SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Lucky Penny!
Bowser Junior finds a penny!

  • Nathaniel Frazier
    Nathaniel Frazier

    I really hope I get pinned because I found a LUCKY PENNY HEADS UP!!

    • Aronas Kaunas
      Aronas Kaunas

      @Subscribe To me For no Reason ❶ hi

    • Sparky V1
      Sparky V1

      500 comment

    • Canyon Edgil
      Canyon Edgil


    • Poop_ MiranXDGod
      Poop_ MiranXDGod

      Nathaniel Frazier you did

    • Kakía Drippy
      Kakía Drippy



    If you are the ages on this you are the person

  • ASMR 828
    ASMR 828

    Joseph is the worst who got an F-.

  • Marco adian L. iturralde
    Marco adian L. iturralde


  • Hamdani Tahir
    Hamdani Tahir


  • Jenny Faiz
    Jenny Faiz

    Cody is super jelly

  • adan6 00
    adan6 00

    The luckiest thing that has happened to me was me being born

  • Luka James
    Luka James

    Cody's phone broke because he had no case and junior did

  • Ery Padilla
    Ery Padilla

    The sceary thing i have seen someone not smashing that subcribe button

  • Daniel D'Ambrosio
    Daniel D'Ambrosio

    Jr we missed are flight Me By 12 hours

  • ًTopKing01

    I counted how many time they said lucky or luck something close to it i got 90 i might of missed some but if want to challenge your self to count how many times they said penny

  • Jack Petrecky
    Jack Petrecky

    I see a jumanji game in the back and you should make a video about it

  • Amanda Stevens
    Amanda Stevens

    So who thinks that cody is not even strong and junior is stronger than cody I think so and it's funny LOL

  • Allan Hayden
    Allan Hayden

    1600bc gang

  • Msz Sexy Klee
    Msz Sexy Klee

    Cody needs to shut up because he doesn't know anything he's just a nerd and he says that the lucky pennies and lucky because of Junior failed his test he would have said something stupid so Cody pennies and lucky so yeah I wished Junior just say to Cody to shut up

  • Katie Stingley
    Katie Stingley

    Jumanji : board game

  • Jaden Broxton
    Jaden Broxton

    Cody:that penny is not making you lucky Jr:you mom is fat Joseph: burn

  • John Carpenter
    John Carpenter

    I once found a penny heads up!


    I have a theory every time a character dies in these videos the next video is an alternate universe and Cody is the only one who can see into the other universes because in Bowser jr’s allergy Cody says I have seen you near water millions of times and jr and Joseph Denie it

  • Cruz Franco
    Cruz Franco

    10:30 screen protector

  • Logam England
    Logam England

    I wasn't born ugly

  • Max Cruz
    Max Cruz

    At 9:48 how did the phone not break

  • Mustafa

    Junior: wanna go celebrate bc i a plus! Joeph: SURE DUDE! bc he poor

  • Brandie Bryant
    Brandie Bryant

    Hey puppets

    • Brandie Bryant
      Brandie Bryant


    • Brandie Bryant
      Brandie Bryant

      Hey I’m just trying to get my hair back

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez


  • Rhiann Kaleb
    Rhiann Kaleb


  • Marco Ortiz
    Marco Ortiz

    Cody is so stuped

  • Johqual Cooks
    Johqual Cooks

    😄 has to of next one on

  • J Lopez
    J Lopez

    I don’t have school today

  • King Siraaj
    King Siraaj

    I would be. Polar bear

  • Kayla Stanley
    Kayla Stanley

    this how many times they said lucky

  • Sherella Turner
    Sherella Turner

    Hello lucky penny welcome to my world

  • Kameron Jones
    Kameron Jones

    i found lucky penny last night and got a VIP PASS TO A TRAMPOLINE PARK FOR A YEAR!!!!!!

  • Mr. Beats
    Mr. Beats

    6:34 Wow... Jr. Missed the flight by *TWELVE* HOURS 6:34 pm when it was 6am

  • Taha Khaled
    Taha Khaled

    Hot my like buttons weally hard

  • Free Refills
    Free Refills

    Cody your dumb

  • X pro Dixon
    X pro Dixon

    Sml idea: the school lockdown junior and his friends are tired of waiting in class the go out and three men take them hostage Jeffy and bully have to team up and save junior and his friends

  • Tonya Lucas
    Tonya Lucas


  • Probro productions
    Probro productions

    12 hours late

  • Rodrigo Goncalves
    Rodrigo Goncalves

    I love u guys so much it's so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Blake Carnevale
    Blake Carnevale


  • Edith Garcia
    Edith Garcia

    SO i ask my mom and dad to get me to disneyland they said no and i came 1 min they said yes

  • Louis Andrei Reynoso
    Louis Andrei Reynoso

    Your jealous

  • YouTubelover andgamer
    YouTubelover andgamer

    Did anyone else notice that they had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. and siri said 6 pm

  • Bluefox 2256
    Bluefox 2256

    This is how many times josiph said OHHHHH BUUUURRRRNNN!!!!!!!! | | |

  • Just sean
    Just sean

    I found a hundred dollar bill in a chick fill a bathroom

  • Evan Carnick
    Evan Carnick

    Who else guessed 384

  • D_gamer2k /darion
    D_gamer2k /darion

    Cody was aching salt loser

  • luia1479

    Cody:its because he’s lucky Me: because its a lucky penny? Its supposed to give him luck... *couple minutes later....* Junior: i know how to prove it Car: VROOOOOOOOM Junior: I SURVIVED

  • The competitive Gamer
    The competitive Gamer

    SBL I have been watching this channel since 2012 yeaaaah

  • Pugggey Monkey baby
    Pugggey Monkey baby

    “Today we have a test like today!” *says the teacher*

  • Donyelle Price
    Donyelle Price

    Me to

  • Ajente Smith
    Ajente Smith

    The Luckiest thing that ever. happened to me is that when I was at school I forgot that I had the math test but lucky me I had to go somewhere with my parents

  • Toby Nir
    Toby Nir

    Christmas is amazing he should of got a a+

  • Dj gameing
    Dj gameing

    My mom smiled at me and not my brother

  • Cathy Caballero
    Cathy Caballero

    Wait Joseph is homeless how did go to school all those years

  • robin tamang
    robin tamang

    10 lucky pennies make a lucky dollar

  • Liam Padsdale
    Liam Padsdale

    Witch is dumber Jeff’s are bowser jr the answer is both lol

  • fariza ramli
    fariza ramli

    LUIGI was born on Saturday September 7

  • Donna Robertson
    Donna Robertson

    Shayla go i love tou come you going hes hi oh. Jk

  • Knightly Gamer
    Knightly Gamer

    I think Joseph had a voice crack.🤣🤣

  • Masteranimator 472
    Masteranimator 472

    I don’t get how Joseph can like the show without any electricity to power his tv if he had one.

  • ImABeanツ

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  • Nozuys Vn
    Nozuys Vn

    how many times junior says that cody mom is fat👇👇👇👇

  • Carolyn Nunez
    Carolyn Nunez

    I found a pennie when i was takeing a test in class and i was the only one whow got a 3 on my test and i still have the penny🎉🎊😝

  • BRC Ayce Sama Waheed
    BRC Ayce Sama Waheed

    Cody you are a hole

  • TaZe_ Santy
    TaZe_ Santy

    "You just got lucky on the test" thats the point of the lucky penny

  • mr superdirt
    mr superdirt

    The amoant of the times they said LUCKY PENIYs is the likes

  • jaylen money
    jaylen money

    Subscribe to my IT-my

  • Nids Rai
    Nids Rai


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