Skillet - Victorious [Official Audio]
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  • Radoslav Sulyok
    Radoslav Sulyok

    Skillet is the best.

  • Rcha 1930
    Rcha 1930


  • Lilsuper Fangirl E
    Lilsuper Fangirl E

    Wow this is a big epic it is very epically epic it has much epic wow so epic :0

  • Márcio adventure
    Márcio adventure

    what a Skillet song I love you !!!

  • David Aranda Morales17
    David Aranda Morales17


  • xristos Mirwnitis
    xristos Mirwnitis

    No asses no naked women no porn clips just music rock is the real best music hands down...

    • 𝐀𝐡𝐬𝐨𝐤𝐚 𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐨
      𝐀𝐡𝐬𝐨𝐤𝐚 𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐨

      xristos Mirwnitis this is the way

  • Hilda Miles
    Hilda Miles

    I Love Love this Song. We are Victorious in Jesus Name no matter what we are facing in this life. Thank You Skillet for this Anointed song. I feel God's Spirit move in all the powerful lyrics. God's Love will Always be Stronger and More Victorious than what we are going through.

  • luskinha 022 games
    luskinha 022 games

    thank you skillet!! my life its changed ! --im brazilian kkk--

  • david pineda
    david pineda


  • Sebas_ dragøn_studîøs
    Sebas_ dragøn_studîøs

    I love you music i am a super fan

  • Bansan official
    Bansan official

    Please... put a Spotify account😥

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe

    I say it again. I was gonna kill myself and everytime something in skillet stopped me, between them and Tobymac and a few others their songs literally kept me alive or from succumbing to tempation to fall into addictions or go back to eating disorders. There is a strength in some music it is too powerful to explain, a soul of the music almost.

  • Oliwia Pasternak
    Oliwia Pasternak


  • Dick Head
    Dick Head


  • Sören Suckau
    Sören Suckau

    So hard underrated

  • Cindy Hunt
    Cindy Hunt

    I’m a ten year old boy using my moms iPad but that’s irrelevant. I’m battling depression from my dad in jail and my parents’ divorce I’m in a deep state of it,this band has helped me I think I’ve listened to all of their album including alien youth but their more recent ones have helped me the most anchor made me cry a lot and I got saved about four years ago but I still feel empty inside even when God’s on my side I sometimes feel like he’s not there

  • Gamin Vibez
    Gamin Vibez

    Playback Speed 1.25 :0

  • The Thing
    The Thing

    This song is my favorite!

  • Mashiur Tajwar
    Mashiur Tajwar

    It’s been long time i listen skillet.Skillet never disappointed me

  • Dmitriy Klimov
    Dmitriy Klimov

    well.goodbye good rock.hello mainstream skillet

  • Ianca Cordeiro
    Ianca Cordeiro

    cara que música é essa ... top demais

  • Karolina Smółka
    Karolina Smółka

    Hello, 2020? ❤️

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl


  • JT - Christian Music
    JT - Christian Music

    Now that's what I call Rock & Worship! Praise the Lord!!!

  • Alex Fedorenko
    Alex Fedorenko

    Просто гениальная песня! Как и весь альбом! Очень круто! Привет из России 👏🔥


    When I lose my virginity

  • The Wolff JB
    The Wolff JB

    The music at the beginning reminds me of run 3

  • Wojtek Xx
    Wojtek Xx

    Greetings from Poland :) I LOVE Your songs SKILLET !

  • Kinley Tjeerdsma
    Kinley Tjeerdsma

    Skillet is the best I can’t wait to see them😎

  • Vivian Huang
    Vivian Huang

    Is it me or did the beginning of the song sounds like some song from Epic Battle Fantasy.

  • Danilo San
    Danilo San

    You already know when it starts with the intense sound of the violin or guitar, you can be sure the music will please you! * Victorius *What i Believe *Comatose * Monster * Hero *Whispers in the dark *Circus for a Psycho ............ALL

  • Raquel Fonseca
    Raquel Fonseca

    Very good. Perfect...

  • Marlon k
    Marlon k

    John ist a best Singer and korey is a very cool jen is a best drumerin and Seth is a best guitar player

  • Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name
    Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name

    SATAN shall not kill et because one image with out true is as good as the same in first they don’t define who I am.

  • Dávid Andai
    Dávid Andai

    To school, one of the kids said that this shit was crap. He's in hospital now because his nose is broken. XDDD

  • Logan Winiecki
    Logan Winiecki

    Can't wait to hear this song tonight at the Pre Admirals game concert in Wisconsin🤪🤪🤑🤑

  • XGC EliteGamer
    XGC EliteGamer

    Skillet Will Always Hold A Place In My Heart Skillet Is The Best!!!!!!!!

  • Emanuele Pasquale
    Emanuele Pasquale

    Grande video

  • Franco Alcocer
    Franco Alcocer

    Buenas musicas, hace falta su musica.

  • Emu

    "I don't want to be Dead and Forgotten" Referencing the song Leave out all the rest, "Far too long I've crawled" Referencing the Song Crawling "Don't Give Up On Me" Referencing the song Given Up

  • Emu

    I wish I could of helped Chester and a Few others I know who committed suicide the other day, its heartbreaking to know anyone who thinks of it or goes through heavy depression.

  • TheOldMotorcycle CZ
    TheOldMotorcycle CZ

    so amazing song !!!

  • Xliightsooutx

    This song is like an anthem to me. I’ve struggled with depression anxiety eating disorders and sexual assault (twice). To me this song shows me I’m VICTORIOUS despite everything I’ve been through. Love skillet passion and creativity favorite song so far

    • Micah Bishop
      Micah Bishop

      God loves you!

  • Spitfire Blaziken
    Spitfire Blaziken

    This song is so heavy and emotional and I love it.

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana

    Skallet: Melodia, Ritimo, Sonora e as letras muito lindas.

  • anthony caballero
    anthony caballero

    Do A Lyric Video Like Legendary!

  • rncine

    My daughter has been suffering for 10years with chronic Lyme. She believes in God so much but for me I ask why put a child through so much pain? She has never gone to a metal concert, her first one will be yours on March 3rd in Tampa. I only hope her health holds up to attend.

  • Brian G
    Brian G

    There any other songs with the same beginning beat, for some reason I think I heard another song with it.

  • Harvy Mallorca
    Harvy Mallorca

    wtf have a nice song skillet idol

  • люся битюкова
    люся битюкова

    Skillet one love

  • Alex Fedorenko
    Alex Fedorenko

    Very cool song, best i ever heard!

  • natlek08

    As a fan since the beginning and huge Linkin Park fan, I am trying so hard. Each song helps me continue

  • Ragdoll Animation
    Ragdoll Animation

    Skillet was my brothers favorite band but sadly he died...July 29th...he was 16 my older brother

  • João Vinícius
    João Vinícius


  • PandaMan TV
    PandaMan TV

    This Song: From Skillet The Comments: Rest in Peace Chester Bennington (from Linkin Park) xD

    • PandaMan TV
      PandaMan TV

      @Bastien Michelland Ahhhhhh ok

    • Bastien Michelland
      Bastien Michelland

      This song is dedicaded to Chester, that’s why

  • Chris Alcantar
    Chris Alcantar

    What an amazing album Skillet is like a fine wine they only get better with age

  • The Wolff JB
    The Wolff JB

    Does this remind anyone of run 3

  • VGames 1
    VGames 1

    Why can I relate myself so much to this song?

  • The King
    The King

    This is a good theme song for smackdown

  • Bartosz Grzesik
    Bartosz Grzesik

    This song helps me, when im sad, angry and unhappy. Thanks for creating this masterpiece

  • miljac

    This is bad. This is not skillet anymore.Where are comatose and awake.I'm dissapointed

  • Not Yet
    Not Yet

    Wow, Skillet really loves that old Disney show "Victorious" lol.

  • Ethan Ramey
    Ethan Ramey

    My new for honor song 😆 I do love this song

  • Paul Dennis
    Paul Dennis

    Your the best skillet

  • Loren Aguila
    Loren Aguila

    2 0 2 0

  • Eberomar Carpio
    Eberomar Carpio

    La mejor música

  • Igor Pachkov
    Igor Pachkov

    I wish I could thumbs it up again.

  • Kyle jefferson Inson
    Kyle jefferson Inson

    philippines love skillet.. thanks for this wonderfull songs skillet.. it makes me more confident to fight sadness.. thank you skillet☺

  • Ryan Kaylor
    Ryan Kaylor

    Dare I trust you, again? If you are asking for my help now, you must truly be desperate.

  • Ryan Kaylor
    Ryan Kaylor

    I know who you are. I've been around since Collide

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