citik


  • Александр Васильев
    Александр Васильев


  • Siam Haque
    Siam Haque

    I am listening in 2020 👏🙌😍😂🤣

  • Cgfhdir Bvbbjf
    Cgfhdir Bvbbjf

    I love SKILLET's songs.

  • Cgfhdir Bvbbjf
    Cgfhdir Bvbbjf


  • necholas Anderson
    necholas Anderson

    What is the team name

  • Пятигорский Беркут
    Пятигорский Беркут

    А барабанщица здесь Джен Леджер или нет ?

    • Пятигорский Беркут
      Пятигорский Беркут

      @Ghost Gamesона тут выглядит как то старые чем в новых видео.

    • Ghost Games
      Ghost Games


  • Uchiha Ghost
    Uchiha Ghost

    Legendary song 💕🥰

  • joel 360
    joel 360

    Esta cansion me llega asta el alma Los que entiendan mi idioma comenten 😎😎

    • Edgar Montoya
      Edgar Montoya

      Y también la escuche en el 2020

    • Edgar Montoya
      Edgar Montoya

      Yo lo entiendo y para mi es la mejor banda skillet


      @JHACK OA claro pues como debe ser.

    • Marco

      No entender tacoman.

    • JHACK OA
      JHACK OA

      Escuchándola en 2020 en pleno covid?

  • iMax9

    This Music Will Be Awake and Alive For at least 30 Years

  • Gianluca Daga
    Gianluca Daga

    Italy , awake and alive to fight this Virus . You can do it ! Cheers from Milan 🇮🇹

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