Slatt Zy - How It Go Feat. Hotboii (Official Video)
Watch the official video for Slatt Zy's "How It Go" Feat. Hotboii.
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  • Justin Edades
    Justin Edades

    u 292 haters fuck u

  • Omw mc zay
    Omw mc zay

    two rappers who dont get anof recognition

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • TxR GiNx Z
    TxR GiNx Z

    who noe that girl insta

  • ITakeBoards-_-YT

    From intro whojayden

  • Naquisha Tatum
    Naquisha Tatum

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • Kamron Bookman
    Kamron Bookman

    Hotboii is a goat but I’m scared to say that because we might lose another legend

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • Abrupt Ladd.
    Abrupt Ladd.

    Boutta hit a mil 💯💯💯



  • ilikepwossy

    Slatt Zy Coming Up

  • Pircts

    Shoutout tokk 3 goats in one video no bap

  • Aarice Starling
    Aarice Starling


  • Paddy M
    Paddy M

    Why does Slatt Zy look like Polo g and DaBaby at the same time

    • Prg Mofasa
      Prg Mofasa

      I PUT YOU ON. ME IF IM lieng 🤟🏿

  • Paddy M
    Paddy M

    Slatt Zy looks like a smaller face DaBaby

  • Paddy M
    Paddy M

    HOTBOII is doing what Lil Baby just did, he’s hopping on a track with a lot of rappers


      Money pays🤷

    • rillick rillick
      rillick rillick

      Every rapper does that 🤣🤣🤣

    • Spider Spider
      Spider Spider

      Getting features running it up like any rapper a do when they fresh in the game

    • Prg Mofasa
      Prg Mofasa

      I PUT YOU ON. ME IF IM lieng 🤟🏿

  • SlimeyR

    His hair putting up gang signs

  • Sluxzv

    Tennessee and Florida rise

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • ZayCxmboYou

    Im glad im here before 1 mill views

  • Yktv_ Nahsir
    Yktv_ Nahsir

    he rly look like dababy with dreads

  • Cecil Montgomery
    Cecil Montgomery MORE OTW

  • Nyia MakesEditz
    Nyia MakesEditz

    ❣❣❣ thats crazy how it go

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • Kashcardell

    This needa mill

  • Connorjd45

    Dude look like dababy with jaydayoungin hair cut 😅🤣

    • Prg Mofasa
      Prg Mofasa

      I PUT YOU ON. ME IF IM lieng 🔥

  • Li Cheese
    Li Cheese

    This shi so hard man listen to it very day

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • Brave Crow
    Brave Crow

    This duo 🔥

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • Jepsies

    dababy and glokknine had a kid

  • Taurus Official
    Taurus Official

  • Dead Star Balling - Young Luck
    Dead Star Balling - Young Luck

    this is such a good organic colab especially for Slat Zy he been off the grid for a sec but they both from florida so this doesnt even seem fake. This song gas as fuck should have way more views god bless keep it up

  • Milic


  • K Harvey
    K Harvey


  • DonFromFlorida

    remember to pray today and everyday! God heals and helps! Repent and spread the gospel!

  • Elijah Dill
    Elijah Dill

    423 wya

  • Elijah Dill
    Elijah Dill

    Nigga slatt so hard



  • Tavia Moore
    Tavia Moore

    Why did this bitch not let me like the video wtf wrong with IT-my? Fix it come on now. Mad fuckin wack yo.

  • Tavia Moore
    Tavia Moore

    See I see Hotboii I click too Danm fast even if it's a feature!! Looks like I was right and other guy pretty hard too!🔥🔥🔥💎💎💎

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • Fernando ponce
    Fernando ponce

    why hotboi lookin like a jimmy butlers hood ass twin brother 😂

  • Naheem Grey
    Naheem Grey

    she look like brittney white

  • King_ Boyce
    King_ Boyce

    aye hold up wtf did them niggas do to that dude in the bathroom 😂😂😂

  • SkiRox31

    i fw it

    • Sosa Baby
      Sosa Baby

  • Kjae B
    Kjae B

    god bless yall yall fw da new track ?​

  • His Favorite•
    His Favorite•

    My favorite part is 2:09 I love when Zy smile 🥰🥰🥰

    • Prg Mofasa
      Prg Mofasa

      I PUT YOU ON. ME IF IM lieng 🔥

  • RCG Spoon
    RCG Spoon

    The thumbnail: Slatt Zy: Look at dis Goofy ass niggah😂😂 HotBoii: yo who da fuq is dis?

  • Que2official


    • Samuel Pierre
      Samuel Pierre

  • Eric Howard
    Eric Howard

    Smart Zy looks like Da baby with dreads

  • frito dorsaint
    frito dorsaint

    sa nan lari

  • royaltyfreeloops


    • Samuel Pierre
      Samuel Pierre

  • Tone Banks
    Tone Banks

    look like da baby

  • KingBanz

    Jus wait till me n slatt release this hit

  • lastknown man
    lastknown man

    This video made me hate bitches🤣🤣🤣🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  • Leothebruh

    He look like a skinnier dababy with dreads

  • 1kraxy

    Here before a million prize click link

  • Yochxge

    no cap slatt look like dababy with dreads

  • eddysteve

    if you don’t kno dis song bc of whoojayden intro den idk🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Deandra Perryman
    Deandra Perryman

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  • Cryptic

    Use this as the “I knew this before it blew up button”

    • Prg Mofasa
      Prg Mofasa

      I PUT YOU ON. ME IF IM lieng 🤟🏿

  • Amp Tha G
    Amp Tha G

    Help me get to 💯 subscribers!! Official video out now! ❤️❤️❤️ Check it out!

  • lilsteppa_135 add me on fortnite
    lilsteppa_135 add me on fortnite

    slatt lowkey sound toosie

  • dina blkgt
    dina blkgt

    Bro if you that side nigga you felt dis!!!

  • Exact8008

    Why Slat look like DaBaby though 🤣

  • Alonzo Versace
    Alonzo Versace

    Fkn love you

    • Yank Haitian
      Yank Haitian

  • Cross em Ova
    Cross em Ova

    the dude with the all blue shirt on a simp ong

  • Diary Of Ja'Riya
    Diary Of Ja'Riya

    hey guys, my sister is a new youtuber, i would love if some of you would go subscribe to her channel ! or watch it.. free support goes a long way !

  • YRN noe
    YRN noe

    You telling meh HotBoii had got sloppy Seconds😂💀

  • Anxiety Lmao
    Anxiety Lmao

    This go hard no cap

    • Yank Haitian
      Yank Haitian

  • Blsms

    Hotboii fye asf, but anyone realize the girl in front of hiring was in Smoothgio video??¿

    • Luby Scott
      Luby Scott

  • SEB

    gotta hit that thumbs up let’s get this boi poppin

    • Luby Scott
      Luby Scott

  • Izzy Vndetta
    Izzy Vndetta

    So you getting diamond teeth, but ya mom's late on them bills🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Aundrez Newton
    Aundrez Newton

    Hotboi needa sign yhu fo

  • Bulaboii

    Hot boii eatin wit all these fts

    • I love Music
      I love Music

  • ftb promotionz
    ftb promotionz


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