Slamball Dunk Contest 2008
Slamball Dunk Contest 2008

  • Epic TNT Failure
    Epic TNT Failure

    5:07 HOLY SHI- O MY GOD

  • BioLogicalEX1 - アニメの反応とゲーム
    BioLogicalEX1 - アニメの反応とゲーム

    1:19 he jumped too high LMAO

  • Naka Kata
    Naka Kata

    what a stupid game...

  • allmotorcivic -
    allmotorcivic -

    wow who know you could jump over people on a trampoline

  • Giovanni Schiano
    Giovanni Schiano

    vince carter can do this without the trampoline

  • douchymane


  • gle pro
    gle pro

    Of course the creator of this sport is WHITE! 😂

    • Big Robert
      Big Robert

      glen provost the person who created basketball was also white you moron


    that good

  • Dream Williams
    Dream Williams

    The last dunk sucked because he was on a trampoline of course he was going to jump over every one

  • Ishhy

    Well Stan Fletcher is the best because he already won many slamball championships

  • Cj brown
    Cj brown

    This man jumped over all those people on a trampoline and got all 10s. You're supposed to you bounced on a damn trampoline.

  • matic kobe
    matic kobe

    the best

  • Alex Zorko
    Alex Zorko


  • vs Huncho
    vs Huncho

    It wasn't that good of a dunk look at NBA have way better dunks

  • zebry13

    This was cool, but the judges were shit. It didn't seem like they understood how good the dunks could get. If the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ones were almost perfect scores, then the first one should have been like a 20.

  • Ya Boy H.K Stain
    Ya Boy H.K Stain

    LMAO That First Dunk Was Stupid As Fuck.

  • Gorazd Efremov
    Gorazd Efremov

    Ballou made some sick dunks

  • shang tyler
    shang tyler

    the same under the leg dunk is getting old in this video

  • ballgawd

    Sad because they need a trampoline to jump over all those people but people in the don't even need trampolines : (

  • Tova V
    Tova V

    You have to be fast and agile. Interesting to watch.

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott

    nigguhs suck azz they need tramps to dunk lol how sad

    • Johan Crafoord
      Johan Crafoord

      u r right

  • Bert Wet
    Bert Wet

    Still good in 240p!!!

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      Vertical Jump Training

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  • L Warrell
    L Warrell

    The flip was awesome

  • Daniel Chamorro
    Daniel Chamorro

    The first one was terrible

  • MrUnknownnoone

    These comments are retarded Slamballs nuts like football hockey and basketball all wrapped together and if you think dunking like that's easy go to the local YMCA they always have gymnastic equipment laying around set up a trampoline and do your best guarantee you can do half this shit...

  • jacob

    The first guy deserves all 0's

  • Tanishala Ridley
    Tanishala Ridley

    Ugh can't play basketball

  • Nasty Noob
    Nasty Noob


  • Cool guy
    Cool guy

    Funny guy

  • Copen70

    Is anyone actually impressed by this? Because this shit is sad, theres no skill involved just jumping on a fucking trampoline

    • Scott Morris
      Scott Morris

      I take it you have no ability to speak of on a trampoline. Not that these guys have any talent on the trampoline but to belittle it as if it is an easy sport to master is ignorant

  • Brandon Samphire
    Brandon Samphire

    Lol Jason Collins would give the second guy a 9 because he took his shirt off...

    • FelipeGonzalezGuabo


  • Harry Belfore
    Harry Belfore

    What a lot of people don't understand is a lot of these people are good at dunking anyways remember how they said one guy had a, "50 inch vertical leap."

    • YRN Tyrese
      YRN Tyrese

      @3SoccerPlayer3 Yea they probly only jump that high cause of the trampolines.

  • Gustavo Meza
    Gustavo Meza

    These guys are so stupid they friken have a trampoline to jump dum

    • DflNCEforlife

      @ChrisMillerLive Adds more variety to Basketball. You got NBA and Slam Ball as well as others..

    • ChrisMillerLive

      You spelt dumb wrong. Trampolines are apart of the sport. It makes basketball more watchable.

  • Gustavo Meza
    Gustavo Meza

    These guys are so stupid they friken have a trampoline to jump dum

  • Ιωαννα Τσουρουλη
    Ιωαννα Τσουρουλη

    the last one is amazing !!!!!!!!

    • HelloMyNameIs

      Apart from the thing he did in mid air at the end it was an easy dunk

  • TheMeiko5

    3.30 - "Look how much explosion this guy gets!" Eh hes using a bloody trampoline!!! lol

    • FelipeGonzalezGuabo

      he has a 50 inch vertical without a trampoline tho

  • lulu wbd
    lulu wbd

    This is so easy you don't even have to know have to play bball to do this lmfao!!

    • Super Repo
      Super Repo

      I bet you can't even do one

  • Alvin C
    Alvin C

    Lol this game was probably created by basket players who were rejected for their lack of hops

  • chaneli liptini
    chaneli liptini

    jason collins loved when that guy took his shirt off..he was like mmmmmm i want me some of that

  • The Nuge
    The Nuge

    Video courtesy of Potato Studios

  • Parloconglialberi

    Too much SWAG...

  • Gurbakhash Kaur
    Gurbakhash Kaur

    slamball the sport

  • Gonzo Gutierrez
    Gonzo Gutierrez

    whats with the trampolines?

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan

    Chuck Norris won

  • Mathew Robertson
    Mathew Robertson

    Which pixel won the dunk???

  • Kush Ph
    Kush Ph


  • Anthony Lui
    Anthony Lui

    That last dunk was sick, all the people he jumped over was just a distraction, the dunk itself won it.

  • Dennis Greene
    Dennis Greene

    it nba jam come back in bet car dunk and bro dude jason collins a 50 a between the legs just bet

  • Alekss Šteinbergs
    Alekss Šteinbergs

    In need To Come Back

  • Ash Skills
    Ash Skills

    look closely he did a between the legs TWICE just do that and a trampoline and that should be a 50.......

  • Jon S
    Jon S

    He's really gonna score all 10's for jumping over a group of people on a damn trampoline!!!

  • All Range Mode
    All Range Mode

    The first dunk made me lol

  • MeisterToeter

    Recorded with a calculator!!!

  • daniel kakoz
    daniel kakoz

    i lave this

  • Darrell Lim
    Darrell Lim

    Imagine Dwight playing this xD

  • KmelloDia

    sean jackson makes an air up there classic dunk !

  • 9toStryfe

    slamball is still happening?! I remember watching that on Trouble tv in the UK YEEAARSS AGO

  • GotToyota

    Are these ex-NBA and undrafted college players in Slamball?

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  • kriticalkings

    Nba is better

  • Godvernment

    the 2nd white dude was the best he bounced off his back then put it through his legs

  • InFamouZ

    Fuck leborn . Jordan needs to be in this

  • paul naling
    paul naling

    ok which pixel is the ball?

  • KoalaBait

    Imagine Lebron playing slamball..

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A

    I gotta play this kinda basketball so I can dunk

  • steven clark
    steven clark

    if i had a quarter for every pixel in this video, i'd have to give him $4.25

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Im white and i can jump and dunk it.

  • Keith Collins
    Keith Collins

    Deron Williams?

  • dankfilms

    its nba jam

  • Guitar Farmers
    Guitar Farmers

    I am not playing FUCKING wizard 101

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