SMG4: Boys vs Girls
SMG4 // Glitch Productions
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The SMG4 Crew are at war... Who's side are you on?
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  • SMG4 // Glitch Productions
    SMG4 // Glitch Productions

    Hey guys! Which side were you rooting for? Shoutout to Crunchyroll for sponsoring this vid! Try out Crunchyroll Premium for 14 Days FREE with

    • bravenwolf yo
      bravenwolf yo

      @Javelin Melody hit or miss? I guess they never miss huh? You got no girlfriend and no one wants to kiss ya ha! I'm not jealous or plain stupid girls dismiss ya. Now imma watch aspitipy I won't miss ya


      @Javelin Melody Even if Tari is real, no one needs to know what you do to her


      @Javelin Melody And being asexual is not an obstacle in my right to judge


      @Javelin Melody The fact that you are calling me a robot is not proof of any type of jealousy


      @Javelin Melody Okay neither one of those comments made any sense and I am judging the TMI you have. And once again: No correct grammar or spelling.

  • Dragoon Unleashed
    Dragoon Unleashed

    "you took it too far" *throws bowser a spiked ball and burns mario alive with too spicy sauce*

  • Bemoei Smurf
    Bemoei Smurf

    That what the big fish Said should always be added.

  • EmilyTheGacha W ö ł v ę r î ñ è
    EmilyTheGacha W ö ł v ę r î ñ è

    I just LOVE how the way meggy looks when she’s a human/doesn’t have tentacles as her hair

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo

    Boys rule

  • Vincent Selvidge
    Vincent Selvidge

    Idea: MarioTube 3: the rise of COPPA

  • Luan

    7:31 W.D Gaster?

  • LMB 007
    LMB 007


    • BTEAM Blue
      BTEAM Blue

      lol,i dunno?

  • Jacob Hen
    Jacob Hen

    i feel bad for tari :(

  • Jacob Hen
    Jacob Hen

    TARI DIDNT DESERVE TO GET SCARED ⏬ is the ducks lives

  • Dayton Fawcett
    Dayton Fawcett

    this is down right funny, if you take recommendations why not put the master chief in one of your videos

  • DarkLordJames 1427
    DarkLordJames 1427

    Can someone tell me what type of Jotoro Music Smg4 used for Mario? The Jotoro theme sounds different. Can someone tell me what kind of Jotoro music it is?? I would appreciate it if someone told me!

  • Johan Herrera
    Johan Herrera

    5:40 that joke is a joke so clasic

  • Gage Daughtrey
    Gage Daughtrey

    I love anime sooooooooooooooo much

  • Raymond Cortex
    Raymond Cortex

    3:48 Tari: Let's do this! *looks down* Tari: *IM LOOKIN DOWN! AAAAAHHH!* 😂💀

  • Reza Ghafarian
    Reza Ghafarian

    : You took it to far smg4 you are feminism ☹☹🤔 Sorry but this video sucks

  • typical tony stark
    typical tony stark

    You know this vid makes me so mad the girls get the boys eatten by a fish then only the boys say sorry but not them and then the boys get tortured some more like what the heck

  • The Ultimate G.
    The Ultimate G.

    I don't think that's equal...….

  • Creepypastaking The Dragoness Lover
    Creepypastaking The Dragoness Lover

    All these people are saying the girls went to far with the boys getting eatten by the giant fish. Y'all just a bunch of little bitches. We're men we can just cut our way out of the fish all guardians of the galaxy volume 2 style like Drax, he killed the monster from the inside why have we become so soft that we whine like a little bitch about a chance to prove that we aren't ken dolls (ken dolls are smooth, no genitals) ARE WE MEN OR ARE WE WHINEY LITTLE WEAKLING PUSHOVERS. ARE WE GONNA WHINE OVER A LITTLE GUTS AND BLOOD OR ARE GONNA CUT OUR WAY OUT LIKE THE BADASSES GOD INTENDED US TO BE!


    So girls win!?!? Do you have a wife or something?!? Cuz if you do that makes sense.

  • Tylerca10 Family entertainment
    Tylerca10 Family entertainment


  • Spankyguy12

    How did meggy even got Mario in the end of the video Mario jumped to the flag and how the heck did he got touched by that shot that meggy took

  • Emrys Llewellyn
    Emrys Llewellyn

    Mario notes this: ITS JUST A PRANK BRO

  • Emrys Llewellyn
    Emrys Llewellyn

    The only thing the boys did as extreme as the boys getting eaten by fish was run meggy over with a boat, and meggy acts like karen when tari gets attacked by bear, but doesn't even get severely injured. WTF?!

  • Malxrange

    Girls:you took it too far Me:let me tell you if you win the guys shoe's and you made lets say Boopkins was on the the guys team and you made him. Would you think you would took it too far as well?

  • Ariya The cool boi
    Ariya The cool boi

    Fucking ring ring school time= Fucking ring ring memes lol

  • Ariya The cool boi
    Ariya The cool boi

    I like this video! Thanks SMG4! So much!

  • K3G4

    I LOVE YOU SMG4 so much please give me milion like please SMG4

  • Nathan Kendrick
    Nathan Kendrick

    Meggy: you took it too far Also meggy: Dodges the bear therefore making Tari get hit by the bear.

  • Claire Melody
    Claire Melody

    I was actually expecting Tari to be the neutral side of the 2 groups and trying to make peace between both teams. And when she got attacked by the bear, i thought that she'll *SNAP* at everyone (but mostly at Meggy and Saiko). In the end, both teams made it up to her and apologized to each other.

  • Russman Legend
    Russman Legend

    6:09 He will Ora Ora some ass!

  • Epic Papyrus
    Epic Papyrus

    7:33 gaster sound?

  • [GD] NicoX45
    [GD] NicoX45

    I felt like I'm inlove with MEGGY

  • James Kelly
    James Kelly

    Well, that took a surprising turn

  • Oppo F1 s
    Oppo F1 s

    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo saya tidak suka boooooooooo

  • Aaron LaFollette
    Aaron LaFollette

    I think it was Kermit's fault for the girl cabin's destruction, and not the boys' fault.

  • ze

    *Welp, this makes me guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but not guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but guilty but not guilty but* guiltn't

  • Jamie Doherty
    Jamie Doherty

    1:45 ya it's back the way you came (pulls out shotgun)

  • Miguel angel Castro martinez
    Miguel angel Castro martinez


    • Miguel angel Castro martinez
      Miguel angel Castro martinez


  • Escapes And Removes
    Escapes And Removes

    1:58 Why does Bowser's tail look like a peni-

  • Wing Fury
    Wing Fury

    Well, bud, judging by the comments, looks like you've got yourself in a pretty tough situation with this one. Gender equality check, I guess?

  • Jaik Urbanski
    Jaik Urbanski


  • onlyfeardead_053


  • Lazar Theodor
    Lazar Theodor

    Yolo . I am ded

  • TheChapanator

    Bruh what Tari was doing at 2:14 damn I do that all the time

  • Aleesya Salsabila
    Aleesya Salsabila

    You Know Who Is The Most Funniest One In The World? (Look at the first word)

  • Michelle Chua
    Michelle Chua

    Me:hates anime Smg4:watches anime Me:time to have divorce

  • Uh oh Stinky
    Uh oh Stinky


  • Paraiso Ezau
    Paraiso Ezau


  • ¿Lograremos los 30,000 subs sin subir videos?
    ¿Lograremos los 30,000 subs sin subir videos?


  • JoshBuster and KMBTiger
    JoshBuster and KMBTiger

    Can Mario stay that way forever

  • Cosmic Memelord
    Cosmic Memelord

    Everyone is saying the girls were jerks while over here I'm like *poor tari 😔*

    • Tyler Blevins
      Tyler Blevins

      more like poor axol who got sexually assaulted

  • alpha xp
    alpha xp

    when mario goes super sane

  • Talha Mughal
    Talha Mughal

    Saiko is in match. UH BOYS WILL LOSE

  • ЗG зеленый вабе green wabe
    ЗG зеленый вабе green wabe


  • Juriel Smoke
    Juriel Smoke

    The girls: *says the boys took it to far by Tari hit by a bear and not even hurting that much* The boys: *gets eaten by a large fish and almost dieing because of the toxic inside the fish*

  • jose's LAB
    jose's LAB

    9:18 it's just a prank bro

  • Jawbreaker jb
    Jawbreaker jb


  • Miguel 404
    Miguel 404

    What a shit?... for that is "anime flv" is much better and you not have to... what?... pay?... PAY!! You dont have to pay in anime flv and you got too many option for see anime.... i recomended And something more... i'm a spanish boy... forget my words :"v

  • Stubborn Scorpion20
    Stubborn Scorpion20

    This channel is dying and has been for awhile. The humor is realy lame and the new charicters are not even funny. You guys really need to make some changes.

  • Mallard Duck/JRH
    Mallard Duck/JRH

    How I mean how could an SMG4 video leave such a bad taste in my mouth

  • SiliconSushiFace Suchite2007
    SiliconSushiFace Suchite2007

    MY EYES!!!!!!!

  • Francisco Lainez
    Francisco Lainez

    Smg4 where can I find meggy's voice?

    • Francisco Lainez
      Francisco Lainez

      a, and the voices of Callie and Marie

  • Vlaaa White
    Vlaaa White

    Who considers jerking off a sport?

  • A Person Named Draevynne
    A Person Named Draevynne


  • Legion da zueira
    Legion da zueira

    6:41 Meggy: Do your worst. 3 seconds later:THEY HURT TARY! LETS FINISH HIM!

  • phuwakrit wannakajornkit
    phuwakrit wannakajornkit

    When sexist basterds are making smg4 videos

  • zara R
    zara R

    It's too bad

  • David De Jesus
    David De Jesus

    What equality should be: It doesn’t matter the gender, we can do great things! What equality is irl: Woman can do anything, if men say something about it, it is “unequal”

  • Elyjah Williams
    Elyjah Williams

    5:47 AAAAAAHHHH!

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