SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Lucky Penny!
Bowser Junior finds a penny!

  • Nathaniel Frazier
    Nathaniel Frazier

    I really hope I get pinned because I found a LUCKY PENNY HEADS UP!!

    • Daniel Toland
      Daniel Toland

      no he didnt

    • Anime Rod
      Anime Rod


    • Jeffy Jeffy
      Jeffy Jeffy


    • ClazeFN
      ClazeFN GOD @ kat

    • ناصر الشطي
      ناصر الشطي

      Gregory Amicar 57 whoops oip8pco l la

  • Kit Katy
    Kit Katy

    Cody is so jealous

  • Kit Katy
    Kit Katy

    Samsung’s are more durable I have a iPhone and they break easily

  • Kit Katy
    Kit Katy


  • Scarystar Studios Animations
    Scarystar Studios Animations

    7:20 I always think of Final Destination XD

  • ii.omgItsSunmyHourz

    I see it Cody’s always right Cody states facts that are based true

  • Tomato King
    Tomato King

    New SML idea: bowser junior’s unlucky penny

  • Randy Gump
    Randy Gump

    Its pretty obvious that juniors legs in the end are wrapped by toilet paper which is $12 for 10 rolls

  • The Last Guest playz - Roblox
    The Last Guest playz - Roblox

    This is the only video that Bowser Jr. Is correct

  • caylus jappen
    caylus jappen

    JOSEPH: oh i told you Cody Jr. is dunieun rings

  • Ranger Rick - Bug Reviews
    Ranger Rick - Bug Reviews

    why wasnt ken there

  • Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari
    Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari

    23:jr :? We can get you and the rest cody

  • Hank Nguyen-Tan
    Hank Nguyen-Tan

    Did you see it said PM


    .H vs .A wat team are u on


    You know 0.Jeffy 5.jackie chu 9.Mr Goodman 10.richard goodman


    Wat is better than a A+100

  • Anthony camargo
    Anthony camargo

    Why is Junior's wallpaper Thomas

    • Anthony camargo
      Anthony camargo

      i never see him played thomas in 2020

    • ssnipezz_morgz

      He loves thomas


    How the hell did he fall sleep till 6 PM

  • aMuffins

    when you wake up at 6:34 pm and the time stamp is at 6:34

  • Peyton Parks
    Peyton Parks

    Cody hatin ass mad cause he got a B-

  • Jessica Babin-Ybarrondo
    Jessica Babin-Ybarrondo

    For a sandwich

  • Jessica Babin-Ybarrondo
    Jessica Babin-Ybarrondo

    Wait sense junior got free sandwiches for life does that mean that Joseph doesn't have to starve anymore sense he can just ask juinor

  • Arnold Nathaniel
    Arnold Nathaniel


  • linda skinner
    linda skinner

    Why would you say a bad word if there's supposed to be a kid friendly

  • TheFirstMe_Dev

    "maybe iphones are just very durabule" me: shut yo beach ass up

  • Gina Aleman
    Gina Aleman

    He said it was the lucky penny then Cody said you just got lucky so he is lucky

  • Edwin Male
    Edwin Male

    I like how they didn't check the back of juniors phone

  • Kristina Crawford
    Kristina Crawford

    I think the jeffy puppet is two expensive sorry but I do love your videos

  • Clem Page
    Clem Page

    Hope I get pinned I love superbrowserlogan I have been watching him when I was six I love you superbrowserlogan I subscribed and liked🌹🌹❤️

    • drayj rayj
      drayj rayj

      My name. Is. Jaibreon. And. I. I. Love you 😘❤️❤️

  • Jose Portillo
    Jose Portillo

    Bro who play whit toys

  • Elite raider Yt
    Elite raider Yt

    Brooklen T guy:I thought I hit a speed bump or a cat Me:bruh you don’t care if you hit a cat

  • Fire alarm F F
    Fire alarm F F

    Sml idea chef PP‘s new game

  • LSG_Xotic


  • Henrry Martinez
    Henrry Martinez

    that was stupid

  • XxJustinTrevXx


  • Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari
    Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari

    1:jr 0:cody

  • Jocool Boy 431
    Jocool Boy 431

    When Cody said all it was was luck wow I guess he meant the Penny because the Penny is luck because it’s a Lucky Penny

  • Iben Kvisvik
    Iben Kvisvik

    Penny from piggy ?🤨


    I would guess 101 m&ms

  • Xentonyle

    Coin-cidence get it?

  • Adrian Roman
    Adrian Roman

    I had luck 2 weeks ago

  • carliux17


  • Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari
    Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari


    • Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari
      Rajveer Yiiy chaudhari


  • Leanne Gallagher
    Leanne Gallagher


  • Cherry Plays
    Cherry Plays


  • Tawhiri Horne
    Tawhiri Horne

    He should’ve took bowers with him

  • Ahmad Faiz Zainuddin
    Ahmad Faiz Zainuddin

    cody is not smart but bery smart

  • Asher Poohina
    Asher Poohina

    y did Brooklyn T Guy say that junior 's flight to disney world at 6:00 AM and siri said it was 6:34PM so u got confused.

  • Fnaf Gamez
    Fnaf Gamez

    SML idea Jeffy the hero so its a lockdown and then jeffy is worrid but then the killer comes in the class and then everyone runs then jeffy BOP the killer in the head

  • Samantha Diva
    Samantha Diva

    OMG cool 😎 😍 😄 ♥

  • Nigel Herrington
    Nigel Herrington

    The penny in the picture 2019 W is actually a very rare penny, you can basically only get it with 2019 uncirculated mint sets.

    • VincentSantellanoYT Boi
      VincentSantellanoYT Boi

      Oh wow! Well I have tons of pennies from different years, so in that case I might have one.

    • Nigel Herrington
      Nigel Herrington

      @VincentSantellanoYT Boi In that case you are very lucky, like any coin they can get mixed into circulation. That is very rare, so good job. They are not too expensive but they are worth about 16 dollars.

    • VincentSantellanoYT Boi
      VincentSantellanoYT Boi

      Nigel Herrington Is it? I might have one.

  • Sebastian Luquin Sanchez
    Sebastian Luquin Sanchez

    fuk you

  • Sophia Aniceto
    Sophia Aniceto


  • Fred’s Monkey
    Fred’s Monkey

    I found a lucky penny heads up

  • That gaming kid _14
    That gaming kid _14

    Who does not like Christmas: me thinking: AHA the grinch

  • Keebe The Kirby plush
    Keebe The Kirby plush

    I like how the most viewed video in super bowser Logan is this junior video because it’s bowser Logan

  • unstoppable vlogs
    unstoppable vlogs


  • aiden perricone
    aiden perricone

    I just realized it was on my birthday

  • Cody The MagiKoopa
    Cody The MagiKoopa

    At The Begining That Penny Isn't Real At All But at the end I think it is now

  • C York
    C York

    I want a big cake :3

  • Drew Shultz
    Drew Shultz

    If you are saying that sml is not for kids, then why do you sell merch that is targeted towards kids, the Jeffy puppet, that sml blanket, the lunchbox, all for kids, so you could make your merch not so childish because you don’t want your viewers to be kids.

  • Zaki Uddin
    Zaki Uddin

    I like how there’s a vid that gets Cody’s parents got mad cause he got a b+ and he got a b+ in this vid😂😂😂

    • Madelyn Isabella
      Madelyn Isabella

      He got a b- in this vid

  • Halima Alhajri
    Halima Alhajri

    Is Cody is my

  • Justyce Way
    Justyce Way

    Why is Cody so stupid but tonight is the most stupidest

  • Lexa Deana
    Lexa Deana


  • Lexa Deana
    Lexa Deana


  • Seance GD
    Seance GD

    My luckiest thing is: Beating Death Moon In Geometry Dash

    • TaLaL15 Nasser
      TaLaL15 Nasser

      Seance GD well I’m gonna get robux soon

    • Seance GD
      Seance GD

      @TaLaL15 Nasser I'm cool because I have 4gb ram and robux

    • Seance GD
      Seance GD

      @TaLaL15 Nasser Stop

    • TaLaL15 Nasser
      TaLaL15 Nasser

      TheHispanicUsername hello fake dream!

    • TheHispanicUsername

      hello fellow dasher!

  • The 2 bros Gg
    The 2 bros Gg

    junior if cody's mom is 600 pounds she couldn't move and she can move so get burned ohhhhh

  • Muttilda Deman
    Muttilda Deman

    Hi I’m a huge fan

  • Sam Manukonga
    Sam Manukonga


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