SlamBall - slam dunk contest 2003 !

  • nathan martin
    nathan martin

    *_Excellent Trampoline,>>>_****_ easy to put together. Husband and 3 kids had it together in under an hour (including mowing the lawn under where it would go). Kids use it constantly. Going to be a sad day when we have to take it down for the winter (we're in Wisconsin)._*

    • Ronald Cole
      Ronald Cole

      Perfect low impact exercise

  • Tootie Reese
    Tootie Reese

    1:28 is he walking on air

  • Bulls 94
    Bulls 94

    this is shit ball

  • Павел Визе
    Павел Визе

    уже в дветыщитретьем оказывается говорили "2к3"

  • John Dads
    John Dads

    everyone can do that sht even isiah Thomas can!!!!!

    • Jamarcus Russell #2Hunnit #2TORMSCOMING
      Jamarcus Russell #2Hunnit #2TORMSCOMING

      John Dads Does it make it any less fun to watch?

  • B Mode
    B Mode

    2:46 the ball was falling when he dunked it then it goes in???

  • Kipp Crusoe
    Kipp Crusoe

    I would love to see LeBron james do this shit nigga would fly over the damn thing lol jk he would destroy this sport

    • Alex ___
      Alex ___

      Kipp Crusoe Lebron would hop on top of the rim then dunk it

    • Aussieduderivs1

      +Jarquez Davis do you fucking know me? I'm really good at basketball and plenty of other sports mate.

    • Aussieduderivs1

      +Nike Pro Elite nice joke.

    • Alabama Cateye
      Alabama Cateye

      +Aussieduderivs1 lebron is the best player in the world

  • Ishhy

    Are those nine air force 1's on Daniel

  • Va_Bassin

    This game is made for people that don't know how to ACUALLY dunk

    • mas dranif
      mas dranif

      They might not be tall enough to dunk

    • RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me
      RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me

      Va_Bassin I think they KNOW how to dunk, they just can't, also, it was made to be like NBA Jam

    • Hadin Boi
      Hadin Boi

      Va_Bassin the game is *actually* made for people who aren't tall enough to dunk and want to know how it feels like to dunk

    • Rory.V

      Va_Bassin everybody that knows how to play basketball knows how to dunk. But being tall enough and being to jump high enough is a totally different story you spazmoid.

    • Marcus Tippens
      Marcus Tippens

      +Tim Henry lmao ^

  • Hoopfan83

    This shit is half stupid and half awesome. Where did they go wrong?

  • Bennybenrun

    Check out my trick shots! :-)

    • MaddenMobile EXPLORER
      MaddenMobile EXPLORER

      Advertise somewhere else

  • Jynx XD
    Jynx XD

    Slam Ball Has very little Skill

    • Silver 1 in disguise
      Silver 1 in disguise

      @Jynx XD True but you can get hit by a truck in matches :)

  • Meade Ramos
    Meade Ramos

  • Melody Kelly
    Melody Kelly


  • howIrollable

    _Agree with __@justin3082__ !! After I did its training workouts_ _I knew it was a tremendous no nonsense program._ _After 3wks, I have gained 7". Gaining momentum_ _now feels like the old days. I felt stronger and_ _more explosive now._

    • howIrollable

      I forgot to put the site name. Check this out --> the best!

  • Bass Head
    Bass Head

    the 1st dunk nate robinson could do without a tramp not impressive

    • Cashedout Dice
      Cashedout Dice

      @felipegonzalezweb paul george probably can

    • maurice yarbrough
      maurice yarbrough

      @felipegonzalezweb nate never did that he tried too but he never did it

    • FelipeGonzalezGuabo

      bruh you crazy i dont think ive ever seen anybody go alley oop against the backboard 360 through the legs without a trampoline

    • maurice yarbrough
      maurice yarbrough

      he cant tho

  • ThePinkGlass3s

    @Daffy Duck _I think one of the reason why u don't have it like you_ _want it to do cause you have the improper way of principles_ _and techniques + the inability to correct your proper nutrition._ _All of these should be taught to boost your jump_

    • ThePinkGlass3s

      I recommend you to check this site _www.00jumpmanual00.blogspot.com_ I tried it myself and it works..You should try it too.

  • Jonathan Jarrett
    Jonathan Jarrett

    3:05 the guy flinched but saved it! Haha

    • Charles Wilder
      Charles Wilder

      yeah he did

  • Scott Morris
    Scott Morris

    3rd dunk wasn't a gainer, that was just a backflip

  • The Runner Ups
    The Runner Ups

    Hundredth brought me here

  • OutlawMusikk
    OutlawMusikk QOutlaw

  • Dequione Biddle
    Dequione Biddle

    Wow that's stupid

    • Alex?

      +Bush did 7/11 you're* lmao the irony

    • Bush did Harambe
      Bush did Harambe

      fuck you, your stupid. eat shit and die

  • 3089280288

    I want to see the battlestar galactica ball game

  • Aleksejs Savranskis
    Aleksejs Savranskis

    Game for guys that cant jump...

    • Trouble Directioner
      Trouble Directioner

      Aleksejs Savranskis comment shit on yt is for unskilled men.

  • Julian Tovarisch Alaban
    Julian Tovarisch Alaban

    I'll smash your face baby

  • BoB

    this takes no skill

  • Matt Ellis
    Matt Ellis

    It's a backflip.... We know.. LOOOOL

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    Hate to brake it to the commentator but the flip that guy was doing aint no gaynor

  • Kyle Lagerquist
    Kyle Lagerquist


  • ThisIsTheEndPt2

    Why watch this when you can play NBA JAM?

  • Niggo 1337
    Niggo 1337

    hm damn tits...

  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams

    2003----The last days of the du rag.

  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams

    I expected better.....

  • sQueak305

    I could beat these guys all i have to do is a flip or corkscrew

  • YaboyShamwow

    i did those moves in nba jam

  • noyzizi

    Not gonna lie, I still think this is a stupid sport but that flying squirrel was the shit.

  • pesosmcfly334

    Racist fuck

  • shawbug

    I see your point, but there's a lot of padding here.

  • matthew marz
    matthew marz

    Oh my god it keeps freezing

  • TagSwap

    I want to do tat so bad

  • clayton156781

    Are these guys gay

  • djlances

    get out

  • DuragKamTV

    how is that rasict

  • Dan likespizza
    Dan likespizza

    And how is that being racists to blacks???

  • Callahan Moore
    Callahan Moore

    this is the only way white people can dunk

    • Porkee Pig
      Porkee Pig

      Callahan Moore when did you came out of cave?

  • Alan Chung
    Alan Chung

    3:05 with the HARLEM SHAKE HAHAAH

  • Roy Huynh
    Roy Huynh

    this shit way more dangerous then the nba so everybody that docketing off the nba that's tough but not as much is this.

  • uberskinnygamer


  • Verjuando

    This in an actual slam dunk contest in the nba

  • joel onguene
    joel onguene

    true dat

  • oh Azzy
    oh Azzy


  • Heather Wilmot
    Heather Wilmot


  • Kikaps

    Yea, I also believe he doesn't need any bitches to do that, only basket...

  • Artur1uxDD

    so why most contestants are black guys?

  • Stephen Mooney
    Stephen Mooney

    Clever girl.

  • tylerv99

    why would he need your mom to do a dunk?

  • Saltypeenutz1

    this game should be called ankel breakers

  • TeenDudePerfect

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  • maccky boo
    maccky boo

    oh great

  • 5:35

    No, fuck you

  • twk 305
    twk 305


  • It is ReVeRzi
    It is ReVeRzi

    I wish I could play this but obviously cool stuff like this only exists in the US

  • thejmaster7711

    damn the blonde bitch

  • themanofboys1

    slamball- giving white guys the ability to do black dunks

  • danielle kramer
    danielle kramer

    2003 Really??????????

  • chumsyalibumsy11


  • Pazqual

    hahah, me too!

  • Tobias Nelson
    Tobias Nelson

    I used to watch the hell outta this back in ' 03

  • Cullen McHale
    Cullen McHale

    what the hell! I miss this sport!

  • Atli Karl
    Atli Karl

    ten years ago

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